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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i thought i was assured privacy in the conversation. >> pressed to admit what he said is wrong, wells acknowledged police officers are held to a higher standard. >> can you think of any of these comments that you used that would go over as a part of team building and community building? >> no. >> reporter: after it was over wells gave his wife a big hug, she has been here every day. what happens next, while both sides submit closing arguments and then the arbitrator has 30 days to render an opinion on whether wells should be reinstaeted on the force. we keep you posted. in fort lauderdale, joan murray, cbs 4 news. video of a car burglar caught on a dash cam, miami-dade police reveesed the video-- released the video, it happened last month around 171 and northeast 7th avenue.
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the car unaware the dash cam was recording him. he got away with a gun and phone. if you know anything, contact miami-dade police. a south florida teacher is behind bars accused of having sex with a student. tonight we are learning more about that teacher and what went on in the classroom, according to police. cbs 4's peter d'oench is live at palmetto high school. >> reporter: jason meyers had sexual relations twice with a 12th grade student last year inside a classroom. meyers's wife is also a language arts teacher here at the school. she is pregnant and they have 3 children. the miami-dade school system took swift action firing meyers. >> you should-- the teacher has to protect children and i don't know why this is happening. it is not right. >> ester said she is outraged 40-year-old language arts teacher jason meyers is accused
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he allegedly had sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old student last november and oral sex again with her in december in a classroom after school let out at miami palmetto senior high. >> it is very inappropriate and, i had him as a teeper sophomore year and i think---- teacher sophomore year. i think-- i didn't expect that. he was strict. i never expected him to do that. >> i think it was very immoral and, it is a very sad occasion. >> some parents are appalled. >> i think it is disgusting. i think we, as apparents and children, we trust teachers and we trust what is around us that our kids will be safe. and unfortunately that is not the case. >> concerning, you know, you have kids, you know, they are in school and expect them to be safe and you have teacher predator tlz. >> meyers wife teaches language arts at the school and is pregnant. they have 3 children.
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his wife works across the building. >> there were strong words from a miami-dade school spokeswomanen who said it is unacceptable and reprehensible, the teacher will be terminated. >> what upsets you? >> he is a teacher so we have to have respect for the students. >> meyers attended the hearing at which his attorney said he was a school teacher for 15 years and served in the military and had no prior charges, but a judge increased his bond to $75,000. >> reporter: meyers will have to wear a gps when he gets out of jail and ordered to have no contact whatsoever with the 17-year-old girl. we did make contact with her parents, they did not want to say anything. meanwhile police say if you know anything about this case, or can help them, call miami-dade crime stoppers 305-471-tips. live in pine crest, peter
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now at 6:00, it is crunch time in south carolina. candidates dash across the state taking aim at the gop front runner. >> donald trump has never showed interest in anybody but himself. >> we are on the trail in south carolina. >> today is the last day of campaigning before the polls open in that state. donald trump leads heading into tomorrow's primary but the big question is, how will florida's marco rubio and jeb bush do? cbs 4's jim defede is on the campaign trail live in lexington, south carolina. >> reporter: it is hard to imagine, 10 days ago the new hampshire primary was held. that seems like forever. remember how much pressure was built around the new hampshire primary as being make or break for rubio and bush? the pressure is even more intense here in souk. once again, this is our make or break time for 2 south florida candidates and they are on the
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get every vote they could. >> we will never win by pushing people down to make ourselves look better. has never been that way. >> i think there are only 2 choices. we have a chance to be greater than we have ever been. i believe that with all my heart. it is hard to see it right now but i am telling you the 21st century is made for us. >> with less than 24 hour s before the south carolina primary, jeb bush and marco rubio, chris cross the state making final pitch to voters and striking an optimistic tone. >> our party should be headed up by someone who has a hopeful optimistic view of our philosophy, that will take the philosophy as a candidate in every nook and cranny. >> no one can out innovate america, the 21st century is about global competition, if we are allowed to do our best, no one can out compete us. >> rubio campaigned with the popular south carolina governor, nikki haley, whose endorsement was a major coup.
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future of the republican party and unfortunately for bush, he nees to overcome being tied to the past. >> jeb would probably do a good job but i don't think that the country is ready for another bush. that is what is hurting him. >> bobby richardson is is a retired police officer. >> the bush name has been there too long. people not going to vote for it. >> this is bush country. >> it was for the other 2 but i am afraid-- >> not so much here? >> might not make it because of the other 2. >> 89-year-old joanne expressed support for the likely winner. >> why do you like donald trump? >> because he says a lot of the things i am hoping for. get america back like it should be. and-- get rid of the illegal immigrants, people know him, it is not like he is a stranger, nobody, like who?
