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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the speed limit on the stretcher. dixie is 30 miles an hour and as we were covering this vigil, cars were speeding past us in several times they were getting into the oncoming lane this individual helped charles, who is riding his bike home last thursday. cars slamming into him, leaving him for dead right here. people honor the memory of
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vigil in the spots where he died last thursday. he was riding his bike from work, his home was a few blocks away. what a car hit him and sent him flying at the corner of north e. 16th st.. >> one of the neighbors said they were out and saw the impact and the car was going so fast they could see the carpet said his heartbroken family fled from arkansas. meanwhile, many of these mourners live in homes along dixie highway. the car that hit blackledge was already, people ran out to help them.>>this neighbor lives across the street from where he was hit and this has been dangerous and deadly. they've posted a 30 mile an hour speed limit.
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the city of fort lauderdale is supposed to wake up and do something about it. the sister of blackledge has a message for the driver who slammed into her brother. like you hit somebody, you can't get by with it and if not, maybe someone who knows can tell him so where they can pay the price. >> the city of fort lauderdale has a project listed on the website, designed to improve dixie highway to prepare the way for bicyclists effort-i for pedestrians. if you have information on this hit and run gift broward crimestoppers a call. at 11, the unexpected death shockwaves through the nations
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republicans do not want obama to nominate the replacement. democrats accuse the gop of playing politics. mark albert has the latest with information. >>reporter: early sunday morning, the body of justice scalia arrived in a el paso funeral home. the flag is lowered at half staff. obama paid tribute to the longest-serving member of the court. >> he will be remembered as one of the consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the supreme court. >>reporter: justice scalia was seen as the key five justice majority of the court that frequently split with the more liberal justices. obama said he would nominate a replacement setting up an epic battle with republicans. so if there is a long tradition that you don't do this on a election here. >> economics, but the senate won't move on with it.
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block any obama appointment to the supreme court until a new president is voted into office. democrats lashed out. >> it is out of step with our history and our constitutional principles. >> is beyond my comprehension and it speaks to the unbelievable level an unprecedented level of republican obstruction from day one. >>reporter: funeral arrangements have not been announced . mark albert cbs news, the supreme court. >> it is believed that justice scalia died from natural causes. obama has ordered flags remain at half staff until his burial. paul ryan also ordered flags lowered at the us capitol. campaign 2016 of the final week before the south carolina primary, a cbs poll shows trump with a commanding lead in that state. the billionaire businessman currently the top choice among republican primary voters
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out on top in a different poll after the debate last night, another poll shows 32% of republicans and independents declaring him the debate winter paid troppo clash with rubio and zika five finished second. he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. i disagree with him. that's a matter of principle. >> you are a liar. you're probably worse than jeb bush. so hillary clinton has the support of 59% of likely voters in south carolina. stay with zika news and cbs for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. caught on camera. using a sledgehammer for guys managed-i been using a sledgehammer these guys managed to rip off some cell phone stores. they are hoping you will take a close look at tournament. these guys are the speed have
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a group of 4 men smashed their way into three highly a cell phone stores in the same night and into the early morning >> damage was big. they broke a lot of stuff. window cases, the door. >> employees. a simple mobile solutions and other stores are teaming up and cleaning up the mess they left behind with a sledgehammer and marveling at the greed it takes to steal everything are they grabbed all the files they could fit into their hands on duffel bags. one grabbed a big box of merchandise, fonts falling out as he ran away. they took the register at one store and used phones turned in these men don't seem to scare easily. they took their time during the break-ins and turn on the lights at one point to see their stolen goods. >> , it's insane.
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system but they came in the middle of the night. >> store owners and managers and employees want these men caught in the hope to get back any of the $20,000 worth of stolen merchandise during the cell phone stealing crime spree. >> if you recognize any of those manner have information that can help call police or miami-dade crimestoppers. tonight. hollywood police are looking for the man who robbed a jewelry store in broad daylight data happened this morning and a shopping center on sheridan street. when a man made his way into the store. he forced employees into the bathroom at gunpoint and he was able to get away with half $1 million worth of jewelry and police cells-police say he pistol whipped one of the employees. if you have information call hollywood police. we continue to follow breaking police-i for we continue to follow breaking
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75th st. in 1970. a police presence out there. people identify themselves as family members on the scene are telling us that a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed. we are waiting for official confirmation from police and we are hearing from the same that one person was taken to the hospital. pope francis holds a mass in front of hundreds of thousands of mexico. his message to catholics in that country. bitter temperatures have the northeast. bundling up. how this storm is breaking a record in new york city. have you tried online dating the still have not found love? experts say you might be doing it wrong next. so far we have made it through without the umbrellas we have some showers on the radar getting reports of light rain and sprinkles. i will let
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the latest on pope francis, he visited a pediatric hospital in mexico city and held a mass with a crowd of 300,000 people. he urged those in attendance to be on the front lines of forging mexico's future.
