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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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simeon boy 10 was the man who left him with head trauma, collapsed lung and broken bones on 22nd ave. near 79th st. he has powerful relatives. his cousin is that miami commissioner hardin.>>no one has to convince him of doing anything. when he let our family now he was going to the situation. we encouraged him to do the right thing that he did.>>his cousin has had previous run-ins with the law, including convictions for drugs, he was raised properly. tonight, now that he knows what he did, coming as it was wrong, he is facing consequences. >>reporter: a look at his facebook page , showing post after javier was hit reading. damn i really expletive up. the boy went to the hospital and tried to console his aunt
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teenager. javier's grandmother who has custody of the young man said she is concerned if boykin will be treated like anyone else. >> if he is going to be treated differently because his related to a commissioner. is he going to pay the consequences of his actions? >>reporter: i spoke with the alcala says boykin was driving with a suspended license on this accident happened in the other question is, who the silver mercedes belongs to. the commissioner said it does not belong to his cousin. police have identified boykin as a suspect. they have not released specific details about the charges. we have our eye on the storm tonight and a warm and rainy day for parts of south florida. >> this is what downtown miami
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our chief meteorologist craig setser is here. is this the start of some changes coming our way? spend cold changes coming. showers moving up across downtown miami and miami beach towards adventure a. we saw some widespread rain dumping some pretty good. rainfall amounts. locations picking up half an inch. also into parkland and when gus in a 30 mile an hour range. we are at warm and humid air and parts of louisiana and mississippi and alabama and this cold front will come through tomorrow night. ahead of it. we will see a few showers. the future radar showing things are looking okay tomorrow until later in the day. right now the tornado threat for south florida is low.
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isolated winds coming through tomorrow. , you can track the weather where you are, any time. download the app to your iphone or android you can find in the itunes store. the google play store. this is about closing a chapter in our history. >> about to close the detention center at guantanamo bay. >> we should not be releasing the people that are there now. student the new political fight brewing over the president's closure plan. student the president promised to close the detention center. while he was campaigning for office for the first time back in 2008. with a lot of his plans. he is saying opposition from members of congress. elliott rodriguez is in the control room with more on the president's plan.
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>> obama's of filling his campaign promise to close the guantanamo prison camp and he is receiving opposition from republicans running for white house. he announced his long-awaited plant to close guantanamo saying it makes sense in fighting the war on terror. >> is counterproductive to our fight against terror because the use of this propaganda in their efforts to recruit. moreover, keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. >> they are 91 detainees left with a third cleared for transfers to other countries, 56 would be moved to the us, including accused 9/11 mastermind. the white house said it will cost as much. as for hundred 75 million to move them and renovate or build a new facility, but it will save 85 million a year in operating costs. >> we can ensure our security, upholder highest values around the world and save american
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process. set the administration identified 30 locations in the us, including south carolina, kansas and colorado. lawmakers from those states have opposed the move along with republican leaders and republicans running for the white house. smith this makes no sense. ---- >> this makes no sense. we should not be releasing people that are there now. spinach us today, pres. obama announced his plan to try to shut down guantanamo terrorist detention facilities. let me say this, mr. pres., don't shut down guantanamo, expanded. student the white house is urging congress to act before mr. obama leaves office, but there is little sign of
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>>house speaker paul ryan issued a statements they say congress will not change existing laws to allow terror detainees on american soil. so the president will have opposition, both chambers of congress, but you can see his entire state meant online. just go to the homepage of cbs elliott rodriguez cbs news. our coverage of the story does not end here. gary nelson will have more reaction to the president's plan, coming up on the track five news at 6 pm. and we are headed to cuba next month when obama makes this historic visit there. look for our life reports march 21 and 22nd. right here on cbs4. we are over the turnpike and you can see there is a bit of an accident. the box truck looks like a crosstab the median.
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both sides. traffic is impacted going to both directions. this is north of some light stadium. you can see the traffic backed up in both directions. as a result of this crash on the turnpike. we will keep you posted. republicans heading to caucuses in nevada tonight. donald trump is the clear favorite, but nevada voters have been unpredictable the past. daniel nottingham is live in las vegas with more. >>reporter: is a big night for the top three candidates. trump is trying to expand his lead. rubio is trying to prove he belongs in this race andthis happening to rebound after having to fire a top aide. marco rubio was up early this morning looking for a surprise win in tonight's caucuses.
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know that i will let that they spend more money attacking me than any other republican. >>reporter: rubio griffin las vegas and has plenty of support here. >> he can bring our country together right outfit at >>reporter: but trails donald trump by double digits. he is not fazed. but treachery five is looking to get back on track after he fired his communication director after beating a false news story that rubio. it did not take long for trump to attack. some of this guy ted cruz lies more than any human being. i have ever dealt with. >>reporter: delegates are up for grabs in tonight's caucuses. we are live at one of the sides of tonight's caucuses, a high school las vegas.
