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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now, caught on way into three different cell phone stores in one night. plus, what pope francis is urging his followers to do during his historic trip to mexico. that is 5:30 a.m. monday, february 15, happy presidents' day. >> thank you for being here with us. the ladies are also with us, sega morning to vanessa standing by with our traffic. >> but first let's check in with our meteorologist, lisette gonzales. boy is it going to be windy, already breezy out camera throughout.
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and as we check in on the radar from a distance. it looks type. however when resume on in a couple of showers around lauderdale lake. as well as across key largo and ducky earlier, the when -- winds sustained 13-60 miles per hour. throughout the day that will be the case, dangerous rip currents, upper 60s it's cooler for miami-dade county but then broward county already 70 and the same goes for marathon, it will be warmer in comparison to last week. this afternoon upper 70s with spotty showers, 20% chance of rain today. bumping up the storms chance as we head into today and tomorrow. starting you off on the palmetto northbound at southwest akeem street, all your lanes
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a 26 southbound. the lanes are open up, you no longer have to worry about the construction closer. says it is presidents' day, it is going to be a little bit since public schools are out today. , this one is involving a police officer, the turnpike are turnpike is shut down southbound onto 16th street as a result, blakes -- all lanes are blocked off. you can see your drivetime 13 minutes from 288th all 288 all the way northbound 2874. caught on camera for guys managed to knock out for cell phone stores in one night using a sledgehammer. the owners of those stores are hoping you will recognize them and turn them in. cbs4's natalia has more on the smash and grab >>reporter:these guys are thieves, but you've got to give them credit for efficiency. a group of four men smashed their way into three hialeah cell phone stores all in on the same night and into the
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[inaudible] >> they break a lot of stuff, window cases, the door, most of the phones are missing. >>reporter:employees as simple mobile solutions onto other cell phone stores -- are cleaning up the mess the men left behind with their hands, and a sledgehammer. marveling at the greed it takes to steal everything they did. they grabbed all of the phones that could fit in their hands and double bags, one grabbed a big box of merchandise, phones falling out as he ran away. they took the register, at one store, and even the use of phones turned in for service. >> we are missing phones that are being repaired >>reporter:these men do not seem to scare easily, they took break-ins and even turned on the lights at one point to better see their stolen goods. >> is insane. we have alarms, good camera system, even with that they came in the middle of the night.
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these men cocked, and they hope to get back any of the more than $20,000 worth of stolen merchandise. natalia, cbs4 this morning. >> if you recognize any of the men in that video call hialeah police are miami dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. monday morning headlines, the family of a man killed in a hit-and-run crash is pleading for the driver responsible to come forward. 46-year-old charles blackledge was killed thursday night at northeast 16th and dixie highway in fort lauderdale. the family held a vigil there last i pretty was riding his bike home from work when a car slammed right into him. if you have any information you are urged to call police. the body of a late supreme court justice, antonin scalia, was flown back to the washington, dc area last night. he died of natural causes on saturday during a hunting trip to texas. a debate is now raging on the campaign trail over weather president obama, or the next
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bill clinton will make it campaign stop in south florida today. he will attend on hillary clinton's behalf. she canceled her appearance on friday, instead she will be attending events in nevada. the south florida event will take place at 2 p.m. this afternoon at the port of palm beach in riviera beach. hollywood police are looking for a man who robbed a jewelry store in our daylight. it happened yesterday morning in a shopping center on sheridan street. police say when the man made his way into the store, he forced two employees into the bathroom at gunpoint, he was able to get away with half a million dollars worth of jewelry, people who spend time in that area are shock. >> $500,000 worth of jewelry? s erious. it's a nice neighborhood, and to hear that store right next to yogurt land that we come to very often with our family, got robbed, it's a little insane.
