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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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grade student inside a classroom and parents and students are very concerned. 40-year-old jason meyers and accused of sexual battery on a minor, having sexual intercourse and oral sex with a 17-year-old student last november. oral sex again in decemberane classroom after school let out. at miami palmetto high. >> i think it was immoral and a sad occasion. >> pretty crazy, you know, how it was a student and teacher and he has-- there are no boundaries. >> i don't know how to react right now. just scared. teacher is supposed to help you and protect you. >> students are concerned, some parents are outraged. >> i think it is disgusting, i think that we, as parents and children, we trust teachers and we trust what is around us that our kids will be safe and, unfortunately, that is not the case.
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your kids, you know, they are in school and you expect them to be safe and you have teacher predators. >> meyers wife teaches language arts at the school and is pregnant. they have 3 children. >> sadly he has a wife here and children. it is kind of disappointing that he did something like this. >> there are strong words from a miami-dade spokesperson said who the alleged actions by a teacher are unacceptable and reprehensible. the teacher will be terminated. >> what upsets you? >> he is a teacher so we have to have some respect for the students. >> in court, meyers attorney said he was a school teacher for 15 years, had served in the military, and had no prior charges. but a judge increased the bond to $75,000. >> reporter: that judge in court said when meyers gets out of jail he will have to wear a monitor and have no contact with the 17-year-old girl. we did make contact with her
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not want to say anything. police say if you can help them with the case or know anything, call miami-dade crime stoppers, 305-471-tipsism live in pine crest, peter d'oench, cbs 4 news. firefighters rescued several puppies from an apartment fire in miami. chopper 4 was over the scene at northeast 6th before noon. these photos show paramedics giving oxygen to pups saved from the smoke. firefighters also rescued the dog's mother, however last check 4 of the puppies were still missing, it does not appear any people were injured in the fire. the son of a canadian diplomat involved in a wild shoot out that left his brother and another teenager dead learned his fate in court. a judge agreed to keep marc wabafiyebazu out of prison under a plea deal. the 16-year-old will go to a boot camp-style program up to 18
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for 2 years and then serve 8 years probation. coming up on cbs 4 news at 6:00, hear what the teen's mother had to say to cbs 4's gary nelson. oakland police need your help finding a man who fell in love with pricy jewelry on valentine's day, the ram bow jewelry store shows the guy walking up to the counter 3 times before walking away with a $6500 necklace with a religious pendant on his neck, he got away in an suv outside, if you have information call oakland police or broward crime stoppers. in the nation's capitol, people have been lining up to mourn antonin scalia. president obama and the first lady were at the supreme court building in washington dc to pay their respects to the conservative and highly
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the obamas are not attending tomorrow's funeral service. thousands have waited outside in the cold for the opportunity to walk past scalia's flag-draped casket. >> despite all the rancor going on with the politics going on, it was nice to be able to just see something done with a lot of respect and a lot of honor. >> i am a lawyer so i really respect the justices and the offices that they hold. >> justice scalia died saturday. president reagan nominated him to the supreme court in 1986. president obama has said he does plan to nominate a replacement justice soon. to campaign 2016, what will be a busy weekend both coasts, nevada democrats will caucus, in south carolina republican voters cast ballots in the primary in that state and this race has certainly been heated as we have been following it.
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south carolina with more there. craig? >> reporter: elliott, good evening to you, the gop primary here tomorrow could very well be a nail biteer. there is a new poll out today showing ted cruz made up ground on donald trump, now just 5 points separating those 2 and many of the voters i have spoken with today said they can very well change minds, even as they are going out of the polling place tomorrow. >> we are running late. >> florida senator marco rubio dashes out of one campaign appearance on the way to another as he and other republicans try to woo south carolina voters ahead-- voters ahead of the primary. >> we are going to see a good response from voters, i think we will be surprised by results. >> one surprise could be an upset by ted cruz who narrowed the gap with front runner donald trump in the latest poll. cruz, who plans to attend scalia's funeral, is reminding voters it is not just the
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>> we are one justice away from a radical 5 justice mandating unlimited abortion on demand. >> john kasich is hoping for a strong finish, he closed his rally with a simple message. >> if you didn't like me, don't tell anybody. >> as the campaign enters the final hours, candidates are hoping to sway undecided voters with speechers and a barrage of calls from campaign offices. in some cases, voters are swaying away from a candidate. >> are you decided now? >> no, i am still in between 2 candidates. >> father john zimmerman is a catholic priest who said donald trump's temperment is a problem. >> if he wishs to be a leader, he needs to learn humility and how to speak politely and peacefully to people. >> traits trump has not needed at his voiserous rallies. -- voiceterous rallies. >> reporter: analysts say donald trump is the driving force for the turn out tomorrow.
