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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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misand k-9s serging for shell casings. the superintendent has been outspoken and out-reggied with gun violence involving teens. though he points out this is outside the school, it was still too close for home. >> it's shameful the sanktity of a school has been vie violated again -- violated again. over 60 shootings, over 20 kids shot and killed in miami and today, it appears we have as close as one can get to a drive- by shooting near a school, absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: again, we're back out live miami gardens drive said to open in a few minutes between 32 avenue and 347th avenue in the -- 37th avenue. no one hurt during the shooting. police tell us they're investigating trying to get more information on the car and
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shooters. we'll get that information to you as soon as we learn what it is. now at 6:00, bundle up south there, the temperatures are beginning -- south florida, temperatures are beginning to drop. it's going to be colder tomorrow morning. this is some of the coldest weather we have seen all year. >> craig joins us now with how cold it's going to get. craig. >> we're heading in the 40s. we struggled to get in the low 60s. much of the morning in the 60s thanks to the poll lor area of high pressure that started up knot in canada. it's giving -- north in canada. it's traditionally a cold wind flow and the state gets cold. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. freeze advisorses in florida tonight. 60s right now. we're holding on to 60 in miami dade and broward. overnight lows tomorrow morning will be mid to low 40s along
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wind chill in the upper 30s as you head off for work. temperatures in the low 40s hovering around miami-dade. mid-40s for the beaches, too. one more cold night before we start a warm-up. tomorrow, a chilly start. back in the 60s tomorrow. talk about 70s in the forest coming up. coming up, thieves target homes getting away with packages left at the front door. it happened twice in two different neighborhoods. ted is live in miami with the crime caught on camera. ted. >> reporter: this is right off of coral way. it was yesterday around this time a crook targeted a house right on this street taking a package. the same thing happened nearby in coral gables. one idea floating around is crooks think they're getting packages that are meant for val
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a car backs up, moments later, an upstairs pulls -- ups truck pulls up. the people in the car watch as a driver drops off an envelope. once the driver leaves, a woman waits 30 second and makes a her move. >> the fact my girlfriend was home, it's very brazen. >> reporter: she's a blond woman with big glasses taking what doesn't belong to her and stick ing in itin her purse. inside that envel low is something important, medicine for the homeowner's son. >> i hope you're happy. you took medicine from a kid. >> reporter: after the woman got out, someone else competes, too. he take -- exits, too. he takes off in a different direction. when she's back in the car. they peck the guy up and it looks like he may have a package in his happened. a couple miles away, there's a similar story. in coral gables monday, the same thing, this time, the
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>> he was brazen about it, he was on his phone. he went up tote house like he lived here. >> reporter: inside the box, air conditioning filters. not a pricey item but something he doesn't own. >> you expect your home to be safe and secure and someone like this throws those emotions out the door. >> reporter: it's best to have deliveries to your work or where someone is home especially with valentine's day is around the corner, that's what crooks love to shop on your front porch. >> we know there are savvy criminals out there trying to look for those unattended packages and no one in the drive way so they can pick up the package and go. >> reporter: police say these things tepid to happen especially harden -- tend to happen especially around holidays. another good judged to have a neighbor pick -- good idea is to have a neighbor pick up the
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where someone is home. authorities in palm beach county arrested a third man in connection with the murder of a student. he's accused of killing 19-year- old neck loss acosta. he was -- nick loss acosta. he was gunned down in september that houses students. campaign twixt. the new hampshire -- 2016. the new hampshire primaries are history and now focusing on south carolina. bernie sanders beat auto hillary clinton in new hampshire primary. they'll face off again tomorrow night. on the republican side, donald trump says his victory in new hampshire will not be his last. on cbs this morning, trump said he's going to win south carolina. ohio governor john kasich second place finish is shaking up the race. governor kasich earns 16%
