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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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he and the first lady will meet with raul castro, and every day cubans. the president tweeted 14 months ago i announced we would begin normalizing relations with cuba. our flag flies over the embassy in havana again. more americans are traveling to cuba than at any time in the last 50 years. we have differences with the cuban government which i will raise directly. america will always stand for human rights around the world. next month i will travel to cuba to advance our progress and efforts to improve the lives of the cuban people. republican presidential candidates taking part in a cnn town hall weighed in, including cuban american florida senator marco rubio. >> is that something as president you would do. >> not if it's not a free cuban, and the problem with the cuban government, it is an anti- american communist dictatorship. a year and two months after the opening of cuba, the government remains as repressive as ever,
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billions of dollars in resources that they didn't have access to before the opening. >> reporter: challenger ted cruz who is also cuban american had a similar perspective. >> i think the president ought to instead be pushing for a free cuban. >> reporter: congresswoman ilyana layton agrees. >> he's suppose to be the values we stand for, for our american ideals. >> reporter: congresswoman ross layton brought up a concern that during the trip she believes the regime will make a show of releasing political prisoners only to round them up after the president leave. as you heard, the president says he will address human rights violations and those concerns during his visit. after the visit to cuba, the president will head to argentina to meet with the newly elected president. natalia zea cbs4. >> the president's trip will be the first time a sitting u.s.
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island in 8 # years. take -- 88 years. take a look at these pictures showing calvin cool judge idg -- in december, 2014, president obama and raul castro announced the restoration of diplomatic ties after a split of more than 50 years. the two shared a handshake at a summit in panama last april. our live team coverage continues with lauren pastrana. she's live at versailles restaurant with more on what the locals are staying about the trip. i'm sure the it's topic of -- i'm sure it's the topic of discussion at the coffee counter. >> reporter: that's a good guess. other than when president obama made the announcement back in december 2014, there are no shouting matches here. no protests, no huge signs. just some quiet chatter of copious cups of coffee, and
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the two neighbors. a side of political discourse is always on the menu at cafe versailles in little havana, and thursday, the talk was all about president obama's upcoming trip to cuba. >> it's a disrespect to the cuban community. >> reporter: why is that? >> no president has gone there since 1928, i believe, and you know, he's trying to make history with everything. and i don't agree with that. >> we have to understand we live in a world with different point of views and different forms of government and we're better served as a world working together instead of creating enemies. >> i am not happy about it. i think it's terrible. and i don't wish him well. >> reporter: while some have passionate opinions for and against, others admit it doesn't really matter to them despite their cuban roots. alex cazo whose parents were born on the island admits they probably aren't phased by the news. >> i think at this point, i think they probably don't care.
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i think it's about time that they have some kind of a relationship with the country. >> reporter: a florida international university study found 90% of the cuban american population in miami-dade county between 18 and 29 years old back the policy shift toward friendlier ties between the two countries. the number is smaller for older cuban americans. >> it's a slap in the face. he's just doing that just to leave a legacy. >> reporter: while foreign relations are important, this man says there's plenty to worry about here at home. >> i don't make much of it, to be honest. there's other issues we are facing as a country that are more important. >> reporter: and that same fiu study referenced earlier also found that 81% of cuban americans living here in miami- dade county said they would vote for a candidate who would replace the embargo with something that would put more pressure on the cuban government over human rights issues, so no doubt this will
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weeks, especially on the campaign trail. live in little havana. lauren pastrana, cbs4. we'll stream the announcement from the white house of the president's trip at 12:30 on our web site,, and stay with cbs4 news and for continuing coverage of the president's historic trip to cuba. we're following breaking news, a big decision from the florida supreme court. today it threw out the conviction and death sentence for anna maria car dona, found guilty of killing her son. the court said the prosecutor crossed the line with reported inflammatory comments during the closing arguments in the case. in 2011, cardona was sentenced to death for torture and murder of the body. the body was found in bushes on miami beach. we'll have much more on the story starting at five. several people are behind bars after a major bust in miami involving a prostitution
