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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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like it has happened in 1000 years. elliott rodriguez is in havana and he will be giving us live reports coming up in a few minutes. we are working to establish a signal right now. right now you are looking at the plane. that is the plane the pope arrived on. he was greeted by raul castro when he arrived last night. and the two leaders, signing a historic accord today at the airport. >> this is called a joint declaration on religious unity. any kind of unity between the roman catholic church and the russian orthodox church is very significant because as you said, these two churches split about 1000 years ago. for these two leaders to come together as they have is a big deal. these are pictures from the signing ceremony that took place at the airport. a joint declaration on religious unity. eliott rodriguez live for us in havana with the latest on this
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two leaders. >> reporter: that's right. this is a day 1000 years in the making. can you believe that. how much more historic can you get. pope francis arrived on schedule. at 2:00 this afternoon at josi martm international airport in havana. cuban tv podcast of these images of the pope's plane as it landed after a long overnight flight from room. he was greeted at the airport by raul castro. also on hand to greet pope francis were officials of the cuban catholic church. raul castro reportedly facilitated today's meeting between the pope and the leader of the russian orthodox church. the vatican said cuba was neutral ground for the meeting between the pope and patriarch kirill.
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years since the church split into the eastern and roman catholic churches and the leaders of the respective churches have never met before today. russian orthodox church is closely tied to the russian government and this is seen as a political message as well as a religious one. the pope and patriarch -- patriarch kirill are expected to release a joint declaration before the pope leaves for mexico. what are cubans and foreigners saying about this? i spoke to them and asked them about this moment in history. >> although i am not catholic. i don't believe there is a higher and. i still think this is a great gesture from both sides to meet and talk since there is so much more around us about religious stuff. >> i think it's cool that the pope is interested in cuba. it's a great country and the cuban people of the pope
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>> it's a great country. it's beautiful. this is my first time here. >> i think it's wonderful that he's uniting so many people. >> do you like this pope quick >> i think is wonderful. he's made a big difference. >> reporter: the pope leaves from mexico in about an hour from now. he will spend the next five days in mexico going to different cities. my cameraman will pound over to the right so you can see the activity that is taking place. see the christian, that is bringing thousands of visitors here. that is not an american cruiseship but later this year, there will be american cruises on the island. let me tell you this, this island, havana right now is flooded with american visitors. at our hotel, everywhere you go, there are americans here. people from all over the world who are curious about cuba.
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i will have more on that coming up on cbs4 news at 6 and also some important information about an agreement that will be announced next week between u.s. airlines and the cuban government about regular commercial flights between the united states and cuba. i will have details on that's coming up on cbs4 news at 6. reporting live from havana, eliott rodriguez, cbs4 news. thank you very much. some minor problems with his microphone. we will see you later on. breaking news in u.s. cuba relations. the countries have agreed to reestablish commercial air travel for the first time in more than 50 years. up till now, only charter flights were allowed. u.s. law prohibits travel to cuba ford taurus activity. the state affirmance of the new arrangements will make authorized travel easier and will strengthen people to
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countries. starting tuesday, u.s. air carriers can submit their requests for cuban routes. we are looking at the pictures right now, live in cuba, in havana. this is the pope making his way to that airplane. we will keep an eye on this for you because he is going to be departing shortly. he is scheduled to depart at 5:30. it may be a bit earlier. >> things seem to be moving faster than perhaps they had thought. you see raul castro their accompanying the pope as he walks back to his plane. he is shaking hands. again, we can't stress the role that the pope has played in helping to elevate the stature of cuba on the world stage. not only playing a behind-the- scenes role in encouraging both the cuban government and the american government to start the process of normalizing relations but also agreeing to
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the head of the russian orthodox church. the catholic church obviously sees cuba as a major opportunity at, as possibly a place they can expand their reach and have more of a footprint on the island there. as cuba begins the process of becoming more a part of the global community after years and years of isolation. pope francis come a perhaps more than any other pope before him, seems to be very supportive and very determined to help bring cuba to the forefront of the global community. again, the pope is getting ready to get back on his airplane, saying goodbye to some of the catholic officials who are there on the ground in cuba full-time. that is cardinal ortega on the left-hand side of the screen getting a hug from pope francis. he is the pope's man on the island, in charge of the catholic church in coat -- cuba. a very tricky role for someone
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so many years was an atheist country. a country without religion. slowly but surely over the last decade or so, dating back to pope john paul ii, the cuban government has begun to allow for more practice of religion on the island. it's a very delicate thing but an important thing and obviously, pope francis believes that this is an important place for the roman catholic place to be. >> pope francis has been iconic in many ways in terms of brokering peace and unity between countries. he is very into brokering peace between people on the ground. he was an integral part of establishing normalize relations between cuba and the united states, working behind the scenes for years. just as he worked behind the years to normalize relations between the two countries, this meeting between the orthodox church and the roman catholic church also has been in the works, diner scene for a couple years.
