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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  February 20, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

1:37 am this is south florida's "cbs4 news". ." >> now at 11:00 a former palmetto high teacher arrested accused of having section with an underage -- having sixth sixth with the underage student. he's parent with three married
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>> he wits in jail with a -- sits in jail with a bond. >> reporter: he's in pretrial detention just down the street. he has triplets at home. his wife is pregnant, she teaches school with him at palmetto senior high school. tonight, he's in big trouble. let's take a look. >> this gentleman is a 15-year school teacher. i have his waive who is pregnant. he has -- wife who is pregnant. he has three children at home. >> reporter: 41-year-old jason meyers a blank stair as his life tumbles around him. he's accused of having sexual relations the waste with a 12th grade student -- twice with a 12 grady student. jason meyers will wear an ankle bracelet.
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are unacceptable. the teacher will be term nated. >> it's disgusting. >> it's concerning, you have your kids, they're in school and you expect them to be safe and you have these teacher predators there. >> reporter: palmetto senior high had two caseys in the last years -- cases in the last several acquires. >> sadly he has children and he's married. it's sad he did something like this. >> reporter: we reached to his attorney. no comment. we went to his home, no luck there. >> it's crazy how it was a students he's a teacher. there's no boundaries. he has to respect a my for. >> reporter: he remains in jail tonight. he'll be fitted with that ankle brass let, then he'll go --
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now at 11:00, tonight a miami miami mother is charged with child neglect accused of leaving her child alone inside a burning apartment. she did not try to save the 5- year-old as the little girl screamed in terror. donna joins us life from the miami-dade jail where that mom is locked up tonight. >> reporter: police arrested the three it-year-old mother charging -- 32-year-old mother charging her with child neglect. the firefighter that pulled the little girl out of the apartment told us about it. miami-dade fire rescue had no team to lose after the condos told them they heard a little girl crying inside a burping apartment. the firefighter smashed out the bedroom window and asked his partner to give him a boost. >> she was close enough i could see her with my helmet light.
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and take her out of the dangerous environment, which i did. >> reporter: the little girl was all alone, flames and smoke everywhere. as firefighters treated her with smoke inhalation, the mother took off. the condo association president tells us she was outside smoking a cigarette when the fire started which investigators believe was in the kitchen. >> i'm grateful the situation was such we were able to get her out as quickly as we did. had we taken let's say another three, four minutes, the outcome would have been different. >> reporter: and it's inclear tonight why -- unclear why the mother took off. she remainings here and expected for bond tomorrow. a hearing with the little girl,
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families need to figure out where they're going to put her. today, firefighters rescued several pup pills from a different fire. chopper 4 flew over the scene in miami. miami fire rescue sent us those photos of par medics giving oxygen to some of the puppies. they rescued the dog's mother but at last check, four puppies were missing. it does not appear any people were injured in the fair. the south carolina g.o.p. primary is tomorrow. no two candidates have more at stake than jeb bush and marco rubio. jim joins us live from clooum with a preview -- from columbia with a preview. >> reporter: we're eight hours away from being voting here in south carolina. they say donald trump was in the led with ted cruz in second
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it's a race between marco rubio and jeb bush that's going to capture almost as much attention. as they citizen cross the day of campaigning, it was remarkably close how they sounded. >> i know it's hard to see it now, but the 21st surgery is made for us. >> if you believe like us, we're on the greatest verge of the team to be alive, we need someone in washington that has a servant's heart and focused on making sure people rise up. i ask for your vote on saturday. >> reporter: despite each undercutting the other, the fact that they're delivering the same message underscores the problem for each, they're vying for the same type of voter. >> i'm attorney between jeb and marco.
