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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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, beyonci's super bowl performance. her latest music video. too much for some local cops. >> she has made an anti-police message. >> the union chief explains why they are boycotting beyonci in a ted cruz news exclusive. she is scheduled to perform in marlins park in two months but it doesn't look like she will be getting security from miami police officers. we are joined outside marlins park with the beyonci, boycott. >>reporter: beyonci kicks off her tour in marlins park on april 27 for the president of the miami police fraternal order of police said he wants
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the-i for the concert, but officers will be present ready to work. tens of millions of people watch beyonci and her backup dancers perform at halftime on super bowl sunday. the head of the miami fraternal of-i for order of police was not one of them. >> we are not going to put up with her anti-police message. >>reporter: beyonci's performance showed the group of dancers with fists raised after the performance. read some say the black panthers formed in the 60s and power minorities to stand up to police brutality. ortiz takes issue with her video for the song, formation and images of a young boy and police officers with their hands up, which is an inaccurate portrayal of what happened during a michael brown
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members of the miami fraternal order of police are going to boycott working as beyonci's concert coming up in april. >> we are not going to voluntarily show up assignment to work for a woman who is training a message that is anti- police. >>reporter: the miami police department is singing a different two. >>-i been a different tune. smith there was a different vote taken. they saw no vote. 1030 ortiz works for the police department but does not speak for the police department. he speaks for the members of the unit that they represent. if there is a concert like beyonci's show in miami. the police will be there to protect and serve. >> anybody that wants to go enjoy themselves can rest assured that we are going to be there to protect them. >>reporter: we reached out to beyonci's representatives.
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heard back. we want to hear from you. about on our facebook poll, go to the-i been the super bowl halftime show is sending an anti-police message. do you agree? go to facebook and cbs.calm-- cbs and the way in. we are joined live from the northwest miami-dade jail were a suspect is being held. david? >>reporter: garcia is locked up and he will not be getting houston. he is charged with a number of things including a violent armed robbery involving a 13- year-old. his name is alfredo garcia and he will be locked up for a a while. according to authorities. he is the man of this video robbing a 13-year-old at gunpoint last month that front of his school. >> his brazen.
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with a gun and he was able to get away. >>reporter: the surveillance video hitting the airwaves giving police. the tip they need a. ; we put videos that we believe somebody may recognize them and that 13- year-old, that's what happened. somebody recognized that man they called us with information and that's how he got the ball rolling. >>reporter: we spoke to the 13- year-old and his friends. >> i can walk around safer not have to worry about him. >> i feel safer, i can walk around without having to look back every time. 1030 garcia is no stranger to law enforcement. burglary, battery, grand theft, cocaine possession, and five robberies that detectives have tied to him across miami. >> we are certainty.
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cases we have a center city. >>reporter: he had been on a cocaine binge that had gotten out of control. stoic take a look at the woman wearing a pink city in the surveillance video. police say she used a stolen credit card to buy $100 purse. the card belong to a doctor with a medical building officers place this woman at the medical building earlier that day. in all, someone used three stolen credit cards and atm cards to rack up $300 in charges. , you can see a man in a black hoodie robbing a woman at a w. flagler st. atm on january 27 it. the current pulled out a gun and snatches her purse for they want to find the robert talk to the other men that you can see in the video. if you have information you can
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know what you know. obama has just announced a historic visit to cuba is riling up a few people in south florida, but not everyone shares in the anger. we are joined live from havana. >>reporter: you're going to hear that obama is looking forward to this trip to havana to meet with castro. but not everybody is excited about it, including some of the folks tonight. let's take a look. >>reporter: not fun or funny to cuban-americans and exiles to see the opening to cuba has a one-way giveaway. >> we denounce this visit as another in a long series of unilateral concessions by the obama administration. >>reporter: concerns about the president's trip and how well his cuba plans are working.
