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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now,. cbs4 this morning at 6:00 starts right now. next at 6:00. primary day voters head to the the nation. we are live in new hampshire hours after the candidates made their final push for votes. developing overnight, several people are dead after two trains go on a collision course in germany. a mother murdered. a woman is found dead inside a miami beach apartment. plus mayhem. a man goes on not one but two violent ram pages. i'm lauren pastrana. >> and i'm walter -- i'm walter. we said goodbye to the 40s
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this morning. it is not as cold, but still needing a light jacket, light sweater. thankfully you don't have to worry about the rain or the umbrellas. 63 in miami, upper 60s through the keys. the winds have shifted out of the west northwest anywhere from 8 to 18 miles per hour. certainly it is breezy out there it is not as cold with a breeze, it could feel chillier to the skin. temperatures have dropped further. we have another cold front that will be dropping across the state. throughout the afternoon 68, partly sunny and tonight we will see the return of the 50s and 40s. no accidents. i am not going to bury the lead. no accidents. construction is cleared up. let's slow you the drive time. 11 minutes from the big curve
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our slowest spot the turnpike. 19 minutes from 288th up to 874. now to campaign 2016 and the bottle for new hampshire. this morning the first votes in the nation's first presidential primary has been cast. shortly after midnight voters cast votes. >> weijia jiang is live in manchester with the latest. >> reporter: good morning lauren and walter. good morning to everybody. for front runners donald trump and bernie sanders, winning this is about campaign credibility. they both entered unexpectedly and this is their chance to show they are serious candidates. but their opponents are not going down without a serious fight. >> reporter: the tiny community of notch was first to vote in the primary and handed victory to john kasich.
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trump is still betting on a big win here. at a rally in manchester last night, trump repeated his get out the vote message. >> she says darling i love you but i've fallen in love with another man. i don't give a dam, you've got to get out to vote right. >> reporter: and mocked marco rubio for his robotic performance. >> it is the same exact thing. after the fifth time i said what is going on over here? >> reporter: the florida senator came under fire monday for repeating this lane. we are raising our four children in the 21st century and we know how hard it has back to instill our values in our kids in the 21st century it has become harder than ever to instill in your children the values they teach in our homes and in our church. on the democratic side hillary clinton is brace fog a fight to the finish against bernie sanders. >> reporter: the vermont
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and is leading clinton among female voters in the granite state. >> please go with your head and your heart. >> reporter: people are projected to turn out in record numbers to vote, despite snow in the forecast. >> reporter: along with weather, undecided voters could play a major role today. the new hampshire primary is famous for being open to independents. live in manchester new hampshire, weijia jiang cbs4 this morning. and now to a -- and now to a developing story out of germany. eight least 8 people are dead and 150 others are hurt, 50 severely. there are still people stuck inside the wreckage. investigators say this is the
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in the region in years. also developing, protesters clashed with police overnight in hong kong. this is an attempt to calm down demonstrators. authorities used pepper spray. the protest started when local authorities tried to prevent street food sellers from operating that a death investigation is underway after a woman is found at the flamingo towers in miami beach. gaby, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police telling us they got a call for help last night from the victim's children. they found the mother of two dead inside one of the units. >> reporter: two children rushed out of the flamingo towers by miami beach special victims detectives on a night their lives changed forever. >> the children aletter security personnel that the mother was assaulted inside of
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>> reporter: not only was she assaulted, she was found dead. detectives have several leads, but they are not sharing who the suspect is or how the mother of two died. one theory is this is a domestic related homicide and it is a possibility and one of investigating. >> it is kind of crazy. to think that i live here and that that happened. >> reporter: on august 14th, 2015, a man was shot and killed in the flamingo tower skyway. tonight's death marks the second homicide in six months. a lot of trouble where rent goes for $2500 a month and often several combine in one small jury automatically you have an increase in calls for service. that is one of the reasons why you do see officers here.