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when you say donald trump, you know who you talking about. >> reporter: both rubio and bush say that no matter what happens in south carolina, they are moving on, making plans to make appearances in the next few days in nevada. for rubio, it seems clear that he will move forward no matter what. jeb bush, that is a different sort of story. he needs to come either ahead of rubio or very close to rubio to continue to make the case to be a viable candidate. of course, florida is looming large march 15 between the 2 men as well. it will be a great race. reporting from lexington, south carolina, j am jim berry-- i am jim defede. >> florida is always interesting. thank you for the report from south carolina. join us tomorrow night on cbs 4 news at 6:00 i will be here for live coverage of the south carolina primary on cbs 4. hillary clinton has an 8-point lead over bernie sanders in the national poll but after a
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up for grabs in the democrat contest. clinton spent months courting latinos who make up more than 25% of nevada's population, senator sanders is begining to close the gap. the democrat caucuses are tomorrow morning. the republican is on tuesday. look for more on campaign 2016 on the cbs 4 evening news with scott pelley at 6:30. still ahead on cbs 4 news at 6:00, the son of a high-ranking diplomat reaches a deal and a drug rip off that turned deadly. a memorial for a man killed by a police officer is burned. was it intentional? find out what police are saying about that tonight. dan merino is here, the vip tent is filling up and we are getting startd to have a party at sun life stadium. i am rick folbaum. >> i am rudabeh shahbazi. we have a special at 7:00 and
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the dolphins cancer challenge, stay with us. craig setzer, a few clouds this evening, a breeze, maybe spotty sprinkles for tomorrow morning, dolphins cancer challenge, the weather is looking mostly sunny, a gentle breeze and temperatures climbing out of 60s and 70s, a look at
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back, cbs 4 it might have been a drug rip off had it not involved a high ranking diplomat. one son killed, one charged with murder. the youngest will not be going to prison as a result of a plea deal. gary nelson was in the courtroom. >> 15-year-old marc wabafiyebazu dodging what could have been a life sentence for a drug rip off that turned doubly fatal. also in court, his mother, former canadian consul, rock an, in march, marc and jean, his brother went to rip off a dope dealer, in a shoot out marc's older brother was killed but not before he wounded joshua wright, the drug dealer. >> you have to stay in the united states. >> the little brother reached a deal to see him do up to 18
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house arrest and 8 years robation. his muth-- probation. his mother, grateful. >> the mother that is the happiest in the world, because i get to have my son back. um, i would hide if i wouldn't say it would be difficult. >> she would never get her older son back, shot dead in the rip off. >> they called the deal a just one. >> this is a young man with significant redeeming qualities, unfortunately made a horrible decision to hang out with his older brother who was up to no good. >> prosecutors noted the brother wasn't armed and did no shooting. >> gives him a chance to straighten out his life and if he takes the chance, he will go forward. if he fails, he will be harshly punished. >> a second chance for the boy who entangled himself with drugs and murder, a second chance providing he stays straight. >> judge theresa puler warned
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fouls up in boot camp, violates terms of his house arrest and probation, it is off to prison for 60 years. in miami, gary nelson, cbs 4 news. a man shot and killed has been ruled accidental. the fire may have started from a knocked over candle at a memorial site for cory jones, near the exit ramp for i-95 to pga boulevard where jones was killed in october. investigators say an officer in plain clothes shot him 6 times after a confrontation, jones also had a gun but never fired it. the family restored the road side memorial today. a south florida baseball agent who made his name representing cuban baseball player in the major leagues is facing smuggling charges. this is video of seattle mariners martin, hernandez brought him from cuba to the
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they are trying to uncover more than $1 million from hernandez and his sports management company. the old wooden roller coaster visible from the side of i-95 in dania beach will make its final plunge. the 100-foot tall coaster named the hurricane will be disassembled march 15 to make way for a 1 million square foot shopping center called dania point, the hurricane opened in 2000, known as the tallest wuden amuse-- wooden amusement park in florida, the first phase is expected to open in the fall of next year. so long, hurricane. the dolphins cancer challenge gets under way tomorrow at sun life stadium but the kick off party gets started tonight, and cbs 4 news anchor rick folbaum and rudabeh shahbazi are live in miami garden. we are all excited. >> reporter: the party has officially begun, we are in the vip tent, dan merino is here, the president and ceo of the
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all over south florida piling in and getting ready for a really fun night tonight. >> yeah, very fun night. our special is coming up at 7:00, you can see people streaming in since our last hit, filled up in here, people perusing vendors, a wonderful night. >> reporter: this is the kick off party ahead of the ride which is tomorrow morning and it doesn't matter your ability or fitness level, there are all kinds of rides for you, different distances, anywhere from 13 miles, which i think you are taking part in, rudabeh. >> reporter: i am doing the minium >> reporter: that is great. even if you are long distance runner, a hundred miles you can ride, all to raise money for the sillivist ercomprehensive center, the dolphins challenge and cbs 4 proud to be a co-sponsor of this amazing event to raise money for the incredible facility we are so lucky to have in our back yard in south florida.
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and special cause, we are going to hear from so many survivors and family members touched by the disease, a really important message, it means more than just a celebration, a party, and ride. it is in dedication to loved ones or own battles with the disease. >> reporter: it is true, at 7:00 during our special cbs 4 sports anchor jim berry will be talking to dolphins legends, past, and present. all who turned out, the team has a great turn out to take part in this event. we are pleased to be here, a privilege. we have our special coming up late sxr we will toss it back to you in studio. >> what kind of training have you been doing? >> reporter: i want to show you the bike. my friend just brought it for me so this is the first time i have seen it, i will be on it tomorrow for the 13-mile ride and might have to jump on your handle bars. >> i think elliott asked you the training not what color is your bike? >> reporter: we will change the topic, we all know i haven't been training.
