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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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successor. >> but obama spoke before the debate that is his job to name the replacement. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. there will be time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. these responsibilities. i take seriously as it should everyone. they are bigger than one party. they are about our democracy. they are about the institution to which justice scalia dedicated his professional life. some of the republicans running for president feel differently. >> that was the first topic of the night. >> is up to mitch mcconnell to stop it. it is called, delay, delay, some account think the president should move forward. we should let the next
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decide.>> we should not allow a judge to be appointed. >> obama will not have a consensus when he submits that person to the senate. >> i don't think the president should appoint someone. it has been over 80 years since a lame-duck president appointed a supreme court justice and remind us how important this election is. where one justice away from this been undermining elections and for the senate, the senate needs to stand strong and say we are not going to give up the supreme court by allowing obama to make another liberal appointee. over the last 30 years there has been no louder champion of conservative values on the high court, no louder champion then justice scalia. we have more on that in the thoughts of a miami lawyer who
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before him. >>reporter: the first battalion to serve on the court justice scalia. he was a reliable conservative vote on gay issues, affirmative action, abortion and he had association with left-leaning justices. he was known for colorful language quoted everyone from cole porter to shakespeare to sesame street. the u.s. constitution was to be followed. no matter what. miami attorney jim clark helped argue that one of the most famous cases. the vote gave the white house to george bush. estimate without question the most active man on the panel was justice scalia. he was very easy. very forthcoming.
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>>reporter: justice scalia was respected, and feared and celebrated. >> and justice scalia is survived by his wife, nine children and two dozen funeral arrangements for justice scalia have not been announced. here is where things stand right now on a political race. the republican race for the nomination clear has several major polls taken of the last few weeks. donald trump has 36% support that cruises that--inch and 25 is at 14% and marco rubio is a 13%. john kasich has 7% and ben carson has 6%. stay with us for updates on the election at peter d'oench.
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supermarket in havana, a teenager was shot through the victim and a friend were walking to the corner store with someone drove by and opened fire. the victim, who is a student at booker t. washington was stricken of five. several gunshots. >> i was waiting for him and i heard several shots and i started panicking. i called the police. i was worried. i didn't know where he was. it's unclear who are why someone opened fire pit any want information is asked to call police. a cyclist is recovering after a hit-and-run on the macarthur causeway. investigators say this started with an attempted car burglary. your first street and washington avenue this afternoon. miami beach police say they witnessed an off--a man trying to break into a car. he ran away and jumped into a
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palm island. the cyclist was taken to the hospital with a broken bone. summit pope francis historic trip to mexico. we will take it to mexico city for the pope spoke the first full day with his message to catholics in that country. >> a bitter blast slams the northeast. and warning tonight for people across the region. we are counting down to monday night's grammy awards. will there be black--will there be bad blood? a beautiful day today, warm temperatures and a few changes
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i have your forecast coming up. south carolina tonight. in case you missed a commentary
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on? >> okay. jim is live in south carolina. he attended the debate tonight and he is joining us on the phone. >> a very lively debate tonight, maybe the lifeless so far. >>reporter: absolutely. this was a free-for-all. there were targeted attacks. we saw everybody going after everyone today. >> are you there? >>reporter: everyone was going after everyone. like i said. it was a bit of a madhouse. so let's show everyone an example of how everyone was going after everyone else. take a listen. all right. take our word for it. everyone went after each other. let's talk about the exchanges between bush and donald trump. it seemed like everyone was going at each other.
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this has been bush's strategy for a while. dr. trumpet he thinks it shows strength on his part that he is taking on the candidate who say the most outrageous things. the other candidates are going to come across as intimidated or fray, but that change. aesop other candidates going after chop and trough and bush were going at each other over the legacy of george w. bush and he kept us safe. it's rubio, who jumped into the mix to come to his defense and jeb bush's defense. if you think about it. he was sort of a bank shot that he was taking the target of his attack was trump. everybody was going after chop.>>marco rubio had more at state tonight. more than anyone else on the stage.
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had a good rebound. he needed it from his last debate. when he was asked a question about what three things you want to be briefed on his answers were crisp and clear stark contrast to muddled answers that trump had given. he continued that throughout the night. there was another amazing exchange between . i then marco rubio and sitting in the press center. everyone just flipped what marco rubio and treachery five are going back and forth on immigration and at one point treachery five said how marco rubio had said something on univision and marco rubio shot back and said how do you know? you don't even speak spanish and 1025 started speaking spanish. i was sitting in a road-in a room of reporters and we about fell off of our chairs because we never heard treachery five speak spanish. he broke it out at just the right moment.>> and he was
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rubio to speak back to him in spanish trying to test them on that stage. treachery size >>reporter: i was sitting next to some telemundo reporters they said it was not the best spanish they had heard but it certainly took marco rubio by surprise. i am in the spend which is why we lost our signal. so we have the candidates just are coming in now. everything jeb bush is on the ramp. they are all acting very confident in marco rubio is here. there's a lot of noise in the background. student the contentious tone of tonight's debate, we talked earlier about the death of supreme court justice scalia. what is the face of this race right now the republican side, how is it different tonight, even different than the way it was this morning? >>reporter: i have to tell you that i think justice scalia reshapes this race for the democrats and republicans.