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is a suspect out there, that they are looking for. they are asking anyone with information to give miami dade crime stoppers a call at 305- 471-tips. not one but two wild scenes, and it is all caught on camera police are trying to figure out why that man went on two violent ram pages. video. >> reporter: watch the man in the red hat. he walks into and then out of frame at this shell service station at 1901 lauder hill. he pulls a piece of metal pole from his pocket and hits the man in the face. the man then flees in a stolen ford explore and drives to a want shop on west sunrise
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there he takes a samurai sword from a display and begins hitting an employee. the employee falls to the ground, tries to kick his attacker away. finally, he runs off as the victim hurls something at him. police say witnesses grabbed the attacker and held him until law enforcement arrived. lauder hill police say 22-year- old jevon walker carried out both attacks. walker is currently undergoing a medical evaluation, charged aggravated battery. >> police say walker had marijuana on him. both victims needed medical treatment, stitches for the the want shop employee. employee.
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a royal caribbean cruise ship is on its way back to new jersey. the anthem of the seas is one of the payingest ships in the caribbean fleet, but it got hammered by the storm. eliott rodriguez has more on what passengers are saying. >> reporter: 20-foot waves and winds of more than 100 miles per hour forced the anthem of the seas cruise ship to make a sail. one passenger said over skype his balcony door appeared to be lifting from the frame. >> you could hear the winds crashing against the hull, metal twisting and banging. it was scary. >> reporter: the ship left new jersey saturday heading to port canaveral. the captain ordered everyone to their rooms. >> at one point people were falling over and they said hold the wheelchair.
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standing over holding the wheelchair. >> we are trapped in our rooms. we can't leave. so we are drinking. >> reporter: she later tweeted finally moving. wind still strong but nowhere near close to the chaos 12 hours ago. on skype a fellow passenger said he won't feel relaxed until the ship is in port. >> we are rocking a lot right now and that makes me wonder if there are issues with the stabilizer on the ship. a spokesman for royal caribbean said the ship encountered higher than forecast weather. it looks like casey anthony is coming out of hiding right here in south florida. what she is reportedly working on, after the break.
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a mother is back with her baby after her car is stolen with the baby inside. mentoring matters. we are proud to begin a new initiative focused on the lives of children. up next, how it helps a boy grow into a champion opinion. this morning you can look forward to a nice, cool start with the 60s. we are going to see the return of the 40s, which are already the deal across much of north
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we have yet an hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with
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welcome back south florida. good tuesday morning. we are quiet and dry, but there are a lot more clouds in the mix and that will be the deal throughout the day today. you can see clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico as we have another cold front on the way. ahead of that front winds have shifted a little bit more out of the west northwest at 18 miles per hour. with that cloud cover and the winds shifting in direction, that is the reason the temperatures have not been as cold as yesterday. where we woke up in the 40s yesterday it is all low 60s now and looking at the rest of the u.s., wow, it is only 7 degrees
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i can't even imagine. 17 in chicago. 20s for boston and the big apple. 30s from dc through atlanta, city. even chilly 40s from texas through the gulf coast states, new orleans. the pacific northwest. now the reason that we are seeing some more of that snow that's been impacting portions of the northeast and the mid. atlantic is we have a big dip in the jet stream. mostly clear skies and quiet. we are still going to contend with more snow stretching from the ohio river valley all the way through the mid-atlantic and stretching up to the new england areas and also the great lakes and the upper stuff. here in south florida, highs climb into the upper 60s, breezy compared to yesterday and we will see more clouds around.
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choppy on the bays and a dangerous high-risk of rip currents at the beach. even though it is on the cooler side to head to the beach today. tonight temperatures dropping, 51 near the coast. inland 49 degrees. a light jacket light sweater this morning. but by tomorrow you'll be breaking out the heavier sweaters and coats, high around 66. thursday colder with 48 and the high 65 friday to kickoff the holiday weekend, we'll wake up with lows in the 50s and sunny 72. saturday 74. and by sunday for valentine's day a nice start in the 50s. 6:16 in the morning. i-95 southbound and northwest 62nd street. so just a couple of minutes ago we had some police activity
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lanes. looks like they left those shoulder. but that scene has since cleared up. the express lanes have opened. northbound only one car heading but. the davy fire chief unfortunately passed away and procession. if you are not going to the actual procession, it begins in hollywood at 9:00 a.m. there is the address. you want to avoid the area if you can this morning because that funeral procession will make its way down to north miami beach. at 10:15 there will be a mass and then they will be returning it hollywood. so as of right now nothing construction. your drive time is looking great.