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>>reporter: pope francis visited a children's hospital mexico city, where he gave a sick boy medicine. displaying his affection for the young he asked the children to pray for him. a young girl serenaded the pope with her rendition of them area. mexico city has been the pub sub since he arrived. he is taking daily trips across the country. earlier he went to one of the most poor and violent suburbs in mexico where he celebrated an outdoor mass with 300,000 people per the largest event on his historic visit. the pope urged mexicans to build a society with equal opportunity for all. an estimated 2 million people lined his motorcade, many waving flags and balloons.
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tran20 seven why did you like him? to make you liked his white car? >> yes. scott tomorrow. he flies to another region to meet with indigenous people on the southern border. we are tracking the bitter blasted us for say much of the northeast in the midwest to break out there, heavy coats. the strong winter storm brought several inches of snow to parts of north dakota, but the coldest temperatures of the season are blowing into the northeast with gus, creating dangerous when chills, while below zero but the national weather service says winds could make it feel as cold as -250 in new york. the temperatures have not dropped below zero. there is more than 20 years. if your valentine's day is not all you hoped it would be
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experts have advice. they say there is an easy way to increase your chances of finding love. >> there are millions of singles and millions of them are dating online. sac. it is fun and exciting. so not everyone is lucky in online loans. back with one out of 10 americans online dating there should be plenty of potential mates the back of the the problem. if you can't find a match. sadly have more choices available to us, which should be good, but it makes it more challenging. scott carnegie marketing professor studies how people make decisions and when it comes to online dating. you love. if you let someone else pick your match. sac what we found in our research where people are choosing for other people. they tend to be more patient
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choices that are more rational >> that's right, friends and family members can be great matchmakers. estimate they can pinpoint the things that matter. but you tend to get distracted by the information and everything you know about your past experiences and your hangups and are issues and that can lead you to make choices that don't make sense for you. >> kate lamberton, a marketing professor shares a story of an attorney who is ready to give up after years of online dating until his mom stepped in. >> she was able to say i am your mother and i know you and i know what is going to work for you. here's the one is going to work.>> his mom picked a girl in five weeks later he was engaged.>> it worked perfectly. >> if the professor seems happy about this. take a close look at this wedding photo. six years ago. attorney.
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>> do you hug his mom every day? >> i love his mother and she reminds us regularly that she deserves the credit and we are happy to give it to her. some experts say you should have your friend and family help you write your profile pic at the photo. you're planning to use online.>> tomorrow is the last day to check out the coconut grove arts festival. the streets are lined with art food and entertainment more than 380 artists from around the world are showcasing their work during this big event. the festival ends tomorrow night at 6 pm. and it so far so good. sac a three-day weekend so far. the first two days have been okay but things are changing the wind is picking up where getting reports of a few light rain showers and sprinkles and it looks like we will have to deal with some of those tomorrow. the final day of the coconut grove arts festival.
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but a few showers will blow through. right now you see some green blips and blobs on the radar, that sprinkles that are affecting coastal broward and miami-dade in the fall apart as they move inland, but tomorrow will be moisture and juice to work with so it will be more widespread and tomorrow and tuesday will be the rainy days that we get rain this week. 70 in miami and 70 in fort lauderdale. so far, no rain officially but it is out of the east and 17 miles an hour. 72 in fort lauderdale. 73 in miami. these are the high temperatures today but we are not that far terms of current temperatures. the highs today are below the average of 78. that's going to change because the wind is coming out of the east with the surf temperature of the lower 70s for tonight's temperatures will be chilly. some of the winds are gusting 20 miles an hour so that will
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for the boaters tomorrow as well. if you have a day off and that's what you have planned, you might want to consider plan b. easterly winds of arrows indicating you're coming in off the atlantic ocean moderate impact of north but farther south 60s and 70s in areas south of the lake and you can see the wins in the cloud cover over the ocean heading our direction. so more clouds tomorrow and it anytime will get some spotty showers. a weather system going to the north of us across the ohio and tennessee valleys right now temperatures in new york city 1610 in toronto 18 at chicago 30 in st. louis. 17 in minneapolis and seven in boston bitterly cold up north, there is light snow going through places like washington dc and baltimore. a few inches of snow tonight. 65 tonight with a few passing sprinkles tomorrow. showers, breezy and mild highs near 78.
