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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the number for the hotline is 855-622-6735 . schools under fire. there's another arrest tonight after two south florida schools were hit by bullets this week. police caught the second suspect a few hours ago. >> his arrest comes as community leaders made a call for action today to put a stop to the violence. peter dench has retails for miami gardens. >> reporter: two days after shots were fired after carol city high school wednesday, hitting a window, stanley ragan reportedly a gang member seen leaving the school with a gun is in custody. >> i really want to think the public for the information they provided to us, the tips that came in. mister reagan surrendered himself today to our investigators. we were able to get this person office treat. >> reporter: tips and technology help police with this case. sedric artemis who police say shot and wounded reagan as
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>> we take pride in the fact that our agency was able to solve this crime. secondly, even though there were no victims at carol city senior high school, i think we averted a tragedy. >> reporter: on thursday, a stray bullet -- peers a classroom in coconut grove. landing near a teacher and four students like trent 25 with special needs. outside carol city high school, pastors and a city council member prayed and called for the community to help police. >> the ones that are doing yourself. >> every time i turn on my tv, a child or student has lost their life. >> were trying to get our community to speak up about the violence that is going on. stop the shootings. >> reporter: they offered solutions. >> what can we do in terms of patrolling the area within a radius of two or 4 miles? >> you do not have to look at yourself as a snitch. you can look at yourself as a community servant. because you are doing a service to the community to get these bad guys off the street.
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by not talking, it does not move the city or any city in this country forward. >> reporter: students agree. >> if they don't come out -- you see all the kids that were standing over there were there were shooting? some people could've died. >> if it was your family, you would want someone to speak up. >> reporter: if you can help with this case,, miami-dade crime stoppers at 305471 -- 471- tips. in miami gardens, peter dench, cbs4 news. caught on camera, a man goes to lengths to break into a las vegas restaurant in hollywood he throws a concrete block through the drive-through window and once inside, he grabs an empty cash register two bottles of wine in a small black bag. it happened last month at the las vegas restaurant off stirling road. if you have information, call police. chopper4 over a fire at an auto body shop and oakland park. had become a dark smoke and flames can be seen coming from the building on north west 42nd
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several cars were damaged. a firefighter was taken to the hospital for evaluation. no word on what started the fire. new details on a crime spree and the man accused of striking in elderly man leaving him like and blue and in stitches. and attacking another with a sword appeared in court today. javon walker faced a judge for the first time. he is charged with attempted murder. he was given no bond. surveillance cameras at a gas station on sunday of last week showed walker hitting, douglas frechette with a metal pole. his wife bravely pushed walk away. police say he also took aim at a worker at a swap shop with a sword, hitting him again and again. both victims are recovering. track our sheriff's deputies have recovered a massive amount of stolen items taken from residents several tables full of the items were shown at the dso substation and north lauderdale today. they include laptops, ipads,
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and guns. the four men are charged in connection with the burglars. there they are. they tell us the items have been traced to eight home burglaries in pompano beach, oakland park, deerfield beach, and north lauderdale. u.s. attorney general, loretta lynch met with students today as she continued her visit in south florida. she held a town hall at booker t. washington high school. the attorney general is on a tour calling attention to community policing programs she says are working well. some students were at the event served as peace ambassadors at their school. >> you are taking the initiative. you are doing what you can do to help your community. >> attorney lynch spent time at miami dade college and the freedom tower. a driver in boston was killed this morning during rush- hour traffic and was not due to a car crash.
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interstate 93 became dislodged and went airborne, slamming into his car and killing the woman who is driving. the cover came off and struck the front windshield. the car continued down the lane before hitting a wall. police are investigating how the manhole cover came off. a fire eddie warehouse that burned for 20 hours in new jersey was put out. nearby schools and buildings were closed due to the massive fire. it begins thursday afternoon and engulfed the plastic storage facility. a firefighter hurt his leg but no other injuries. dozens flying to florida were delayed when a runaway van crashed into the plane. it happened at boston's logan airport. the jetblue plane was full of passengers come down for tampa when the man smashed into one of its wings. the driver forgot to put the vehicle in park. >> it was terrifying. we did not know what it was. it could've been terrorism.
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vehicle could hit an airplane. on the ground. >> scary. and other worker was eventually able to stop the van before it could do more damage. jetblue put all the passengers on a different flight to tampa. hopefully they are relaxing now in florida. a creepy looking clown could be what frustrated parents are looking for. >> he is helping calm misbehaving kids and he's doing it in southwest florida. the story next. looking to get an apple watch for less? now could be the time. details on money watch. a dog goes goofy for pluto at disneyland. the story behind this viral video later on. a beautiful day today. a few morning clouds and plenty of sunshine. a little warmer temperatures too. i have a good-looking residence day weekend forecast coming up. here is what we are working on for you all to -- all new
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in cuba for a meeting with the head of the russian orthodox church. eliott rodriguez brings is live coverage from havana. republican candidates will -- donald trump campaigning in the sunshine state. that scout is live in tampa with how the donald is trying
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we will have those welcome back. wrinkles the clown is back
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this clown has been spotted in naples. the character may actually be a good thing. parents are using him as a way to rein in their misbehaving kids. some documentary filmmakers are hoping to reveal the man behind the mask with a film. they are raising money on kickstarter to fund a movie about wrinkles. >> i have no interest in seeing any movie about that creepy clown. in tonight's tech minute. if you were hoping to get your hands on an apple watch, now maybe the time. target, best buy and be in the to photo have slashed prices by as much as $100. the price cut is sparking speculation that apple may be releasing a new version of the watch. they are expected to hold their next big event next month. on money watch, tens of millions of americans are finalizing their plans for valentine's day. people who celebrate will spend an average of about $147 this weekend.