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the slowest spot is the turnpike. lots of red arrows. guys? now it is tame for talking with joe. joe rose is live, vanessa was just talking about valentine's day. i would love for the heat to win some more games. how do you think they are going to do tonight versus san antonio? >> right now they are clearly, clearly the second best team in the nba, just behind the golden state warriors and they are off to a great start. they are a deep team, really talented, even with tim duncan out tonight. it is going to be a great test for them, i think they have to continue on this hassan whiteside is now coming off the bench. for me the biggest job the rest of the season is how to get the most out of hassan whiteside
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he seems with struggle with how to use him and get the most out of him and help him with his maturity, which hasn't always been that get. so a couple of things tonight it will be another big test for the heat, who sit in that fourth spot right now in the eastern conference. >> joe last game before the all- star break. they are going into the middle of the season. what grade do you give the heat for the first half of the season? >> c+. b minus. those are a lot higher grades than i got in college and high school. but i mean, in there. they have had some good wins. they've also blown some games at home that they should have won. three or four games against bad
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they would like to have back. a win tonight over the spurs would be huge for their confidence as we get close to the all-star break. >> we have to get closer to the a range as well. >> reporter: that's right we want a higher grade. a better job with a higher grade. >> we are looking forward to that. thanks so much we'll talk to you a little bit later on this >> reporter: thank you. all right. this is the start of something big here on cbs4. there is a serious need in our community for people to volunteer and help make a difference in children's lives. we will be bringing you inspiring stories of people in south florida who are finding the time to keep a child on the right track. this morning a cbs4 anchor rudabeh shahbazi has a story of one man who helped build a real champion. >> reporter: his fingers may be studded with nfl championship
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journey wasn't an easy one. it started here in this house with this man. >> i was like one of those little kids looking out the window. is he here yet? is he here wrote? smith was three years old and his mother, desperate to improve his family's situation, enrolled him and his four siblings in the big brothers mentoring program. seem more parkland had just arrived from new york. >> i believe i was chosen by god to do this. >> reporter: he put young, shy darren to work right away, building this garden as a tribute. he gave him structure with a focus on his study. >> when i walked in the room for the first time, everyone was in the florida room watching cartoons. and i said to his mother, that
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was a big part of what made me want to be a hard worker. that is just how he is. whatever it is, he gives it all. >> reporter: it wasn't long before darren started to come out of his shell, excelling in school and in sports. seem more continuing support and nurture the rising star. >> that is just how he is. it is just how he is. that is, those are the things. i have learned compassion because of him. you know, i've learned what compassion really is, and humility, what that really is. and the impact that he makes. he has taught me just being there, makes a difference. it is not necessarily having the right answers, always doing the right thing, but just being there. he probably couldn't coach me in football. but he was there you know? and that makes all the difference in the world. >> reporter: daron wint on to finish high school, graduate
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continue to shine in a 12-year nfl career where he earned two super bowl rings with the dallas cowboys. he has started a reading foundation for children and is now in charge of the men's ministry at seem moore's church. darren is married with two children of his own, coaching their sports teams and raising them with the values he learned from seem more. >> i never saw a father but i saw it here. i learned here. he was my role model as far as not just becoming a man but understanding how you relate to your wife. >> reporter: today they rely on each other for guidance and the garden still grows outside the house where a young child planted a seed more than three decades ago. rudabeh shahbazi cbs4 this morning. >> thanks to them for sharing their story. smith is now a big brother and is now mentoring another child
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you too can sign up. for more information go to our story. next week you'll meet a speck tack collar mentor who is making sure her little sister is getting a taste of different parts of the world. hey vanessa. >> reporter: lauren here is what is trending in south florida. after months of being pushed to the side, a bill to legalize medical marijuana. the bill was approved by a subcommittee. it has one more stop before getting to the full house. if it is approved it will allow those with less than one year to live to have legal access to medical marijuana. a photography business has been set up in south florida under casey anthony's name.