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against him remains to be seen. that is an unknown. we talked to people on both sides of the coin. another unknown is there are a quarter million more registered voters than there were in 2012, and they are expecting this to be a record turn out tomorrow. back to you. >> could be some surprises. thank you for that live report from columbia. and from craig, lets go to lexington, south carolina, cbs 4's jen jen. >> how important is tomorrow night for jeb? >> i think the idea here is for jeb bush to do better than marco rubio, if he finishes ahead of marco rubio, even if only third, they can declare victory. if they come about even with marco rubio, they should be fine and continue on. if he is 4, 5, or 6 points below rubio, it is hard to make the argument. in either event the bush people tell me privately they are moving on, already planning
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through florida at least. >> what about marco rubio, jim? he got the endorsement of south carolina's governor, nikki haley. how big of a factor will that be in your opinion? >> reporter: i think it is immensely critical for rubio but a 2-edged sword. one, it does help him. nikki haley is an immensely popular governor in south carolina. plus when you see the images of rubio alongside nikki haley and the state senator, tim scott who is african american, this is the new face of the republican party, a new generation, optimistic, the imagery to move forward. the flip side of this for rubio is that now that he has gotten nikki haley's machine behind him and tim scott as well, there are expectations he has to do well. if he only finishes third and doesn't surpass ted cruz, a lot
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still not quite earning his stripes, if he can't win here with nikki haley's support, where will he win? people will say. that is why there are so many storey lines, fastinating to watch. >> interesting to see what happens with john kasich who seems to be getting some traction. jim defede, thank you. cbs 4's danielle. >> she is live with the democrats focusing on the caucus tomorrow. >> reporter: there aren't a lot of delegates at steak here, but there is more on the line, hillary clinton is considered the favorite here in nevada but bernie sanders has thrown resources and drumming up minority support. glads is on the front lines for hillary clinton, the 21-year-old born in elsalvador just became a u.s. citizen. >> i have a lot of friends who currently are undocumented and
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to go to college, but they are pay for it. election. >> clinton and her 9,000 volunteers have spent months courting latinos, who make up more than 25% of nevada's population, clinton addressed immigration at a town hall thursday. >> i will work on the priority legislation i want the congress to deal with right away, and immigration reform will be among those issues. >> clinton had a big lead here but senator bernie sanders is closing the gap with his message of economic inequality. >> they should be concerned. in america today, people should not be working for $9 or $10 an hour. >> it won over 20-year-old isaiah. >> he is for working families, the people's champion. >> reporter: both candidates have been courting members of powerful labor unions who work on the vegas strip. but the culinary union, nevada's largest union, is not endorsing
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>> it is a tough decision, they have good points, both of the candidates. >> the union backed then senator barack obama in 2008 but clinton won the caucuses. >> reporter: the culinary union has 57,000 mem beers and not-- members and not making an endorsement could help hillary clinton, it will allow supporters to remain loyal saturday. live in las vegas, danielle notingham, cbs 4 news. >> thank you. stay with cbs 4 news and for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 now through election day. all hoverboards could be soon recalled, the reason why, later on. we showed you this video of a helicopter crash, hear from those who jumped in to help. remembering harmer lee, the beloved-- harper lee, the beloved author passed away. i have a look at her life after
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the beyonce boycott is making national news after some plan to do that at the april concert. another agency weighs in. beautiful day, a breeze blowing in clouds and a few sprinkles time to time. the weekend is here. how is the forecast looking? i will let you know, coming up. it is looking beautiful. i am rudabeh shahbazi. >> i am rick folbaum, nice to get out of the studio for a special cause. we are live at sun life stadium. >> the dolphins cancer challenge coming up tomorrow and we have a preview, straight ahead. cbs 4 news is headed to cuba to cover president obama's historic visit.
