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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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running for president to pay close attention. >> major infrastructure problems in the country that have been ignored too many years, pay now or later. it costs a lot more. >> the full u.s. conference of mayors with all the mem bers will be here next year in june for the full conference, ted scouten, cbs 4 news. now at 5:30, a 5-year-old is pulled from a burning apartment while her mother is outside smoking a cigarette. that mother is now in jail accused of child neglect. >> her little girl was taken to the hospital, thankfully she will be okay. cbs 4's donna is live. >> reporter: the firefighter who pulled this little girl out of her apartment in this complex across the street from me, we are here where he spoke to us and described the chaos when miami-dade fire rescue arrived last night with not a moment to lose.
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from the window and i happened to see the little girl. >> she is safe after firefighters found and plucked her out of the first floor of the apartments, the condo in flames, the girl all alone. >> neighbors heard the 6-year-old crying inside, a firefighter was telling us there was no time to wait for a ladder . he smashed a window, partner giving him a boost in the window where they saw the girl through smoke. >> i could tell she was unconscious, she was-- it was, picking her up, turning around and taking her out the window. >> police arrested the mother, 32-year-old erica rosello, the little girl suffered smoke inhalation and while firefighters tended to her, the mother took off. neighbors were the ones who called for help and saw smoke pouring out thursday night. the president of the condo association says she was outside smoking a cigarette when the fire started. investigators believe that was in the kitchen. >> i feel accomplished, i am
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that we were able to get her out as quickly as we did. had we taken, lets say another 3-4 minutes, the outcome would have been different. >> reporter: police continue to investigation, erica rosello is charged with child neglect and bodily harm, she is in jail set to go before a judge tomorrow. also a hearing set for the little girl to try and figure where to put her. she is with the department of children and family. we are live in west miami-dade. new details in the case of a woman whose car was stolen in dania beach. police in hollywood say they found the car. cbs 4 showed you the exclusive security footage of the car stolen outside the wash house blues raundry mat tuesday afternoon. the owner was seen running after the thief in an effort to stop him. hollywood police say it was used in a robbery and wrecked following a short police pursuit.
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department says it is not involved in any boycott related to beyonce's concert in april. the department tweeted that out after the miami police union said it does want the boycott. police president ortiz said beyonce sent an antipolice message during her super bowl performance by honoring the black panther movement, members voted to boycott the concert april 27 at marlins park but miami police major moss says ortiz does not speak for the entire department, only the union mem beers. entertainment tonight has picked up our story. look for their coverage of the beyonce boycott at 7:30 after the dolphins concert special right here on cbs 4. now to campaign 2016, south carolina is the center of the presidential raise, right now and only half way done. >> democrats head to the polls there next weekend. tomorrow it is the republican's turn.
