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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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between two 8th graders sending one of the students here to nicholas children's hospital in an air rescue helicopter. the two boys got into it one of them hit his head hard on the ground hence the air rescue. >> the way things are going right now with these young kids you get nervous about it because it seems like all of these young kids now have lost their mind. >> the young one who was air rescued didn't lose his head but was rendered momentarily semi conscious on the school yard. one mom at the school saying schools aren't the same these days. >> it breaks my heart. you hate to see that. kids are supposed to be in a safe place where they go to school. >> at last report the 8th grader who came out on the losing side of the fight is
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now, the reprecushions from today's possible concussion, no one will be criminally charged. one or both students involved in the fight could face disiplinary action. we are live in homestead gary nelson cbs 4 news. right now at 5, president obama is going to cuba. >> we've also been engaging the cuban american community that follows these issues very closely. >> and not everyone with south florida ties is happy about it. >> he's supposed to be the standard barrier for the values we stand for for our american ideals. >> tonight the president's plan for a historic visit. and when president obama goes to cuba next month it will be the first time an american president has done that in nearly nine decades. >> and he's not going alone. the first lady will be with him. we have live team coverage beginning in the control room
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the president hopes to accomplish. innataliea. >> we know what the white house hopes to accomplish. cuban american political leaders are harshly criticizing and one calling it shameful and the other urging to cancel the trip all together. in a move that will be part of his legacy president obama will announce he will take a trip not taken by a president since color t.v. next month i'll travel to cuba to advance our progress and efforts to improve the lives of the cuban people. the trip will strengthen u.s. interest and connect cubans to technology and cuban businesses. >> the president technology was number one going to cuba was an important step forward in signaling this new beginning between our two countries and peoples and going to cuba could help enlarge this space that benefits the cuban people.
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first lady will spend two days on the island visiting with cuba business owners, political and raul castro. they are skipping face time with fiddle. >> i won't expect him to meet with fidel but he will meet with the president. >> he is not president. >> south carolina congress woman accuses the white house of granting without demands. >> the administration has given cuba everything the regime might want yet the conditions on the island for the people of cuba are as bad now or worse than before. >> opposing the trip but says he expected it. >> cannot help bowing down to the enemies of freedom and the united states. >> florida senator marco rubio sent the president a letter urging him to cancel the trip writing in part a presidential visit to cuba with any
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is a dangerous idea and i urge you to reconsider. the white house maintains they are pressing the cuban government and wants congress to end the embargo something cuban officials under scored. >> it has to be lifted and the property occupied has to be returned. >> guantanamo is not on the table for this trip. >> and the white house says it's looking for a way for president obama to address the cuban people in mass but says the specific trip schedule has not been finalized. coming up at 6 i'll show you what role the first lady is playing in the trip and why the white house is relying on her. i'll send it over to little havana for more perspective, hank? >> i've covered this story for years. 10 or 15 years ago if the president announced he was going to cuba they would be in the streets.
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there are a couple of tourists and that's all but there doesn't mean there aren't concerned. despite polls that more and more americans support opening up cuba there are deep concerns the u.s. government has given up too much easing travel, encouraging congress and for years exiles though the crowds have thinned it is still hard core. the obama trip to the islands strikes a nerve. >> i am not happy about it. i think it's terrible and i don't wish him well. >> the reality of the trip is crystal clear to want are activists like democrat gus garcia. >> the deal is the legacy. i want to do something that no other president did. i want to go to havana. >> across town the group that battled for human rights on the island light it up. >> we announce this visit in a long series of lateral concessions to the castro regime by the obama
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>> the obama trip has supporters. >> i think it's about time that they have some kind of a relationship with that country. >> okay back live here. tonight at 6 we'll talk to folks about what may be accomplished and what might not be accomplished on this obama trip. cbs 4. back to you. >> thank you very much. the president's trip will be the first time a sitting u.s. president has been to the island in 88 years. these are pictures from the associated press that show calvin coolidge in havana with his wife and the cuban president in 1928. in december 2014 you remember president obama and the cuban leader castro announcing the restoration of diplomatic ties between the u.s. and cuba after a split of more than 50 years the two shared a hand shake at a summit in panama last april.
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think about the president's planned trip? you'll hear from them at 5:30 and see the entire white house briefing on the home page of our website a big decision from the florida supreme court today. today throughout the conviction and death sentence for anna maria cardona who was found guilty of killing her son baby lollypop figueroa. the prosecutor processed the line with repeated inflammation tory comments during closing arguments. she was sentenced to death in 1990 for the torture and murder of her three-year-old son found in the bushes on miami beach. the state attorney's office had this response to the supreme court's decision. while we are saddened by today's florida supreme court decision in the cardona murder case we are prepared to retry this homicide. the cruelty involved in figueroa's murder deserves our fundamental commitment.