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it is a big weekend in the fight against cancer. >> the dolphins cancer challenge is tomorrow but first it is the kick off party tonight at the stadium. >> cbs 4 anchors rick folbaum and rudabeh shahbazi are there live. you have a special coming up tonight and you picked a great day to be out of the studio, tell us all about it. >> reporter: hey, it is beautiful out here, elliott, you and i will be here tomorrow because we are participating in the dolphins cancer challenge but right now we are looking at the set up and a lot going on out here. >> reporter: there is a lot of people starting to arrive for we love a party. that is why we are here and this
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for the riders and family and friends to have a great time, there is a dj, food, there is drink, a lot of music and so this will be a fun place to be tonight for those taking part in the challenge. the ride is tomorrow morning. you and elliott are taking part, and so many others are to raise money for a great cause. 100% of every dollar raised by the riders for the dolphins cancer challenge goes directly to funding cancer research at the sillivister comprehensive cancer centers here in south florida. one of the finest facilities in the country. we are lucky to have it here. >> reporter: very blessed, $11.5 million raised since it began in 2010 . for a very good cause, rick, we all know someone who has been affected by cancer, we have all been touched by it in some way. >> that is so true. so many people have some kind of a connection to cancer, so
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cure could not be more important and this event tomorrow is going to be great. there is going to be so many different ways for people to take part in this ride and this year, for the first time, no matter how far you are riding, whatever distance you are taking part in, you will end up right here at sun life stadium. there will be a great concert with melissa etheridge and cheryl crow, 2 of my fifberate performers-- favorite performers, both cancer survives, they will be performing here. >> reporter: so many inspiring stories, coming up at 7:00, we will be bringing you a live special, a preview of the dolphins cancer challenge tomorrow and will be hearing a lot of inspiring stories from the cancer survivors and family members who have lost family members to cancer. >> reporter: cbs 4 anchor jim berry will be here, a lot going on. we are excited to be here, proud to take part in this event. we will have more through the night.
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>> this was all started by the late gram gym name-- great jim, i want to find later how much training rudabeh has done for the ride tomorrow. >> reporter: good question, elliott. >> reporter: you know that answer. >> thanks a lot. >> she has to come back and do the 11:00 p.m. news cast tonight. she has a long night and day ahead. good luck to you, rudabeh. you, elliott, get some sleep. >> she is the energizer bunny. they will bring you more, join them tonight at 7:00, if you are not at home, catch it streaming live at a texas judge ruled the case of the so-called affluenza teen will be moved to adult court. the ruling means 18-year-old ethan couch could face 120 days in jail, then must finish his 10-year probation for a 2013 deadly drunk driving case. if he violates his probation during that time, he could get up to 10 years in prison for
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couch and his mother, tonya, fled to mexico last december as prosecutors investigated when he violated his probation. they were later found and sent back to the u.s. sad news to report tonight, harper lee, best known as the author of "to kill a mocking bird" has died. her book an american classic that later became the basis of an oscar-winning film. >> never understand the person until you consider things from his point of view. >> a life lesson delivered by at ks finch in the film "to kill a mocking bird." it addressed racial injustice in the south in 1930s through the eyes of skouch, finch's young-- scout, finch's young daughter,
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a unique friendship played out in a fill "capote." in 2007 george w. bush presented lee with a medal of freedom. most of her life was out of the spot light. in 2015 the literary world was stunned by the discovery of a second harper lee book, "go set a watchman." completed in 1957, written before "to kill a mocking bird." and features scout and at ks 20 years later-- atticus 20 years later. >> to have another book, we are charmed. >> many fans were disappointed in the portrayal of finch as a racist. the book became a best seller, harper lee remained quiet but forever remembered for inspiring the world through written word. >> she was 89 years old. family members said she requested a private funeral.
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florida today, the state general's update declared one in miami-dade county and one in orange county. 10 counties have been infected, totaling up to 26 cases in the state. with 10 in miami-dade and 4 in broward. all confirmed cases are travel related and none involve pregnant women. >> we rur talking about the dolphin chanceer kalg and i forgot-- challenge and i forgot the biggest cyclist. you are doing-- >> a hundred miles, if they make it 200-- >> this man will do a hundred miles tomorrow. >> early start, we leave 6:30 from sun life stadium and go all over south florida. >> we will catch up with you. >> leaving noon, right? in terms of the forecast for the cancer challenge tomorrow, it will be breezy, especially early, and for the cyclists, a head wind not good news with the breeze, it should settle through the morning and most of the route is north to south.