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carolina feel about all the attention they are getting? cbs 4's jim defede is there. what do they tell you about that? jim? where are you? >> reporter: we are at wizards thicket. if you are in south carolina, this is a institution that has been around almost 40 years, all the politicians come through, they do campaigning, you know, there is a bunch of these all over the area here and it is a great place to get to understand people, get to feel what is going on. let me tell you, in addition to really good food, you get good comments and we talked to a bunch of folks and they are glad the primary is almost over. >> it is the most mixed up man i have ever been through. >> why are they careying on the way they are? >> i am sick of it, sick of the dirty politics, on both sides. >> i am tired of it. i want the good things to come
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they are acting like children. i shouldn't say that. >> it is an absolute circus and i think the people of south carolina are tired of it. >> a lot of mudslinging and dirty tricks going on. >> even the pope francis is involved now. >> exactly. >> who would have not the pope would get involved in an election? >> you know the old saying about the pope, somehow trump has managed to do that. >> i had 21 missed calls from robeo calls-- robo calls and the tv, there are 3-4 commercials, one for, one against, the people of south carolina, when this is over we will take a deep breath. >> reporter: elliott, you can imagine what the folks here in south carolina have been through. think of this, the florida primary is march 15, all of those had robo calls, advertising, mailers, all that bombardment that south carolina
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while we may smile at the folks of south carolina, trust me, this tidal wave is coming our way. reporting from south carolina, i am jim defede, cbs 4 news. >> we have to brace our selves for that. >> straight to voice mail. thanks. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 now through election day and look for all the news from the trail on our website, a chopper goes down in pearl harbor, the frightening scene captured on camera. we brought you the video not long after it happened yesterday. now, hear from those who tried to help, next. a kate hudson exclusive interview. she sits down with lisa petrillo about her book get aglot of buzz on social media. -- getting a lot of buzz on social media. the marlins hit the diamond for first time, pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training, we hear from don
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the sun came up, the breeze came up, the clouds blew in, but it still was a pretty nice day. the weekend is here, i have your forecast, coming up. here is what is happening all new at 6:00 on cbs 4 news. a fired fort lauderdale-- a south florida school
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if you are like me and love baseball and look forward to this time of year, when the boys of summer return. >> the first day of spring training for the miami marlins, mike cugno was there. >> reporter: the first sign the baseball season is around the corners, pitchers and catchers for first day of spring training, there are a few familiar faces with a new uniform, including home run king bary bonds,. getting an early jump on the off season work outs, new manager, don, keeching an eye on the pitching staff, including jose fernandez, he battled injuries the last 2 seasons but said he is a hundred percent, all the talk of innings limit, not so fast. >> as far as i know, ready to go a hundred percent, healthy. the fact that i had the tommy john, that was in the past, i
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to go for the guys. >> another guy with big expectations, but again, you can't go out and win 20, can't win a si young. >> the first full practice is tuesday, february 23 when carlos, and yellits take the diamond for the first time. you can catch them at the park for fan fest. in jupiter, mike cugno for cbs 4 news. tomorrow is the dolphins cancer challenge, cbs 4 is once again a proud sponsor of the annual event. thousands of cyclists head out tomorrow morning with all routes leading back to sun life stadium for a big concert celebration featuring melissa etheridge and shareal cheryl-- sheryl crow. there will be surprise guests, can't wait.
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>> we will find out about rudabeh's training. the video you can't take your eyes off of. >> the helicopter crashs at pearl harbor, hear from those who witnessed the crash, next. hi, i am kate hudson and we are here talking about my new book "pretty happy" on cbs 4 with lisa. >> i think you said it all perfectly. >> meet her coming up on cbs 4. >> yea! >> she is hired. she is hired.
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closing numbers now, caught on camera, a tourist helicopter crashing into the water near pearl harbor. today the national transportation safety board is expected to arrive in hawaii to investigate. take a look, cell phone video captures the helicopter covering in the air before plunging in the water. shaun wenrick was taking pictures on his phone at the time and began recording video when he noticed something was wrong with the chopper. >> we all ran over and a bunch of people jumped in the water and tried to help the survivors. >> somebody said there is somebody still in the aircraft. i dove through the pilot's side in the back seat and saw the seat was twisted. >> firefighters and near by members of the navy raced to the scene, all 5 on board were rushed to the hospital. a 16-year-old boy remains in critical condition.
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alert, an old scam is making a big come back, con artists are posing as authorities telling people they are going to be arrested for missing jury duty unless they pay. these scams are on the rise nation wide. in many cases they use technology called spoofing to make the number look like it comes from a court or police department. if you receive one of these scam calls, the best thing to do is hang up. bad news if you like to dine at bone fish grill, the tampa based restaurant change announced it is closing 14 locations, no specific locations slated were named but the company says the majority of those restaurants will shut down this year. several local and national leaders were on hand for a historic event this morning as miami-dade county accepted president obama's my brother's keeper community challenge. cbs 4's marybel explains. >> we are happy to accept
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keeper's community challenge. >> a call to action for communities to come together and kim prove the-- improve the lives of children. >> as a community we called the forum today for every city to pledge that they will be a part of finding a solution to the problems our young people face today. >> problems such as violence hitting schools. >> i think i said it many times, the level of carnage we witness in the community must and can be stopped if the community rallies together and develops solutions for what is happening. >> u.s. secretary of education, john king, jr., so impressed by what congresswoman wilson has done with the program, 5,000 role models of excellence, he was sure to be here for the unprecedented event. >> it is inspiring to see the smitment for the suck-- commitment for the success of young people. we have challenges particularly for our young men and boys of cull sxr it is great to see-- color and it is great to see.