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police are calling it operation clean up. cbs4's mar bell rodriguez is live with more on the big take down. >> we're just outside the miami decade county auditorium. as you can see, city of miami police have set up their command center, where they have brought and continue to bring people who have been arrested for a number of crimes and transfer them to jail. early this morning, several arrests were already made. >> prostitution has been a concern in this area in the last few years, again with these proactive efforts we have been able to reduce it. again, we still need to keep working at it, so it doesn't continue to happen. >> that proactive approach operation clean up. for 24 hours, city of miami police out in full force from southwest 8th street to south river drive and 27th avenue to 72nd avenue. on a full scale operation targeting all crimes. >> i think it's great, much needed. i mean, crime has taken a rise,
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seem insignificant to others. >> alexia rodriguez's car was broken into this morning. but within minutes police say they arrested 18-year-old manuel camacho. >> our officers saw an individual with a backpack, stopped him and this individual had a lot of items. once this individual was questioned, he actually confessed. so far we know we have 8 vehicle break-ins. >> i really didn't have anything in the car that was of value, but still the fact that now my privacy has been completely violated because he stepped foot onto my property and that was enough. >> reporter: that is exactly what city of miami police are hoping for avoid the crime before it happens. >> we don't want to be reactive here in the miami police department. we don't want people to call 911 when they need us. we want to take a proactive effort. we want to make sure that not only we eliminate a crime, we don't want to put a band-aid on it. we want to eliminate it for the future. >> reporter: and we're told they will be reaching out to
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the gang prevention unit will bous in full force. this is a 24 hour full blown operation. they want residents to know once it is over they will continue to crack down on crime in this area and throughout the city. live in miami, marybel rodriguez, cbs4 news. >> thank you. a church camp counselor is behind bars at the broward county jail accused of having sex with a 13-year-old he met at camp. the sheriff's office says sylvester perone worked as a youth counselor. authorities say the pair engaged in sex acts at the church and at the girl's home. >> over time, he gained her trust. he found some vulnerabilities in this middle schooler and took advantage sexually. >> reporter: in a statement, the pastors and leaders of the church say they are saddened with the alleged behavior and will fully cooperate with the investigation. north miami beach police
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women seen walking into several synagogues and they say the women have not committed a crime. a picture of what appears to be two middle eastern women has been circulating on jewish community web sites. people have spotted them walking boo temples -- into temples in north miami beach and miami beach. they ask similar questions about meeting times and as much ass there. one of the former fort lauderdale officers wants his job back. james wells was one of three officers when the scandal broke last year. an arbitrator is hearing testimony to decide if he can be reinstated. wells attorney says his client has a right to privacy, and the information was illegally obtained. the hearing will last until friday. it's not clear if wells will testify. now to campaign 2016, the south carolina is two days away and the republican presidential candidates are hoping to sway voters away from front runner donald trump: cbs4's craig
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mount pleasant, south carolina. where >> reporter: pope francis is sounding off on donald trump. the pope responded to a question about trump's pledge to build a wall on the u.s./mexican border. a person who thinks only about building walls and not about building bridges, he said, is not christian. the trump campaign has yet to comment. a new cbs news national poll shows donald trump with a 2-1 advantage over ted cruz. >> thank you so much, congressman. >> reporter: the only candidate left out of the top five in the poll is jeb bush. he stopped by a farmers market in florence, south carolina, thursday morning. >> if you want a president that can lead us through adversity, i ask for your support on saturday. >> reporter: governor nikki haley appeared at a town hall event with marco rubio after endorsing him for president wednesday. >> i'm here today to ask you for your vote because i'm as conservative as anyone running in this race but i'm a conservative that can win. >> reporter: john kasich was
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team in mount pleasant who will be delivering his message one door at a time. >> it's cool to see the sun starting to come up, and the recognition starting to register, which we have not seen. >> reporter: south carolina's polls are set to open in less than 48 hours. in mount pleasant, south carolina, craig boswell, cbs4 news. >> and stay with cbs4 news, and for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. still ahead on cbs4 news at noon, a teen busted for posing as a doctor and treating patients is speaking out for the first time. why he says he feels disrespected. knock out, an attempted drugstore robber didn't realize who he was messing with when a champion boxer steps in and is caught on camera. a major safety recall from toyota, what you need to know about, ahead. and it was a cooler start this morning. we woke up with mostly 50s, but now we're seeing the mid- to upper 70s.