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billion. numbers that will have some levers seeing red. >> reporter: on valentine's day, more than half of men in relationships say they will buy flowers for their special someone. most of the year, roses would cost little more than $40 that this a day, it's different. >> the price of roses, especially red roses is up anywhere from three fold to five fold. >> reporter: on into website, bank rate, said the typical tell balance a celebration -- valentine's day celebration, could set you bet $512. it's actually the fourth most lucrative event on the retail calendar. behind christmas, back to school and mother's day, said adweek executive, tony case. >> there are a lot of people who say, this is a set up holiday. it's a hallmark holiday. >> men hated because they feel obligated to top themselves.
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hate the gifts they get or somehow it doesn't live up to their expectations. no one's happy. >> reporter:'s front raise prices to take advantage of a dinner dates. valentine's day dinner at a restaurant in new york city is $175 per person. on other days, it's just $99. >> 75% of people said they do not want anything for valentine's day. but when asked again during the same survey, 25 admitted they lied. >> so they really wanted something quick >> if your wife said she does not want anything, believer. buy it anyway. >> it's good advice. there is some good news. the price of jewelry has been dropping. disney magic caught on camera. a guide dog in training cannot contain himself at this character meeting. we will show you the meeting coming up after the break. empowering women to be strong and shine in the business world. lisa petrillo takes you to diamonds unleashed.
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it was all about women's empowerment and talking about how to be strong and brilliant and shine in the business world. at a local event called diamonds unleashed. the organization is founded by a gemologist and top jewelry designer. lisa petrillo has the story.
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in a few good men showed up to the perez art museum earlier this week for the first of eight discussion events across the country called diamonds unleashed. it was founded by carol ross, wife of miami dolphins owner, stephen ross. to create a sense of empowerment for all women and teach young women have to take charge of their lives and careers. >> the concept is, we're taking the hardest disputable substance on earth, the diamond come and using it to symbolize women's strength and empowerment. look at the adjectives that pertain to a diamond. beautiful. strong. multifaceted. unbreakable. brilliant. >> the harris-wood been real challenge is for you as a woman taking the reins their quick >> i was honored to be chosen to moderate the panel which consisted of three local women who have all succeeded in their careers. they were sculpture artist, teresita fernandez, maria buccellati and lourdes lopez, a prima ballerina who is on the artistic director at the miami
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>> reporter: what do we want to bring out to our guests who will listen to a quick >> i want to have an listen to a wonderful conversation which you will lead about what these women had to overcome. what are the issues they had to think about. how did they become in such positions of strength and power? you want that message to translate to the rest of the audience into the younger generation. >> reporter: can you speak to that a little bit? i asked these women many questions about the careers and how they overcame obstacles and prejudices. her diamonds unleashed collection can be found at hsn, neiman marcus or stuart wiseman stores. all profits of sales will help young women. >> what we are doing is not only celebrating the fact we have come far. clearly there is room to grow. we are paying it forward. all net profits of our efforts, collective efforts will go to support our nonprofit partners who are educating young girls. >> reporter: at the end of the evening, the cochair presented
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for $100,000 to fund the acquisition of works by latino artists. the next diamonds unleashed event will be held in dallas. i'm lisa petrillo, cbs4 news. >> they say every dog has its day and this guide dog had his. this video of him meeting play- doh during a visit to disneyland has gone viral. almost 250,000 shares on plate facebook. the lab was at the park for socialization training. and what happened was magical. look at that. the open a command given during the meeting -- were not quite sure. ace has 69 more months of training before he can become a guide dog. i think pluto has passed his certification. very cute. weatherwise we look good going into the weekend. a repeat of this for the next three days would be nice.
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would be nice. from our everglades holiday park in west broward. a beautiful south florida evening underway. temperatures will fall once the sun backdrops behind the horizon. 75 was the high. 55 the morning low. close to normal, a little on the cool side for the morning low. for holly -- hollywood had a low of 52. 58 in key west after a high of 73. in terms of the temperatures of the last week, 79 a week ago and then we had a cold front come through. we have been struggling to get out of the 60s until yesterday. today we made it into the mid- 70s. i don't think we will see 60s anytime soon but temperatures will be up and down as a series of cold front will come through. winds of the southeast right now. temperatures around -- everywhere in the low 70s. tonight, 50s and upper 40s by tomorrow morning. temperatures will fall quickly tonight. lots of sunshine today.
