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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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fo this is south florida's cbs4 news. now at 6. a big night in campaign 2016. the republican presidential candidates are going head-to- head in south carolina's primary and it is a battle between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in nevada. we have the coverage on the trail for campaign 2016. good evening. the polls close in south carolina in one hour, 1237 delegates needed to win the republican nomination. >> donald trump is the front- runner in south carolina. but senator ted cruz has been
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we have got live team coverage beginning with craig boswell live in columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: good evening. ted cruz will address supporters this evening. as you mentioned cruz gaining ground on front-runner donald trump. there is about five points between them in the latest poll. the pressure is increasing on all six remaining republican presidential candidates including jeb bush that briefly mentioned donald trump in a polling place in greenville, south carolina. jeb bush greeted voters at a polling location in greenville south carolina with a message about donald trump. >> he can't win. >> reporter: donald trump is predicting he will take south carolina and then is some. >> i will get a lot of those votes. >> reporter: one palmetto state voter is not sold. >> a little bit afraid he is a >> reporter: ted cruz is going
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working to put him on top. cruz attended the funeral for supreme court justice antonin scalia and john kaisch is campaigning to standing room crowds in massachusetts. >> i will run a positive campaign whether i win or not. >> predicts a showing in south carolina will drive at least one, maybe two candidates out of the race marco rubio is governor haley will help him from the 5th place in new hampshire. >> and while this contest could win over the field it won't completely clear the one for one candidate. delegates are awarded proportionately. winner takes all doesn't begin until march 15th. moving to lexington south carolina. that jim defede is at a polling station. have you seen the voters turning off and if so what are
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>> reporter: we have seen turnoff. we have talked to election officials expecting 40% of the population to turn out and vote on the republican primary. it is a big day. we caught up with a lot of voters and here is a little bit of what they had to say. >> just asked as to why they came to vote and who they voted for. >> mary ann you want to answer that. >> we voted for donald trump. >> i voted for ben carson. >> it is a lot. >> i voted for marco rubio. >> i voted for donald trump. >> make america great again. >> make sure the country gets the way it should run. >> and how is that. >> the way donald trump should run it. >> there is a lot of stuff that is not good but he has the ability to face immigration. >> who did you vote for. >> marco rubio. we need change. >> who do you vote for.
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>> i have to say that governor haley supporting him swayed me. >> people are struggling. >> what did you think of jeb bush? >> i think he is a good man. i really do. i think unfortunately he, yesterday's news. >> jeb bush, is he a factor for you? >> no. we need to move on. >> can you tell me who you voted for? >> marco rubio. >> and why? >> because i think if we can push him forward, he has the best chance of winning. if i had to vote in my heart i would have voted for jeb bush but i don't think he will have the surge. >> i have to tell you that sentiment that woman expressed you are hearing it more. marco rubio seems to be on the upswing. position to have a big night tonight. one that could set him on a new path. as far as jeb bush's path. we are going to have to wait and see, if he finishes 4th or 5th, it is hard to make an argument as to why he should continue in the race.
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jim, that a lot of people are voting for marco rubio. what does that have to do with the endorsement from nikki haley. >> you can underestimate how popular nikki haley is. she is popular and has a grassroots organization. she presents a face that republicans that a lot them like. a new generation of republican voters and when you put her next to marco rubio, and tim scott, the african-american senator from this state, it gives a feeling of a new generation that is coming forward in the republican party and that's a message that resonates well. and i think it has helped marco rubio at the right time. >> let's talk quickly about results from south carolina. at what time can we expect to see them? >> well, the polls close in a little less than an hour. i think we will see results around 8 or 9. it could be similar to what you saw in new hampshire where the first place, you know, maybe decided early and we will have to wait
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and 5th play out. here is the bottom line. if jeb bush does not finish close to marco rubio, he may be done. >> all right. jim defede, live from south carolina. thank you. thank you, jim. we got breaking news. the associated press is reporting that hillary clinton has beat bernie sanders and won the new hampshire caucuses. clinton has won 52% of the vote with nearly 70% of precincts reporting. sanders earned about 4 7%. cbs4 danielle nottingham has the coverage from las vegas. danielle. >> well, after the first two contests hillary clinton is walking away with nevada. she is expected to address her supporters at any moment right now. they have been chanting i'm with her.