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to patrick mckenna who was the lead investigator for anthony's defense team. a man accused of tossing an alligator into a wendy's drive through window is in hot water. joshua grames jupiter faces several charges, including assault with a deadly weapon. the 23-year-old pulled up, a server handed over a drink, turned around and that is when james allegedly tossed the three and a half foot gator in through the window. >> i'm honestly not that surprised about that here in florida. new york's former mayor is slamming beyonce. why rudy guiliani is calling her halftime performance outrageous. the reason behind this star- studded photo in this morning's top news.
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nora o'donnell is joining us live. what do you have planned for today's slow? >> reporter: hey, good morning to you walter and lauren.
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are open. we'll talk about the increasingly negative campaigns. plus more of the oval office interview with president obama. how the presidency has changed him and what is causing him the most stress right now. also what if we could don't text and drive cancer before symptoms appear? -- detect cancer before symptoms appear? one company says it can do that. >> i know that song had my kids up on their feet during the halftime shows. >> moving in my feet this morning. nora, thanks so much. cbs this morning kicks off right here on cbs4. not everyone is a fan of beyonce's super bowl halftime performance. rudy guiliani says queen bee
6:28 am
attack police officers. she debuted her new single formation over the weekend along with references to hurricane katrina and black lives matter. 155 academy award nominees gathered for a special luncheon in beverly hills yesterday. all the big stars were there, including stallone, jennifer lawrence and matt damon. lady gaga was there after her powerful performance at the super bowl sunday. they won't know who wins the golden statue until february 28. >> a lot of talent in that room. a. speaking of award winning, i think our weather has been beautiful lately, and we have to thank mother nature. because, once again, we are
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cool out there, not as cold as yesterday. instead of the 40s, it is all about the low 60s in broward and dade county and upper 60s down to the keys. the reason we are not as cold is that we have more cloud cover. and we have yet another cold front on the way. 40s. the breeze has increased anywhere from 8 to 18 miles per hour. we'll see a few more clouds around as compared to yesterday. on the cool side, tonight a big drop in temperatures. i'll let you know what the rest of the week is looking like into valentine's weekend. right now let's check your traffic with vanessa. >> flowers, chocolates, that never fails. just a reminder. it is busy out there on the palmetto.
6:30 am
southbound and northbound specifically at u.s. 27 or okay cho bee -- or okachobie road. heading out the door. no accidents this morning. drive times looking good. 11 minutes from the big curve done to 836. and our slowest spot the turnpike you'll be stuck in traffic there 23 minutes for the commute. a carjacked baby is reunited with her mother of the this morning the hunt is on to find the man who took off with that precious cargo. the mother was reunited with her baby hours after her car was stole allege. marybel rodriguez has more. >> reporter: the laundromat is where the car was stolen from. a mother was wondering if she
6:31 am
>> reporter: this is the moment, being reunited with her 10-month-old daughter. from outside this laundromat. >> we have been told the baby is in good health right now. >> reporter: the thief and kidnapper, police say, was nowhere in sight. >> we have an active search for the suspect. police are looking for. in this surveillance video from inside the land matted, you can see a man walking around, possibly casing the area and -- the laundromat, you can see a man walking around possibly casing the area. a short time later lopez said she left her car running because her daughter was sleeping. because my daughter was sleeping and i didn't want to
6:32 am
when i came outside the -- bringler down. >> when i camisade -- bring her down. when i came outside, the car was gone. >> reporter: police rushed to the laundromat and an all out search began. two hours later an amber alert was issued for the child. tense moments passed. around 6:30 lopez left the laundromat and headed to the scene in pompano beach where baby unhurt. moments later she could cradle her daughter in her arms. >> reporter: fortunately the baby was found unharmed. yesterday at 6:00.