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whipped one of the employees. anyone with information is urged to call hollywood police police are searching for the shooter who opened fire on amanda miami. it happened saturday near northwest eighth street and sixth avenue. family members identify the victim as mitch johnson, he was shot several times and taken to the hospital in critical condition. if you have any information call miami police. a driver lost control and hit pedestrians on a busy sidewalk along southwest second street in fort lauderdale. rescue crews took five people to the hospital. police have not said weather the driver will face charges. now to the pope's visit to mexico. he will travel to mexico southern border, yesterday the pope had a jampacked sunday that included an outdoor mass. tran ones adriana diaz has the latest from mexico city. >>reporter:pope francis visit a children's hospital mexico city where he gave a sick boy medicine.
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for him. a young girl serenaded the pope with a rendition of ave maria. mexico city has been pope francis hub since he arrived, from here he has taken daily trips across the country. >> the visit is cool that he's here for many people >>reporter: the holy father traveled by helicopter on sunday. there, he celebrated an outdoor mass for more than 300,000. the largest event on his sixth day historic visit. in his homily, the pope urged mexicans to build a society with equal opportunities for all. an estimated 2 million people lined his motorcade route, many waving vatican flags and balloons. >> amazing! >>reporter:you liked his white car? >> yes. >>reporter:pope francis traveled by plane to g opera later today to meet with
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mexico's southern border. concerned about the zika virus, mexican authorities began aerial spraying to protect the pope from the disease. a scare for a group of students >> a gay of -- a day of seeing takes a turn when their bus suddenly erupts in flames. how the kids are doing this morning of what went wrong. we will tell you what was found inside these art supplies and women's undergarments. a teenage boy's a good deed has become the talk of a town. the special valentine's day tree for not one, but 800 girls. good morning, south florida, i-95 drivers southbound or even northbound this is what your drive looks like. not too bad this morning but what about the rest of the roadways, accidents, construction, i will let you know when we get back. hey there, we are seeing a
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florida. breezy to downright windy today, then get ready for a better chance of storms tomorrow courtesy of a cold front. i will have details straightahead. good morning, the grammys are tonight right here on cbs4, after the big show me the
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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we are tracking the better blast at cost much of -- it brought several inches of snow to parts of north dakota, the coldest temperatures of the season are blowing into the northeast with tests creating dangerous -- wind chills well below zero. hi winds could make you feel as cold as negative 25 degrees in some areas of new york. i will stick to south florida. >> absolutely, lauren, you know what is interesting, last week we had our own dip in the degrees with lows in the 40s. 20 of photos circulating on social media as you saw leo dicaprio wearing a heavy coat,
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that is called for us. when you take a look at the temperatures across the northern tears of the country in the us you will realize how fortunate we are. we are the envy of the nation, especially now that we are warmer this morning and as we look live from our ford adele -- fort lauderdale camera, a few showers swooping in on the breeze, we had a little bit of rain in fort lauderdale. roosevelt gardens, plantations a couple of showers south of tamarac, everything is moving in off the atlantic. sustain winds out of the east anywhere from 13-16 miles per hour throughout the day today. we are going to see some blustery conditions, in fact peak wind gusts ranging from 1 8-29 miles per hour. as we headed to the afternoon, we will continue with that dangerous high risk of recurrence and also hazardous marine conditions as well.