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clinton's territory but bernie sanders put up a good fight. >> voters captured the excitement of caucus day in nevada. >> hillary clinton started saturday as she did all week. visiting casino workers on the las vegas strip. clinton held a commanding lead for months in nevada but bernie sanders has closed the gap. >> she will have to fight for it if she wants it. >> reporter: this is the first test for the democratic candidate for minority voters. fernando, a first time caucus goer feels the urgency. >> i can be that .2% that he lost in the last one. >> sanders kicked off the caucus with culinary workers. the vermont senators is hoping for large crowds. >> it is a large turnout and we will do just fine. a low turnout, that may be another story. >> democrats gathered at
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>> it is tight and that's why i am glad to support her. >> unions gave workers a paid two hour break so they could caucus, sanders and clinton spent millions in ads to win the vote. >> now, a loss for bernie sanders could still give the campaign momentum for south carolina and super tuesday. the race ended up being closer than many expected. >> danielle, thank you very much. we will have today's results and complete analysis from jim defede in south carolina on cbs4 at 11. and we're following breaking news out of northwest miami-dade where a child has been shot and killed. >> miami-dade police are telling us the victim is six years old.
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>> reporter: a 6-year-old boy kill and playing outside when a car drove by and opened fire. activity off of 123rd street and 12th avenue. the detectives are out here and the director of miami-dade is out here and filled us in and also the officials in local leaders. you have the mayor and you have commissioners, they are fed up as the neighbors take a listen. >> a 6-year-old boy shot while playing outside the apartments miami-dade. detectives and crime scene evidence and the choppers looking for a possible car and the three men in it that opened fire killing the boy. familily friends that did not want to speak say the parent worked hard to keep him out of trouble making sure he does well in school and plays sports. all of them fed up including miami-dade police director juan perez. >> people are losing their life over stupidity.
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getting a hold of the weapons and they don't know how to shoot. shooting at people. it is needing to stop. >> he is not the target, he was an innocent bystander outside playing what kids do on a weekend and that's shameful. i'm angry, our officers are angry, and the community behind me is angry. hopefully they are angry enough to provide information to lead to the arrest of individuals. >> and here we have some new video just in from jackson memorial hospital where the 6- year-old pronounced dead. also miami-dade superintendent was there saying words to the family. also very outspoken and outraged by the shootings recently involving children.
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director juan perez and mayor carlos jimenez active here. a 6-year-old boy shot and killed. if you have information call crimestoppers 305471 tips reminding you that you can stay anonymous and the director says whoever did this, we will get you. today hundreds gathered in washington d.c. to remember the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. mourners including vice president joe biden and dick cheney and senator ted cruz said goodbye. a flag draped over justice scalia's casket carried in the church. father paul scalia, the justice's son delivered the funeral services. the president defended a visit saying it would further
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countries. it comes after a year after obama administration and cuba made an agreement to restore diplomatics ties. >> i have said that change won't come to cuba overnight. we are starting to see change and progress. the upcoming visit will make president obama the first sitting american president to travel to cuba in 90 years. new information on a woman charged with child neglect. >> police say she left her daughter in a burning apartment. we are hear from the woman's apartment. and barry bonds back in a marlin's uniform. the cbs4 news team takes part in the dolphins cancer challenge.
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we will wrap up the event at sunlight stadium. a win is back. we got a few sprinkles in the radar. if you are heading outdoors probably won't need the umbrellas, they are light.
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is coming right back. a mother charged with child neglect for allegedly leaving her daughter alone inside a burning apartment went before a judge. the judge granted erica row sella a $7500 bond and not allowed to have contact with her daughter.
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when the fire broke out. she made no attempt to save her 5-year-old daughter screaming for help. we spoke with the girl's grandmother that has custody of the child. >> this could have been prevented. i have asked for help when the case was opened and this is something that could have been prevented if my daughter was helped. >> rowsella's daughter was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. the cause of fire is unclear. a man accused of burglarizing a laundromat has been caught. he went through the roof. at one point he uses a bucket as a step stool and falls a second time and then he decides to run away. it happened earlier this month at bubbles laundry near north
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he is facing criminal mischief and burglary.
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is. i'm a bit sore. >> he has had a busy day. >> took a bike ride. the 6th annual dolphins cancer challenge to benefit the sylvester cancer center. started before the death of dolphins legend jim manage. >> and the mad dogs legacy lives on.
