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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> traffic and weather together on this friday-yay morning. >> let's start off with lissette gonzales. >> i love how lauren even puts her arms up like yea. yes, welcome to the weekend. it is certainly cooler, a chill in air with the 50s as we look live from the camera, for the radiational cooling. i always love to throw in a little weather 101. when we have the skies clear we don't have the clouds to act like a blanket to prevent fussing it drop even further. -- prevent us from it dropping even further. we will see more 60s across the keys, the breeze northwest anywhere from 8 to 12 to 14 miles per hour, transporting the cool, dry, stable air and throughout the day today that is correct means plenty of wintery sunshine, highs will be in the upper 60s, low 70s and into the even, 65 degree as we look at the forecast temperatures, the models again showing that most areas will be in tupper 60s.
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we are talking about low 60s and overnight the 50s and 40s, more on the fork ahead. let's check your traffic -- on the forecast ahead. >> let's check on your traffic. >> at 67th avenue, the headlight also be heading westbound right about to hit the big curve, and heading 26. let's talk about a couple of issues. le june road is closed northbound for a shooting investigation from fourth to ninth street. watch out there: you can take 37 or red road 57. also have all the lanes shut down on the dan sheila expressway. -- shula expressway. that still hasn't cleared. the delays are backed up until the turnpike this morning and filially state road 112 you will see two light lanes blocked off. >> thank you. we are following breaking news involving the murder of king carter. police have made a third arrest in the case. 16-year-old, theamar teams is
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teams confess today being in the -- confessed to being in the car with the two arrested earlier this week. carter was gunned down while walking to the store to get candy on saturday. the shooting happened over a social media post. we are working the story and will bring you more later in this newscast. more breaking news out of miami, police are investigating a shooting. gabby is live with the breaking details. gabby. >> reporter: walter, miami police just confirming that someone shot at an offerser during a traffic stop early this morning and there are now four people in custody. it is a very active scene out here on le june road at northwest ninth street as you can see. there is a shot up hyundai out here. i'm not sure if we can get past this car. there's a shot up hyundai with several bullet holeholes the trunk the back window is shot out. from what we understand a miami
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over this morning at flagler and 4th there were several passengers in car as well. during this traffic stop we are told the driver started shooting and fortunately the offerser was not injured. police telling us he did not fire his weapon so right now it is not clear exactly how the hyundai involved in all of this got shot up. we did see on soon here, two men and one woman being hand kutched and put into the back of patrol cars: they're right now sitting in back of these cars while investigators work to piece this together. they did bring one of those suspects out, it seems like they were questioning possibly a witness to possibly identify this s. again, at least four people taken into custody right now, the northbound lanes of le june road are closed off and traffic is being rerouted. i am not sure exactly how much longer the road will be closed, but again, le june northbound
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we will work to gather more details and will have an update at 6:30. all right, gabby. thank you for that. a developing story out of kansas where police are investigating another mass shooting. four people including the shooter dead in the town of hesston, that's not far from witch at that. more than a dozen others were also injured during the rampage. >> a law enforcement source identifies the shooter as cedric ford a man who use today live right here in south -- use today live right here in south florida a chaotic scene inside this plant near witch at that kansas. >> the shooter was actively firing on any target that came across his sites. >> police say an employee shot shot people at excel industries shortly after 5:00 thursday in his hospital bed, jesus remembered the moment he got hit. >> people were just running,
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shooting and the next thing i felt i got hit in the leg and i started running. >> a law enforcement source say it is shooter was 38-year-old cedric ford. he was killed in a gun fight with the first officer who got to the scene. tucker knew him. >> everything was fine, and i mean he didn't seem like this kind of guy. >> before getting to plant, they say the gunman randomly shot at motorists hitting two. anxious family members could be seen looking for their loved one. >> jennifer says someone shot got next to her husband. >> i heard my husband's voice. i won't be happy until i see him in person. >> moments later that happened on live television. >> oh my god. >> oh my god. >> you can come in here. >> the atf and fbi are help being the investigation. don champion, cbs news. >> ford was arm window a long
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gun and a pistol. he also posted on facebook he's from miami. we have found he use today live in miramar and has an extensive criminal record in broward and may me dade. we found this video of ford shooting a rifle. you can see the bullets going into the ground. it was posted on september 20 of 2015. look for much more in kansas coming up later on cbs this morning coming up at 7:00. he shows it to a lobbyist who's probably here for 38000 legislation is passed. you tell me about this guy. this what we're going to have. >> here a guy who inherited $200 million. if he hadn't you know where donald trump would be right now, selling watches in manhattan. >> now to campaign 2016, fireworks in houston as florida senator rubio goes after donald trump, in a fiery gop debate. this was the last chance for the presidential hopefuls to
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donald trump was caught in cross fire of his closest competitors. >> republican presidential front runner, donald trump was the target of most of the punchs in last night's debate. in come prosecuting marco rubio. this fiery exchange on health care was one of the most tweeted moments of the night. >> the biggest thing we have got and the reason we have no competition is because we have lines around the state. >> that's the only part of the plan, just the line, the interstate competition. >> you will have in different plans. you will have competition. you will have so in different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> the attacks between trump and ted cruz got personal. >> thank you. >> donald, relax. >> i'm relaxed. you're a basket case. >> he also took hits from people off stage, the billionaire said he hasn't released his tax returns because he's being audited but mitt romney questioned the response via twitter. >> he just wants to remain relevant. he's going to support marco rubio.
