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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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seems it is a crime to be a child in miami. far too mac many pay the ultimate price. 's -- >> reporter: students are coping with the lost of a first grader blocks away from the school gunned down.>> what happened when you heard what happened to him?>> i started crying.>> reporter: ministers are adding to the reward. eric retton presented this check for $1000 to crimestoppers.>> somebody needs to be brought to justice. it's sad and sickening to my soul that a six-year-old cannot even be outside to play anymore without having to suffer gun violence.>> if someone would just come forward. it's got to stop. is going to be somebody else's child tomorrow. and after that and after that. they have got to come forward.>> reporter: miami-dade police say there were two shooters.
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the reward in this case is up to $26,000 if you can help. call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. peter dench, cbs4 news. team coverage moves to ted scott. tonight, the community is saying that something has to change.>> reporter: people in this elliott -- people in this area are tired, especially when it involves kids so young. this memorial for king carter, stuffed animals all over. notes and flowers left behind. this is the spotty collapsed. a lot of people are looking for ways to stop the violence tonight.>> rest in peace cocking. >> reporter: it is heartbreaking for king carter's aunt to sit at his desk. the boy loved math. tawana could never have imagined she would be morning
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the community needs to stop being silent all the time. everyone is silent until it happens to their family. than they want answers. many in the community clam up, afraid of retaliation. it's a problem alberto -- alberto kabbalah says has to stop. >> we know the code of silence remains to be timehin, -- maim and kill children.>> reporter: lawmakers are trying to get a new law to change that. >> the only way witnesses will talk as if they are protected.>> reporter: in miami gardens, police and social service workers go door-to-door once a month for what they call walking one-stop. they bring solutions to people's front door. they build trust and many times, it pays off. >> we ended up getting a phone call later with information
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wouldn't have gotten if it weren't for that context. they have help to solve numerous crimes. >> reporter: john montesinos hoping for more money to get officers to catch criminals. he wants money to prevent kids from turning to crime.>> we programs. we need money for additional programs in our parks.>> reporter: the crucial element investigators he calls. they need to find out information. if you are afraid to call, a suggestion cadtel your preacher, just make sure the tip makes it to the police. tonight, a political shift in south florida.>> i will probably vote for marco rubio. >> now that jeb bush has bowed out, marco rubio gains support. tonight, the big endorsements in the presidential
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politicians to declare their new allegiance, miami's current members of congress. it's symbols -- signals a united front in marco rubio's favor and sends a message to voters who were supporting jeb bush.>> decides if not come down yet at jeb bush's campaign office, but already, south florida leaders are throwing their support to marco rubio.>> politics is what it is. people get weeded out.>> reporter: now that the candidate who these supporters were backing is out of the race, they have the task of endorsing marco rubio. they were all smiles about it. >> i will probably vote for rubio because i know he is a principled leader.>> the up
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respects the american people, who respects the constitution of this great country, and who can attract new voters to participate in our elections. marco rubio is that candidate.>> the question now, whether bush will endorse sen. rubio.>> how important it is -- important is it that bush endorse rubio? >> gov. bush will obviously do what he thinks is appropriate at the appropriate time. >> reporter: bushes exit makes rubio one of the few standing republican candidates. he spent today campaigning in nevada. >> despite the challenges we face, we have within our reach the opportunity to usher in the greatest era in the history of this country.>> reporter: voters have mixed views on rubio for president.>> he is a good candidate.
