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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  February 25, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

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>> steffy: it' s pretty incredible that you grew up in this house. and now you' re living here with your new bride, a baby on the way. grandma would be so proud. >> ridge: yeah, and she would be thrilled that you'
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>> steffy: are you sure that' s okay? ' cause i don' t -- i don' t want to intrude on you and caroline at all. >> ridge: no, no, no. i' m honored, and caroline likes the idea. >> steffy: i just thought i' d be living with liam for the rest of my life. but he' s gone, we' re not together, and i don' t -- i don' t want to live there anymore. >> ridge: well, you' re where you' re supposed to be, and i' m very happy. >> steffy: thanks, dad. >> ridge: so, you and wyatt, huh? >> steffy: yeah. >> ridge: how' s that going? >> steffy: it' s good. it' s actually really good. >> ridge: but you' re not over liam, are you? i' ve been there before. it' s hard, you know. you care about two people, but you know what? at the end of the day, you' re gonna have to make a decision. you can only hold on to one. who' s it gonna be? liam or wyatt? [ rain pattering ] >> quinn: shh, shh, shh, shh, shh! shh, shh! keep your voice down. he' s resting. i told you. see, he'
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s not feeling well. >> wyatt: what? look at you! wow! >> quinn: shh, shh. >> wyatt: i have never seen you so nervous. this guy' s obviously made quite an impression on you. >> quinn: [ chuckles ] >> wyatt: [ chuckles ] >> brooke: he can' t do that! >> rick: he already did. all of ridge' s stuff is moved in. >> zende: wait, so he and caroline are now living at granddad' s now? >> maya: it looks that way. >> brooke: but that' s your house. did he ever stop to think that that' s where you' re gonna want to raise the baby? >> maya: [ scoffs ] >> rick: yeah, well, not anymore. i refuse to live in a house with him. >> brooke: [ sighs ] i can' t believe he' s doing this all because of a portrait. >> nicole: wait, so if that' s not our home anymore, where are
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>> brooke: your father won' t be okay with this when he finds out. >> rick: he already knows. once again ridge has succeeded at manipulating dad. >> maya: i' m sure it' s difficult for eric to be caught in the middle. >> zende: wait, i thought ridge had a loft in venice. >> rick: oh, he does. guess he got tired of it, so he hatched this plan. >> nicole: what do you mean? >> rick: he took maya' s portrait off the wall, replaced it with stephanie' s. i made it clear that i' m not stepping foot in that house until maya' s portrait is back up there. guess what he does. doesn' t put it back up. >> brooke: he was staking his claim knowing you wouldn' t want to live there. >> rick: well, it'
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he used stephanie' s portrait to get maya and me out so he and caroline could move in. >> ridge: you got to go after what you want in life. >> steffy: what i really want, i just... i just want to be with my family. i want to move in here and i want to spend time with you and i want to spend time with granddad and thomas. that' s exactly what i need right now. >> ridge: good. and we' re here to support that. we' re -- we' re gonna be here for you no matter what. >> steffy: i mean, wyatt -- he' s been amazing. he' s been incredibly supportive. i just keep thinking about liam and like how he disappeared. i call him, i text him, i... >> ridge: all right, well... i don' t know, i just -- i think you' re probably gonna have to make a choice between the two of them. >> steffy: yeah. but what i want is to talk to him. i want to talk to liam face to face. [ rain pattering ] >> quinn: look, adam' s sick, and i don' t want you catching anything, so i will call you later. >> wyatt: are you kicking me out? >> quinn: yeah. >> wyatt: i just got here! >> quinn: i know.