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the owner at a restaurant. >> will it be marco or jeb? that's the big question. >> reporter: a few tables over, bobby richardson talks about bush fatigue. >> jeb would probably do a good job, but i don't think the country is ready for another bush. that's what's hurting him. >> reporter: up the road in greenville, melanie caldwell said she's voting for bush because of his experience. >> i know jeb has been tried in areas and proven true in what he stands for. marco rubio, i don't know if he's been tested as much. >> reporter: so here's the challenge for both of them. now more marco rubio, the fact he picked up the endorsement of the south carolina governor who is popular swells tim scott, there's a lot of expect 2008s those people behind him --
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behind him he should do well. for jeb bush, there are a lot of reports his campaign is running out of money and having a difficult time moving forward. if he falls far behind rubyio, if he doesn't come close, he'll have a hard time moving forward. for both men, it's a critical contest. caught on camera, a car burglar stealing a gun and phone. this happened last month around northeast 7th avenue. police released this video. you can see a man going through the car unaware the dash cam was recording his every move. you can call 305-471-tips with any information. tonight, we are learning for the first time what a broward sheriff's department told grand juries days before being indicted for
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cbs4 on attend copies of the testimony given by peter. >> reporter: he walked into the grand jury room to apps questions from prosecutors. he testified about july 31st, st, 2013, when he got a call about a man walking in the publishing with a rafele. he was on -- with a rifle. he was on high alert. the prosecutor asked the fact this he may have been a resident walking home at this point in time? no, he replied. they said he's walking into the complex, we can't wait and it's not going to end well. he shouted commands at the victim to stop but he kept walking. the family said it's because he had aero buds in walking home from a pawnshop with his air rifle.
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walking. the officer testified he never saw the guy point the gun at anyone. he was within range with his taser but didn't use it because it's not 100% effective. he fired shot killing mcbean. he thought his gun was real. they were given awards for their action that is day and it created a perception to try to assist by giving an award the prosecutor said, can you understand that, at least that perception? peter said, i understand, yes. during his 15 testimony before grand juries, he testified he never saw aero buds in his ears the day of the shooting. he didn't learn about aero buds until is a story --'re buds until a story came out later
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boy out an upcoming beyonce concert. >> the battle between the justice department and apple heats up. donald trump is weighing in on the privacy issue. >> this a fa mill area sight in your -- familiar sight in your house? if so, what you need to know before you share your swhoots your pooch. >> i'm kate hudson.
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a story making national headlines. a call by the head of the police do you know boycott the upcoming beyonce concert. other leaders are firing back. michelle joins us live from the vep new of the show. >> reporter: april is when the superstar beyonce plays here. >> we're not going to voltairely
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>> reporter: across all media platforms, a grow of war on words police union said it's boycotting beyonce's upcoming concert. they're claiming her super bowl appearance and new music video sent an anti-police message. francis swar resident weighs in with -- swarez ways in with us you tonight. >> the police have a right not to volunteer and beyonce has a right to express herself. >> reporter: the miami community police association is showing a statement imploring the city's leadership to do whatever it necessary to put a stop to mr. ortiz's and techs. saying ortiz's are no longer be allowed a license to destroy the reputation of the one of the finest agencies in the
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miami-dade police tweeting, in order to dispel any rumors. the miami-dade police department is not involved in any boycott. the end of the day you say everybody's got a right to express themselves? >> absolutely. that's the beauty of this country. >> reporter: well, the president of the miami fop says other police unions around the country are following suit for this dmaul a boycott -- call for a boycott. back to you. a justice department firing a new shot at apple. claims apple's refused to corporate with the fbi is just a marketing move. they're depending they unlock an iphone used by one of the attackers of the san bernardino shooting. apple saying they can't do that. they're only concerned about an impact on their reputation. donald trump entering the
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apple. >> i like the idea boycott apple until such time they give that information, i think that's a great idea. >> the justice department forced apple to unlock that phone. where does your pet sleep in this a floor, or your bed in sharing your sheets with your dog or cat might be a good thing. >> but some experts aren't so sure. lauren has more. >> they run the show here. >> reporter: gayle has a spoft spot -- soft spot for dogs. not just in her heart, but also on her bed. >> it's their home. they're second chance dogs and i feel they need to feel comfort for the rest of their lifetime. >> reporter: gayle, a full time volunteer at the human society shares her bed with six dogs. >> one move, the other comes in.
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i never know who is next to me, on top of me, wherever. on the beds on top of the bed, it's wherever they want to go. >> reporter: and she's not alone. viewers like you sent us plenty of photos of your pets under the coves. check out this dog cuddling with its toddler owner. >> i adore them. they show you so just -- so much love and companionship. anything you could ask for. >> reporter: some say pets in the bed are disruptive to your sleep. but a survey found 41% of owners who share their bed find it beneficial. 20% of respond dents admit their pets interrupt their sleep. >> pets are not allowed in the bedroom. we have dogs and cat and they're not allowed back where the bedrooms are.