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an 18-year-old accused of posing as a doctor in palm beach county is speaking out and denying he did anything wrong. >> i just want to say that i am deeply saddened and a little disrespected by some of the things that have come forth. but i will say that my attorneys are working hard. they're working around the clock to make sure that this issue gets resolved in the best way possible. i would just simply ask that you please allow the attorneys to do their job, you respect the privacy, you respect my privacy and my family's privacy and just please allow us to deal with this issue the way
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>> does he have a phd? from what i hear you can't get that online. i don't know. >> malachi love robonson was arrested after performing an exam on a female undercover deputy. deputies say he went as far as to open up his own doctor's office, and he even had a web site claiming that he was a doctor. love robinson is charged with practicing medicine without a license. right now we're learning new details about the battle between apple and the fbi. the tech giant is now getting some big time support from google. cbs4 jeff pegues has the latest out of washington. >> reporter: apple is betting its global customer base wants unbreakable incorruption is not a company that hands over private information. the u.s. magistrate judge ordered apple to disable the auto erase feature which wipes
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code is entered ten times. apple ceo says apple doesn't have the technology and developing it would create a back door to not only that iphone but millions of devices. the white house defended the department of justice's request. >> they're simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> reporter: as the war on terror and the right to privacy collide, c net's dan ackerman says apple and the fbi both have compelling yet competing interests. >> apple is saying, even if you promise you're going to use it once, it's going to get used again and again. >> reporter: google's ceo posted a period of tweets citing with apple, saying we give access to law enforcement based on valid legal orders but that's different than requiring companies to enable hacking of customer devices and data. publicly apple says it doesn't have the technology to do what the fbi wants but a top industry official tells cbs
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theoretically write the software to comply with the ruling. jeff pegues, cbs news, washington. caught on camera, a suspected drugstore robber gets a beating. take a look. surveillance video from inside a walgreens in bradenton shows the man wearing a mask walking up to the counter to try to realize it. what he didn't realize was one of the customers was a boxer, with two state titles, visiting his girlfriend. he punched the guy in the foundation, and he -- face and he held him until police arrived. great work. things are getting back to normal if parts of south florida following three tornadoes that struck tuesday morning. crews worked day and night to get power back to the sky lake neighborhood in northeast miami- dade. it's between miami gardens and north miami beach. yesterday was clean up day for a lot of people. meantime, a little insult to
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a water main break last night in northeast miami-dade, flooding one neighborhood that was in the storm's path. ouch. but for the overall, our weather picture is looking pretty nice right now. >> at least today, the weather has been quiet and cooperating for folks still cleaning up after all that mess, and all that damage. it's actually a beautiful day out there. a live view from our miami camera. we live in paradise, right. we have a couple clouds in the mix, and all in all, we are mainly dry except for maybe a few sprinkles due to that on shore flow. we're definitely seeing a few more clouds from our fort lauderdale camera here in broward county as compared to earlier this morning, where the skies were just completely clear because we're starting to shift in the winds ouch the northeast. right now, you can actually see that on the radar and satellite, and the wind are also increasing in addition to shifting a little bit more off the ocean. anywhere from 9 to 16 miles per hour, that will lead to a