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clarifies the issues. every presidential candidate has always been asked what kind of supreme court justice, you would nominated it would you pick to place on the court. if you could someone died, and you have that responsibility? now it is not a hypothetical. now it is real. it is realness starkness of terms because justice scalia was the anchor of the conservator side. --conservative side. whoever the next justices will kick the balance of power on that court for years to come in. i think it's going to be a galvanizing force for the democrats as well as republicans. both sides are going to use it as a rallying cry to get there, folks to the polls, the primaries and in november. >> a lot at stake. >>and jim is on the phone force from the's bedroom at the side of tonight's debate in south carolina.
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problems we had earlier. but continuing coverage of campaign 2016. right here on peter d'oench and on our website cbs some of the latest on the pope's visit to new mexico. we saw him kissing a child as he entered guadalupe they where he held a mass this evening. this marks his first full day in mexico. huge crowds lining the street to get the glimpse of the holy father. adriana diaz has more from mexico city. >>reporter: throngs of mexicans showed up to see pope francis at every turn . but they showed up in force when he visited the country's holiest site. before celebrating mass pope francis blessed the interest of our lady of guadalupe a. 5000 people attended the service. thousands more. watched outside, including this boy who ran up to the pope. the holy father touched on the themes of his visit.
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afterwards he spat 20 minutes alone to pray before mexico's patron saint representing the virgin mary. pope francis came to mexico as a missionary antipode. what does it show to mexicans? >> he is with them. currently seven his day began with an official welcome ceremony at the national palace for he delivered a tough love message to mexican politicians. he urged them to resist privilege and serve those in need. thousands waited to catch a glimpse of his pope mobile. >> i very excited to see him. i am with my mother. what a blessing. >>reporter: the pope will celebrate sunday mass outside mexico city at a feel that holds nearly half 1 million people. the pope said visiting the shrine would be a highlight of this trip and in the days a remain. he will visit the southern border and a northern border
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live in mexico city adriana diaz peter d'oench news tonight. stay with zika news for continuing coverage of the pope's visit to mexico on air and online. a cbs we are tracking the call that is gripping the northeast. new york city was supposed to feel like 250 below zero. warnings are out for people across the region to stay indoors unless they absolutely have to go outside. three people were killed during a multivehicle crash and severe gusts of when were moving through that area. >> a different story here in south florida. a beautiful day today. it could not have been nicer.>> we go to hurricane season and we will show you what's going on in the northeast. these are current temperatures but this is not the windchill. these of the thermometer readings and of course what jumps out montrial a team below.
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pittsburgh and seven below in new york city and 14 of philadelphia and 16 in dc so very cold air right now spreading over the northeast. that will be moving off in the next few days. we are sitting pretty down here on a beautiful south florida february evening. 60 for miami and 65 in key west and winds are calm and earlier gus that 21 and the wins will in terms of temperatures started to cool off. these are coolest spots right now redlands and homestead southwest miami-dade in the mid- northwest broward in the 50s and winds are pretty light across the area which means that overnight we will drop into the low 50s. high temperatures today nicely returning into the mid-70s today. tomorrow.
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a cold front that has slipped through tonight. already in the 30s and 40s central florida in the 50s and 60s. winds will be out of the northeast and it will help bring down some of the cooler air so high temperatures will be a little bit cooler than today. the low 70s and monday that breezy will see some quick showers and tuesday another cold front because of the temperatures behind it. spotty storms and son and reason not as warm behind it. but the cold stuff with temperatures in the 60s. that's out of the forecast. none of that in the future for the overnight low should stay in the upper 40s and 50s and late next week looking pretty nice. maybe a stray shower blowing in on the week. temperatures across the country . cold air 10 in cincinnati and 11 in chicago is still pretty cold, 20s in kansas city and
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south in texas tonight. 59 in dallas and houston and very warm. 70 for right now in phoenix 62 in las vegas. comfortably cool and breezy along the beaches. mid-60s along the coast low 50s inland. a few more close clouds, son today and i breeze. high of 73 with northeast winds on the water. small craft advisory choppy conditions on the bay and sunset at 6:13 pm. through the weekend, temperatures stay in the 70s and nothing too extreme. a breeze and showers on monday and a chance for thunderstorms on tuesday. all in all a good weekend. monday is the 15th 50th annual grammy awards a part of the buses a feud between kanye west and taylor swift.