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i will have you over for dinner, uh, next -- next week, next month. uh, something. >> wyatt: okay, fine. >> quinn: okay. >> wyatt: have fun with your mystery guy. >> quinn: okay. okay, okay. [ exhales ] [ exhales deeply ] [ exhales ] [ rain pattering ] hey. you feeling better? >> liam: uh, shouldn' t have gotten up. >> quinn: no. no. [ pattering stops ] you shouldn' t have. that was a close call. there are a lot of ways to pack your breakfast with protein. but the most delicious way is to just add milk. new nature valley cereals. at least 10 grams of protein with milk, and a touch of sweetness for three new ways to power you
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>> ridge: yeah, the best thing for her, you know. she' s still not over liam. >> caroline: i can' t say that i blame her. i mean, he did kind of leave her without an explanation. >> ridge: it' s kind of weird, right? we just got to be there for her. just keep -- keep her mind off of things. maybe we should have, um, game night, play pool. >> caroline: oh! that' ll be fun. be one big, happy family. >> ridge: yeah. >> caroline: yeah. >> ridge: mom loved this house. you look around, every piece of furniture, every dish, every -- everything here, every rose bush, it' s all her. it' s part of it, you know? and this portrait' s there to keep her memory alive. if ricky doesn' t get that, that' s his problem, not ours. >> brooke: like i said, move in here. you' re welcome to stay for as long as you want. and you, too, nicole. i don'
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a thing. >> nicole: really? >> brooke: of course. ' cause that' s kind of been the plan all along -- to stay as close to rick and maya as possible. >> maya: and you will be, because we are not letting you out of our sight. >> brooke: and you' too, zende. >> zende: thank you. i haven' t been kicked out yet. you know, fingers crossed. >> rick: you might want to keep a bag packed. >> maya: ah. i think that things in life happen for a reason. rick always talks about wanting more time, and it' s an know each other. >> brooke: and this house has been so lonely and quiet for the last few years. it' ll be nice to have the love and laughter back in it. >> nicole: [ chuckles ] >> brooke: and the sounds of a beautiful, little baby. >> nicole: you mean screaming and wailing at 4:00 a.m.? >> brooke: [ laughs ] yeah. my heart melts just thinking about it. >> maya: okay. then it' s settled. this is where we' re supposed to be. and we can all still be together for nicole' s pregnancy. >> rick: yeah. >> maya: thank you, brooke. it means so much. >> brooke: yeah, i' m excited about this. this is great. i'
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journey with all of you. there' s nothing more important and more exciting than bringing a brand new baby into this world. [ birds chirping ] [ door opens ] >> wyatt: hey. >> steffy: hey. >> wyatt: i was beginning to think i was the only one here. >> steffy: uh, no, it' s basically just us. everyone else is left dealing with, uh, the old family drama. >> wyatt: [ gasps ] there' s drama? >> steffy: when isn' t there? >> wyatt: is it bad? >> steffy: uh, depends on who you ask. >> wyatt: can i guess? >> steffy: have at it. >> wyatt: thomas slept with another intern. [ gasps ] shocker. >> steffy: nope. no. uh, well, not that i' m aware of. >> wyatt: okay. let me guess again. pam cheated on charlie with someone from her cooking club? >> steffy: no, no. uh, rick is mad at my dad for taking maya' s portrait down and putting my grandmother' s up, so
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and now my dad and caroline are living there, and i' ve decided to move in, too. >> wyatt: what? wow. >> steffy: yeah. >> wyatt: yeah, i never would have guessed any of that. >> steffy: yeah, me neither, but it' s happening. and yeah, rick and maya, they aren' t too thrilled. >> wyatt: i' d imagine not. >> steffy: mnh-mnh. >> wyatt: what about you? are you okay living at that teeny, tiny, little castle on the hill? >> steffy: oh, just so terrible. >> wyatt: yeah? >> steffy: [ sighs ] it would just be weird living at liam' s. >> wyatt: hey, i get it. trust me. >> steffy: yeah. it' s nice to spend time with my family. >> wyatt: i think it' s a great idea. >> steffy: mm-hmm. >> wyatt: i do. but, i mean, the beach is pretty nice, too, you know -- the sunsets and the men. i mean, the men. >> steffy: oh, yeah, the men. >> wyatt: like -- yeah. >> steffy: yeah, i like the beach. >> wyatt: yeah? >> steffy: i' m still gonna be spending a lot of time at the beach. >> wyatt: you could spend all the time you want at the beach. i mean, think about it. if you stay with me... it'
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liam, wherever he is. >> quinn: feeling better? >> liam: yeah. yeah. >> quinn: can' t have you getting up like that. i don' t want you to get hurt. >> liam: okay. >> quinn: can i get you something to drink? >> liam: uh, water, please. >> quinn: okay. >> liam: yeah. hey, i heard something earlier. you were -- you were talking to someone in the other room?
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>> rick: you know, maya' s right. >> maya: mm-hmm. >> rick: [ laughs ] as usual. let' s -- let' s make this a positive. let' s just forget about ridge. i' m so lucky to be in this situation. i' ve had dreams about being a father for -- for so long now, but it never worked out. and the fact that nicole is carrying our baby and we are all living under the same roof, the house that i was raised in... it' s a tremendous gift, mom. thank you. thank you for supporting us. >> brooke: oh, honey. i should be thanking you. what grandma wouldn' t want to spend each and every day with their grandbaby, right? >> rick: sounds like we got a built-in babysitter. >> nicole: uh, hello? what about me? >> maya: oh, you, too, auntie. >> nicole: uh-huh. bet zende' s even up for some babysitting. >> zende: yeah, of course. [ chuckles ] >> rick: may i?
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go for it. >> rick: ooh! [ laughs ] oh, wait. what? did i just hear "dada"? >> nicole: [ chuckles ] >> maya: wait a sec. the baby' s talking already? well, in that case, hi, baby! it' s mama! >> zende: what are you waiting for? get up there. you can do this, nicole. you' re happy? >> nicole: i guess i am. >> zende: i guess it' s not your fault some guy wanted to kiss you. it' s my fault for not doing it sooner. >> maya: this baby is gonna be adored by so many people.