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veterinarian services says sleeping with your dog could have negative affects. bugs -- flees and bugs and ticks on your dog. they're dirty. >> reporter: if your pets sleep on your bed, wash your sheets frequently. as a board certified surgeon, dr. evans urges you to take precaution your dogs don't get hurt. the jumping on and off the badd bed is back for the spine, and shoulders. a ramp to get on the inted great. and having the times during the day or night that the bed is restricted so that it's not free. they know there are boundaries. >> reporter: for combail, her dogs are her -- gayle her dogs are her babies and they're not going anywhere any time soon. if someone said you can't have your dogs on the bed, what would you say? >> i would sleep on the floor
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>> reporter: it's okay to for your dogs to sleep on the floor. if you want extra comfort, you can put your dog beds out. >> those dogs are so cute. your lila, does she leap with you? >> she sleeps with me every night. >> do you benefit from that? >> i do, she's my family. >> you have a ramp by your bed. >> yes. i had a ramped she didn't use it. maybe when she's older. southwest what's going on outside, it's not a three dog in and out, it's a nice night. temperatures are comfortable. a live picture. 70 in key west. humidity at 55%. beeses gusting earlier at 28 miles per hour. a little rain showers coming through the evening. coral expression, and mime beach all in the mid to upper
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circuits -- upper 60s. tomorrow, the breeze should wind down as we go through the day on sunday. nice and warm. temperatures in the upper 70s. temperatures in the low 80s. tuesday, wednesday and thursday we're going to deal with a complex frontal situation, we'll be on the warm side of it. stormy periods on tuesday and wednesday. for tonight, we're looking for comfortable night. breezy along the beaches. tomorrow, pleasant sunshine not as windy. temperature near 77. for boaters, winds out of the east, northeast 15. moderate chop on the bay. through the weekend into next week, a warm-up. temperatures from the 70s into the mid-80s. the weekend looking great. next chance for thunderstorms
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back to you. kate hudson at the rusty pelican in key biscayne. the actress speaking at the international businesswoman of the year award. she sat down with lisa petrillo to talk about her book, her carry and her famous parents goldie hawn and kurt russell. >> we had a fun childhood. we had very present parents despite their busy schedules, they were really present. now with my brother and all our kids t continues to grow and grow and that's our family's motto, family first. >> reporter: kate, who is a golden globe winner and nom me appearing in films "how to lose a guy in 10 days" among others loves the process of movie making. >> i love making a movies. the thing s there's the finished product. but really, for me making
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and part of what is so great about it is meeting amazing people. it doesn't really matter how the movie ends up. so every experience i've had has been, you know, pretty great. >> reporter: kate's been on a busy tour promoting her new book. >> when a woman feels good about herself, i don't care what she looks like, it's the most magnetic thing in the room. it's really about a hollisic approach to, you know, finding peace with yourself. acceptance and peace. then you get excited about what you're eating cause you feel better and then you get excited about getting stronger because you're worked out at a nice pace. >> she's a businesswoman launching her own athletic line. she charmed the crowd and yours truly, leaving all of us like we just made a new friend.
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you're one of those girls you want to hang with. >> i'm all for it. >> i want to have a cocktail with kate and lisa. >> who doesn't?
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releases new fiction the one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscious. that's a quote from the be love youed author of "killing a mocking bird". it was turned into an oscar wining field. she died in her hometown in
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she was 89. zoo miami's tiger cub came out today with his mom in their first public appearance together since satu's berth in december, his mom, leeloo has been secluded in her den. you can catch them everyday from 1:30 to 2:00 as they'll be
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now home. jim barry with sports. the heat again prove there long on heart with nine players. they whip the hawks in atlanta. the guys who suited up brought their "a" game. roberts best game by far. 19 peanutsed ten assists -- points ten assists. the man tonight, lieu walled, normally a comp men tarry guy, he steps up as a later. the heat win 115 to 111. >> we believe in ourselves and each guy from top to bottom on the roster good for other guys to get an opportunity to step up. hopefully get another win tomorrow night. >> it take as while but the
2:05 am
launches a home run. the opposite way. un leads. ending now. woodry in aiam. he gets out of it with a nice breaking ball. garcia plays in the ninth. hit it if you can. he couldn't. canes win. pitchers and catchers report for spring training duty. the among the arrival, the team's new hitting coach. barry bonds looks eager to fit in. they have a new rule, no facial hair and for some, it's an adjustment. >> i had to look in myself a little bit. my wife gave me a double take. >> i'm afraid i'll look like i'm 16.