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last night after trump's 25%. jim spent time following governor kasich last month and has this interview with him. >> reporter: "cbs4 news" caught up with ohio governor john kay second last month following a -- kasich last month following a town hall meeting. >> when i come in and see what the administration has done, i think they made a big mistake, cuba needed to do something. why are we always reaching out and moving? my sense is they haven't made any compromises they keep demanding things, i don't understand what the administration is doing. >> reporter: kasich fbis strong in new hampshire -- finishes strong in new hampshire. >> the republicans need to be rather and it needs to be a philosophy for being for in ideas and big ideas not just being against stuff of the
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against stuff. we have to be for stuff. >> reporter: i asked what they waiting -- thought was driving voters this year. >> they think they're being ripped off and the rich and powerful are the ones deciding everything and they're upset about it. their wages aren't going to up. worried their job is going away. they're upset about it and looking for someone who would >> reporter: the front-runner is donald trump. a candidate who is given a vos to fare and anxiety. -- fear and anxiety. >> what are they doing it had? yell and scream and they'll get nothing done. we mind someone who is a problem sol ver. >> reporter: social securefy in florida? >> we need to fix it. the social security recipients
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that income are going to have to keep their benefits, there's no other way i see to fix this. >> look at you getting the interview with the guy who would go on and be second lace in that were. there's a difference -- second place in new hampshire. >> you've not seen him engage in personal taxi on twitter or anything else. they had one negative ad that started running. he immediately called and had them take it down. he had a long career in congress before becoming ohio governor. he believes they're bringing the parties together to work hand in hand. i don't know if he can sur vaif the primaries on the -- survive the primaries though. >> kasich on the hand seems like he can. >> now that kasich is second,
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to fire attacks on kay second, particularly donald trump -- kasich particularly donald trump and others. will he need to defend histoin a way that will drag him down -- himself in a way that will him down mud pit too. >> we'll see if he can with stand that. thank you. jim will be traveling to south carolina for saturday's republican debate here on cbs. that's saturday at night. look for jim's live report starting friday on "cbs4 news". ." pope francis a preparing for the trip to smokes co prayer -- mexico with prayer. he gave the message to his weekly audience at the vatican. pope francis arrived in mexico on friday for a six-day visit.
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tomorrow. new details on a deputy involved shooting in oakland park. >> we're hearing what the deputy told investigators in the days after he killed a man carrying a pell let gun. >> a suv crashes on i-95. and as you can see, burst into flames. we'll tell you what may have caused this wreck. plus... >> meet bobby. you may have seep him on your facebook page.
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we are hearing what a broward sheriff's deputy charged with mistake told days in shooting of germane. >> the interview is part after batch of interviews released by prosecutors this afternoon. terry is lye at the broward county courthouse -- live at the broward county courthouse with details. >> reporter: these are some the dvd's released by the broward office today. they gave an interview to detectives after the shooting. during the interview, the detective want to know if he had anything in his ears. peter sat in an interview room five days after prosecutors say
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an open park. his statement was volunteery and his lawyer sat behind him. he said 911 calls came in after black man walking the streetcarrying a rifle. -- carrying a rifle. later, he said he was carrying the rifle across his shoulders. it was an unloaded pellet gun. once he turned in to where he lived, a sergeant made a decision. >> they said there's public inside there. we have to make contact with him now. >> reporter: he followed him inside the apartment and yelled commands to him, but to response. >> was there any area that is you would precrude you from hearing? >> no >> there was no construction going on, nothing in his ears he couldn't have heard anything you said? >> no. >> when you approached him, did you see anything that obstructed his ability to here?
