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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  February 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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next on cbs4 news, president barack obama pays tribute to supreme court justice antonin scalia and announces he will nominate a replacement, setting up an epic battle with republicans. pope francis holds a mass in front of hundreds of thousands in mexico. 's message to catholics in the country. crooks smashed their way into three hialeah cell phone stores and it is all caught on video. will show you what they did in size size. we count down to the 58th annual grammy awards. how do the stars prepare for this night? good evening. cbs news starts right now. at 6:30, the unexpected
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sending shockwaves through the republicans who control the obama to nominate a replacement, and democrats politics. mark albert has the latest from washington. >>reporter: early sunday morning, the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived at an el paso funeral home. the flag is lowered to half president obama pay tribute to the court. >> you will no doubt be consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the >>reporter: skully a was often seen as the keystone of high court, which frequently split with the four more president obama said he would nominate a replacement, setting up an epic battle with republicans on the direction of the court. >> there's a long tradition you don't do this in an election year. the senate won't move forward until after the election.
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the supreme court until a new president is voted into office. democrats lashed out. >> it is totally out of step with our history and our constitutional principles. >> it is beyond my comprehension and speaks to the unbelievable level and unprecedented level of republican obstructionism against obama from day one. >>reporter: funeral arrangements for skully have not been announced. mark alberts, cbs news at the supreme court. >> justice scalia is believed to have died from natural causes. president obama order that flags at all federal buildings and bases remain at half-staff until his burial. bigger paul ryan also lowered flags at the capital. in the final week before the south carolina primary, cbs news poll shows donald trump with a commanding lead in that state. he is currently the top
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primary polars, and marco rubio came out on top after last night's debate, and other polls show 32% of republicans and independents declared him the winner. donald trump, who clashed with in that poll. today, he supports federal with him. that is a matter of principle. probably worse than jeb bush. hillary clinton has support of 59% of likely primary voters in south carolina. stay with cbs4 news 4 continuing coverage of campaign 2016 on there and on online at cbs now, to pope francis and his trip to mexico. he visits the pediatric hospital in mexico city and held a mess with the crowd of more than 300,000 people. the pontiff urged those in line of forging that country's
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adriana diaz reports. >>reporter: more than 300,000 gathered to witness pope francis celebrate sunday mass. most likely, his biggest event in mexico. the holy father circled over aztec ruins before landing, 20 miles outside mexico city. she was moved by his presents. >> translator: he gives us so much love. he radiates love. we love that he is simple and humble. >>reporter: an estimated 2 million people greeted pope francis with yellow and white balloons. the pope specifically chose to visit this poor suburb, notorious for deadly violence, drug trafficking and kidnapping. >> [cheers and applause] >> amazing. >>reporter: why did you like him?
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>> translator: you liked his white car? >> yes. >>reporter: he warned the faithful not to have dialogue with the devil because he always wins. he said only the power of the word of god can defeat him. in the days ahead, the pope visits the southern border and the northern border with the u.s. adriana diaz, cbs news in mexico. it is 6:30 and a masked man stormed a hollywood jewelry store while employees were inside and got away with one half million dollars worth of merchandise. we are live in hollywood with the latest on this investigation. donna? >>reporter: to give you an idea, the shopping center has everything from an animal hospital to a pizza shop. there's a liquor store behind me and the jewelry store is right there, o.f. jewelers. next to that is a yogurt shop that was filled with children earlier today, celebrating a
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robbery hit the jewelry store. the crime scene tape, in fact, still up. hollywood police say it was about 9:15 when someone went into o.f. jewelers and the 3300 block of sheridan street. the masked man forced two employees to the bathroom at gunpoint and took one half million dollars worth of jewelry. the store owner did not want to speak to us and neither did the shopowners. they wanted to stay out of the fray. they told us this has happened before. a father was shot and said they come here all the time. >> $500,000 worth of jewelry? serious! this is a nice neighborhood and to hear that a store right next to your great land that we come to often, that robbed, is upsetting. >>reporter: no one was hurt. the police say that the robber
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if you have information, give police a call at broward crime stoppers. cbs4 news. police are looking for a group of thieves who broke into three cell phone stores in hialeah. surveillance video shows they used a sledgehammer to try to get inside one of the stores. the burglaries happened a few blocks away. the third was off of west 35th street and the thieves were brazen enough to flip on the lights during one of the burglaries. one owner said the crooks got away with more than $20,000 in cash and merchandise. >> we have an alarm, and a camera system. even with that, they came in the middle of the night and no one heard nothing. they broke the front door. it is a little bit -- i would call it insane. >> if you have information on any of the cell phone store
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still ahead on cbs4 news, bitter temperatures and much of the northeast and they are bundling up this weekend. how the winter storm is city. we are counting down to a look at the rehearsals and a sneak peek of what the artists will take home. later, a busy flower shop couples share their tips to making today memorable. check out this beautiful shop. there was a beautiful shot of a sunset behind the shop. sailor's delight. we will find out if that is the case.