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had been going on for 1000 years. traditionally, the orthodox side not recognizing the pope's authority. you are seeing him walking onto the plane. he is saying goodbye and everyone seems to be in good spirits. a lot of laughter's and smiles. he is making his way onto the jet. >> windy and breezy in havana. you saw the pope remove his. he is not wearing it at the moment. he is walking up to get back onto his plane. he will turnaround, wave, raul castro wishing him well. the pope is back onto his flight and on his way to mexico where he is on a his way for a six state visit. we will cover his trip to mexico right here on trent 14. >> that wraps up their meeting in havana where they met at the
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historic accord. we will stay with the story and bring you the developments as we get them. bullet casings lining the street in miami gardens. the evidence of shot fired before noon today. the shootings put three schools on lockdown while police investigated. joe murray has details from one of the schools on lockdown. >> we are at carol city middle school. that meant kids in class today had to sit for two hours with the doors locked. were not able to do anything. that's what happens when you have a lockdown. the shooting happened a few blocks away from here. it put a lot of people on edge. >> i heard a lot of shots. >> reporter: gunfire at 11 am. startled people who were home on northwest 39th court and 190th street. miami gardens police arrived and they found bullet casings on the street. >> did that just happen? >> reporter: this woman said
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the bullets hit the front wall. no one was hurt inside. you can see half a dozen holes in the concrete. >> i've heard gunshots before but nothing as close as it was today. >> reporter: this man plays on the block with the shots were fired. >> there are shots in the middle of the day and there were so many rounds being fired. i didn't know what was going on. it was very scary. >> reporter: the shooting happened near several schools. this comes on the heels of carol city high school windows being shot during incident near the school wednesday. thursday's shooting at a portable that narrowly missed four students at a coconut grove school. this family worried about their sister who attends excelsior charter, one of the schools put on lockdown today. >> i pray that she's okay. >> this neighborhood is crazy. >> reporter: this mother said she worries about her dollars a safety. >> it's becoming overwhelming. i know that much.
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my number one concern. it's crazy. all the killing and shootings that are going on to back we really have to crack down -- you know our kids nowadays. we are killing our own people. >> reporter: miami gardens police have a little information on the shooter. they say he was in a darker colored car but that's all the information they have. if you know anything you are urged to call them or call crime stoppers. joan murray, cbs4 news. police have arrested a teenager they say stole a car with the baby inside earlier this week in fort lauderdale. the suspect is 16 years old. is accused of stealing the car monday afternoon from outside a laundromat on west sunrise boulevard. a 10-month-old girl was in the backseat. after a massive search and an amber alert, police found the car and the baby. the girl was not injured. the suspect now faces several
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big news from the trump campaign where he is threatening to sue one of his rivals, ted cruz over his citizenship. donald trump says, if he does not clean up his act, he has standing to sue him for, not being a natural born citizen. the businessman is expected in tampa tonight at a rally. cruz was born in canada to an american mother. we will have more on trump in tampa but first, craig boswell gatos caught up on the rest of the developments in campaign 2016. >> reporter: john kasich is on the stump hoping to turn his second-place finish in new hampshire into a surprise in south carolina. >> more money is coming in. just like we expected would happen after new hampshire. our events are bigger. people are more interested. >> reporter: ted cruz is following the same game plan he used to win the iowa caucuses
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the vote effort. he is also working to get support from evangelical christians who make up 65% of south carolina voters. he made his pitch to south carolina preachers in this video from the brody file on cbn news. >> the men and women in this room have the ability to change the outcome of the south carolina primary. >> reporter: his rivals are also pushing for the evangelical book. jeb bush spoke at the family form at bob jones university. >> marriage and family is the single most powerful political institution in our society. >> reporter: this means that is the impact of religious groups in today's political system. >> how important is the evangelical vote in south carolina quick >> well, it's a very large portion of the republican electric. >> it is quite diverse internally. >> they are going after those votes quick >> you have to. it's a big part of the electric. each candidate can hope to find one niche of evangelicals that he can draw on. >> reporter: the candidates will make their pitch to palmetto state photos in a cbs news debate saturday night.