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pompano beach. 66 for you and cando, 69 miami, 69 key west although 70 in marathon, cooler temperatures to our north and central florida, upper 40s across the big ben and the panhandle, there are the brutally own children, arctic temperatures is only 6 degrees in boston, teens in new york city and chicago, minneapolis 30s, kansas city, memphis and atlanta, on the flipside of a call for that is headed our way we are seeing the relatively mild or low 60s in new orleans and in houston over on the west coast right now we are talking 61 in los angeles and 50s through the pacific northwest. there it is, frontal boundary that is leading to some active weather across the central us as well as across portions of the gulf coast state. we are seeing a wintry mix across tennessee river valley stretching through carolinas, mid-atlantic and wrapping around
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we are seeing some of the white stuff indicating snow in addition to those brutally cold temperatures. here in south florida 20% chance of those passing showers wins dusting as high as 30. it is not safe to go swimming, many of you have the day off it will be tempting, but not a good day for boating. small craft advisory. tonight, mild and breezy with scattered showers those around 70 we will see the chance for some rain overnight in fact a better chance of rain tomorrow with warmer conditions and with for your tuesday headed back to our back to school. then we will be sunny and mild for the middle to the end of the week close in the 60s and highs in the mid to upper 70s. that's get a check of your traffic right now with vanessa good news, i-95 lots of drivers out there, but
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broward, this is the southbound 95 at stirling road. a couple of accidents that will affect your drive time, us 27 in the florida turnpike, and northbound lane of us 27 affected right before you hit the florida turnpike. involved crash shutting down the florida turnpike southbound as southbound 216th street and then you can jump back onto the turnpike southbound. the northbound side where we see the majority of the drivers out this time of morning. right now, it is not affecting your drive time. that accident at 216th. if you start off at 288 north out of 2874 it will take you 13 minutes, after that you need less than 10 from 874 all the way up to the dolphin e xpressway. a ski bus burst into flames in washington state just minutes after a group of students got off of it. it was carrying the high school is up the mountain. a mechanical error caused the flames. luckily, everyone on board
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a massive drug bust seizing $1 billion in australian money in math. the liquid drug was found hidden inside thousands of silicone brought inserts for an investigator's first busted the shipment in december which then led them to a storage facility where they found more math and eventually arrested for suspects. the canes hold on to sweep the season series from the seminoles, plus the nba's best come together in toronto. here's cbs4 mike with your monday morning sports report >>reporter:good in morning, the nba all-star game lives up to the hype, fitting farewell to kobe bryant is making his 18th and final appearance. he made quite the entrance, fans chanting his name and there was a tribute video for the black mamas when the game started, remember this? what a lob to lebron james, just like the good old days. this is the most defense played
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not matter, the west would take the win on the shooting of russell west, the game and vp. he had seven. all eyes were on kobe and his farewell for some of his biggest fans cannot help but celebrate the moments. show and should i were you nervous out there? should i he was just trying to dunk on me, craig. [ laughter] >> this is what i miss. >>reporter:the canes spent valentine's day with their biggest rival florida state. falling away, hits the three, he scores a game-high 20 points. here comes fsu. duane with a handedness his face -- with a hand on his face. kane survive and are survived
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first place in the acc. that is going to do it for sports, i am mike for cbs4 this morning. now it's time for talking with jojo, before we get to all- star weekend we had to talk about valentine's day weekend. i hope you found a gift for your wife? [laughter] no comment? [laughter] >> it was a very nice lunch yesterday, the flowers were beautiful. thank you. >> there you go, that's all you need. >> lauren, how was yours while you are trying to stirred up on your show here on monday morning? >> i got flowers, chocolate, and all of that but we had toddlers, we ended up eating fast food yesterday for valentine's day. enough about me, let's talk about the nba all-star game. kobe bryant thought -- many
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the night. >> are you talking about that 200-195 game that played like everybody is wide open you either dunk it or shoot a wide open three, man if you like offense that is all that came was about last night. yeah, kobe would have had trouble staying up at some of the guys, because they were all, a lot of them looking to get that mvp trilby last night. if you do not like defense and you want to watch them go down the court, you have all of the good stuff from the group of guys last night. quite a send off for kobe b ryant, that is sure. >> how about in the dunk competition. a lot of people watch that specifically. an epic contest. what did you think of this matchup? check this out here.
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of the highlights of it, jack levine, and eric gordon not exactly household names in the nba, i tell you what these two young guys are athletic, and you can see -- you talk about guys that practice on some creative dunks, they put on a show. i thought it was one of the best shows, without guys with big names we have seen in a long, long time. they were jumping over things, hitting their head above the rim, reverse dunks, what a show. they went old school. old-school. a couple of those michael jordan free-throw dunks you saw as well. the double clutch. you saw it all. it was fantastic. >> that was my favorite. >> very impressive to see two guys do that. >> i think that was aaron gordon there, he jumped over the mascot, but the ball under both of his legs and still managed to get it in. lots of fun to see of that. now these players have to get back to work this week. looking forward to it.
