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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  February 10, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

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breaking news. republicans and democrats have winners in the new hampshire primary.
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have sent a profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment. and, by the way, to the media establishment. smith he wants to give away our country. we are not going to let it happen. spirit team coverage of campaign 2016 starts right now. >> we begin with the new hampshire primary and the big winners tonight as you just saw donald trump and bernie sanders. smith several subplots involving a pair of florida candidates we bring you complete team coverage from south florida to new hampshire. we bring you a report from elliott rodriguez focusing on the winners.
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tonight when he won privy the polls correct. bernie sanders comes with a crushing victory over hillary clinton. let's start with the republican results trump, 34th percent of the vote in second place 34th percent of the vote in 2nd pl., ohio gov. john kasich was 16%. third place. the 12% jeb bush is fourth purse-is fourth in marco rubio 10% and chris christie has 8% and donald trump began his victory speech with a familiar promise. great. but we are going to do it the old-fashioned way. they're going to be china, japan, mexico. we are going to beat all of these countries that are taking so much of our money away from us on a daily basis. anymore.
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business people in the world. we are going to do something so good and so fast and so strong in the world is going to respect us. see may tonight's winners on the republican and democratic races in the second place in iowa bernie sanders has 60% of the vote and hillary clinton has 39%. that's was 68% of the votes reported. tonight sanders is expected to win in a state so close to home calls this victory the beginning of a political revolution. >> together. we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington and from maine to california. the government of our great
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people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super fax. similar clinton is going to take her campaign to the entire country, starting with south carolina when voters go to the polls february 20. more team coverage with david set to joining us live from manchester to focus on the- i for joining us live with more team coverage david sutta from manchester. >> it was a break night for bush. his poor performance might lead to him. starting the exit from this campaign, but it looks like it
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well and rubio had a difficult night. let's look at those numbers was 68% of the vote in jeb bush, squeezing out 11% in marco rubio 7% it all had to do with new hampshire for jeb bush. he made a stand because he knew it was important. he spend 50 for days here in each of them putting our time here to get where they are tonight. jeb bush did not even go out there and start trying to get more votes. he said he was going to pray away for tonight. we knew trump was going to be the runaway winner tonight but when we were speaking to people out there, a lot of what we heard is this is between some governors per they were trying to make a decision knowledge gov. they are going to pick a lot of them picked case it but a few people thought bush was the right person. he sounded energized tonight but this campaign is not dead.
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carolina. >> we need a president with a steady hand and a proven record. it has a servant's heart he doesn't believe it's all about him. that's why i'm running for the president of the united states and i'm grateful for the people of new hampshire, you have given a chance to go to south carolina but we are going to do really well. >>reporter: the big surprise marco rubio coming out there. it's part. everyone thought he was going to do really well in new hampshire and the debate happened and he got called out by chris christie. he had a canned answer and that continue to snowball. i today he was walking around and had people dress like robots making fun of him and that didn't help. tonight he came out of here made intermission that he
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something. our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it is on me. i did not do well saturday night. so listen to this, that will never happen again. tran20 said he might think it's frivolous to think a debate is a big deal but the exit polls said it matter because 46% of the people that voted did not know who they were going to vote for. 20% of the people that voted made their decision today so that likely influenced a lot of people so the big question is if he came out on stage shot admitting he made a mistake will make a difference and if he moved past it. he will start tomorrow. south carolina and he will be heading over to washington dc for another stop so new hampshire looks like it was good for jeb and marco they are still in this but it was not a deciding factor.