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departments, all join ing forces to make it a safer place for our children. >> it is very nice, we just hope that it goes beyond the celebration, so at some point we need to roll up our sleeves, get in a community, and translate the words into deeds of action, actually save kids. >> reporter: close to 200 mayors, tribal leaders, and executives in 43 states accepted the challenge. however, miami-dade is the first to do so as a county. february 19 is my brother's keepers community challenge day. in downtown miami, marybel rodriguez, news news. >> incredible. i gotta admit, i feel a little lazy between the 2 of you, both riding in the cancer challenge tomorrow. i will be-- my excuse. >> my mother was diagnosed with
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to the 1 miles and hopefully raise funds. we are looking at the holiday park camera, west broward where we have seen the clouds roll in, a bit of breeze and a few sprinkles but not that bad of a day weather wise. 76 in miami was the high. 66 the morning low. little shy of normal for this time of year with increased breeze. 76 fort lauderdale. 76 key west, overnight lows mid 60 ppts. temperatures right now-- 60s. temperatures right now, 70s about everywhere. 60s overnight. for the ride, the first drupe in the morning-- group in the morning, 60s but breezy. most of the route is north and south, i think the east wind won't be too big of a problem. here is satellite showing clouds blowing in. still clouds up stream but as the winds die down the clouds will in the out a bit. a little more sunshine tomorrow with a little less breeze. moisture forecast showing dry air in place, here through saturday and then into sunday. still, very dry conditions, but
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moisture begins to increase, especially by tuesday, wednesday, and even early thursday, a higher threat for storms. as we have seen with the el nino wint er pattern, the wind profile has been favorable for severe weather and could develop next week. there is the potential for more severe weather, especially later on tuesday and more likely wednesday into early on thursday. we will keep our eyes on that. over the southeast, temperatures 50s, 60s, 70s. warm, spring-like weather in the deep south and midwest, except the northeast it is cold, snow temperatures in the 20-40s. mid section of the country, even denver, 62. west coast, rain, snow higher elevations in the pacific northwest and warm weather in the southwest. for us tonight, breezy evening, stray sprinkles, 63 degrees. tomorrow, pleasant sunshine, not as windy as today.
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high temperature near 77. juniper, oak, birch, willow, cotton wood showing moderate category and into the weekend and next week. a warming trend 70s to mid 80s but increasing threat for thunderstorms tuesday, wednesday, and early thursday. the weekend is looking great. back to you. >> thanks. here is a look at what is coming up at 11:00. >> one moves the other comes in, we constantly rotate, i never know who is next to me, on top of me, wherever, on the beds, on top of the bed, it is wherever they want to go. >> many people sleep with their pets and they can feel safe and relaxed but is it really good for your health? tonight we talk to the experts and the woman with all the dogs on the bed. watch my report, sleeping with your pet tonight at 11:00 only on cbs 4. >> i wondered, i want to see the story. >> interesting. an actress and author empowering women when it comes to what they think about their bodies.