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performers about his debut. kevin frazier sent us a special report. >>reporter: we thought that the piece could be between taylor swift and kanye west. but what is heating up. played his brand-new album, during his fashion show, which includes the lyric calling taylor swift the b word. >> i think me and taylor might famous. >> , kanye said i did not this taylor swift and i never did. i called her and had an hour- long conversation with her and she thought it was funny gave her blessings. that is not how taylor sought. representative told us that kanye did not call for approval but ask taylor to releases single famous on her twitter account pay she declined and cautioned him about releasing the song was such a strong misogynistic message real
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offensive lyric. meanwhile team taylor quickly fire back at connie. taylor's brother insta graham this video is tossing his $950 kanye designed sneakers into the trash. her boyfriend harris commented with a lol and selena gomez like the post. expected, carrie underwood and sam hot to duet also. >> that was easy and we love the idea. 2016 best new artist nominee collaborating with the 2007 best new artist winter. >> i hope that i stay out of her way. >> ladies he is good with kids, 31, 6'3" and single. back to you. >> remember to watch the stars take the stage at the 50th grammy awards monday night at 8 pm right here on traffic. smith then stick around for the
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dr. who is credited with saving adele's voice
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vows an announcement from the of gray.
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the movie and the author announced the casting this afternoon. johnson joins a stream of recently added cast members including can be center. 50 shades darker is going to start shooting salmonella will debut about a year from now. dozens of lovebirds saying i do all over again. >> couples marking more than 25 years of marriage renew their vows. a special mass was held at st. mary's cathedral in miami. this is an annual event to celebrate long-lasting love. >> it's great to see over the years have friendships can be maintained and how people can stay committed to their vows and persevere despite difficulties of life. >> one couple said it was an unforgettable evening for them
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wedding anniversary. >> congratulations to all the couples and happy anniversary. some it tonight. the florida panthers have a night to forget against the nashville predators. some of the brightest stars in
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one. this changes everything. we have had some technical glitches tonight we are not the only ones. some of the panthers had had
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their own thing. i think i may have jinx them earlier but it has been a rough couple of nights. they lose again during their six homestand. confidence is shot. tonight giving up to in the first and a turnover. it's too easy. nashville on the power-play weber will let one rip panthers get good crushed five nothing. dan marino was in the crowd tonight not impressed. >> we are going through a tough time right now.>>our team has not been a sharp but it is our team. >> what do you tell the boys? >> nothing. they know. chris bosh decided
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forego participating in the mba all-star events because of a strained calf. he will be reevaluated on monday but no word on how much time he will miss. he stuck around toronto for the weekend and he has quite a show tonight. the dunking contest was just ridiculous. defying the laws of gravity the orlando magic puts on a special show using the mascot on the hoverboards they were all insane. some of the reaction was just priceless. but in the end he would defend his 2015 crown and nothing but mutual respect.
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cavaliers took a lead on the wild circus shot. they said i can do better than that. duke wins a thriller upsetting number seven virginia 63-62. and of course kentucky head coach made an early exit in today's game against south carolina. ugly tempers boiling over less than three minutes into the game leading to an ejection. his players had to hold him back from going after one of the referees. the wildcats made him proud and went on to win despite their coach. and the us women's soccer team is one win away from qualifying for the olympic games because if they went today in frisco, texas. they were scoreless until the 80th minute carli lloyd on the penalty kick and there is a rebound for the only goal for let's put her on the $10 bill
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the us celebrates not so much. she is like a national treasure now. >>he would have been right at home in that crowd. >> that was a superhuman slamdunk. smith, that was a small fraction. everyone on twitter wanted it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. u-verse to xfinity. my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. change the way
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the arctic blast hitting the northeast causes new york fountain to completely freeze up. this is not bryant park in midtown a new york city and those trying to enjoy a romantic night out could admire a block of ice. in minnesota. dozens kicked off the annual polar plunge event that you can
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those frigid waters. e.t.'s grammy count down is on. >> this is a show that you want to see from the opening buzzer. >> how will taylor swift open the show? is there bad blood with kanye over this song? i feel like me and taylor might still have sex while i made the [ bleep ] >> plus our lionel richie exclusive. he has a duet in the works. >> in is going to be her evening to shine. >> and we flashback to grammy's greatest moments ever. john


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