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exactly right. >> thank you so much. talk to you later. >> thanks lauren, thanks for working today. i appreciate it. >> always, final preparations are underway for tonight grammy awards airing live right here on cbs4. ll cool j will be back to host music's biggest night. he will be joined by some of music's biggest stars. there will be more than 30 performances including taylor swift who is the opening act of the show, adele, lady gaga, who is expected to give a highly anticipated tribute to david bowie. >> we are going to have the live streaming grammy camp this year, it will be like you will literally -- in your favorite artist hands, if they win the trophy girl will hand them the trophy and there will be a camera inside the grammy, you will see the point of view the artist has, you have never been this close. the grammys are going to be a trip. >> the only place you can watch
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cbs4 it all begins at 8 o'clock followed by cbs4 tonight. today show last day to check out the 53rd annual coconut grove's arts festival. the streets are lined with art, food and entertainment this weekend. wide and 380 are -- artist around the world showcased their work throughout the event. arousal tonight at 6 p.m. a hundred girls who will go to the same school in utah had a memorable valentine's day this year. it's all thanks to a general classmate who gave each girl at his school a carnation. just before school ended on thursday for the long weekend, he passed them out and he said the he did not pull this wall moved to get a date, here has a girlfriend. >> he says he has worked three jobs to for the past 18 months to save the money to buy all of those girls of the flowers. >> always were talking about this on friday, certain schools they let you buy a flower for your valentine, and sometimes
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so this guy made everyone's day. very silly. from flowers to coffee, how about a free cup of joe? >> we will tell you which businesses are teaming up to give you a free cup of coffee, and why they are doing it. meet this sweet and gentle
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welcome back, cinnabon and amc are teaming up to give us a free cup of coffee today. the partnership celebrates the second season opener of an amc drama. he works as a bakery manager at cinnabon. there are two south florida locations where you can get your free cup of joe. is time for a new addition, lauren is here from the humane society of greater miami. and this right here is harvey, he's a little older. >> he is, he is a 7-year-old chihuahua mix, and you know what, he has so many years ahead of them. h i m. you know what, he is a
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he was surrendered to us, and i am sure he will not last too long because he is a loving, small dog, easy to handle. and you know what this always brings me into wanting to talk about the senior dogs. they are so deserving of a home. so much easier than the little ones and the puppies. this one, for sure, he is has just come as you can see. he is so relaxed. definitely requires a little bit of training in a new home, but not very much. a little acclamation into a new place, and he will be good as gold. you can take this little guy anywhere you want. you know what, what you see is what you get. for someone who does not have the time to spend training a little one. then this type of dog is wonderful. sometimes people feel that they are more set in their ways as i talk about people being that way. but the reality is someways that can make them easier.
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forever home. they are so deserving. >> this guys very sweet. he's not shaking, he is comfortable. he is wonderful. >> you need somebody to love him. >> thank you so much. and thanks to harvey. >> that will do it for cbs4 at 5 a.m., new details, body of supreme court justice antonin scalia heads home as a battle bruise over his replacement. the heavy hitters joining jeb bush and hillary clinton on the campaign trail today. plus, setting the stage. we are live in los angeles with a look at how the stars are preparing for tonight's grammy awards.
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on this monday february 15, happy presidents day. >> thank you so much for joining us on this monday, your traffic and weather together this morning, vanessa is standing by with a look at the roads. >> but first a good morning to lissette gonzalez with a look at your forecast. >> good morning, right now we are waking up to a milder morning with 70s already. a little cooler for miami-dade county with the upper 60s. homestead 68, 69 miami, 70 and marathon. it will be a blustery day. and fact wins already sustained checking in on the radar we are seeing a few showers sweeping in on the breeze around sea. and also we just had rain in fort lauderdale, and daisy just had a quick shower. most of miami-dade county quiet. showers across the keys.


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