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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we are following breaking news on the campaign front tonight. trump has one in south carolina with marco rubio and ted cruz a virtually tied for second. another major shakeup in the race for president tonight former florida governor bush has dropped out. donnell trump one of 32% of the vote in the primary. and marco rubio has earned a 22% with 99% of precincts reported. we have live coverage tonight from columbia south carolina. >> reporter: ted cruz addressed his supporters here in columbia south carolina tonight saying the cruise campaign is the only wanted to have beaten
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cruz and rubio in a nailbiter for second and for jeb bush disappointment as he is now dropped out. a cbs news projects trump has one of the south carolina primary. rubio and cruises finished in a virtual tied for second place. >> i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special state. >> jeb bush finished in the bottom three he told supporters this was his last a primary is a 2016 candidate. >> the people have spoken and i respect the decision. so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> south carolina voters said the most important quality is that he shares their values and he said -- and they said the most important issue is terrorism. for crews and rubio a strong finish in south carolina means
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do -- tuesday on march 1st. >> we can stand together with a proven consistent constitutional conservative and bring back morning in america. >> the conservative movement is a sign of a bartender and made from cuba who tonight stand one step closer to being the 45th president of the united states of america. >> trumpet will try to make it three in a row tuesday to stay in the american -- nevada caucuses. as for the delegates they are awarded proportionally on how these candidates to do. if this is a three-man race going forward for quite some time particularly through march 15th these delegates are awarded proportionally which will possibly extend this race well into april possibly even may. here's something to keep in mind. what happens to jeb bush supporters.
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these jet bush supporters support marco rubio. there has been some bad blood between the two campaigns. we have's -- will see going forward. >> tonight jeb bush dropped out of the presidential race bringing an end to a political career that many expected to go further. >> bush earned only about 8% of the vote in south carolina. we covered the former florida governor's first campaign more than 20 years ago and we're live where live at what is now almost certainly his last. >> reporter: today it was an emotional affair here as a jeb bush came out and greeted his supporters and there were a lot of people here who i first met 20 years ago covering the 1994 governor's race. he lost that race as well. he was graceful and he was graceful tonight. >> i am proud of the campaign that we have run to unifier country and to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans in
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the people of iowa and new have spoken and i really respect their decision. so tonight i am suspending my campaign. i congratulate my competitors remaining on the island on their hard-fought. stop just as a contest for the presidency should be because it is a tough job . in this campaign i've stood my ground refusing to bend to the political whims and i want to thank my mom and brother who came here to south carolina. america truly loves them and respects them and so do i. i have have an incredible life and from a public service has been the highlight of that life but no matter what the future holds here's the greatest safety landing that you could imagine. tonight i'm going to sleep with a
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love of my life. thank you for the opportunity to run for the greatest office on the face of the earth. stop i love you all god bless you. >> you can't underestimate how significant this is. jeb bush's career began here in florida. he was supposed to be the son and that was going to move on to the presidency himself he was supposed to be the smart one the one that would go all the way. it wasn't to be. tonight and are going to the polls today i will tell you the same thing i kept hearing over there are a lot of people who wanted to vote for jeb bush today but didn't think he would cruz stop end. for rubio as they thought he could do a better job at
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on the democratic side hillary clinton has beat sanders and one of the nevada caucus. take a look at the numbers . clinton has 152% of the boat -- vote with about 86% of precincts voting. we have more than las vegas. >> reporter: hillary clinton and savored her victory in it in the bat -- nevada democratic caucuses. >> i am so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. >> women voted for clinton 57 to 41%. clinton lost support among voters who value honesty . sanders was also favored among younger women voters. >> i believe that on a super tuesday we have got an excellent chance to win many of those dates.
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the democratic presidential candidates. >> i wanted to put my stamp on bernie getting that close finish may be. >> for some of voters it comes down to electability in november. >> she has been about children and families her whole life and i connect to that and i believe in her. >> thank you all god bless you. >> clinton now has momentum heading into the south carolina primary next week. >> remember to set -- stay with a cbs for news for continuing coverage of the campaign 16. also stay tuned to facing south of florida tomorrow morning. we will be live from south carolina and chat with florida
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it begins at 11:30 on a cbs for. northwest miami-dade a six-year-old boy has been shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. we're live in northwest miami-dade with the developing details. >> reporter: a very busy chaotic day turning into a busy chaotic night as investigators remain here at this import -- apartment complex. let's show you miami-dade investigators scanning for evidence talking to folks out here in this drive-by shooting this afternoon the middle of the afternoon we are told by a very reliable source that it was a shooting between drug dealers who have been fighting this shooting escalating thing and this little boy caught in the crossfire.