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and keep in mind that carson and john k-6 are still on this race. live in las vegas. daniel nottingham cbs4 that is. sanders that the campaign trail today. he held a rally where he talked about and will supply of money and his opponents. >> the only way we take them on his own we do not allow the trumps of the world to divide us up. he also picked up a new endorsement. spike lee releasing a pro sanders added carolina today. clinton spend the day out of the public eye. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. a scare today. ricks truck driver with the vehicle ran into some trouble. smoke started coming out of the truck near nw.
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at 36 street. you can see police officers rushing to the scene as a precaution. brinks such another truck so the money was offloaded off of the broken vehicle onto the other vehicle. nobody was hurt. new video into the newsroom. surveillance video capturing the moment when a plane crash landed on the road in california. it hit five vehicles when it went down yesterday afternoon. you can hear the pilot get out of the plane. he was not hurt. why it went down is under investigation tonight. fire tearing through an apartment building. how a drone was used by firefighters. next at a live report. information on a woman critically hurt by a roommate that she found on craigslist. what her mom told us after the
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new details about the impact this fire had on people living in a apartment complex in lauderhill. joan murray is live on the scene with what sparked the fire. >>reporter: 23 people for step. we're in front of the building that caught fire about 7:30 am.
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enforcement has been here and they put those dreaded orange stickers on six units saying they are uninhabitable. tonight the red cross is helping nearly 2 dozen people. it was a fast-moving fire that started in the first floor apartment of the fairways complex. the flames shot through a roof of a second-floor unit and thick smoke blanketed the building.>> i was so scared because the smoke and fire were spreading so fast. >>reporter: juliet white grabbed her nine-year-old daughter and ran for their apartment. firefighters say this man is responsible. they say he left a hot iron unattended helen he returned a fire was burning. the spiraled out of control. >> we had to get everyone out of the structure. >>reporter: fire and rescue satay drawn out to assess damage. these are pictures showing a
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everything outside destroyed. the red cross is helping six families, a total of 23 people displaced. carmen was over want to find herself homeless. >> i have never involved with something like this before. i can't go back and i get my stuff. >>reporter: others are grateful. everyone made it out alive. >> . it's devastating. it's not good to see everyone out of their home are without their precious valuables. but everyone is alive and that's the greatest part. thank god for that. >>reporter: so the fire department ruling this accidental because of the hot iron left funded-unattended. the red cross is helping people to shelter for three days. after that they will have to depend on relatives or other sources of help. funeral arrangements have
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gunned down near his home in northwest miami-dade. authorities say carter was playing outside on saturday when he was stroke by a bullet. police are still looking for the gunmen responsible for the boys murder. this friday friendship missionary baptist church starting up for p.m. starting up for p.m. his funeral will be saturday on nw. 135th st. in miami at 2 pm. there is a $26,000 reward for anyone who can lead police to if you have any information you are urged to call miami-dade crimestoppers. a 15-year-old girls facing several charges after police say she set up her ex-boyfriend to be robbed. tonya gordon appeared before a judge presciently lured her ex- boyfriend to her home in miami gardens under the pretense they were going to fix the relationship.
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he was beaten and kidnapped and was able to escape and call police. gordon was arrested along with three other people. mmi woman remains in a coma after she was attacked by remission count on craigslist. danielle jones had been at the ryder trauma center since valentine's day her mother said she has severe brain trauma and is fighting for her life.>> there is nothing doctors can do at this point they can't give me any promises. it's in god's hands and we have to put our trust in god. it certainly hope right now. estimate police say her attacker was byron mitchell, who is locked up without bond charged with attempted murder. strikes storms in new orleans. three waterspouts touching down right next to each other.