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those it's tempting to head to the beach, it is not safe to go swimming. look at the temperatures right average high is 78. we're getting close in fort lauderdale with 77. 76 in miami. 75 in kendall, and down through the keys, slightly cooler in comparison to the mainland. right now, 71 in key west, and checking in on the rest of the state, we are seeing the 60s around gainesville, tallahassee, and jill, and coast to coast, it is cold for the northeast and the new england areas and the mid atlantic, 30s from dc throughout new york city area, and boston, cincinnati, chicago, minneapolis, also near freezing, however we're seeing the 60s in kansas city and dallas. right now 72 in houston. 50 in atlanta, and on the west coast, it's all about the 50s, the 40s in the pacific northwest. as we head into your friday tomorrow, we'll see a mix of sun and sprinkles with a gusty breeze as high pressure begins to move into the western atlantic, providing for more than on shore flow. that means temperatures will be a little warmer for your
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week, on monday, we'll be even warmer, ahead of a midweek cold front, and that means on tuesday, it is looking stormy, in fact, we could see some strong to severe weather, and you know what that means during this el nino winter that we could even see the slight risk of tornadoes. it's too soon to say, we will have you updated as we head into the weekend and early next week. let's focus on enjoying in gorgeous weather pattern. 78 degrees. gusty at times, and breezy, leading to the high risk of rip currents rip currents and a small craft advisory, choppy on the base. tonight will be -- bays. tonight will be cool. upper 50s tomorrow. highs in the low to mid-70s with a few showers. the weekend is looking sunny, 70s. highs back in the 80s monday, breezy with a better chance of storms on tuesday. alert. toyota is recalling 3 million suvs worldwide because of
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the recall covers review 4 suvs. toilet says it's possible -- toyota says it's possible the belts could come in contact with the metal seat frame, and if that happens, the belt could be cut and would not restrain passengers. the company says it will add plastic covers to the seat cushion frame at no cost to customers. comcast is offering credit for a service outage on monday. the company apologizing to customers for the 90-minute outage. affected customers can get credit for a day's worth of service. about $2. next on cbs4 news at noon, power couple. florida's newest millionaires came forward yesterday. what they plan to do lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10
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the mystery is over. we know the identities of the florida winners of last month's $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. a couple from melbourne beach claimed their portions, $528 million before taxes. david smith and maureen smith selected a lump sum payment of
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smith bought the ticket at a publix supermarket near her home. she's a homemaker, her husband is a manufacturing engineer who will retire. one of the first questions they were asked is what are you going to do with all this money. >> he wants to get a car. >> i don't know yet. i want to get a massage. >> she's going to get many massages and two other winning tickets were bought, of course for the jackpot in california, and tennessee. well, it may not be all about the benjamins anymore. former secretary larry assault says it's time to remove the 100-dollar bill and the 500 euro note from circulation, because high denomination bills are linked to crime. case in point, he he says in certain circles, the 500 note is known as the bin laden. here's what's coming up tonight on cbs4 news at eleven. >> liars will give you an enormous amount of inappropriate details to feel comfortable. >> do you know how to spot a liar?
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how to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. all the secrets you need to know about liars, that's tonight at eleven on cbs4 news. cbs4 news at noon will be right back. that is the honest to god
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>> abby: so, you're positive? ' cause it's not like the lab doesn't make mistakes. i mean, look at what happened with my mom, unless that was all an act. >> stitch: ashley called and said she had another test run and the results were negative. >> abby: negative negative? >> stitch: as negative as you can get. yeah. so, yes. the lab messed up with her results, but -- >> abby: but not with mine? >> stitch: you're having a baby -- our baby. >> abby: [ laughs ] >> stitch: how do you feel? >> abby: oh, my gosh. i-i feel like i'm gonna throw up, but in the best possible way. how do you feel? >> stitch: is it not obvious? >> abby: i mean, we just got married like two seconds ago, and we had the shortest honeymoon ever. i can understand if you're not ready. >> stitch: this is the best surprise i've ever gotten. >> abby: [ laughs ] me too. i-i can't wait to tell everyone. [ sighs ] everyone. >> stitch: what? >> abby: " everyone"


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