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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  February 23, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

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beautiful, reggie, take us . this is south florida's cbs 4 news. >> i miss my baby boy. now at 11 a community marches for justice in an effort to end the street violence that most recently took the life of an innocent
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>> someone shot and killed six year old king carter yesterday. now they are hoping someone will break the code of silence and lead them to the killer. >> reporter: here's where he went to school, it was a sad day inside of there today but the community tonight marched and they marched with a message, here's the latest. on the street and in numbers, they have had it with gun play that kills kids. moms, dads and kids in the heart of liberty city remembering six year old king carter shot by a straight bullet saturday afternoon. the little boy's death has
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huge turn out to protest the string of crimes. >> the community never responded like this. >> reporter: santonio carter, the bow's father has harsh words for the killers. >> turn yourself in. >> reporter: who ever did it, according to dad, were no gangsters. >> gangsters have more or less and principleses principles and respect. >> reporter: at the park, a of reminder of what a stray bullet can do. >> we to start with them. >> reporter: police are not saying what clues they have
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males this a dark car were seen speeding away from the crime scene on 103rd street. at the park, a call to action. >> welfare to become better parents, we have to become overseers. we have to do what we have to do, the white man never solved the black problem we have to solve our own problems. >> reporter: there is a $26,000 reward for information that leads to the captain you are of the killer of the little boy. >> thank you. we continue our team coverage with a look at the bigger picture of all of the violence and senseless shootings on the south florida streets. >> reporter: local leaders are
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violence against children on several levels they include improving relations between the police and the community, boosting rewards, passing a law at that would protect confidential inform ants and increasing awareness. >> it seems that it's a i'm to be a child in miami. too many are paying the ultimate price. >> reporter: the police believe that someone knows who did it but they are not coming forward. >> someone needs to be brought to justice, it's sad and sickening to my soul that a six
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play any more without having to suffer gun violence. >> reporter: once a month, miami gardens police go door to door getting to know residents and forming bonds that could lead to public cooperation. >> we have gotten information that way. >> reporter: there is work being done in tallahassee by people like representative sears that is promoting a bill that would keep whistle blowers names a secret. >> the only way they will talk is if they are protected. >> reporter: they also want money for after school programs and parks.
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needs to be outraged by the violence until it stops. it's a bad spill. >> tonight three jockeys are recovering interest injuries suffered in this horse race collision at gulfstream park. we have live outside of the track with more. >> reporter: that accident took place on this part of the track behind me on saturday. several horse racing pros that i spoke with said this is one of the worst accidents that they have ever seen. it was the 11th race at gulfstream park and it began like any other, but as the horses prepared for the home stretch, this happened. >> it's a bad spill. >> reporter: horses and jockeys went flying. >> i do not remember the last time i saw an incident this horrible.
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representing top jockeys since the early 1970s. the horse in front of can do went down and then can do went down. >> the helmet was split in two. this could have been worse. the jockey suffered a broken collar bone and broken ribs and internal injuries, another jockey also got thrown. >> he was too close to the other horse. he did hot have time to jump. >> reporter: he suffered a sprained ankle.
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can do after the race. >> it was very emotional. it looked like a nascar wreck. >> reporter: the jockey we interviewed said disiet the sprained ankle he plans to be out here wednesday. the other two jockeys faws longer recoveries. thank you new details on a stand off that ended with an officer shooting a man in coral springs. family members called police to say that 74 year old richard euler was distraught and armed. three hours later when the suspect pointed a gun out the window, police fired at him.
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today adjudge reafilmed a previous sentencing for michael hernandez. >> he continues to be obsessed and fascinated by violent books and music. he has no empathy for the victims and the prognosis for rehabilitation is poor. >> reporter: his first sentence had to be reconsidered when it was ruled that juveniles could mr. held without parole. look at this surveillance video, it's a 15 year old getting hit by a car as he crosses the street in miami. he was with his brother, trying
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the police are looking for the silver four-door mercedes that they believe injured him. >> the vehicle had the green light, they were not at fault but when they committed the hit and run and left the juvenile on the street, that's not right. >> he's recovering at jackson memorial hospital with head trauma and fractures to his face. >> you guys have to be saying this, it's everyday, something comes out of the cruz campaign that is not true. >> marco rubio firing back as a ted cruz campaign staffer is fired for lying.
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murdering spree confesses to in court. >> plus, you have seen the ads all over face book. great looking clothes at low prices but what do you get when you order from those foreign companies.