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to head, the two lower polling candidates, carson and kasich struggled to gain the spotlight. >> can somebody attack me, please. >> the former neurosurgeon criticized the tone of the night. >> i think there was no attempt whatsoever to be equitable the time or with the questions. >> while the ohio governor appeared more optist. >> i think i penetrated and sent a message to people around the country about the fact that i am qualify today be president of the united states. -- qualify today be president of the united states. >> close to to hundred delegates are up for grabs next tuesday. >> hillary clinton and sanders make a little minute pitch to minorities ahead of the primary. >> another person taking aim at donald trump is former mexican president, fox: he was asked about the plan to build a wall across the border. >> i declare. i am not going to pay for that. [ bleep ] wall. he should pay for at this time.
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>> the wall just got ten feet taller, believe me. >> that was trump's response last night in interview. fox also said he's troubled by all the support trump is getting. >> this latest shows rubio could be in trouble in the march 15 primary: it shows donald trump up 44 to 28% among likely republican primary voters. ted cruz is third with 12%. florida primary is the first winner take off, all 99 delegates will go to the first place fin finisher. you must be a registered democrat or republican to vote. early voting starts monday. stay with us and cbs for continuing coverage of campaign pain 16 and the upcoming florida mr. primary. >> a death investigation in pompano beach. the victim was found dead inside a home but didn't live there. cbs 4 reports from the scene.
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in the broward county medical examiner took out the body of a man found dead inside a home. homicide investigators spent hours at the home searching for clues to unravel the mystery of the man's death. deputies respond today a call of shots fired at the home around 2:00 p.m. on thursday when deputy 50s lived they found a man dead and other people in the residence. >> occupants in home are cooperating. they're talking to detectives. the dead man did not live in home and infers are working to determine his relationship if any to the people who do live there. at this point, he's not released any information on the man's identity, how he died to circumstances sundaying his death. they're only -- circumstances surrounding his death. they're only calling it a death. the violence in south florida is very shocking. >> i want to make sure my doors are locked. >> their goal is to learn what happen today this man, how had he dieed and whether anyone needs to be held accountable. >> this is say life that was lost. there's somebody, you know,
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we're just trying to figure out what happened and you know, solve that for them. >> broward sheriff's office us us they're working to notify the family must bees, once that that s they will release his they're looking for information, if anybody knows anything about what happened here, contact crime stopper, 954493-tips. nightmare. >> passengers on a cruise ship that sailed into hurricane forced winds want more than just a free cruise staff terrifying trip. >> spying for seaworld, the theme park admits the employee versus spied on critics. the motive behind it after the break. what cheryl, theigue has to say about a sports illustrated cover model that has people talking this morning. >> that is morning, south florida. we are talking the potential for 40s tomorrow morning if you
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whether it is to carnival on the mile, or if you have any outdoor plan, saturday, cool, dry, with plenty of sunshine, as you understand, a little
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low welcome back, south florida. welcome to the weekend. hello.
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underway if our biscayne bay camera. miami, oh that is just breath take. if you are in the midst of making some breakfast, maybe some coffee, maybe two cups of coffee, check out this winter sky. this is actually my favorite time of year in terms of the sun rise and sun set. look at this. the sky is on fire as well as we look live from the fort lauderdale camera. broward county, all the colors in the sky because we're seeing that the sky versus cleared and we are wake up to cooler temperatures this morning. you will notice the big change as you head to work, take the kids to school, make sure everyone has jackets or sweater, the winter gear, at least it seems like winter south florida style, courtesy of a dry, stable at not fear and also leading to those northwest winds, anywhere from 10 to 14 miles per hour. temperature versus dropped to the 50s -- temperature versus dropped to the 50s. 54 though right now for you in
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60s down through the keys. we are seek 40s across central north florida if you are hopping in your car take august road trip. body is it seriously cold, we are seeing 30s in boston, new york city, dc and atlanta. we are seeing 40s across new orleans and that's not even factoring in the wind chill. this is all due to front that rolled through. as we look at the national radar satellite, some lingering snow across the northeast, here in south florida. tomorrow you will neatened those heavier coats and bright sunshine in the afternoon, sunday as high pressure goes to north and east a little warmer, today though will be perfect in my opinion. look at that, 70-degree, winter sunshine, and the winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. small craft advisory, moderate chop on the bays. if you are heading to the -- i nova necessary sa is, it will be cool and breezy, and we are
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bring your jacket with you. you will need it and especially overnight. we will see the temperatures dip to the 50s over the coast it is probably the -- 70 for the high, 74 on sunday, you will see the trend, yeah, we will be warmer by next week. in fact 80s by tuesday and wednesday. let's get a checkover your traffic right now. i was giving her some tips about how she should approach burger bash. >> i will wear my begs and winter jacket. i will look kind of odd. there's the southbound side looking great: just busy out there. northbound and southbound lanes. we have a couple of issues we have to talk about. the shooting investigation on le june road from fourth to ninth. we have gably live at the scene, giving us updates on the actual shooting investigation. in term of the driver, try to avoid le june, take red road or douglas. we had earlier construction closure on on 74, northbound, all the lanes were shut down.
