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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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tomorrow at least 15 degrees colder in some spots. our holiday park cam out there, 62 in miami and fort lauderdale and key west, some upper 50s in some locations. 62 in west candle. a north to north westerly breeze. when you look at the temperatures in north central florida, that's where the air is coming from. we will see chilly temperatures for 24 more hours. at 11:00 it's 56. 47 early in miami tomorrow. minutes. handy. also at noon two people dead after the fiery crash on i-95. the suv burst into flames after crashing into a wall. examer's office.
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lives and one of them was not from here. that car charred and unrecognizable was brought here to the medical examiner's office with the body inside to be identified. >> reporter: a huge ball of fire of north bound i-85 and a car shoulder. firefighters on the scene working quickly to put the fire out while the passenger was still inside around 330 wednesday morning. the driver was heading north bound when he lost control. he recommend sheaed and burst into flames and coming to rest on the far right lane. the victim's friend did not want to show his victim's face on camera and was driving another car awhat he had of them. >> i was driving down the highway and saw those guys in flames. >> a road ranger in the area managed to pull the driver out
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>> they got this in before we do. it's not the first time they have acted heroically. this gentlemen was brave to do that. it's one of the best services that could be provided out here. >> the driver is in his early 20s from illinois lost his life at the hospital. his passenger never made it out. >> this accident has taken two lives. we are investigating right now. we believe speed was a factor and we wait for the test to come back to see if alcohol was a factor. >> the nissan murrano was toed from the medical examiner's office with the passenger still inside. >> reporter: the name of the driver has not been identified. the passenger's body is working on being identified.
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now to campaign 2016. it was a big night for donald trump and bernie sanders. they are the clear winners in the new hampshire primary. >> let's start with the republican race results with 96% of votes reported. trump has 35% of the vote in second place is john kasich and 13 is ted cruz. >> marco rubio and jeb bush tied with 7%. and chris christie is expected to announce he will suspend his campaign. >> bernie sanders has 60% of the vote. hillary clinton has 38%. that's with 96% of total reports. >> former florida governor marco rubio and jeb bush home to gain momentum after last night's results and heading to south carolina.
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interesting night and already the candidates are very excited be out of new hampshire away from the snow. much warmer. let's show you video of jeb bush already campaigning in bluff ton, south carolina getting off to an early start. new hampshire was an interesting impact on this entire race. instead of jeb bush being on the ropes, now he's energized and marco rubio spent the night and this morning apologizing. >> as the race to the white house pivots to the white house marco rubio is hoping to leave new hampshire behind him. >> i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. i did not do well on saturday night so listen to this.
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cheerz cheerz [ cheering ] rubio boats were following him around in new hampshire during the day. >> there's not a lot of grown fault". there are people that worked hard in this campaign and he stood up and said i had a bad debate and it won't happen again. >> meanwhile jeb bush. >> we need a candidates with a servant's heart and doesn't believe it's all ability him. i'm so grateful for the people of new hampshire to give me the chance to go to south carolina where we will do really well. >> bush spent nearly twice the amount of tame and money in new hampshire. this could have meant the beginning of the end for him.
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will be joined by his brother, george w. bush sometime in south carolina on the campaign trail. south carolina. we will have to see how this plays out. david. stay warm. the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign shifts to south carolina following last night's primary. we continue our team coverage from manchester, new hampshire. >> reporter: trump dominated the new hampshire primary. >> tonight i'm going to south people.
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pounding. i'm not a pin cushion or mash mellow. third. >> i think the field will wit l down eventually. >> reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton is trying to recover from a brutal loss to bernie sanders. he won across the board, especially with young people. >> because of a huge voter attorney it and i say "huge" we won! >> i know i have work to do with young people. >> reporter: a memo was released where she is expected to do better in southern states. >> sanders met with al sharp ton this morning in harlem.
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saturday's gop debate for his live reports starting on friday with cbs four news. we have continuing coverage of the upcoming primaries and caucuses. we have deaths of a college student in a crash. police say me dee na crashed a silver porsche on the morning of january 1st. medina and another passenger were also hurt. a 21-year old woman missing has been found. she was last seen monday afternoon after leaving work. her family found her 182nd. she had been wondering around a couple days. no foul play expected. an elderly man beaten in an attack is grateful to his wife who helped save him.
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in a red hat repeatedly punching the 81-year old man. >> his wife stepped in and got the attacker to leave. the attacker, that guy there, they say that the attack happened on the 81-year old and then went to the swap shop and attacked an employee there with a sword. terrifying. >> it's like a nightmare. . >> walker is being held in jail without bond. now to cbs federal health alert. growing concerns over the zika virus this comes as the number of cases in the u.s. grows. health officials confirm there's
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washington d.c.. 950 kits have been sent to test for zika virus. there's almost 1500 from the cdc. officials confirmed 16 cases of the virus in florida and two in broward. experts saying wearing insect prere pel atlanta is one way to avoid the zika virus. building and zoning issues for a new major league soccer stadium. there has been vast interest from investors around the world. sources say beck ham is being particular about selecting an equity group. he wants someone who understands soccer and would have a background in financial ability to acquire eligible players. still ahead, a scare in the air when a plane is forced to divert. find out what happened and why
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passenger was escorted off by police. a player sent home for throwing elbows in last night's game. a special love story -- a couple showing love is truly patient.