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>> to. >> reporter: an attorney for the family said germane couldn't here hear the deputies because he was listening to music. they didn't see mcbean point the rifle at anyone. during this interview, detectives did not question peter about the actual shooting. i spoke with the attorney for the mcbean family a short time ago. prior to the statement with peter, the detective met with the mcbean family and that's why the detective was asking questions about what was in mcbean's ears. the mcbean family attorney believes that's when a cover-up began in this case. as for peter, his attorney maintains all along his client did fog wrong. -- did nothing wrong. an suv crashed bursting into flames taking the lives of two people. the driver lost control and his suv hit a concrete wall and burst into flames. a road ranger on the scene first managing to pull the
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he was taken to the hospital where he later died. the passenger never made it out of the vehicle. investigators believe the drive may have on speeding. you might recognize this pup from facebook. a picture of bobby went viral showing him sitting with his head down in a christmas sweetheart at miami-dade animal services waiting to be adopted. that picture led to a rush to adopt the guy. today he went home to joan a family -- join a family. >> reporter: it was the picture that sadly stared at hundreds of thousands of seemed to me users. it intro -- social media users. it introduced the world to bobby. wearing a green sweater and looking miserable in a kennel after his original occupier abandoned him -- owner abandoned him. >> i saw him. >> reporter: christy diaz came
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him home. but before she could take him far walk, eric a rushed in hoping for a chance to be his owner. >> it was fabulous. he's a love. he just wants somebody to love him. >> reporter: no sooner had she asked about the process to adopt when rob miller offered to take bobby. >> i'll take him right now. >> reporter: while these two discussed his future, the woman who would become his new occupier was filing the documents to adopt him. paula volunteers at the shelter and helps to put sweat ters on the purposes like the one on bobby that made him famous. >> he's going to be the boy of the house. >> reporter: bobby has hundreds of friends at miami-dade
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forever homes and shelter managers tell me the hardest dogs to abopt out are big ones. they hope social media users will continue to post pictures of those who need homes. >> i think it's great. every dog should get that much attention and we wouldn't have them here. >> reporter: now bobby is headed to begin a new life outside the con fines after crowded kennel. >> bobby's new owner tells us he spent the rest of the day at the vet to treat mange add aero enaffection and for -- and aero infection and health test ask. held have a safe home with her. to learn more about adopting, head to our web site, >> i'm glad he found a home but there are other dogs that need to find a home. let's talk to craig because we have cold temperatures
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prepare for. >> bobby's nose is cold, my nose is cold. past sunset now, a few clouds out there. but a cool evening understand way. it's 60 in miami. only 62 in key west. a light northwest braze. temperatures are falling. right now, some of the cool spots by tomorrow morning already in the supper 50s. weston as well as park lapped, winds are -- parkland wends are temperatures for highs today, we were only in the low to mid- 60s. we struggled to get there. overnight tonight, we're headed well if the 40s. just to our north around the lake tomorrow, we start to try to warm up. it's back into the 60s. but tomorrow will be mid to upper 60s. tomorrow night, another cool one.
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along the beaches. finally on friday, we're back in the 70s. sunshine and beginning of a warm stretch that will keep us in the 70s throughout the week. tomorrow, a cold morning start. mild afternoon sunshine after the 40s tor start. we'll be in the 60 on friday warmer. temperatures in the low 70s. by saturday, we could be in the mid to upper 70s as our winds turn to the southeast. nice and warm. another cold front comes down. this one, not so much a cold front as it's going to be a windy cold front. monday, we'll see showers blowing this. the holiday weekend looks better and possible raining by monday. upper 40s along the coast. tomorrow, cold morning then mild afternoon sunshine in the upper 60. boaters, small craft advisory remain in effect. through the weekend, temperatures after tomorrow are back in the 70s, but later in
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showers on the braze. back to you. here's what we're working on tonight at "cbs4 news" at 11:00. it's a war between grocery stores. they're cutting prices to get you in their doorstep. >> this chicken used to be $1 .49 a pound. on a six-pound average, that will be about $nine a customer. today at a $1 a pound, the customer saying $six. >> a look at the computation and what to look out for on --
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ne ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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good evening, the heat enter the all-star break on a down note losing the last two games. including last night. this is the elbow that got whiteside tossed from the game. he drew a greene green two foul. spurs on are -- are on a run. blow out the heat late. considering the tone of this game last might, chris emotion was a bit -- chris was a bit surprised by the foul. >> i didn't see what happened. it wasn't that much of an emotional game. it was kind of back and forth a little bit at the time.
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that have momentum. >> meanwhile, the miami hurricanes with a wig win against pittsburgh. pittsburgh ties it up with the three. set up angle rodriguez with the tipton as the point guard. goes in with the big guys for the winning basket. 65-63 the final. the canes 19 and four on the season. >> the other day, me and my teammates were talking about athletic place and they were making fun of me because aim short. now i have something to brag about now when i get back to the locker room. >> he got in there for sure. a scary moment for north carolina coach at boston college. the coach went down on the floor. he suffers from vertigo. after the game, he says he's quote, alive and kicking. he's had vertigo for years but this is the first time it hit him during the game. they did win the game by three points. the panthers keep on rolling scoring the most goals since
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their division lead. they had a goal and assist. this goal made it 4-0 florida. the panthers rule 6-4. >> it's pretty easy. they find you and they put pucks in the net. so i was coming my best to get them pucks on the we mentioned
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wings dozens of yachts competing in a race from miami to havana. nearly 50 racings yachts took
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>> it could not be prettier out
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