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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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reports a stray bullet had penetrated a portable classroom. >> i have a grand baby that i have custody over that has chronic sickle cell, and when he panics, no oxygen goes to his brain. nobody tell me nothing. >> reporter: they met with students and teachers as well. >> at least five shots were fired, and two hit the one portable classroom. i was just in that classroom with the principal. the glass is shattered.
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glass, hit the opposite wall, and landed on the floor a foot away from a child. >> reporter: it's not known who fired the shots or why. >> the vast majority of shootings we've had involved shootings from 15 to 24. >> i hugged those four children, one still with tears in his eyes, not understanding what had happened, comforted by a teacher with tears in her eyes, recognizing how close tragedy had struck her classroom. >> reporter: another look with chopper 4. they are calling the shootings disturbing and unacceptable.
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their relatives. they're urging anyone in the public who can help to call crime stoppers. cbs 4 news. >> peter, thank you. this comes just one day after another shooting. shots were fired yesterday at carol city high school. live scene where it all happened. gabby? >> reporter: they arrested a known gang member who apparently got out of a car and started shooting at a rival who started walking down the sidewalk here. we should expect more arrests. cleaning up crime tape, the day after a shootout at carol city senior high. >> everybody should calm down.
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>> reporter: police arresting cedric atmos overnight. cops are also looking for several others involved in a shooting including stanley reagan. >> 8 gunshots were fired. >> it was a fight before it happened. a couple of boys got jumped. >> it's shameful that the
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violated again. >> reporter: 19-year-old stanley reagan should be considered armed and dangerous. anyone with information call crime stoppers. south florida bundled up after another cold start to the day. we can expect to see these temperatures throughout the day. it was pretty nice though. >> yes, and it still is nice. depends on who you ask. we have a mixed bag of weather. something to please everyone. as we are looking at the lows
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cold in spots. oakland park woke up to 48. 44 in homestead. that's almost 20 degrees lower than our normal low. despite all that sunshine, and we've got the miami boat show taking place as well. we're still cool and comfy. it's a gorgeous day though. even 60 throughout the keys anywhere from 7 to 10 miles an hour winds. get out and enjoy it. more in the way of low 50s inland and a warming trend through the weekend. another tough day on wall street. this is the live look at that average down 320 points right
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the dow fell. thanks to a dramatic crash in oil prices. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off again in milwaukee. >> marly hall reports in milwaukee. >> reporter: marco rubio trying to rally from his disappointing fifth place finish from donald trump. >> i'm trying to unite this country as much as possible. this shows trump with a commanding lead in south
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ted cruz thinks he can win. >> the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> democrats love to spend. republicans do too, but they feel guilty when they do it. >> reporter: there are also questions about how ber fli sanders will do among minority voters on wednesday. >> change always takes place when millions of people stand up and fight back. >> reporter: hillary clinton received a boost from the congressal caucus. >> she wants a new story line to come up after this. >> and the remaining republicans will debate
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stay with cbs 4 for coverage of campaign 2016 now through the election. you have until next tuesday to register to vote. now, caught on camera, a mini van hits a motorcycle motorcyclist from behind. it sends jonathan borero more than 100' in the air. he was struck from behind in a blue toyota mini van. the driver of the van is charged with leaving the scene of a crash. a video shows a woman
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way on 23rd avenue 30 minutes before the ups driver pulls up. inside the package was medicine for the homeowner's son. >> the fact that my girlfriend was actually home. i hope you're happy. you took medicine from a kid. >> not far away, someone else grabbed a package that had recently been delivered there. in this case, it was air conditioning filters. investigators say you should have packages delivered to your work or at a place where someone is home. you may have seen elliott on the cbs miami miami facebook
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>> just being here one day, i can see the difference as far as the difference of visitors to cuba. >> reporter: to see all of his video, he was streaming for about 15 minutes, and look for his reports from cuba from cbs 4 news. here's what we're working for you tonight at 11:00. >> i just started screaming my that's all, really, i could do. >> a woman speaks publicly for the first time about getting attacked by two stray dogs. back on dry land. >> passengers on board a battered cruise ship happy to
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>> reporter: and the end could be near in a month-long
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the last of the people in the wildlife refuge will
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investigators are looking into why a man shot two sheriff's deputies. witnesses say the officer was shot in the head after asking the man how he was doing. he took off to another restaurant where he killed another deputy. that man was wanted in florida for assaulting an officer. a florida bound cruise ship steered right into a storm. >> they arrived back on land last night with smiles. don champion has the latest. >> reporter: after a nightmare at sea, passengers are back on solid ground, sharing stories of caribbean vacation gone wrong.
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break through the glass. we slept on the floor because we didn't think it was going to make it. >> i was on deck a, and i could see the water coming up to our balcony. >> they spent hours on lock down in their rooms. >> my mom was okay. they opened up the mini bar, so that was good for her. >> reporter: they're reviewing to make sure this never happens again. >> we can't ask guests that are coming to us for dream vacations to experience things
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>> reporter: in new jersey, don champion, cbs 4 news. taking a live look right now outside, 59 degrees. pretty cool for 12:15. what can we expect for the rest of the day? >> it's just beautiful. we're going to see a slight warming trend for those of you who are done wearing your heavy coats. live from our ft. lauderdale camera. if you can head outside for lunch, i would say take advantage of it. you don't need the ac right now. roll down the windows. if you happen to have a convertible, you might as well do that. as we look at the radar and satellite, most of the state enjoying clear skies.
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southern tips. that actually prevented us from cooling down further. it was still on the chilly side with mostly 40s. the breeze right now anywhere from 9 to 15 miles an hour. we're seeing mostly low 60s out there. 60 in miami and kendall. you're needing that right jacket and light sweater. more on the way of the upper 50s. 56 in tallahassee. earlier, they even had freeze warnings and watches in the the frontal boundary, right stretching through new orleans and southern texas.
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we have the 40s. the big apple and boston. right now, only 15. an arctic blast. we're seeing 6 in phoenix. 70 in los angeles. here in south florida, we will have temperatures to creep up. highs in the low to mid-70s. pleasant sunshine. the boat show in town. cooperating on your sunday for your valentine's plans. sun and clouds, building breeze slightly cooler behind it. gulf stream advisory for boaters, moderate chop on the bays. inland area, around 50.
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weekend. breezy, showers possible on tuesday. the miami boat show is now open. it has everything related to water fun including yachts, speedboats, and restaurants. it has a restaurant on the water. it's offering free shuttles and water taxiing to the show. it will wrap up on monday night. a picture of an abandoned pup went viral, and now, he has a brand new home. bobby, who was shown wearing a green sweater in a kennel now has a brand new life after it
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users. >> he's going to be the boy of the house. >> they hope other pups will be featured on social media to get adopted. more than 350 women showed up to the perez art museum for a show called diamonds unleashed. it creates a sense of empowerment for women. it teaches young women how to take charge of their careers. >> take a look at all of the adjectives of a diamond. to me, that's women.
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that we've come far. clearly, we've come far, but we're paying it forward. >> it consisted of three local hispanic women. overcame obstacles and prejudices. the next diamonds unleashed event will take place in dallas. next, a new study showing signs of hope against dementia.
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you've never a new study shows dementia is on the decline. returns up next. a new study shows dementia
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the decrease was noticed by people with heart. bernie sanders stopped by the late show last night to share some peanuts and a beer with stephen colbert. >> you can have that with a nice beer. you want a beer. you like them? >> yeah. >> they're damp, aren't they? >> i thought colbert was all about pistachios. i thought so. you can watch the late show right here on cbs 4 at 11:35 right after the news. johnny depp is playing the
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