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of the socialist revolution. will the trip make a difference? the white house says yes. >> we see it pushing forward as a normalization process trying to achieve a greater opening between the united states and cuba. >>reporter: critics say the opening has done nothing for cuban people. >> they sell their people like slaves. they will charge me $20 an hour for a labor and they will pay them $30 a month. >>reporter: cuban dissidents are harassed and detained. tourist dollars flow and to miami from those bound to cuba. >> we are headed to cuba on saturday. we are excited and i think it's about time. from chicago they are dining at the riverside, party of 11. the president expected to meet
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castro and dissidents. smith there is nothing to be accomplished. the embargo will not be lifted. he is not giving any concessions from the cuban government. >>reporter: the president acknowledges differences with the cuban government. back to you. we're hearing from a woman whose strange appearances caused some concern and south florida's jewish community. an investigation was launched after they stopped at a temple last friday and sunday and displayed a copy of the koran. some websites posted this photo. she just wanted to learn about other religions.>> i wanted to meet new friends. i wanted to get in touch with
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as a person, i am a social person. i love people. i love being around people. straight north miami beach police said no laws were broken but the chief urges you to speak up if you see anything suspicious. some of the city of miami's operation cleanup is in the books. earlier this morning officer said the streets. a major operation going after car burglars, drug dealers and people tied to a prostitution ring. they made several arrests before sunrise and more people are busted as the day went on. estimate the new york daily news released a front page for tomorrow's paper. donald trump in a fiery setting with the headline as you can see, antichrist. that comes after pope francis slammed the front-runner for wanting to build a wall of the us mexican border. tromp, as you can imagine, did not like that very much. >>reporter: a person who thinks about building walls is not
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christian. answering a question from a reporter on his plane ride back from row, here is tromp. simmer for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows, is the ultimate trophy, i can tell you that the pope will have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >>reporter: also today, this image from eight pro trade 25 group making the rounds. it is not real. the photo was doctored and now the rubio campaign is accusing the tran20 five camp of dirty trick. one point a part in the polls in south carolina. but the most shocking moment today is grabbing attention because of its actual humanity. a young man sharing a difficult
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john casey. >> i was in a dark place for a long time. i was depressed. but i found hope, i found it in the lord and my friends and i found it in my presidential candidate that i support and i really would appreciate one of those hugs you have been talking about. stress a campaign season on for insults and putdowns a reminder of what elections are all about. the gop of south carolina saturday and nevada. also, saturday. stay with cbs4 news for complete coverage of campaign 2016. a helicopter plunges out of the sky and into the ocean. we haven't up date on the condition of the survivors.
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officer battles leukemia. tonight, how you can help this brave little boy. so make a south florida attorney accused of having jailhouse sex with a man she is defending. the judge rules on her request for more client contact. do you know how to spot a liar? how to tell if someone is telling the truth. student vote in our facebook pulpit ahead of the police union said that beyonci's halftime show is sending anti-
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take a look at this. five people are alive but shaken up as a helicopter that they were writing and crashes in hawaii in the water. it happened this morning is a pearl harbor memorial in honolulu. some people jump to the water to help rescue people, but tonight we are told, a teenager who is on the chopper has critical injuries. a cbs4 the exclusive. this adorable two-year-old boy is a son of a miami-dade police officer and he is facing the fight of his life. doctors recently diagnosed him with leukemia. here is how you can help. >>reporter: this hospital room is home to this guy. the lives of alex and his
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told him he had acute leukemia. the diagnosis came nine days before his second birthday. >> it was a flurry of information and overwhelming. crying. look at the window. come back. he still can't believe what's going on. >>reporter: marvin evanescent were so stunned. it took them a few days to tell their family. he was already in the hospital having an intense and lengthy round of chemo.>>i don't really know how to tell them. you have to accept it. >>reporter: alex is back in the hospital for chemo and bone marrow and spinal taps. he also has to be quarantined here. fevers, no appetite, sleepiness. marvin is an officer with miami police and the young couple gave vent to help from their
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who created a go fund me page on social media to raise money. >> i can't imagine what marvin is going through. we are well prepared to go to crime scenes and tragedies and help everybody but at the same time we are prepared to help a brother in need. >> is overwhelming. hold the support we are getting. everyone stands behind us and makes us stronger. the hope is that alex will not need a bone marrow transplant. we hope the chemo works well enough for him to beat the leukemia. today, broward-today broward attorney who is accused of having sex with her client as he waged an attempted murder trial.
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were made up at the jail. the guards god's word that he was acting as an informant working on a corruption investigation. he remains locked up tonight since the judge denied that request for bobby to make experts say you have been lied to today. not by us, but research shows that most of us are lied to santana 200 times a day. some account. can you tell us someone is less than honest? elliott rodriguez shows you what you think you know about spotting a liar is probably wrong. >>reporter: can you tell us someone is lying? meet pamela meyer, an expert at detecting deception. they talk on the subject is popular. she wrote a book called live spotting and runs a company called calibrate that helps businesses reach outlying a cut down on fraud.