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effect for the boaters. we get past a few showers tomorrow and tuesday, 82 on tuesday the sun comes out and the rest of the week looks really nice. final preparations are underway for the 50th annual grammy awards airing live here on cbs for. --right here on cbs4 ll cool j will be joined by some of music's biggest stars. there will be 30 performers included taylor swift to his opening the show and lady gaga, who is slated to give the highly anticipated tribute to david bowie plus something brand-new this year for all of us at home. >> are going to have a live streaming grammy camera this year. it will be like you will literally be in your favorite artist hansford if they went, the trophy girl will hand them the trophy there'll be a camera inside, you will see the point of you that the artist has
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they are going to be a trip. >> you heard it from the man himself and watch the grammy awards live tomorrow night at 8 pm right here on cbs4. still ahead on cbs4 news, 100 girls had a valentine's day they won't forget. why they have one boy to thank for making their holiday
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and dental makes its the newest film, deadpool took the top spot at the box office. the movie featuring ryan reynolds break and $135 million, setting a record for the largest r-rated movie opening since the matrix reloaded. coming in second was kung fu panda bringing in 19.7 million in the film, how to be single came in third, ernie $18 million in its opening weekend. 800 girls to go to the same school in utah had a memorable valentine's day year this year. thanks to a generous classmate who gave each girl a carnation. he ordered the flowers himself and just before school ended thursday. he passed them out. he said he did not pull this moved to get a date. he has a girlfriend. he said he has worked for the past three months to find in the past 18 months working
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>>could welcome back the nba all- star game lives up to the hype of bidding farewell to kobe bryant is making his final appearance. he made quite the entrance. fans chanting his name and there is a tribute video. when the game started, quite a law but just like the good old days. this is the most defense played
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matter. the west would take the win on the shooting. russell westbrook the game's mvp. when it was all said and done all eyes were on kobe in his farewell. some of his biggest fans could not help that celebrate the moment. >>he just tried to dog on me. smith this is what i miss. >> oh my god, those guys are so funny. some of the miami hurricanes going to hostile territory breaking across a tallahassee spending valentine's day with their biggest rival florida state. sheldon falling away hitting a three he scores the game high of 20 points. knocking down a huge shot we
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the final minute. they game out of first place. >> we played a very small golden state warrior lineup with 4 guards and we are not the golden state warriors but they did a great job. second early in the day, the lady canes were less fortunate getting stomped by notre dame. the fighting irish had 4 players in double figures. they have three more games left on their schedule. and josi fernandez is looking for a major payday. according to the miami herald he wants to deal with $30 million this season and he becomes a free agent in 2018 and meanwhile some of his fellow pitchers were taking in the arts sights and sounds of the coconut grove art festival. they got to interact with some
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>>don mattingly was a great player and also he had been with the dodgers for years so it's going to be fun. kind of starstruck at first, but i think he is going to take us where we need to go. finally barcelona having a field day the 28th minutes on a free kick, he hits a rocket and later his just having fun with the goalkeeper. >> i did not see the all-star
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that's our news but for more. you can head to cbs or re-stream our newscast live in turn in this morning at 5 am. i hope you had a great
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have a great night. the weekend insider from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. it's coming from a place of such sexism. >> taylor puts kanye on flat. did she just call him a ma sojist in? >> misunderstood. >> that's just part of our good week -- >> bad week. >> excluding beyonce's controversial evolution revolution. >> a decent, wholesome entertainment and not attack police officers. >> then malcolm-jamal warner is stuck in controversies. >> you're intertwined with two icons. >> and the controversy


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