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petrillo caught up with her this afternoon. their interview, next. you know the one i am talking about, set to tear down the hurricane, what is being built in its place lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10
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actress and author kate hudson is in town and spent her afternoon with powerful women as the key note speaker at their luncheon. kate is a trending topic on social media for her book which focuses on women learning to love their bodies. lisa petrillo sat down with her today for the exclusive interview. >> she got a haircut. right? >> i cut all my hair off. >> fabulous. >> i know i had to do it, so fun because as an actress we say "i had to do it." >> actress, mother, business woman and now author. kate hudson here at the rusty pelican for the international business woman of the year award. i was honored to moderate the event.
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hands how many did not love goldy hawn. she is grounded, growing up with parents goldy and kurt russell. >> we had very present parents despite their busy schedules they were present. my brother and i with all our kids, it continues to grow and grow and that just is like our whole family's motto, like family first. >> kate, a golden globe winner and oscar nominee appearing in hit films as "almost famous," among others said she loves everything about the process of movie making. >> you pinch yourself? >> i love making movies, and the thing is, like there is the finished product, but really pr me making move-- for me making movies is about the experience and part of what is so great
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people and it doesn't matter how the movie ends up. every experience i have had has been pretty great. >> kate is promoting "pretty happy; healthy ways to love her body." >> a woman feels good, it is the most magnetic thing in the room. >> really about a hualistic approach-- holistic approach to getting peace, then you get excited about what you are eating and getting stronger because you are working out at a nice pace that feel s accessible. >> she is a business woman launching her own athletic clothing line called fabletics, she charged the crowd and yours truly leaving all of us feeling like we just made a new friend. >> you are super cool. everybody wants to have a cocktail or beer with you, you are one of those girls you want to hang with.
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i am all for it. every once in a while. >> everybody clamoring to get a picture with kate, "pretty happy" is in book stores. next up a movie called "mother's day" which she starwise jennifer aniston-- stars with jennifer aniston. >> busy lady, found the balance cht >> great to have a-- balance. >> great to have a cocktail with her. here is what ahead. a 40 lauderdale police officer fired for sending racist messages testifys as he tries to get his job back. we are on the campaign in south carolina as the republican candidates look to win over undecided voters. rick and rudabeh join us live from sun life stadium as we count down to the dolphins cancer challenge.
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right now at 6:00, a fire in fort lauderdale police officer testifys for the first time in his own defense about sending racially charged text messages. james wells was fired along with 2 other officers, a 4th resigned, a 3-day arbitration hearing for wells just ended at city hall and that is where we find joe murray. >> reporter: it was an extra ordinary moment because from the time the scandal broke a year ago, we never heard from any of the officers about what was behind the questionable text messages, so now it is up to an arbitrator to decide, was he out of line on the force? >> state your name, please. >> james wells. >> out of the gate, james wells insisted he is not a racist. >> you are a negative opinion of african american s? >> absolutely not. >> the first time wells has spoken publicly about the candle that led to his firing as a 40 lauderdale police officer last
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an arbitrator his dismissal wasn't fair and he should be reinstated. >> jimmy, what would big daddy do to that "n?" get that "n" out of the wagon? james wrote that n-lover in the wagon. >> racially charged messages exchanged with 3 other officers. a home made video violating rules of conduct and code of ethics under the eyes of community members he pledged to protect and serve, wells said the texts are not who he is. he said the n-word refers to a specific type of bad guy. >> the worst of the criminals. not a specific race, not a specific gender. >> in a grilling that lasted hours, wells said some of the texts are taken out of context and often quoting movie django
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>> i thought i was assured privacy in the conversation. >> pressed to admit what he said is wrong, wells acknowledged police officers are held to a higher standard. >> can you think of any of these comments that you used that would go over as a part of team building and community building? >> no. >> reporter: after it was over wells gave his wife a big hug, she has been here every day. what happens next, while both sides submit closing arguments and then the arbitrator has 30 days to render an opinion on whether wells should be reinstaeted on the force. we keep you posted. in fort lauderdale, joan murray, cbs 4 news. video of a car burglar caught on a dash cam, miami-dade police reveesed the video-- released the video, it happened last month around 171 and northeast 7th avenue.


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