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that people do with their life. >> forget the idea that wallet- -liars fidget. smith, a freeze. >>reporter: forget the idea that they won't look you in the eyes. >> , especially with teenagers. usm a hard question and they stare you down to show you that they are lying. >>reporter: one red flag is called duping. >> is an unconscious delight at getting away with a whopper. it might be a slight smile. if somebody is telling you that live. >>reporter: meyer says avoiding contraction says you are overdetermined and a denial. liars grab a barrier objects like a pillow to put between them and the person they are lied to. sometimes they will say to tell you the truth, or in all candor and the suspect lied to police may point to their feet towards the door.>> people will lean towards the exit.
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>>reporter: we asked her to watch an interview. the woman talking was convicted in 2007 of hiring her lover to kill her husband. but in this interview. she told the reporter how a masked robber shot her husband after they pulled over along the highway. myers said someone lying can earn virtually give themselves away. staff they will say yes and shake their head now. they will give you an enormous amount of an appropriate details. just to feel comfortable. >>reporter: if you want to trip up a liar asked them to tell their story out of order.>> we have some want to tell their story, back hurts. that raises the load significantly. >>reporter: use this information wisely. don't become the kid on the prairie glad -i for don't become the king of the playground that yells out liar liar pants on fire. you can get it wrong. some people might smile all the time. whether or not they are lying.
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>>i'm going to start with the back of the forecast and work my way forward. here is what is going on right now. downtown miami. looking to the northeast on a nice evening, a bit of a breeze and not as cool as it was this time last night. temperatures 69 in miami and 69 in key west. humidity is fairly comfortable. 57% northeast breeze holding the temperatures up. also, miami beach in fort lauderdale, coconut grove in the upper 60s. thanks to the breeze. the water temperatures are in the low 70s. so they are not as low tonight as we had lighter win. 78 is the normal high we were there are better at most locations. tomorrow. thanks to some clouds and sprinkles.
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degrees cooler. son sprinkle and passing clouds and a breeze drops down over the weekend as high pressure settles into the area. temperatures slowly warming up and on monday warmer and more humid and as we have seen with the el nio subtropical unusually strong and the wind profile be more favorable for severe weather we have the possibility again at the potential for it starting late on tuesday through tuesday night and wednesday but things are looking very nice through the weekend. temperatures across the country . cool in the northeast and warm in the southern plains to the midwest. breezy along the beaches not as cool and tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds. gusty breeze and a high temperature near 70 for. small craft advisory choppy conditions on the bay and
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temperatures stay pretty warm. mid to upper 70s and the breeze drops off and the weekend is looking fantastic. and all candor. >> i believe every word you said. coming up a robber makes a bad choice f i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh!
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surveillance video from a fight, a walgreens. a robber walked up to the counter, but did not realize one of the customers was a boxer with state titles. he was visiting his girlfriend who works in there so he confronted the crooked watch what happens. they get into a scuffle and he punched the guy in the face and held onto him until the police arrived. take a look at this. tonight a lucky families reunited with their dog. you can see firefighters pulling sky out from a sinkhole. she disappeared on monday but today. her owners heard her barking from a whole. she was grateful obviously and she went to the vet to make sure everything was okay. >> i love that story. what was she doing there to begin with? to make tonight in sports with
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going to step out for the heat? the panthers explosive offense has gone awol. not much fight lately. against san jose scoreless until the third. career goal. 740. later they get the perfect setup for the tying goal. on to another shoot out. martin jones tonight says not in my neighborhood and the panthers fall. >> we battled hard. it's unfortunate we did not come away with a win but huge point for us. we will take it and move forward. an enormous game saturday at north carolina but the coach says don't say that. they wake up from a slumber yesterday to stop virginia tech by 17.
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duke allowing them to tie for the acc lead. so sense of a showdown this weekend but we are downplaying it a little bit. >> every game counts as one. it doesn't matter if you are playing them after they have won a bunch or lost a bunch. the game is a separate unto itself. smith this is a big game, what are you talking about? to make you can watch them take on north carolina saturday right here on cbs4. >> not tomorrow, saturday. thanks for catching that. >> and for the heat no trade or relief that brian roberts was a heat player for one day. he went to portland and now they are under the luxury tax ready to snag free agents in the off-season right now with chris botches uncertain health
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play like a spring chicken. >> i tried to do things for the team and they put it on my plate from a standpoint of having to make more plays and score more points. i will try to (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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really quick on our facebook pole tonight, anti- police show for beyonci tonight. thank you for weighing in. the late show is coming up next. ----really quick, our facebook
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