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holiday weekend. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome back. we are tracking a bitter blast that is forcing the northeast and midwest to break out heavy coats on valentine's day. several inches of snow came to north dakota and the temperatures are cold and blowing into the northeast with gus creating dangerous wind chills well below zero. the national weather service said high winds could make us feel as cold as minus 25 degrees in new york. the temperatures haven't dropped below zero and 20 years, there. the biggest names in music and ready for tomorrow night's grammy awards, which airs only right here on cbs4. suzanne marquez cut some of the rehearsals and a sneak peek at what the artist will take home. >>reporter: four-time nominee alabama shakes is preparing for
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the southern rockers are up for the big prize, album of the year and lead singer and guitarist, britney howard is starstruck. >> we come from a little town. it is crazy to be shaking hands of people like pharrell williams and adele and prince. wow. >>reporter: they join a diverse lineup of performers. ll cool j said the closing act is under wraps. >> the advertisers will be amazing and dessert will be spectacular. >>reporter: the trophy is outfitted with the grammy cam which will capture video from the winners circle. >> when the grammy award is given to an artist, you will literally be in the hands of your favorite artist and see their point of view and perspective. >>reporter: even if they don't take home a trophy, every nominee is invited backstage to the lounge to take home everything from clothing to costumes and jewelry.
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for them that they can roll away or we send to their hotel rooms, or wherever they like and then they can come to a gift lounge until a trick-or- treat bag. >>reporter: michael jackson will be paid tribute. a cover of she's out of my life will be performed, celebrating the reissue of jackson's 1979 album, off-the-wall. suzanne marquez, cbs news in los angeles. >> can't wait to see the closing act. watch them take the stage at the grammy awards tomorrow night at 8:00 here on cbs4. still ahead on cbs4 news, as you might imagine, flower shops are packed with people getting gifts for their loved ones, today. we will share some of their love stories, up next. tomorrow on cbs4 this morning, going to the gym can be intimidated. especially the weight room which can make women want to skip strength training and focus on cardio.
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valentine's day brings in huge business for flores'. one flower shop estimates it sold more than 60,000 roses. some lovers share their tips to make the most of valentine's day. >>reporter: valentine's day brings in big crowds to any flower shop. for the flowers in davie, we found people in love all kinds >> we've been married almost 30 >>reporter: what is a secret for making sure life stays year after being married for 30
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>> flowers. we wake them up with a beautiful arrangement. >>reporter: what is the secret to making sure valentine's day is a good one. >> plenty of flowers and a lot of love. what is your secret? >> i've never been asked a question. >>reporter: my secret is to be gracious, grateful and kind at all times. >> very good. >> [laughter] >>reporter: days like this remind him why his family has been in this business for more than 100 years and loving it. >> usually, people are happy to get flowers. weather sad and it will to them up, or an anniversary or birthday or valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day! >>reporter: they tell me they have done 4000 deliveries, just today. wishing you happy valentine's day, cbs4 news tonight. >> i would be remiss if i didn't wish my husband leonard a happy valentine's day. i am here at work, not
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>> 36 years and going for me. i have done the flower thing 36 years in a row. i should have invested in a flower shop. i didn't know i would be married that long. [laughter] >> the prices keep going up on valentine's day. but you don't go without it, right? >> maybe you could pick a rose outside. >> grow your own. we haven't had any cold- weather, lately. it is mild right now. from the doral camera, you still have a few hours to enjoy the day. hopefully, you are off for washington's birthday. you can stay out late tonight and get some bonus nice weather outdoors tonight. get out there and enjoy it. the jarrell cameras out to the west and the sun has set. the skies have cleared out and we have had a few clouds rolling out.