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their campaigns. david mentioned exit polling this is conducted as they are leaving the voting booth see get a sense of what they were thinking when they made their choices. what do you think about why troppo sanders did so well? connect on the republican side. voters want a president to as an outsider. that's what they said. 48% of those who voted said they want somebody outside of politics to be the next president of the united states. another question i asked was about the controversial plan a temporary ban on muslims. 68% of republican voters supported a ban on muslims entering into the united states. on the democratic side, these numbers will explain bernie sanders. when the democratic voters went in and asked what was the most
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looking for in a president? honesty. that goes to hillary clinton's problems and the email scandal and the rest of it. the second thing they were asked about the next president, do they want someone who will continue with obama's policies or be more liberal than obama? 40% of democratic voters said they were looking for a candidate who would be more liberal than obama. >> fascinating. what about jeb bush and marco rubio. did they do well enough to remain in the race? >> this was a very bad night for marco rubio. he had a strategy coming in of finished third in iowa and second two new hampshire and first in south carolina. he will probably finish fifth in new hampshire. i don't know of a strategy that goes three, five and what is he going to do in south carolina because he will have traveled
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well south carolina and this is jeb bush, this is the state. his brother will be in south carolina campaigning with him and lindsey graham has come out and support. you will see people reviving his career. he was written off south carolina will be a place where he has to make a stand and he has to finish second to make the argument to move forward. marco is going to look towards it, nevada and where is he going to win next? he couldn't win in new hampshire are iowa and south carolina is not shaping up, where will marco rubio find this recipe to move forward? >> great analysis, as always. thanks very much. >> jim will be of south carolina for saturday's debate look for his live report friday on cbs4 news.
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about this video we showed you today. a scuffle broke out in manchester the tipping rubio supporters and anti-rubio group call the rubio robots. the man seen getting violent is actually the new hampshire state chairman for marco rubio's presidential campaign. tonight's victory for trump and sanders are important, but he will be facing off in a general election in november? candidates are competing in order to win delegates. the one with the most delegates wins the nomination. the early contest like last week's caucuses and primary help determine who gets media attention and who gets money from donors to fund campaigns. candidates who do poorly have no choice. eventually, but to drop out selected look different one florida voters go to the polls on march 15. the last day to register to vote . his next week february 16.
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of the race for the white house. stay with us so this is just the beginning of the race for the white house. stay with for continuous coverage of the upcoming primaries right here on peter d'oench. semi-brutal attacks landed 22- year-old man in jail. one of the elderly victim shares his story. >> a fight breaks out--a fight breaks out a south florida school. all of the caught on camera. witnesses tell us what happened. and a woman is missing, a
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daughter. a mother murdered and the man suspected jumping to his own death. young children left in state custody tonight. we are live outside the building where the suspect took his own life. hank? >>reporter: last night we were trying to sort this story out there today. it ended in this condo unit in downtown miami. when a man who was prone to violence against women took the
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this is how it ended a shaky facebook video. the atrium and miami's grand condominiums. elite from the third story. police have been looking for this man. they had to look no further than across the bay. 36-year-old french chef. >> i looked down and i saw a body. zika 70s cops have been on the hunt for him since monday evening. the police found the body of a monday night special victims officers took two children from the flamingo towers. they had called security guards saying their mother had been assaulted. the mother identified as marx. her husband had a history of violence. here he is in bond court last year. he was arrested in july and
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stayaway orders were issued in both cases. this afternoon. juvenile court judge placed before and six rolled in protective custody and was ready to issue a stay order. then this happened. >> we heard he has committed suicide. that's my understanding. tran20 seven. the major concern are the children. there is an aunt in orlando, who said she would like to take custody. we will be hearing about that on february 23. >> thank you hank. estimate caught on camera brutal attacks. we are hearing from an elderly victim and his brave wife help save him. we are joined live from lauderhill's. 27. police say this one man pride-
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on sunday for this attack and 81-year-old man was beaten and his wife helped rescue him.>> , it's like a nightmare. >>reporter: douglas has black eyes bruises and stitches all over his face after an attack caught on surveillance camera at a gas station sunday. the man in the red hat grabbed him and punches on him. but his wife stood by her man and then some. >> she did not think, she reacted getting between her husband and the attacker and pushing the attacker away. >> she is very courageous. >> now i'm not. >> the attacker carjacked a truck in deerfield beach and attacked him with a metal object and took aim at a worker at the swap shop with a samurai sword hitting him again and again as
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himself.>> i heard a scream. it was worse than a horror film. this was real life happening. lawrence hawkins heard the cries for help and walker was running away, but another man pursued him and when he dropped the sword. they tackled him and held him until police arrived. >> i wasn't thinking about my life that i was thinking about the next life. walker is being held in jail without bond. a judge ordered a psychiatric exam and an interesting note that 81-year-old man and his wife tell us they would rather see walker get treatment for his problems them be prosecuted. new video in the newsroom of a massive fight breaking out at south dade senior high school in homestead today. captures-cameras capture the castle the cafeteria. several students pile up on top of each other.