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no cloudy air mass is near us. the clouds will pick up a little bit on sunday once winds pick up moisture off the atlantic. sunny and mild, dry temperatures in the 50s, 60s and low 70s. in the northeast it is full force winter with temperatures in the teens and 20s. scattered snow showers everywhere in the heart of the cold air in the upper midwest. 10 in minneapolis. 21 in chicago. for tonight, a nice evening. cool later. upper 40s to 50s. dry. a high temperature near 76. pollen count shows mold is low. cyprus and juniper are moderate. tomorrow looks great. a repeat of today. sunday, a little more breeze with a few clouds. monday will have showers. a amazing race fans, season 28 is here get ready for a
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>> when i say go, grab your bags, run outside, make your way to the nearest airport and find to be in mexico. >> we are starting right now. the world is waiting for you. good luck. travel safe. >> what the heck? >> go ! >> maybe it's why the pope was going to mexico. >> may be. >> the way the restart is not the only way that his new. we spoke to the host, about that. >> we decided that we would take some amazing race fans who happened to be big social media influencers and give them an opportunity to race around the world. these people are connected online all day, every day. and, we literally pulled them away from that. we unplug them.
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>> watched the season premiere of the amazing race tonight at 8 pm right here on cbs4. here is what we're working on for you tonight at 11. it sounds like the plot of a horror movie. the story of the new york city police officer accused of plotting to kidnap, torture and cook at least 100 women. he's speaking out for the first time. >> they had a picture of a beautiful woman laid out on a platter. that i found attractive but as far as actually cutting her up -- none of that stuff -- the blood stuff never appealed to me. >> join us tonight at 11 for the first time that the officer who is nicknamed, cannibal cop, tells his side of the story. the compelling interview, tonight at 11. his song about taylor swift. that led to intense backlash and he ran from kim kardashian's husband.
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for your next visit final preparations underway for the 58th grammy awards and creamy performer, adele, is this month vogue cover go. the photo shot by any leibowitz was released just ahead of next week's awards show. adele tells the magazine about her humble beginnings as well as how her love life has evolved since the release of her album, her debut album, 19. she was last on the cover of vogue back in 2009. catch adele and a host of other stars when they take the stage at the 58th grammy awards.
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only on cbs4. stick around for cbs4 news and meet the doctor credited with saving adele's voice. that is monday after the grammys only on cbs4. kanye west karlis attack on taylor swift again. her fans are calling him out for a song released at last night's fashion week event at madison square garden. >> reporter: it happened. is this less about the feud and more about his ongoing verbal slams against women? let's go inside kanye's misogynistic message? [ music playing ] is being i feel like i misunderstood. >> i feel like me and taylor -- >> i want to bring as much beauty to the world as possible. >> reporter: many say that lyric was an ugly and sexist dis-directed at the untouchable, taylor. she's fighting back.
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us that she, cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message. >> i definitely think, generally, rap is misogynistic. >> reporter: it's a he said/c said situation in regards to how much taylor knew about the lyric leading up to its reveal at his show. kanye claims taylor privily wreck. her team said that never happen. >> you're going to have people who say, oh, she just write songs about ex-boyfriends. i think that's a very sexist angle to take. no one says that about ed sheeran. no one says it about bruno mars. they're all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love life and no one raises a red flag in there. >> over the years, swift has
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female empowerment in both life and lyrics. >> we will have more on this story tonight at 7:dirty on the insider. back to you. i don't think kanye made tell us with a star. she did that on her own. that will do it for cbs4 news at 5:30. here's what's next at 6. >> the pope in cuba. we take you live to havana where the pope held and historic meeting. trump in tampa. we are on the trail with the donald and what he's expected to say to florida voters. and the grades are in. we had the report card on your child's school. cbs4 news is at 6 starts now. pope francis departs from cuba just moments ago. after holding a historic meeting on the island, the pope and the head of the russian orthodox church meet to talk
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>> a meeting like this is not happened in 1000 years. eliott rodriguez is live in havana with more on the pope's brief visit. >> reporter: pope francis is now on his way to mexico city for his scheduled trip to that country. he made a last-minute, unscheduled trip here to cuba. it was announced only a few weeks ago that the pope would come here to make history. to meet with the head of the russian orthodox church, a meeting that has never taken place before. cuban tv broadcast the live images of the pope when he landed at josi martm international airport . the pope was greeted by raul castro , also on hand were representatives of the cuban catholic church, including cardinal ortega. he is the highest ranking catholic church official here on the island. after meeting with raul castro,
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patriarch kirill, the leader of the russian orthodox church. they met behind closed doors for about two hours before announcing a joint declaration. it calls for the protection of christians around the world, specifically in the middle east where christians have been persecuted by groups like isis. the pope thanked cuba for its role in this historic meeting. >> i don't want to leave without saying thank you to cuba to the great cuban people and to its president who is present here today. i thank you for their active role. if it remains this way, cuba will be the capital of unity. >> reporter: there you have it. pope francis with some praise for cuban leader, raul castro.
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