2:06 am
it from refraineds family but if that's what -- friends and family but if that's what the boss says, that's what we have to do. >> the dolphins reach you had out to the new receiver from -- reached out to the new receiver about a new deal. the dolphins may have other ideas. that will do it for "cbs4
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"the late show with stephen colbert" is coming up, tonight, chelsea handler. >> join us tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. coverage of the dolphin's cancer challenge. cbs4 is a proud son sore. all the money raised goes to sylvester cancer center. >> announcer: next, a paid presentation from perricone md for cold plasma sub-d, brought to you by guthy renker. cold plasma sub-d is the first-of-its-kind treatment for the area of your body that can actually age you most -- your neck, hosted by network television star courtney thorne-smith and featuring some of the most dramatic before-and-after photos you've ever seen. >> hi, everyone. i'm courtney thorne-smith. don't change the channel, because in the next few minutes, you're gonna learn about a breakthrough product that could help take years off your appearance. but here's the thing -- you don't put it on your face. want to learn more? stay with us.
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yourself in the mirror, does your neck look older than your face? >> the texture just looked like crepe paper, like someone, you know, wrinkled it and gave it back to you. >> it was like, "this is awful. whose neck is that? that doesn't even belong to me." >> announcer: are you seeing more signs of age from the chin down? >> it's like, overnight, i woke up and i saw these dark circles around my neck. and i said, "why are they there, and how can i get rid of them?" >> announcer: you can have a visibly firmer, smoother, sexier neck easily. no crazy gadgets, no drastic procedures. the secret to a younger-looking neck is a breakthrough topical treatment called cold plasma sub-d. >> it made a big difference. it's giving you results -- results you want to see. >> i'm looking in the mirror all the time now, going, "wow!" >> i want to wear a little badge that says "sub-d" -- "neck by sub-d." [ chuckles ] >> this is something that actually works -- actually. i'm so excited. >> announcer: cold plasma sub-d is specifically formulated for the submandibular, which
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board-certified nutritionist, and he's combined his lifelong passion for science and anti-aging solutions into a global prestige skin-care line called perricone md. it was after five years of intense scientific research that dr. perricone was finally able to unlock the secret to a more youthful-looking neck. he carefully selected the very best cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, then figured out a way to suspend those ingredients in a revolutionary delivery system -- one designed to rapidly absorb into the surface of the skin for maximum results. women across the country are raving about cold plasma sub-d. >> when sub-d by dr. perricone came out, there was an instantaneous buzz because it was so needed. and when you can talk to beauty editors and celebrity makeup artists, and they are making reference to it, that's when you know you've got a product that really works.
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inside the sub-d phenomenon with courtney thorne-smith, star of "melrose place," "according to jim," and "two and a half men." >> i am 46 now, and it wasn't that long ago that i noticed i needed something for my neck. so i was thrilled when i found out that dr. perricone was coming out with sub-d, because i thought, "if anybody can do it, he can," and he really has done it. >> announcer: you'll meet dr. perricone himself, and find out why it's taken so long to develop an effective treatment for our necks. >> people ask me, "gee, why has the beauty industry neglected the submandibular region -- chin and neck?" i don't think they've neglected it. i just think they didn't have the solution. >> announcer: he's joined by dana bledsoe, who has been the leading authority on perricone products for 14 years and who, at age 46, personifies the science of aging beautifully. >> what's so extraordinary about this product is its unbelievable delivery system. that's what gives you the dramatic results. >> announcer: and just how much older can your neck make you
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we conduct an experiment with shocking results. >> oh, wow! >> is that the same person? >> announcer: and find out how you can lock in an exclusive one-of-a-kind discount on cold plasma sub-d. plus, for a limited time, get free shipping and get $80 worth of free gifts from perricone md. you don't want to miss this, so stay tuned. >> we've all got different names for it -- double chin, drop zone, turkey neck. one woman called it her gobbler. it's that skin underneath here that used to be the last thing on your mind, but, suddenly, it becomes a problem area. and it seems like there's nothing you can do about it. >> everything looks great up here. makeup, everything is beautiful. but then, down here, below, oh, there's so much stuff going on. >> i was always pretty good about my face and especially moisturizer and especially sunscreen, and somehow it all just sort of stopped right here. so this was very much neglected


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