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much of a problem. temperatures 60s into 70s. breezy now, look at the lauderdale by the sea, wave crashing along the beaches, rip currents high through tomorrow morning and temperatures now a comfortable. 72 miami, hollywood 74 key west, 55% humidity. northwest wind 12 gusting 28. temperatures upper 60s and low 70s oakland park and winds east to northeast, once again will be settling down as we go through the weekend. today they were strong enough to pull in clouds and a few sprinkles, you can see high pressure over the southeast u.s. and kind of capturing those clouds and the moisture pulling our way. once again, the winds set down, the clouds won't be as thick tomorrow. little more sunshine and less breeze. high pressure to the north now will be sinking slowly south over the weekend. tomorrow looking fantastic. temperatures coming out of the 60s into mid to upper 70s, pleasant sun, gentle breeze and looking great. sunday looking better, temperatures in the upper 70s, the winds a little lighter and
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warm, we are into the low 80s for highs. sun and clouds. then things get complicated after monday. the first front comes tuesday, could produce thunderstorms, still thunderstorms possible wednesday and then thursday the cold front comes through and sweeps it out. stormy period in the middle of next week, warm and humid, we will watch for the possibility of severe weather. tonight, breezy through the evening, sprinkles possible, low 63. tomorrow, mrenzant sunshine and not-- pleasant sunshine and not as windy. winds out of the east-northeast at 16. moderate chop on the bay and taking us through the weekend into next week, big warm up 70s to 80s. here is what is coming up tonight on cbs 4 news at 11:00. >> one moves, the other comes in we constantly rotate. i never know who is next to me,
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on the bed, on top of the bed, it is wherever they want to go. >> well, many people like that lady right there sleep with their pets to make them feel safe and relaxed but is it really good for your health? tonight we will talk to the experts, in fact, lauren has that story, sleeping with your pet tonight at 11:00 only cbs 4 news. i can't wait to watch it because this is something so many pet owners do. >> i was guilty of it but that house, those dogs run the show. >> can't wait. what does the state of south carolina really think about all of this campaign 2016 attention? cbs 4's jim defede found out. we have a consumer alert and why the hoverboards could soon be recalled. we brought you the story of a college student whose car was stolen outside a dania beach laundry mat, the update at 5:30. we are going woun on one
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michigan, the city with all the water problems and she has a warning for all of us. i am ted scouten, the story later on cbs 4 news. actress, mother, now author, kate hudson herself, i am going to talk to kate exclusively about her (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some
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with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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government could soon put the brakes on hoverboards, the u.s. consumer products safety commission issued a letter to retailers and manufacturers about the self-balancing boards which were a huge hit this holiday season. regulators say they will seize or recall hoverboards if they fail to meet federal standards. they have been prone to defects, including catching fire. many would not have happened if the hoverboards met existing standards. the water crisis that consumed flint, michigan was front and center on miami beach. mayors from several cities, including flint, got together to talk about how they could prevent a similar disaster. cbs 4's ted scouten was there. >> everybody should have clean, affordable water and that is something we don't have in flint. >> standing shoulder to shoulder with mayors from across america, flint mayor karen weaver sounds the alarm. >> across the country we have aging infrastructure and what
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>> the conference of mayors having their winter leadership meeting. flint is a glaring example how untreated dirty water mixed with old lead pipes can lead to a contamination disaster. >> we can't drink the water, can't cook with it. own structures. >> in miami beach we are building a convention center and fighting back sea level rise looking to have the state help us. >> rising sea levels are forcing the city to take action to avert disaster down the road. we see the flooding that happens during king tides, that is why new pumps are going in to deal with it. >> something that doesn't get paid attention to because it is under ground, you don't see it all the time. we need to pay attention to that and upgrade that infrastructure and maintain it. >> the big issue with mayors and
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running for president to pay close attention. >> major infrastructure problems in the country that have been ignored too many years, pay now or later. it costs a lot more. >> the full u.s. conference of mayors with all the mem bers will be here next year in june for the full conference, ted scouten, cbs 4 news. now at 5:30, a 5-year-old is pulled from a burning apartment while her mother is outside smoking a cigarette. that mother is now in jail accused of child neglect. >> her little girl was taken to the hospital, thankfully she will be okay. cbs 4's donna is live. >> reporter: the firefighter who pulled this little girl out of her apartment in this complex across the street from me, we are here where he spoke to us and described the chaos when miami-dade fire rescue arrived last night with not a moment to lose.


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