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angry the community behind me is angry. it is all hands on deck. >> the police director and detectives from all across the county's want this apartment complex on a 12 avenue saturday . a little boy shot and killed in a drive-by again. they come for evidence of their chopper circling and looking for three men possible and i black three door car two of them opening fire killing six-year-old king carter who was on his way to buy candy at the corner store. >> when you let your kid out to play you do not expect that someone will come shooting up your neighborhood and that your child will be hit. it's a nightmare. >> at the hospital where king was pronounced dead tears hugs and rage. >> somebody saw something somebody heard something because we live in area were everyone talks. >> the parents worked hard to keep them out of trouble. >> i just lost my son a
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gun violence stray bullets. monday morning i will start the campaign is saving our kids and i will do the same thing i do with my kids pick them up from school -- do their homework take them fishing show them how to be real men. >> he was a first grader. the superintendent calls this shooting of a child it too close to home. >> this time rather than hearing with this tragedy from the media or from the police i heard it from my colleagues. for principals and teachers. the aunt of this child happens to be one of miami's finest teachers. >> the code of silence continues to kill children of the most innocent souls in miami. >> we are hunting for you and if
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turn yourself in. >> continuing into a very busy night here as investigators continue to gather evidence speak to folks here at the apartment complex a very reliable source says this is the deadly result of an ongoing escalating fight that's been going on for several days now between drug dealers. this little boy caught in the middle of this fight here. miami-dade county mayor is increasing the crimestoppers reward in hopes of finding the person who shot a little boy. stop the mayor added 20,000 to the 5,000-dollar reward bring the total amount now to $25,000 . >> we had to up at the reward because we need the community's help. the key to stopping this is the community held. before something like this happens a lot of people know where the drug houses are. stop those are the targets. that was getting hit. and criminal activity that's it's getting hit.
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community that know that. we need to have that information. >> if you have any information that could help police call crimestoppers at 305471 tips. still ahead a historic visit visit. >> president obama speaking out today about his trip to cuba. what he said about changes coming to the island. a clumsy cook -- crook caught on camera. the dolphins tackle cancer with a charity ride. the news team was there as thousands made it to the finish line. did elliott make it. will find out. we are watching for your sunday i'll let you know if we will get any rain tomorrow or will it hold off to monday or tuesday.
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your forecast for all of next supreme court justice scalia was laid to rest today. we have more details from washington dc. >> church bells toll for justice scalia as pallbearers care the flag draped casket into the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. father paul scully at the justice is a song presided over the mass and delivered the homily. >> god bless dad with a lover for his family. >> father scalia was on the verge of tears as he talked about his dad loved for love for his wife of 56 years and the couples nine children. >> and two have each other for support that's the greatest
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right now we are particularly grateful for it. >> the funeral service was the first four supreme court of justice held here at the nation's largest roman catholic church. religion was an important part of his life. >> it was a reminder that there are more important things in this life within the in the job he did every day. he was somebody who loved his church and love his country both. >> and he left his friends says dick coleman who went to college and law school with scalia. >> it always gets me when i read something in the media about him being a camera -- curmudgeon. he was the warmest funniest guy i know. >> vice president dick cheney and joe biden and senator ted cruz came together to say goodbye. now to the presidents historic visit to cuba. president obama defended his visit next month saying it will advance his efforts to normalize relations with cuba and improve the lives of cubans on the island.
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economic changes will not come quickly and one analyst we spoke to today degrees. >> this week we made it official. i'm going to cuba. >> in his weekly address to the nation president obama said he's charting the new course of relations with cuba cutting loose what he calls failed policies of the past. >> i believe the best ways to advance american interests and values in the best way to help the cuban people improve their lives is through engagement. >> the president will visit the island march 21st and 22nd with the first lady michelle obama. he will become the first u.s. president to visit cuba since calvin coolidge paid a visit 88 years ago . during the trip he will meet with cuban leader castro and opposition leaders. observers say it may be a step in the right direction as i thought during a visit to cuba last week changes are slow to come. >> you cannot export american values anywhere in the world including cuba. >> while in cuba the president said he will address the cuban
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message for them saturday. >> we will see each other in havana. >> i'll be there covering the trip every step of the way. >> and will be watching. a mother charged with child neglect for allegedly leaving her daughter alone inside a burning apartment right before a judge -- went before judge. she is on a 7,500-dollar bond and said she is not allowed to have contact with her daughter. she was outside her home when the fire broke out thursday night police say she made no attempt to save her 5-year-old daughter who was screaming for help . today we spoke with the girl's girls grandmother who now has custody of the child. >> this could have been prevented. i have asked for help numerous times. it is something that could have been prevented if my daughter was held.