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afternoon leads to three arrests. chopper 4 over broward boulevard where it ended. an officer using a license plate reader spotted a stolen car and when the officer tried to pull them over the driver took off and they were arrested. chopper 4 over shooting your cvs store. miami-dade police and fire rescue responded to reports of shots fired at 43rd avenue. at least one person was injured. no word on his or her condition. the suspect got away. >> well just when you thought there was no one else for donald trump to get into a fight with tonight he is taking on the pope who is actually pope francis who fired the first verbal shot when he questioned trump's faith. elliot rodriguez is here with both sides of the battle. >> pope francis is venturing head first into american politics and sounding off on
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his comments come after a five day visit to mexico where he prayed and celebrated mass at the same border where trump wants to build a wall. the pope was returning to the vatican abhorred his plane when a reporter asked a question about u.s. politics. he wanted to know the pope's reaction to donald trump's promise to republican voters to deport millions of people in the u.s. illegally and build a
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the same border where the pope >> elliot rodriguez cbs 4 news. >> thank you very much elliot. the pope also commented on the zika virus during that plane ride home to him. pope francis suggesting that women threatened with the virus
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exception but not to abort any babies saying there's a clear moral difference between abortion and preventing the pregnancy. they have prompted some governments to urge women to avoid getting pregnant and a few calls from rights groups to loosen the strict anti abortion laws in the catholic region. meantime the number of zika related cases in south florida has gone up. there are two more cases in miami-dade. the total is now 7 in the county, 24 in the state overall. a number of cases remains in broward county and the cdc just added two more counties to it's list of counties that it wasn't about for zika. and look for much more on trump and the pope tonight on the cbs evening news with scott pelly at 6:30 after the cbs 4 news at 6. taking out of the water and passed around. >> a picture sparking a worldwide outrage coming up
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and more he hit a florida store. the customer who's training came in handy at 5:30. >> an attorney accused of having sex with her client tries to get him out of jail. the story coming up later on cbs 4 news. everyone is entitled to heir opinion and once again i am not upset. >> he is the 18-year-old making headlines all over the country for allegedly playing doctor. more of what he had to say after the break. and cbs 4 weather another beautiful day today. the sun came up on clear skies. a few clouds over the atlantic. blue skies as the day went on.
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i've got your forecast ready to (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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and this just in a very dramatic video of a helicopter crashing in the barnes and it's right near pearl harbor in hawaii this video just posted to youtube. tough to watch. five people were on board that chopper when it went down near the arizona memorial a popular destination. if you are familiar maybe you have visited there. at least one person is in critical condition. now at 5 the attorney and inmate who are accused of having sex in jail were back in court today. >> and today she asked a judge
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ted has the story. >> that client and attorney have been separated by a glass partition ever since those allegations of sex. not today. however the hearing they were in court for did not go as they had hoped. it's one of the rare times when jessica and israel grande are able to talk face-to-face about nothing between them. the two are accused of having sex inside the broward county jail. since then they can only speak with a glass partition between them. miceli is trying to change that. >> there is a lot of other issues. there is a video camera in the room and next door at the booth where the deputies are watching. >> an attempted murder case he has a long criminal history. not only is it hard to communicate with him in jail. he's also being threatened by jail staff. >> he is in a very scary situation.
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he is scared all the time and can't sleep and deputies are directly threatening him and has even been told they know where his mom lives. >> he's been working to help bring down jail deputies in a corruption case and they got wind of it. for all these reasons she wants him released on bond. he's a danger behind bars and would be worse on the outside. >> while he was inincarcerated was when he was arranged for the contract kill of the victim? broward county. >> the judge said no to everything. >> so we set bond and it's denied. >> after the hearing she once again denied they had any kind of sexual relationship. >> there are serious allegations here of the two of you having sex. is it you would like to be close to him?
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his case for trial. those allegations are false. >> the attorney said she's working on an appeal. live in fort lauderdale cbs 4 news. >> thank you ted. an 18-year-old accused of posing as a doctor in palm beach county is speaking out and denying he did anything wrong. >> i want to say i'm deeply saddened and disrespected by the things that have come forth but i will say my attorneys are working around the clock to resolve this situation in the best way possible. i ask you allow the attorneys to do their job and respect my privacy and my family's privacy and alloch us to deal with this- -allow us to deal with this issue the way any normal family would. >> does he had a phd? from what i hear you can't get that on line. i don't know. >> malachi robinson was arrested after allegedly
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under cover deputy and went as far as opening up his own doctor's office and even had a website. he's charged with practicing medicine without a license. new at 5 f.b.i. agents in southern california raid the home of a family member of one of the san bernardino shooters. agents carried out a search in the home of the brother and sister-in-law. they did not clarify if it had anything to do with the december attacks only that it was part of an investigation and one person was arrested. now to the latist on who the president will choose to fill scalia's seat. today vice president joe biden said the president will look to nominate someone who has had support in the past from republicans. obama will not pick the most liberal in the nation and put him or her on the court. he added there are plenty of high court judges who have already had support. >> these pictures have gone
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world. you'll see why. two baby dolphins pulled from the water in argentina paraded pet. these pictures were posted to facebook one of the small dolphins being held in the air while people pet and take pictures of it. at least one of them died believed from dehydration. they are called francisco dolphins found in south america and that's tough to watch. >> yeah that's so hard to see. aww. >> the weather is sunny and nice. looking good. let's show you what's going on outside. first off from our resort camera lauderdale by the sea this afternoon on shore flow bringing the waves in and risk of rip currents high too. this northeast breeze is going to pull in a few sprinkles during the day tomorrow.