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thank you for making this sacrifice. >> caroline: i feel bad for steffy. like, the position that she' s in, ' cause she clearly misses liam. but she and wyatt have been spending a lot of time together. >> ridge: and it sounds like there' s some real potential there, you know. she really cares about the guy. >> caroline: wyatt definitely feels the same way. from what i hear, they' ve been getting a lot closer. >> steffy: hey, how was your mom' s new place, by the way? >> wyatt: uh, it was cool. >> steffy: yeah? >> wyatt: it was cool. but it was very different than her place downtown. it' s like more...rustic and -- and even more remote. it' s all the way out in topanga canyon. >> steffy: really? >> wyatt: yeah. >> steffy: it' s, like, peaceful and quiet. that doesn' t sound like quinn at all. >> wyatt: i know! and that' s what' s so surprising about it. like -- but if she likes it, i guess. >> steffy: good for her. >> wyatt: she was even dressed differently. like, less goth, more ethereal, more bohemian even. >> steffy: she'
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up the hippie vibe. >> wyatt: oh, and get this. you' re not gonna believe this. mom' s got a new man in her life. >> liam: who was here in the house? >> quinn: just you and me. >> liam: no, i-i heard -- i heard voices. you were having a conversation. >> quinn: voices? oh, no, no, you must have been hearing the television. >> liam: [ chuckles ] no, no, somebody was here. i-i heard you talking. i saw you. >> quinn: oh, you mean just -- just right now? >> liam: yeah. was a friend. he had borrowed some tools, and he was just returning them. yeah. ' name, uh, it' ll help me remember. >> quinn: [ stammering ] knowing who he is isn' t gonna help our situation at all. >> liam: well, how do you know? don' t worry. you' ll figure everything out in
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>> caroline: oh, my goodness. >> ridge: it feels like we' re finally home, doesn' t it? >> caroline: it does. >> ridge: hi. >> caroline: hi. don' t get me wrong. i loved our loft. it was -- it was where we fell in love. it' s our -- our special place, our -- our little bubble. but it feels nice to be settled and feel like we' re putting roots down and have room for the baby. lots and lots of room. >> ridge: best place to raise a family. right here. >> steffy: so, quinn' s got a new boyfriend? did you meet him? >> wyatt: no.
2:00 am
actually, but he was sick or something, so i didn' t even get to meet him. >> steffy: that' s too bad. actually curious about what he' s like. >> wyatt: yeah, you and me both. but she was -- she was being sort of mysterious today. >> steffy: she just broke up with deacon. you know, she has a new guy in her life. maybe she wants to impress him, keep it low key. "oh, hi, meet my son" is a little much for the beginning. >> wyatt: i know. that' s true. but he must have made an impact on her ' cause i' ve never seen her so anxious before. >> steffy: well, that -- that explains it. >> wyatt: explains what? >> steffy: quinn has been way behind delivering pieces for the new line. >> wyatt: seriously? >> steffy: yeah, the -- the big necklace for california freedom. >> wyatt: that' s the centerpiece for the whole line! >> steffy: i know. >> wyatt: well, do you want me to call her or -- >> steffy: no, no, no, no. i can handle it. you should go. you' re about to be late for your meeting. >> wyatt: ah. right. yes. well, i mean, i' m already late. >> steffy: oh, so that means we should... >> wyatt: mm-hmm. >> steffy: you' re gonna be late.
2:01 am
>> wyatt: all right. [ door closes ] >> liam: i' m not doing so well. uh, thought i was okay, but... >> quinn: oh. >> liam: maybe not. >> quinn: adam, i' m so sorry. what can i do for you? >> liam: do we have anything, uh, in the house i can take? like, ' cause my stomach -- i' m nauseous and, uh, and i' m a little dizzy and my head hurts. >> quinn: we ran out of that medicine that i was giving you, but i can go run to the store and go get you some more. >> liam: really? you wouldn' t mind? >> quinn: no, of course not. >> liam: [ groans ] thank you. >> quinn: you don' t have to keep thanking me. >> liam: yes, i do. and i don' t say it enough. my loving wife. >> quinn: i would do anything for you. just sit tight, okay? >> liam: okay. >> quinn: here. lie down. >> liam: okay. >> quinn: and please...
2:02 am
t get up without me. >> liam: i' m not gonna get up. >> quinn: okay. okay. >> liam: okay. >> quinn: i' ll be home soon. >> liam: thank you. [ sighs ] [ door opens ] [ cellphone ringing ] >> liam: ah! eve? your phone! eve? [ ringing continues ] [ groans ] coming. eve. [ ringing continues ] [ sighs ]
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