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up for a good cause. >> more than 3,000 cancer fighters joined in the battle to ride, run and raise money for cancer research. >> sunlight stadium was the epicenter for the 6th annual dolphins cancer challenge. >> we have raised 6 million- dollars to for the cancer center. it is special. >> some are like george fedco who is now in remission thanks to the help from the doctors at sylvester. he pedaled one hundred miles to join the night. >> it means so much. i can't thank them enough. emotional. a tough fight. once you have had cancer it is difficult for people that don't have cancer but they are supporting me and i thank them because it is a terrible disease and if this research can help correct it, it is
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>> groups from south florida including faces that you may recognize from cbs4 hit the streets to show their support. >> i didn't imagine i would end up with cancer but i did. but just to know that you have the miami dolphins and you have sylvester cancer center that is behind you and they got great doctors from um is a great feeling. >> and when it was all over, the day culminated with a giant party thanks to a concert courtesy after couple grammy award winners. cheryl crow and melissa etheridge. >> what makes the world go around is people. >> it was a great event and you heard mike manage talk about 11- and-a-half million dollars raise and one hundred percent goes to the sylvester cancer center.
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>> and it is great to see the local companies and organizations together. everybody doing their thing. >> dozens and dozens. >> including you two. >> we did it. >> and next year we will get more. >> and next year i will be there. >> and maybe john girardi will join us. sometimes we were pedaling into the wind. >> that's the reason i stayed back today because i was trying to control the best thing i could for you guys. can be in two places at once. but next year i will try. here is the radar and not much going on. notice as the showers develop, they kind of peter out, just a couple of hit and miss spotty sprinkles. alike look from the everglade holiday park with the sun setting and pretty mild temperatures.
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key west. the east wind at 14. the rip current rip is high so you may want to stay out of the water. at 9:00, breezy with a few sprinkles and at midnight, 68 and a few spotty light showers and at 7:00 a.m., breezy and mild with a shower. not expecting anything heavy in terms of the rain. but a few little sneaky showers coming in. temperatures in the mid-70s across south florida and a little bit below 79 which is the normal for this time of the year. really pretty mild across the state. no cold air. 60s and 70s, mostly 70s statewide and you can see the clouds lurking off of the coast with the easterly wind coming in every once in awhile with a few rain drops. the front to the north sagging south with time. watch the moisture forecast. the blues and the greens indicating the moisture things increasing but the bulk goes to tuesday and wednesday and thursday and friday the oranges
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the middle of the week best chances for week. breezy overnight and temperatures down to 67. for the sunday on the breezy side. spotty showers and temperatures up to 77. bumpy out there. bay waters moderate and the rest of the weekend to next week spotty showers. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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is next with sports. welcome back. the hurricanes reign was short- lived. north carolina and the hurricanes brought down to earth. chapel hill rocking. the tar heels using a run to separate themselves from miami. a man size put by bryce johnson. 15 points and boards for the senior. sheldon mcclellan would knock down this three.
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the few shots that the canes hit all afternoon. second half a disaster. unc off and running. johnson with the flush and miami falls 96-71. well, this is what happens when one team plays well and the other team doesn't play well. they had our number from the start to finish. we didn't do anything we planned on doing and carolina was sharp. and we just didn't compete at a high enough level. well good news, bad news for the heat. dwayne wade is out. his mri results came back negative but the team is taking a cautious approach and he will be a cheerleader later and listed as day to day and tip- off set for 7:30. the entire marlins will report on tuesday but not before getting face to face time with the fans. today at fan fest kids ran the bases and meet current and former players and enjoy the
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new hating coach barry bonds making the most noise and questions about steroid use have kept him out of the hall of fame but if you ask him, it is a no-brainer. >> there is not a coach that says i am not one. and until you guys decide to make that final decision and that final decision on your terms but in my heart and soul
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before we >> axelrod: breaking news from nevada, where cbs news now projects a win for hillary clinton in today's democratic caucuses. republicans are casting votes in south carolina, where polls will now. the emotional farewell to scalia. the harrowing final words from the doomed ship "el faro." >> the clock is ticking. >> axelrod: and a suburban village deploying big-city surveillance tactics. is this the town that knows too much? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we begin with a campaign 2016 update from nevada where cbs news projects hillary clinton has defeated bernie sanders in today's democratic caucuses.


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