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hair getting pulled the sheet is dragged onto the floor. another angle shows one student kicking another in the head and a security guard tries to break things up and is pushed away. one student describes what he saw. >> this girl got kicked in the hair out. >> nobody was seriously injured and no arrests have been made. miami police are searching for a missing woman who disappeared yesterday. donna spoke with her mother. >> we are concerned. she is alone on the street. >> 21-year-old karen, leaving her job monday and no one has heard from her since then. she left her car, first and wallet behind. >> she did not tell anybody i am thinking of walking away from my job after never missing a day of work. treacherous of the last time anyone saw her was tuesday
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security guard saw her sleeping outside an office building and saw her work badge on the ground. >> for her to sleep on the street and cut all ties it doesn't take a rocket scientist to think there is something not right. 20-tran27. reported her is missing she was going to graduate wanting her own place. she was acting strangely and became increasingly isolated. her parents were worrying more each perfect our each passing hour. my kids want to know sweatshirts tomorrow morning to get to school. our jackets? >> sweatshirts tomorrow and snowman building material for the next morning. tomorrow morning. it's going to be cold again.
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clear night. there are some clouds. temperatures have a blanket effect. 61 in miami 66 in key west. air very dry windsor out of the west there gradually going to turn to the northwest direction . it's not really pulling a lot of cool air our way. 58 in weston, 58 in homestead. northern broward went very light out there. it's a chilly evening. the computer model showed that will continue to cool off lows in the 50s. maybe a few 40s 30s and 20s in the panhandle to the north. tomorrow we warm up into the low 60s for five--for highs. a cool day by florida standards and tomorrow night. things get really cold. northwind will pull the air right down the everglades could
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everyone else is going to be in the 40s tomorrow night. winds will be pretty light. tomorrow cool temperatures clouds flying by. thanks to subtropical branches of the jet stream on thursday cold morning start. temperatures in the 40s. friday a cool start not as cold. plenty of sunshine back to the 70s on friday and another cold front comes down and we are gradually working our way of in a stairstep fashion. here's what's going on for tonight. cooler than it has been temperatures in the 50s and upper 40s. a brisk breeze dying down. high temperature in the low to mid 60s. small craft advisory, into the weekend, temperatures in the 60s for a few more days in the coldest night will be tomorrow
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for valentine's day the temperature coast backup for
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tonight. new orleans is wrapping up mardi gras. people lined the streets to celebrate fat tuesday. partiers age, drink, dance to caught beads. lent starts tomorrow. a woman attacking her husband's car after she found him with another woman. this is in columbia. the woman is jumping on the car breaking his windshield with her feet. the husband drives away from the scene while witnesses encouraged woman to go after him. the woman has gone viral.
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youtube. fries stuck behind your car seat have not gone bad but hold off on eating them. one woman posted this photo on facebook with a happy now for mcdonald's that she said she purchase six years ago. part of a experiment she allowed to have email to sit around her office without touching it. fast-forward six years and you can see the meal of nuggets and fries are looking pretty fresh. i wonder if he still has a job.>>coming up the heat with the all-star break, but not before taking on the spurs. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales p and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about buying your next one. if i want to go up... hello. or if i want to go down... no. but then if i want to come back
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the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we g ive you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . the heat gets schooled by the spurs and they got to the all-star break with one big question. this was a game until the third quarter. dwayne wayne into the hoop scoring 20. in winslow is the rookie with 23 and here's the question. can he trust. whiteside to keep his head. using his elbows, he gets ejected.
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building. the heat get some what are you going to do without whiteside fellow? earlier they announced they are going to retire. shaquille o'neal's number. his jersey will hang from the rafters. he only played here. 3 1/2 years but help the heat when their first nba championship. so that counts for something. the panthers sent parker out for that nasty look. he took last night. three goals in the first look at the passing right here. it's lovely. moments into the third a face- off the goalie never saw the slapshot and the panthers went easily seven 72 4. --they are down at halftime before waking up.
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30 seconds to go. james robinson wide open and he knows it's good us and as he lets it go and we are tied. the final possession, who's going to be the hero? how about rodriguez sneaking in for the tip and they squeak out 65-63 victory. >> you got a call when you're in san francisco. . it's a little chilly. >> why does whiteside have to do that? that doesn't need to be part of his game. >> is very emotional. he's a young player.
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have a nice talking to an update on new hampshire
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77% of precincts reporting,
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