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for smoke inhalation she is expected to be okay the cause of the fire remains unclear. >> -- a man accused of burglarizing a laundromat has been arrested. surveillance video shows this man attempting to get to an office through a roof. you can see them fall to the ground once he makes it there. then he uses a bucket as a stepstool but then fall the second time and runs away. it happens that bubbles laundry near north andrews avenue. he is facing several charges including criminal mischief and burglary. we wrap up today's dolphin and cancer challenge. >> are you sore. >> a little bit.
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th thousands in south florida cycle cycled for good cause during the sixth annual opens cancer challenge. writers including myself took part in several rides ranging from 18 80 miles to 100 miles all ending at sun life stadium. there was also a concert and a five k run fundraiser helps run -- raise money for cancer.
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-- four. greg's mom is battling cancer and he raised more than $3,000 today. >> that is amazing. >> how was the weather today. >> we got some wind. >> all the grass -- best to greg's mom there for a recovery. if you have any outdoor plans for tomorrow it looks like the weather will be like it was today breezy and cloudy and every once in a while a sneaky shower coming in off the ocean. you can see the green blips and blobs on the radar. there may be some sprinkles in a few spot especially down on the beaches. there is a easterly flow of the ocean. 67 degrees at 6:00 a.m. breezy a few sprinkles around the daybreak at 9:00 a.m.
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like a shower and sunshine breaking through. at noon still possibility of showers do nothing heavy it will be breezy and mild temperatures of the near 75. whatever your outdoor plans are tomorrow don't cancel anything . no heavy rain tomorrow just some sprinkles coming through . seventy-one in miami and dropping into the 50s in melbourne and orlando. on the west coast is still 70 at key west . this is what we dealt with today low clouds coming up the ocean with an easterly flow as we head into the new week will be watching this weather system week a cold front to the northwest moving slowly to the south increasing our rain chances a little bit as we headed toward the middle of the week between tonight tomorrow and monday moisture increasing noticed the blues and greens of their. if you want to dry weather you want to see the reds and yellows . as we head into the middle of the week of the best rain chance will be tuesday and wednesday. watch by thursday and friday that's a we get into the yellows and reds. it looks like dryer air returns by thursday and friday.
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with a couple of isolated sprinkles of their temperatures down at 67. for tomorrow still on the breezy side effects actually down by the beach a few spotty light showers coming in temperatures around 77. for boaters the bay water has a
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tomorrow and monday showers miami heat has brought some interesting problems on their hand. the team is now two and zero. waited sitting out against the wizards because of a sore left knee it's a big night for jordan the dragon also chipped in eight helpers.
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fourth quarter lead to 15. white turned down a law but from a kebab and 23 off the bench and he to win by 20. >> it shows how talented our team is. a couple of our brothers are down and guys have stepped about for the offense. >> the number 11 hurricane gets chased out of chapel hill north carolina rocking the rim dwight johnson elevates the senior had a double double an early first half lead sheldon mcclellan tried to shoot miami back into this one but you can't win in the acc when you only hit 42% of your shots as a team. second half another jam from bryce johnson. they get crushed in the battle for first place losing by 252 unc. a big game for the florida panthers.
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the history books. quite the show against the jets panthers down in the second and look who's there for the redirection. yeager. fighting through them traffic he buries a park for a second of the night yeager now stands alone in third place behind wayne gretzky. >> you have to have a great teammate and i did. and i got 20 goals at age 44 think you guys. >> are those at some future marlins running the bases . fans of all ages got to meet current and former marlins players. we're getting ready for spring training. barry bonds at the home run king
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should be in the hall of fame. >> there is not a coach who ever coached me that said i'm not one so you guys decided to make that final decision and that the final decision to be made on
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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that's the news i cried, pretty much all day. >> the grammy aftershocks shaking hollywood. >> there are going to be people who will try to take credit. >> backstage with taylor swift after taking on kanye, as adele admits to a break down. her grammy performance left her in tears. >> and she said she was too sick to perform. we uncover what happened. >> she ran through her entire performance twice before the show. plus lady gaga's transformation, sequin for sequin, feather for feather. and josie. >> there was 50 craftsman working on the dress simultaneously. >> and did gwen stuff on efani reveal that that song was all about her new man? then our exclusive.


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