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they go to the polls a week from saturday and then it's on to nevada told a caucus there, three days later. in a couple hours, donald trump will take the stage in tampa. supporters lined up for hours waiting for the doors to open. ted scouten is live on the university of south florida campus with more on tonight's event. >> reporter: right now a lot of trump supporters are filing into the sundome here in tampa at the university of south florida. donald trump will take the stage and less than two hours from now. he is taking time out of campaigning in south carolina, thinking ahead to our primary here in florida which is more than a month away. they are a loyal bunch. trump supporters who camped out all day, waiting to get inside the sundome here at the university of south florida in tampa. >> he has charisma. he tells it like it is and he will tell you. >> reporter: she is a trump supporter from head to toe.
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the truth. he's the only one that's strong enough to lead this country. >> immigration needs to be stop. >> reporter: she came to the u.s. from japan 12 years ago. now she's an american citizen and she likes trumps tough talk on immigration. and she's not alone. >> this is america. you should learn the american way. this is the culture. this is the value. this is the high quality of america. >> reporter: her comments of drew cheers from the people around her. >> he is the total package. i'm telling you. we can't afford to give free college out. we can afford to take people in. we need to take care of our own deficit first. >> we are talking about what is the effect from the policies he's proposing. what are the effects of the hate speech that is been prevalent in his campaign. >> reporter: she is here to protest trump and much of what he stands for saying it's dangerous. >> i would say the biggest problem is the racism, the scene a phobia, this idea of otherness.
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who are worth less than the dominant group which is white. >> reporter: the doors are open now here at the sundome in tampa. supporters are filing in. there are thousands of them. the rally begins at 7 pm. ted scouten, cbs4 news. stay with cbs4 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 now through election day. head over to our website, , for more information on registering to vote here in florida. the republicans will debate tomorrow night in south carolina. you can watch that debate live right here on cbs4. 9 pm is the time. our colleague is in south carolina and you can look for his reports starting on the cbs4 news at exit. new cases of zika virus are reported in florida as the state announces a new hotline to help cope with it. details after the break. a burglar those two extremes to get what he wants from a local restaurant. more on this video ahead.
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a high school in arizona. what police say they aren't -- lycie they are not looking for a shooter. this guy right there looks pretty creepy right? will tell you why he is making florida. that's coming up. let's take you back out, live to havana, cuba where we just heard from eliott rodriguez on the ground. that is the plane on the move right now. the pope inside headed to mexico. you see everyone wishing him farewell their. he had just met with the leader of the russian orthodox church where they signed a historic accord at the airport. in the making. the two leaders came together in cuba. neutral territory in order to sign this accord and show their their determination to work together to help stop the persecution of christians around the world. this is taking place in a number of places in the middle east because of the rise of
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this meeting, a historic one taking place at the airport in havana, cuba. the pope is now on his way to mexico. we will have more coverage and
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tonight, police in arizona are investigating after a deadly double shooting at the this happened this morning at independence heights and glendale, arizona. police say the victims are 215- year-old girls, both shot once
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the bodies. >> this appears to be an isolated incident. it's not an active shooter scene. it appears -- we don't think we have a suspect at this time. i still need to get that information. what i can confirm and what i can say is your children are safe and this is not a dangerous situation. >> parents were notified by shooting. shooting are under investigation. this just in, the miami heat chris bosh pulling out of an all-star game this weekend. due to injury. micah carreo in the newsroom. what we know about this? >> reporter: it was around this time last year we learned chris bross had blood clots on a jump which sidelined him for the rest of the season. according to multiple reports he is backing out because they strained calf. we do not know the severity but he educated the blood clots last year to the same injury. the news comes as a surprise to