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know who this man is call 954- 493-tips. marybel rodriguez cbs4 this morning. two regional trains have crashed head on in southern germany. authorities say at least eight people are dead. around 150 others hurt, 50 of them severely. all survivors have been rescued from the wreckage and taken to area hospitals. a man accused of slamming into a parked car had a brief meeting with police yesterday. police station. the car owner's attorney said they spoke with police briefly as a courtesy. police are still gathering physical evidence to prove he this crash. the family of a man shot
6:34 am
officer is lashing out. the family called foo help when hall was having a psychotic episode. the mother of hall cried out. >> feel my pain and suffering. it has been a whole year. and the way he got off, it is not right. >> reporter: katherine daniels said her biggest regret is she called police to assist her disturbed son. they are calling on the fbi to investigate the hall killing. his name is bust and animal activists wants to find whoever hurt him so badly. veterinarians are calling this one of the worst cases of animal abuse they have ever seen. the dog was near death when he was brought in to miami dade services saturday. now his condition has vastly improved and he is in need of a new home thanks to the help of
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straight ahead a safety alert. a major automaker is recalling tens of thousands of cars because of faulty engines. then starbucks releases a special valentine's day menu. plus imagine getting an eye exam and a prescription for new glasses or contacts without ever leaving your home. coming up, find out why these tests have some eye professionals seeing red. happy tuesday south florida. 826 drivers we have had a quiet drive, so far so good. just got word about this accident that has now been pushed over to the right hand shoulder, causing delays on that approach. look at all the commuters heading out the door southbound. we are going to talk about this traffic alert and any other issues after the break. it is a cool start for all of you heading to school.
6:36 am
day honda is recalling thousands of cars. jill wagner is live from the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning lauren. if you had your heart set on that redesigned honda civic,
6:37 am
honda is recalling 45,000 new civic from his this model year, because the engines can stall while the car is in motion. dealers cannot sell the cars until the problem is fixed. and this year's super bowl is the third most watched television event ever. 11.9million people watched. last year's game holds the record. >> i was one of those people. i'm sure you were too right? you wonder what was everyone else doing right? a romance may be brewing. starbucks has a very limited edition drinks in honor of the day of love, valentine's day, coming up later this week. >> that's right. nothing says love quite like
6:38 am
they are offering a molten chocolate latte and amulet ten capuche know a molten cap which i know -- and another molten drink. look at there pink sky. we have some clouds in the mix, but certainly not taking away from how breathtaking this start of the day is, as we are looking live from our miami camera, the sky is glowing. it is on fire this morning. although we are waking up to a nice cool start, look at that. it is just stunning. there you see the cloud coverage.
6:39 am
temperatures from dropping even further. so not as told this -- cold to morning but still cool. we are seeing 60s this morning. the winds flowing out of the northwest anywhere from 8 to 18 miles per hour. temperatures close to our average, which is 62. 63 in miami and upper 60s through the keys. the rest of the state dealing with even chillier tallahassee and pensacola. chicago. 19 in boston. 20s from new york city through cincinnati and kansas city. 40s around texas where we could not. and in los angeles, as we have a big rush of high pressure,
6:40 am
stream across the eastern happen half, even into the great lakes region. for us though, talking a high of 68 degrees, cool breezy with more clouds around. gusts to 25 miles per hour. a small craft advisory has been issued. rough and choppy on the bays. seas 2 to 5. as we look through tonight, temperatures will be falling even more so, low 50s near the coast, inland areas 49 degrees. colder thursday morning where the 40s again. 65 the lie and for valentine's day weekend lows in the 50s, 70 degrees on sunday for valentine's day. traffic alert on the palmetto southbound. the right shoulder blocked off, causing everybody to slow down on the aapproach.
6:41 am
from -- on the approach. back up a little further, it is that lane blocked off, pushing everybody to the left hand side. you can see that letting everybody know you are going to have to merge left. big delays all the way down to that area. i-95 no accidents southbound. and broward county no accidents at all. doesn't even look like rush hour is affecting your commute in this spot. this is i-95 at commercial boulevard. so it is tuesday. it is all about ramp closures this week. 874 and i-75 drivers will see closures for construction. >> reporter: the northbound 874 exit ramp to southwest 88th street or kendall drive will be closed friday from 9:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. each night.