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>> the radar is starti i will proudly vote for marco rubio because i know that he's a pris -- principalled leader. senator rubio thankful for the endorsements of prominent
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thanking the campaign of ted cruz, they are in damage control after firing a staffer after making up a story questioning marco rubio's faith. >> this campaign continually does things that they have to apologize for and they are never held accountable. the campaign just lies. >> ted cruz's top spokesman is out of a job. he put out a video of marco rubio reading a bible but riek tyler posted a posting on rubio's faith.
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to draw the line and stop giving his opponents more ammunition. >> we will conduct the campaign with the highest standards of integrity. >> cruz said that the manager had made a huge error in judgment. the bitterness between the three campaigns has deepened. rubio released a new ad lumping cruz and trump tooght. trump, in the meantime ignored rubio crow and focused his fire on ted cruz. he called him the biggest liar in politics. it's a label they hope sticks. >> the republican caucuses are tomorrow. stay with cbs four miami and
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for complete coverage of campaign 2016. the suspect in the shooting ram paneling has confessed. he told investigators that he took people's lives. six people died in michigan over the weekend. jays dal jay doll -- jason dalton was driving for uber in between the killings. these fewer people have been arrested in palm coast for a fight that broke out over garlic knots. police said the woman demanded her money back and then three
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knocked over the register and threw food and pizza boxes. you see the ads on face book. great looking clothes at low prices, but what do you really get when you order those clothes clothes? >> reporter: scrolling thu face book, an ad for rose gallon caught this womans eye. she ordered a sweater for $23. it took a month to get to dallas. >> it smelled really bad.
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>> reporter: it fit tighter than she wanted. >> i will never order from them again. >> reporter: i found several complaints about rose gal and other companies. >> this is cute. >> reporter: i wept to four cites that advertised all over face book. i picked a black shirt and leather jacket for $16 from rose gal. a yellow dress from she in. i paid extra for expedited shipping. >> the stitching is already coming undone.
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looks like on compared to the picture on the cite. the first thing that i noticed is the material. it's fake leather. now for the red wool coat. >> the stitching is coming undone. right away, i am worried i am img to bust through this. the sleeves are too short. also it's called a wool coat but this looks like felt. this is sewn on and this is not. >> reporter: the black shirt was next. >> it's supposed to be longer, and is a little tight. >> reporter: lastly the yellow dress.
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tight to show on tv. the other strange thing action they sent an identical dress as this one. >> reporter: abby was not surprised to hear our results. >> i will not go down that road again. >> we reached out to face book and a spokesman said face book prohibits advertisements that are false and misleading. we are investigating these claims and if we discover violations we will take appropriate actions. >> at least she got them. >> i was going to order food off of face book. not new. >> it's a nice evening out
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this is our live picture from downtown fort lauderdale. miami 74, 73 in key west. humidity levels come up as we go through the night. winds at 25 miles per hour. breeze starting to pickup a bit along the coast. high temperatures today, normal at 79. we will see mid 80s tomorrow and wednesday before the return of winter later in the week. so here's the radar, showers in the south. warm breeze, some spotty
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we are ahead of the cold front. i think that the tornado potential for south florida is low. then the front comes through late wednesday and early thursday. after highs in the 80s, we will struggle to get into the 70s and then the weekend could get close to the 40s at night. nice night tonight. tomorrow the showers overspread of rest of south florida. highs are near 80 during the day. chop kru conditions into the bays. storms are likely wednesday with gusty winds and thursday and friday it's the return of winter. >> thank you. a 160 year old woman dances her
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>> wail until you hear you know i have not had a chance to eat breakfast. >> what an amazing couple of days it's been for a 106 year old woman. she's world famous ever since the white house posted this video of her meeting the president and first lady. >> i want to be like you when i grow up. >> are you dancing, come on. >> you cannot get over it.
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it was one of the best things i have done, to meet a black president. >> i love her. she was invited to the white house for plaque history month. you -- (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales p and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about
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we have sports. the basketball teams redeemed themselves. davon reed scores 21, but it's not over. fiem play, here comes virginia, rodriguez forces a bad shot and they got the win. >> we got knocked down big time on saturday. you have to get back up and
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of, i thought that we did that tonight. >> they did. the unpredictable heat win their third straight. wade back in action with a sore knee. this pass to white side to take the lead. still they are in trouble in the fourth when turner swoops in for this foul. heat down three but they force ot and that's when wade gets it going, he makes the plays when they count the most. then with the game in hand, they cut loose. this guys moves almost as good as the 106 year old laid who danced with the first family. the heat win.
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38 to 39% and you find a way to win, these things are how you play the game. >> tonight in atlanta curry looks like the harlem globetrotters. warriors build a big lead but the hawks fight back. thompson buries one of his five/three (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates.
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