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reunited with his wartime across america now, an air alaska flight had to be diverted because of a drunk passenger. the other pass sdwrers were happy to see him go. [ applause ]
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intoxicated passenger was on the plane. remove the passenger. not press charges. a delta rocket four lawn ched into space this morning. they took off with the halo for the u.s. national reconnaissance office. it was carrying classified information but no further details. the rocket took off from denver air force space in california. the tushgish coast guard is showed rescuing a syrian refugee. the man was holding on to a boat that was sinking when crews plucked him to safety. he was one of five people rescued and 27 other migrants drowned. more than 1,000 people have left syria. the florida bound cruise
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weekend is scheduled to dock tonight. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas was tossed and turned sunday. the captain turned the ship around and is returning to new jersey. bill nelson is calling for a an investigation why they were sailing in such bad weather when it was known of the storms. pope francis arrives in texas this weekend. migrants. this will in juarez on february 17th. attend across texas. we are headed to cuba to cover the pope's visit in mexico. look for live reports starting tomorrow.
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temperatures so far? outside? i'm freezing now. >> it's about to get colder. this is an iconic twist here. this is a warm up for colder eth. know what i mean? i don't want to use the word act. how does that sound? for tomorrow, a warm up that doesn't sound too accurate. on. these clouds are going to be the wild card in the forecast but if we can get rid of some it will be colder than we are thinking. it will be milder than we're thinking so in case we're wrong and right we will take the middle road. it could be colder or milder. regardless. a fort lauderdale camera showing the high and moderate clouds, maybe not thick enough to keep temperatures from dropping too low tonight. if they thicken up temperatures
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if they stay thin or disappear which they could, we could see 30s in the far western places. 62 in miami and 62 in fort lauderdale and 67 in key west and the humidity is in the 50-50 range. airport. still a north west breeze in some spots making it feel cooler, especially in the shade. the temperatures haven't cracked 60 in oakland park. 62 in miami and fort lauderdale. we have that light north to north westerly breeze and some places up to ten miles per hour. generally between 5-10 and that will continue through the afternoon and tonight. it's not as much the wind speed as it is the direction. that north westerly flow is allowing these cooler peninsula. we're not looking at winds that will give us warmer weather off
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you can see these thin high mid level clouds back to mexico. that's evidence el nino is out there. some very thin high level moisture giving us thin wispy clouds and dry air kobts to move in across the state. that jet stream dipping in the south. some single digits across the midwest and great lakes and we won't see anything like that. that's the source we will see. a low high. we're about 12 degrees where we should be this time of year. beach. it could be 5 or 6 degrees colder out west. bring the pets indoors. chop. valentine's day is sunday and the holiday on monday so hang in there for a couple more days. thank you john. today is ash wednesday marking
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on the christian calendar. ash wednesday is the first day of lent and observed by fasting. an ash cross is placed on the forehead of those as a reminder of simpleness and mortality. a consumer alert, ikea recalling two types of ceiling lamps. the glass can fall and shatter. there have been reports of 11 yours. ikea urges customer to return the lamps for a full refund. last night's game against the spurs he was ejected and swung an el low. white side was sent home by the team. the coach spoke after the game about the ejection. >> that's something we will deal
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we don't don done that kind of play. -- -- condone. him before. 0 it's a disappointing play. that's not a basketball play. >> he ended up losing 119-101. the heat now has time off for an all star break. tonight at 11:00 it's an all in south florida. they are cutting prices to get you inside their stories. >> this chicken used to be $1.49 a pound. today at a $1 a pound the customer is paying $6. tonight an exclusive look at the competition and what to look out for on your next trip to the supermarket. a loving reunion more than 70 years in the making.
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. a special love story after spending decades apart. >> reporter: if love is truly patient then 93-year old norwood thomas and 88-year old joyce thomas could be the true definition of love. norwood and joyce embraced each other for the first time in more than 70 years monday. they met in london and when the war ended he returned to the u.s. and she moved to australia but the flame never died. >> he was full of fun. he's a tricky fellow. >> reporter: but somewhere
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a botched marriage proposal they lost touch but then technology rekindled the flame. the two reconnected over skype last year. when word about their reunion went public hundreds of people donated money to ensure the couple reunited in person. >> this is one of the most wonderful things that could happen to me. >> reporter: the couple will now enjoy a special valentine's day together. >> to find somebody who loves you and you love them, your life will be special. >> reporter: true love overcomes space and time. don champion, cbs news. my favorite story. i love it.
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here are the if you have news or information you want cbs to investigate, give us a call. that's it for the news at noon. thank you so much for watching. remember catch our newscast streaming live.
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