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to form a massive whirlwind. thankfully, it never made it onto land. >>that's part of the severe weather outbreak going on there right now. this tornado watches a dangerous situation. you can see new orleans in the middle. the red area parts of mississippi and alabama as well as the florida panhandle, there's a threat for large and dangerous tornadoes. you can see segments of thunderstorms and some swirls on the thunderstorms is a lot of favorable wind shear and a very strong upper-level system coming across a high threat for damaging tornadoes as we go through the night closer to home. i have some showers this is our the camera no severe weather, just some heavy downpours from
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77 in miami and 77 in fort lauderdale and key west. humidity has returned. south and southeast breezes that 10 gusting to 28 10 gusting to 20 8/2 an inch of rain coming in. we have some showers coming in the tournament and some brief downpours a problem with the evening commute. other than that it's mostly dry for the time being. here's a situation. deep low-pressure in texas. a tornado underway in the deep south. we are ahead of the cold front tomorrow. breezy, warm was storms later that day and into the evening hours and those storms could contain so strong winds but the cold front passes through much cooler thursday friday and saturday, with daytime highs in the 60s and overnight lows in
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a reminder that technically it's still winter. a few showers tonight and tomorrow, breezy and warm with storms later in the day. the best chance for storms will be after 3 pm and strong and damaging winds but it will weaken. into the weekend, one more warm day was storms late in the day. highs in the 60s for friday and saturday and lows in the 40s. it's still possible we could get winter here. back to you. strive breaking news, no information on the house athlete supreme court. scalia. he suffered from obesity, heart
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ailments probably contributed to his sudden death. he was found dead earlier this month at a ranch in west texas. he was 79 years old. a scare for window washers in new york city. the men were trapped on scaffolding for about an hour. 62 floors up at eight midtown manhattan high-rise building for their replacing glass panels and i got stuck. firefighters were able to bring them in safely three window. tonight. norm. but can a review go too far? >> as mean as people can be you have a right to be in this country. this is not china, north korea, or cuba. i hate you, you set, this pizza stinks, you're ugly. that's the stupidest dog have ever seen in my life. those are opinions. the man understand the first amendment is you are entitled
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set the south florida man is a web designer and at the center of a defamation lawsuit involving a local veterinarian. david said that talks to the expert about what you need to know before you press submits you are not accused of crossing the line. watching ruined by a review tonight at 11 pm. see may very interesting. to make a naked woman causes a problem for police on a south florida expressway. the new concerns about >>reporter: spreading through sex. stick a 13-year-old youngster tries to steal a car at gunpoint . his shot by one of his intended victims. more on that story coming up. the price is right in the close looked cute. i opened it and a rank smell
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set great-looking clos there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah!
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when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me? (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard,
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needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. , you might want to be careful the next time you bite into a mars candy bar. the company is recalling candy bars and 55 countries because some of them may contain pieces
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mars, snickers and milky way with dates before june and october 2016. mars said the candy should not be eaten.>> the secret ingredient. great-looking close at really low prices. >> what you get when you order from the overseas companies? a reporter from our sister station in dallas reveals that she found. >> my favorite room is the sale, rent. >>reporter: abby usually writes about kids and stuff. oh, she finds a good deal . she has to share it. >> i am about finding good bargains and cute) >>reporter: scrolling through facebook and add caught her eye. she ordered a cream the black aztecs weather for $23 in october. it took a month to get to dallas. ; open did a really rank smell came out of the bag. it was a mix of mildew or food.
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in the front. >> i had to get teeny tiny scissors and cut the whole thing apart. >>reporter: it fit tighter than she wanted. i found the thousands of complaints about rose gala another heavy facebook advertisers for the overseas companies are accused of using fake pictures, misleading customers about shipping times and not giving refunds unless reviewers takedown negative posts. i went to size that advertise all over facebook. i picked a black shirt and leather jacket for $16 from rose gala, al address for $23 from she ub and a red coat for $14 and i paid expedited shipping on each order. almost all of it arrived within a few weeks.
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the stitching is coming undone. it looks much more plastic than the picture. balanced look what it--alice he would looks like on. the first thing i noticed come with the material. it looks like fake leather. the jacket of the picture does not. her caller stays up and look structured. mine flops down. now for the red coat. the stitching is coming undone. right away i am worried i'm going to best through this like the hulk. the sleeves are too short. it's called a wool coat but this looks like felt and we have this sewn on. this is not. and really, it looks less-way less structured. the black shirt was an expert is best to be longer this is a medium and its tight.
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it's too short and to tight to show on tv. just take my word for it. the colors off compared to the picture per the other strange thing, they sent me an identical dress come the same color and size and style as a son. abby was not surprised to hear about our results. she is thinking of sticking with stores or she can see and smell the close before she buys them.>>i don't think i'm going to go down that road again. stack we reached out to facebook and a spokesman told us facebook prohibits advertisements that are deceptive, false or misleading, including offers and business practices. facebook is investigating the claims that they discover violations they will take appropriate action. so make a crime, a veteran police detective is: alarming and friday. people nearly carjacked. 13-year-old was the one who tried to steal their car gunpoint.
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out a gun, a shot the juvenile his hospitalized in facing charges. we are live in north miami beach with the story. tonight's 13-year-old should have been in bed on a school night. instead, they found him lying on the ground. they bullet wound to the upper part of the summit. the three people. he was with may be juveniles. >> used to be very quiet neighborhood, but not anymore. >>reporter: eduardo fernandez woke up after a 13-year-old was shot on 16th ave. their hundred 58 street. bullet holes in the front passenger side of the car show where police say a 25-year-old clark pulled out a gun and fired it. after the driver, a 28-year-old alerted him that the juvenile was approaching their car. she thought he was going to beg for money. >> the driver saw the suspect


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