6:42 am
southbound exit ramps to sheridan street west are closing through thursday between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. thank you vanessa. check this out. caught on camera dramatic surveillance video shows the roof of a california gas station collapsing with two a maintenance worker and then on the left side of your screen you see the roof collapse with one of the workers going down with it. amazingly, no one was seriously injured. one of the cars was crushed, the driver of the car luckily was inside the store as the roof came down. now look at this video of a leopard on the loose. you can see one man trying to climb a fence. ten hours later the animal was tranquilized and sent back into the wild. if you are not a fan of
6:43 am
going to like in. >> new technology is offering a do it yourself eye exam using just a laptop and a smartphone. but are these a good idea. good morning i'm rudabeh shahbazi. >> are you excited? >> i'm very excited. we'll be live in new hampshire
6:44 am
the studio fat tuesday yesterday parades through uptown new orleans. the second oldest krewe welcomed the crowds. fat tuesday is the day before ash wednesday and the start of lent. on the health watch this morning, imagine getting an eye exam and a prescription for new glasses or contacts without ever leaving your home. >> do it yourself eye exams use just a laptop and a smartphone. eliott rodriguez has the story,. >> reporter: yearly appointment
6:45 am
so he decided to -- eye doctor started to become tiring. so he decided to try it at home. a day later he had his new prescription in hand. and he is not alone. aaron dallas, ceo and co- founder of one of several online eye exams companies says they have had tens of thousands of people sign up. >> all you need is a computer and a smartphone. >> reporter: the online eye exam which is just a vision test using letters and shapes is similar to what you might find in an eye doctgor's office. >> over here, this is instructing me to cover-up my left eye. i'm choosing which number i see. >> reporter: once you finish the test, your results are sent to an ophthalmologist in your
6:46 am
writes you a prescription you can use anywhere. dr. steven loomis, president of the american opt metric association, doesn't think so. >> i don't understand how this can really tell the doctor what he or she needs to know. >> reporter: loomis worries patients will be misled into thinking they have had a complete eye exam. when in reality the vision is only a small part. >> i exam the cornea, all the external components of the eye. >> reporter: we make it so that patients cannot use the exam more than four years in a row. >> reporter: he is enjoying his new prescription now, but plans
6:47 am
next time around. >> i think i'll be able to use them both. >> right now that eye exam is only for patients 18 to 40 years old. they do not accept vision
6:48 am
with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with
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a deadly discovery inside a south beach apartment complex. miami beach police received a 911 call around 7:00 last night from security personnel at the flamingo towers. two children alerted officers that their mother was assaulted and killed in their apartment. if you have any information, you are urged for call police. ft. lauderdale police are looking for the man who stole a car outside a laundromat with a 10- month-old baby inside. the crime set off an amber alert. this surveillance video shows the man walking around, and leaving in the dark green chevy. the car was found in pompano beach with the child safe inside. at least eight people are dead after two trains collided head on in southern germany. police say all survivors have now been rescued.
6:50 am
ballots in the first in the nation contest. donald trump has his sights set on a win today. democrat bernie sanders may come away with a win in the granite state after losing iowa to hillary clinton by a small margin. now it is time for talking with row. joe rose is live this morning. the candidates back home -- the canes back home for the game tonight. >> reporter: pittsburgh is one of those teams knocking on the door. everybody is looking for a strong finish over these last eight or nine games before the big acc tournament. and they have to make decisions on the big dance after that. another big game, another nice
6:51 am
they play well in these big games usually at home, tonight. we'll see if they can keep it going tonight especially after a big win on the road against georgia tech. got to get road wins and then take care of business at home. have a great day. >> reporter: thank you, take care lauren. we did have a pink sun vice earlier. clouds. if you missed it, i just posted it on my facebook, by the way. hopefully you can follow it. shameless plug. you should follow us as we are going to be letting you know weather and traffic. temperatures have dropped by a few degrees across the west and low 60s near the coast. ia you still need your jackets
6:52 am
highs in the upper 60s with breezy conditions. tomorrow mys in the upper 60s and thursday morning 48 degrees and highs in the mid-60s. friday we'll see lows in the upper 50s and a high by 70 degrees on sunday. vanessa? 826 drivers still have that traffic alert southbound as you approach northwest 114th street. merge left the right lane is blocked off by a crash. take a look at 67th avenue. so before the big curve you are going to see slowdowns all the way toward 122nd, where the accident occurred. i-95 looking a lot better. doesn't even look like rush hour traffic. express lanes are each busier. in broward this is the only issue we have a stalled car off
6:53 am
both directions looking great
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