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through the all-star routine, signing autographs and meeting with reporters. he has been arguing be the healthiest member of the heat this season, playing in every game before the all-star break. he was also scheduled to compete in the shooting contest. no word on whether that is still the plan but al horford is replacing him for the all- star game. mike cugno for cbs4 news. craig setzer joining us now. we are hoping for changes in the valentiness day forecast. do you have a change for us? >> it would be easier if we had a sunny day. we are looking at our biscayne bay camera. this has been a spectacularly beautiful, south florida winter day. plenty of blue skies. a light breeze. comfortable temperatures 72 in miami. 70 in key west. very dry out there with a
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no rain and none in store at least for the first part of the week. look at temperatures right now. these were cold spots this morning. upper 40s to around 50 from red land through parkland. it will be similarly cold tonight in these areas. thanks to the clear skies and low humidity and relatively long winter nights. we do have a front to the north. this will push through as a dry cold front. it will come through late in the day tomorrow. the vigil to warm up ahead of it and we will be in the mid- 70s. a little breezy but not bad. things will be very dry. the front comes through later in the day tomorrow and closes off a little bit for sunday. the main thing, carowinds turning northeasterly direction. winds off the water pickup moisture so at least more clouds on sunday. also a little breezier and a slight chance of a shower later in the day on sunday. on monday, a better chance for showers. and gusty breeze with quick
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another cold front. tuesday night a cold front as well. warm and humid with spotty storms and turning cooler for wednesday and thursday of next week. for tonight, a nice evening and comfortably cool. temperatures in the upper 40s to mid to upper 50s. a warm son, breezy and dry tomorrow. highs near 76. winds of the north at 15. moderate chop on the bay. through the weekend, tomorrow looking fantastic. sunday looks nearly fantastic and monday the least of the days in terms of weather. showers around tuesday. wednesday and thursday back to winter like weather. it is the brutal video you can't take your eyes off of. >> people attacked by a man in one case with the sword and now the man police say is responsible is facing a judge. the story at 5:30. schools under fire. a second arrest made in
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a carol city senior high school. a community comes together to call for change. it's a valentine's weekend.
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the true cost of love on a health alert and cnn reporting three people have
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related to the zika divers. and florida, the number of cases is on the rise again. >> there are three cases in broward and seven in miami-dade county. there's also a new case and ayla chile county. a total of 20 in the state. -- alachua county i meant to say. >> a new warning about the rapidly spreading the good virus. mark albert has the latest from washington, dc. >> reporter: health experts from around the world gathered in washington dc friday to answer concerns about the zika virus. they say the link between zika and a serious birth defect called microcephaly is more and more probable. >> we've gotten to the point now where we have to consider that zika is guilty unless proven innocent. >> reporter: in the u.s., there are 80 cases in 21 states. nearly every case involves people who traveled to affected countries at least one case was sexually transmitted. health authorities address reports that the zika virus was found in the semen of a british man, two months after he was
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>> to we know how precisely how long someone remains infected? >> the answer is no and a part of the natural history studies that we are funding at nih and at cdc is to just answer that question. >> reporter: no vaccine currently exist for zika although this doctor says testing for a potential vaccine could begin as early as this summer. >> when that vaccine will have been proven, or not, to be safe and effective is something we can't predict. >> reporter: the virus originated in brazil and is spreading rapidly through latin america and the caribbean. it's expected to eventually infect up to 3 million people. mark albert for cbs news, washington. governor scott announced a new zika virus information hotline for residents and visitors. the hotline will be managed by the florida department of health and will answer questions on the zika virus in
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the number for the hotline is 855-622-6735 . schools under fire. there's another arrest tonight after two south florida schools were hit by bullets this week. police caught the second suspect a few hours ago. >> his arrest comes as community leaders made a call for action today to put a stop to the violence. peter dench has retails for miami gardens. >> reporter: two days after shots were fired after carol city high school wednesday, hitting a window, stanley ragan reportedly a gang member seen leaving the school with a gun is in custody. >> i really want to think the public for the information they provided to us, the tips that came in. mister reagan surrendered himself today to our investigators. we were able to get this person office treat. >> reporter: tips and technology help police with this case. sedric artemis who police say shot and wounded reagan as


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