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for him.>> marco rubio is not real. >> he is a young guy, very brilliant person. cuban. we endorse him. >> reporter: one person who is never wavered in support of rubio since the day he announced his bid is rubio's friend, lieutenant-governor carlos lopez can tara.>> is this what you predicted?>> i will remind you what rubio said that day. yesterday's over, and we are never going back. that's why we are here. this about tomorrow, and ensuring that marco rubio is the next president of the us. >> while the nation ways to see whether bush will support his former protigi, rubio has endorsements rolling in from outside lorna, including dean heller, tim valente, and a north carolina senator three weeks ahead of that state's
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against hillary clinton. >> i think it's going to be between hillary and myself. they say it will be the largest voter turnout in the history of the united states elections. >> reporter: trump says he expects to clinch enough support for the nomination july. bernie sanders is shown beating clinton. she has 502 delegates to his 70. more than 2300 are needed to clinton could and the race if she wins big. 11 states will vote and 900 delegates will be awarded then. the campaign plans to focus on four super tuesday states. they expect to win his home state of vermont. stay with cbs4 news for continuing
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2016 on air and online. right now, breaking news. police on the scene of a police involved shooting in coral springs. here is the information. this is happening on 84th this is happening on 84th dr. and 14th court. you can see the police units out there. again, police involved shooting. at this location at about 3:00 this afternoon, there were reports of a man barricaded in a home near that area. again, we do not know if it's connected, but there is a police involved shooting and police on the scene in coral springs. we will continue following and bring you the latest information. still ahead, a crook got inside a dealership but was caught by a maintenance worker. wire the two casually walking and talking week we will explain. i am gary nelson. michael hernandez committed one of the most notorious crimes in south florida history.
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him as he came for sentencing again. greg sesser, a beautiful day today,
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don't get used to it the defendant is
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person he was in 2004.>> now at six, judge rasinets is michael hernandez to life in prison with no parole. hernandez killed his middle school friend, when they were both 14. gary nelson has been covering the story since 2004. he joins us live outside the courthouse.>> -- >> reporter: michael hernandez was resentenced because the supreme court ruled that automatic life without parole for minors was unconstitutional. nothing automatic here today, rather very deliberate. michael hernandez came to be rasinets for the murder of his classmate, golf. hernandez admitted stabbing in slashing his friend more than 40 times. the same judge who sentenced
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tone today. >> he aspired to become a serial killer. >> reporter: testimony revealed hernandez had recent prison phone called -- calls with a penpal, talking about music and murder. >> what i received is truly grotesque.>> reporter: hernandez remained fixated with serial killers in prison.>> he said he can't understand why so many mass murderers kill themselves before they can enjoy the glory.>> reporter: hernandez did not sway the judge with his tearful apology. >> the defendant is essentially the same person he was in 2004 the prognosis for rehabilitation is for. orr hernandez sat stoic through the hearing, in contrast to the judge. who composed himself before imposing punishment.
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parole.>> reporter: hernandez did not flinch. golfs president -- parents embrace.>> michael hernandez is a danger for society. >> reporter: hernandez kept a hit list of intended victims. martin was on it. >> it anyone who does this, this proves the system does work.>> reporter: -- at the 25 year mark, hernandez will get a one time, a one time judicial review of his sentence. if it is not reduced then, the only way he will ever come out of prison is feet first. live in miami, garrett nelson, cbs4 news. a south florida
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accused of smuggling players into the country from cuba has pleaded not guilty. hernandez was charged in two indictments. a judge approved $300,000 bail. a man burglarizing a car dealership and westpark. surveillance video shows the thief walking through several unlocked office doors. he was interrupted by a maintenance worker. the man did not realize he was a burglar. anyone with information is asked to call police. let's check in with craig setzer and our weather. we are on a roll and we like it. it is beautiful this evening. a live picture from our biscayne bay camera. looking up to the north there. we have a north bay village and bal harbour up there. a very pleasant evening.
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mid-70s, 75 in miami, 76 ft. lauderdale. humidities are nice and low. a southeast breeze gusting. the breeze is going to come up, temperatures are going to go up. everything is going up by the time we get to wednesday before another big cold front comes through. temperatures in the mid-70s. pembroke pines to miami beast, winds southerly across the area. highs today, normal 70 night -- 79. we were there or better across the area. temperatures hovering right around 79, cooler friday and saturday. a big cooldown coming for thursday, friday, and saturday. highs will probably say in the 60s. lows may touch the upper 40s in a few spots. sunny and warm today, tomorrow will be breezy and warm. spotty showers with temperatures in the low to mid 80s. wednesday will be a big day of change. deepening low-pressure and a strong cold front crossing the gulf of mexico.