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humidity at 59%. east northeast breeze at 14 gusting to 23 and no rain across the area. temperatures low in the cool spots low 50s nobody touched ther 40s but close. 53 in redland. west kendall homestead saw 64 and traditionally cool spots were cool this morning. wind 14 to 22 miles per hour and the breeze is going to stay around tonight. overnight loch last not be as- -lows will not be as cool thanks to high pressure. it's going to be in control for a couple more days. warm tomorrow with the northeast flow and rip currents staying high. maybe a few sprinkles blowing by with the gusty breeze. then on saturday the wind settles down a bit. same story for sunday temperatures mid to upper 70s. lows in the 60s. monday a little bit warmer
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coming out off the gulf of mexico as we've seen in this el nino winter these cold fronts that come at us in this direction from a wind profile that is favorable for severe weather and existing later on tuesday and wednesday so until early or middle of next week the weather is looking nice but by early middle of next week we keep our eyes on that very closely. forecast for tonight looking very nice out there. overnight lows in the 60s. day time highs tomorrow in the mid 70s. breezy and sprinkles blowing by. saturday looking great with lots of sun. sunday the same and a chance for thunderstorms tuesday night and wednesday the timeframe we are watching most closely. back to you. >> greg thank you. here's what's coming up tonight at 11 on cbs 4 news. >> liars will give you an enormous amount of details to kneel comfortable. >> do you know how to spot a liar? how to tell if someone is lying
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all the secrets you need to know tonight at 11 on the cbs 4 news. >> all right we'll see that later on. this saturday the dolphins cancer challenge and cbs 4 once again a proud sponsor of the annual event. thousands of riders head out across south florida saturday morning with all routes leading back to sun life stadium where there will be a concert celebration. melissa either ridge and cheryl crow and a kick off party at sunrise so join us tomorrow night at 7 from the party at sun life stadium promising to be a lot of fun including surprise guests and all of the information on our website. go to and you'll be riding this weekend right? ride. it's been quite a while. you'll be great. parmesan cheese? >> no i don't.
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stories that's grating so many people. >> and we'll have the latest on two women who's public appearances are prompting some concern at south florida's jewish community. >> i'm a social person. i love people. >> we'll also hear from one of those women as well in our story coming up. city of miami police on operation clean up. i'm marabelle rodriguez. i'll let you know what they are doing and who has been arrested. i'm lauren past rhana. tomorrow on cbs this morning time to catch from friday flicks. breaking records and barriers in race. and jesse had to do serious
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over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?!
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welcome back. do you know what's in your cheese? yesterday we told you that whole foods does not let an ingredient in it's cheese. >> the company uses it to keep it from columnping up but manufacturers use it as filler. michelle miller visited a cheese maker warning consumers about fake cheeses out there. >> what are sprinkled on pasta shaved on salads or grated onto pretty much anything american's
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heating up for the last four decades but experts believe some of the parmesan isn't real and it's costing them. >> americans are probably consuming close to 100 million- pounds annually. >> cellose which is made from wood pulp is a big culprit. bloomberg business found more in two brands it tested. essential every day 100% grated parmesan cheese was 8.8% while walmart's great value came in at 7.8%. >> you are getting ripped off. it's not what you bargain for. >> walmart would not comment for the story but joel told cbs it's pulled the essential every day cheese from our stores as we continue to investigate the matter. >> to help customers distinguish between the cheeses
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are loaded with fillers they have come out with this true cheese feel. they say they'll start putting it on all of their products and urging others to adopt this as well. michelle miller cbs news fairfield, new jersey. >> well the fda says it takes any kind of economic fraud very seriously. the agency warned a pennsylvania cheese maker in 2013 it's product did not contain any cheese and the company later went bankrupt. did it to meet new friends. i wanted to get in touch with my brothers and sisters. >> right now at 5:30 one of the women who caught concern among some members of south florida's jewish community is speaking out tonight. the incident sparked an investigation by at least four different local law enforcement agencies. she and another woman showed up at synagogues around the area.
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forward and the daughter has quite a story to tell. peter what is she saying? >> well, rick, she's the woman that came here furthermore crock o ten years ago and says she has terminal cancer. she says her desire was to find out more about other religions indicias why she stopped at the temple and even a church. police say no laws were broken. with a smile on her face she and her mother came to the north miami beach police department to speak with two visits to a temple last weekend. a photo on community websites shops them engaging temple measures. >> i just wanted to say hi. >> the unannounced visits alarmed the jewish community after they were asked about services and pulled out a quran. they have an explanation.


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