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both of us. both of us. >> she has been working hard. >> reporter: i will be watching from home. >> thanks a lot. rick and rudabeh will bring you much more from the big kick off party, join them tonight on cbs 4 at 7:00 and you are not home catch it streaming live on speaking of the dolphins cancer challenge, we have a cycling machine here at cbs 4, craig setzer, you are doing the 100-mile ride and in all seriousness, your mom is fighting cancer right now. >> she was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with lung canc sxr we are hopeful-- cancer and we are hopeful. i appreciate all the thoughts and prayers, i am riding a hundred miles tomorrow and hopefully we will raise a little more money. $3,000 from viewers towards finding a cure for cancer, thank you very much. here is what is going on, radar showing showers into north dade and south sections of broward on the breeze, we talked about the possibility of a few
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here is sun life staid krm-- showers. here is sun life stadium where the event is going on, quick rain drops passing through but not a big deal. heavier showers to the south. everything is moving quickly. live picture from broward camera, clouds thickening, breeze picked up a little bit. taechs mild low 70s. 71 miami, 71 key west, 61% humidity. gusting up to 28 miles an hour, wind gustvise been over 30 miles an hour, west kendall, dear field break, key west, temperatures 60s to the low 70s right now. highs today, normal to 79, about 80s for normal high temperatures, highs today were in the mid 70s and we will see temperatures a little warmer through the weekend into the 80s next week. had been giving us the breeze-- high pressure giving us the breeze, not as windy as today
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the morning hours decreasing later in the day. sunday lots of sun, warm temperatures, next week, monday looking great. plenty of sunshine, warm low 80s. then tuesday, wednesday, and thursday dealing with fronts that will be close to us, so stormy period is possible, beginning tuesday into thursday morning and then turning cooler as we get into the latter part of the day thursday. our forecast for tonight, fairly breezy, quick showers, low 63. tomorrow look for pleasant sun, not as windy, though, high temperature near 77. for boaters winds coming down a bit but seas 4-6 feet. moderate chop. through the weekend looking nice, nice monday but increasing storms tuesday, wednesday, and (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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tonight it seems everybody is at sun life stadium, including jim berry talking about baseball and i can't wait for the seize toon start. -- season to start. >> reporter: can you believe that? we are at sun life stadium, the party is going. a lot of folks will hop on the bike to support the dolphin cancer challenge to kick cancer's butt. the marlins, can you believe it? jupiter for the spart of spring training. baseball season is right around the corner. as we go up to jupiter and show you the video of jose fernandez on the field for day 1 of work
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morning, new skipper don taking stock, excited about the roster. if they go anywhere it will be the help of hernandez, so far everybody is optimistic and believe jose will be good. >> ready to go, a hundred percent, and i am healthy. so the fact that, you know, i had that tommy john and that was in the past. >> another guy with big expectations but, again, you can't go out and win 20, can't win a si-young, can't do anything today other than start the preparation process. >> reporter: meanwhile, the biggest name in jupiter is not a player but a coach, controversial home run king barry bondicize the marlins-- bonds is the marlins hitting coach. he brings baggage and the players say he brings a lot of knowledge, a hitting incyclopedia they all want to
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>> he is a legend, so him on a baseball field is probably a safe spot for him. him as a coach i think will be huge for the team. >> get these guys ready, one thing is for sure he definitely knows how to hit. can't take that away. >> reporter: all star break in atlanta taking on the hawks, who knows what hine up they put on the floor? we know about chris bosh, he is seeking answers to his latest health care and hopes to be back soon, far from a sure thing. his all star buddy, dwayne wade, game time decision and wie scythe is suspend-- wisth is suspended. whoever is on the court, thal will set it up. >> just-- they will set that up. >> just, you know everybody is excited about the second half of
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time has injuries so find a way. >> reporter: that is all they
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big effort, 7:00, the department children and families health a black history month celebration and the guest speaker was cbs 4's very own sports anchor, jim berry. >> i want you viewers to stand up at home, give people a round of applause for all the great work they do for the children in south florida. >> the event was at the center at clod pepper park in north miami, there was a fashion show, presentation by the kid, lots of food and performances and guess what? jim was an impromptu performer, look at him go. light on his feet. jim berry, breaking it down there in north miami.
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thanks for >> pelley: pax romana. >> i think he's a terrific person. >> pelley: trump makes peace with the pope on the eve of a critical weekend for both parties in the presidential race. also tonight, law enforcement's battle for access to the cell phones of criminal suspects. remembering author harper lee, and her american classic. >> it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. >> pelley: and steve hartman, when a young boy summoned the police, they responded in force. >> i didn't know it was going to be this big, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tomorrow could be a turning point in the race for the white house. democrat hillary clinton, who scweekd by in iowa, only to be buried in a new hampshire


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