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in fact, probably likely. there may be severe weather on wednesday. the tornado threat looks like it will be lower with this type of frontal system going through. after the front passes wednesday, the cold air really comes in. blowing down the polin some of the, much cooler on thursday. that cool air will last as high pressure builds across the golf, giving us that northerly flow. cool temperatures at night. not too bad across the country, cool across the northern us. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. nice and warm in houston. severe weather expected to develop late tonight and starting through tomorrow, continuing into the southeast. here is our forecast for tonight. breezy along the beaches. a low temperature in the upper 60s. tomorrow, a mix of southern
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high right around 83. visibility -- temperature sitting at 73, taking us through the end of the week into the weekend, a couple of warm days. storms will come through wednesday. they could be strong. thursday, much cooler. we will go from 80 60s. lots of sunshine, lows into the 50s. we're not done with winter yet. >> we like it, craig. here's look at what's coming up tonight at 11.>> obviously the price is right. i thought the clothes looked really cute. this really rank smell came out of the bag. it was a mix of mildew or food. i had to go with teeny tiny scissors and cut the whole thing apart. i am no seamstress.>> you see the ads over facebook. great-looking clothes at low prices. what do you really get when you order from those companies? we have a buyer beware warning for you. watch our special report
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jim is here and the miami heat are full of surprises. you never know what to expect. >> right now it's addition by subtraction. how can they beat playing better without their two all- stars? that's the question. wade is feeling better. he might play tonight. no problem for the heat saturday as they knocked off washington a day after whipping atlanta. in those games, the heat pick up the pace. they had no choice.>> we are missing 50 points a game almost. for us to be able to come out and compete the way we did shows a lot about this.
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i didn't know we would score so many points. we were competing on both ends of the four.>> whiteside is back in good graces after dominant return saturday. the big man chewed up wizards, had 25 points and 23 rebounds off the bench. with one more board, whiteside will reach 1000 rebounds quicker than any player in history. that could be cause for celebration. >> it matters, because it's history.>> i'm going to go get a birthday cake. put 1000 almond or something. >> why not? you have earned it. the canes helped a rebound from saturday's spanking in north carolina. that was ugly. they host virginia. the canes slipped to 12 after the loss this weekend. the panthers has one of the three
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the ageless wonder past brett whole for third on the all-time goalscoring list. yagerman now has 742. >> it's awesome. for him to score those two goals and go ahead of whole is unbelievable. >> thank you guys. >> hard to hear, but his 44 and still going strong. how about celebrity golf? rodney brown hanging out as jt has its annual tournament, practicing -- practicing his swing. this is to benefit his foundation, which is done a lot of good in the community. elliott, you're not out there.>> we have to take up golf one of these days.>> it takes too much time.
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ahead, south florida school looks to the future by creating a time capsule. what will be inside when it's opened up in 30 years? that's when jim will be 84. remember, you can tell us what you think about the news. connect with cbs4 on facebook (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing
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a special white house visitor left quite an impression on the first couple with her dance moves. take a look. >> oh my goodness. i want to be like you when i grow up. >> you heard that right. from the president himself, virginia maclaren is 106. she says she never thought she would lead to get inside the white house.
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most of the experience. she danced with the president and first lady. she will not soon forget this day. how adorable is she? finally, a villages marking its anniversary by looking to the future. cindy lerner was joined at a symbolic burial of a tynecastle -- capsule. a copy of today's miami herald, police department patch, and items from local schools were put into the capsule. it will be open in the year 2046. that's our news. thank you for joining us. the cbs evening news with scott kelly is next. look for our headlights tonight at 11. -- headlines tonight at 11. also check out our way of it -- website,
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>> pelley: an uber driver is charged today with six counts of murder in a saturday night shooting spree. also tonight, a top aide is fired for posting a bogus video of rubio. >> every single day comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> drew: why did this mega-bus with 40 passengers burst into flames? >> the bus boomed and then boomed again and you see sparks and flames fly everywhere. >> pelley: and virginia mclaurin waited more than a century for this moment. >> it was the greatest time of my life. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today a driver for uber, the online ride-hailing service, was charged with murdering six people in kalamazoo, michigan.


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