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humidity at 55%. we had thick clouds today but the easterly winds bring thick clouds tonight that will keep the temperatures from getting cold. 67 at 10:00 and mostly cloudy and breezy at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow afternoon, breezy with a few showers off the ocean winds and temperatures mild at 77. high temperature only into the lower 70s, well below the normal high of 78. the easterly winds between 5-15 miles an hour will keep us on the mild side overnight. temperatures around the state are keeping us on the cool side, 72-73 with north winds. they have shifted east and we won't get any cooler than what we have seen today. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s, statewide. easterly winds and clouds rolling in. keeping us fairly mild, and
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the bitterly cold air in the northeast -- new york city is 16 and chicago 17 and minneapolis 18. 19 in cincinnati and 11 in boston. many of those places were below zero earlier. some moderate snow rolling into west virginia, off the coast by morning. it will sweep the cold front through here on tuesday with the chance of showers. 65 overnight and breezy and mild. for tomorrow, breezy and mild and the following day will be the coconut grove arts festival. nothing too heavy or widespread. bumpy for the boat. easterly winds at 20 knots. for the week ahead, breezy with showers tomorrow. the bad stuff will be out of the way. wednesday through friday, lots of sunshine. >> not a cloud in sight. the weather was ideal for the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. they are aligned with art, food and entertainment this weekend. more than 380 artist showcased
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event. if you didn't have time, check it out on presidents' day. the festival will and tomorrow night at 6:00. with the panthers get back on track despite all of the injuries?
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will come back. i'm mike cugno with sports. may be valentine's day but there is little love between hurricanes in the seminoles. tallahassee is looking for win number 20 and shall be getting the scoring started. he dialed one up from downtown. former head coach, leonard hamilton, hoping for a better start against his former employer. he hit another jumper and miami maintained an early lead in the first half. not a great day for the lady canes. miami got stomped by the fighting irish, 90-69. notre dame the number three team had tortured players calling the scoring double figures. they have two is left in the
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the nba all-star game is here. with chris bosh backing out, dwayne wade will be alone representative for the heat on the floor. last night, zach lavine and aaron gordon set toronto on fire in the slam dunk contest. they put up perfect score after perfect score. actually, they started to run out of ideas. levine, who your ago was defending the crown, and both contestants made believers out of all of us. the dunk contest is back. >> if i knew it would be like that, i would have prepared better and we would have been here dunking all night. going back 450 after 50. >> everyone would say, mike and them, dr. dre, and my personal opinion, we did some things nobody else did. >> that was quite a show. with baseball season quickly approaching, some players are seeing dollar signs.
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is hoping to score a new deal worth $30 million per season when he becomes a free agent in 2018. meanwhile, love was in the air for marlins at the coconut grove's arts festival. these players had fun with the kids before gearing up for spring training. pictures -- catches and pictures report february 19. >> the name, how good of a player mattingly was, and the dodgers were there for years. it will be fun, kind of a little bit starstruck at first. you will take us where we need to go. >> on the ice, the injury bug has taken a bite out of the panthers. a nasty hit earlier this month against the red wings, and matters were made worse. last nights loss, a similar injury and the boards were hit.
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compounded by ross to the predators. >> you go through some tough times and injuries, but there is no excuse and you've got to play the games. let's work hard with the guys we've got and win some hockey games.
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some dep that is the news 4 now. for more news, go to cbs we live stream all of the newscasts and we will see you
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valentine's day. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> is isis coming here? >> i think isil does want to eventually find its mark here. >> you're expecting an attack in the united states? >> i'm expecting them to try to put in place the operatives, the material or whatever else they need to do. >> the man who was supposed to stop that attack is john brennan, the director of the c.i.a. tonight, in a rare interview, we talked to brennan about a world of trouble. does isis have chemical weapons? >> we have a number of instances where isil has used chemical munitions on the battlefield. >> john buretta used to run the organized crime section of the u.s. attorney's office in the


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