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the delays leading up to the parkway and we still have state road 117. a couple of right lanes still blocked by overnight construction. >> >> vanessa, thank you. it is time for talk being joe joe. joe, let's talk about college hoops. the canes set to face louisville on saturday in the home finale. they could be tied for first place with a win and some other thing versus to happen as well. what do you thing chances are of going into the end of the season here on a strong note? >> reporter: hey, lauren, first of all thank you for not asking me about the new baseball rules again, after i butchered them >> no. let's talk about the canes, another big game against louisville on saturday, and it is really another big one. i thought the win against fantastic. they can really go in strong.
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game before they have to go to virginia tech and notre dame over last two gamegames this would be a real good one to get, just to get it. they don't have to win the att tournament. they don't have to win the acc but they have to get a better place to go, hopefully, so that's all, finish strong, feel god about your team going the tournament. this is it telemetry been playing great at home, one loss on the season f. there, can i tell you about the baseball, florida gator, oh your florida gators. >> i just want to find out before we get too far into it. in the number one ranked team versus the number six ranked teams, the gay torsion number one just so that is clear. -- the gators are number one. >> that's what you get, when you are number one you like everybody to know i. that's all right. that's fair. there's a lot of gator fans in town here. they have a great baseball team. it will be a great early test.
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like they usually do, the canes and gators will go and it should be a lot of fun. it gives both teams a little bit of an idea what they're going to look like. but i will tell you what this will count down the road, canes would love to win this series now somehow, take two out of three if they can. >> oh yeah. college basketball winding down but college baseball just ramping up. we will talk to you later. >> thank you, lauren. you take care. this morning passengers from a cruise ship that was battered by a major storm in the atlantic are suing royal caribbean the proposed class action state it is company knew or should have known of warnings for hurricane forced winds during the trip. we have a report from miami. >> oh my gosh. >> i could see the water coming up to the balcony. >> it was a cruise passengers worst nightmare. some 4500 passenger aboard the anthem of the sea survived
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sailed through winds this morn month. now 76 passengers are suing royal caribbean. >> i was wondering who had control of the boat, i mean it seemed today be out of control, the exhaust is all all the place and it was pretty chaotic scene. >> he took his wife on their first cruise ever, a 7 day vacation from new jersey to florida and the caribbean. by the second day, 30-foot winds and -- rocked it ship. he can't understand why they sailed into the storm to begin. >> why would a ship that big not know what kind of waters it was cruising into? they certainly had the technology on board to know where that storm was. >> the miami attorney alleges the captain knew the forecast even telling passenger he was going out run the storm. >> clearly -- the noaa forecasted there would be hurricane-forced winds.
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would review the storm avoidance policy. >> for the captain to challenge those waters with 4500 passengers and 1600 crew members, i find it quite disturbing. >> we reached out the royal caribbean head quarters here in miami for comment on this lawsuit. the company tells us it does not comment on pending litigation. in towntown miami, cbs 4 this morning. >> >> this morning sea world admits it wind undercover to spy on animal rights protesters. the company's ceo acknowledges the park sent a workerer in filtrate a protest last summer in san diego. the worker was later suspended but allowed to keep their job when they accused them of trying to insight violence during the otherwise peaceful demonstration the spying will not happen again. tonight at 11:00, paypal is one of the largest online payment companies in world and process millions of dollars in transactions every year.
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company is taking sides when it comes to disputed transactions. >> i am left now with a missing bag and paypal with holding the money from me. >> we have a policy, we think of the buyers almost always right, and the buyer almost always winwins. >> paypal disagrees saying there's no merit to lawsuit and even more to the story. watch sellers beware tonight at 11:00 only here. 6:23. we continue to follow two breaking stories, the first, police have made a third arrest in the murder of six-year-old king carter. he's a 16-year-old who confessed to being with the two suspects who were arrested earlier this week. also, four people are unarrest in miami after police say one of them shot at an officer during the traffic stop.
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these stories coming >> the president of the miami fraternal order of police who recently announced a boycott to her directly. >> instead of this continuing
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across our nation, i think what woe would be awesome is if we could get with beyonce and have some dialogue and mend those fences and really start rebuilding our our relationship amongst the community and police. i think you would be a great -- >> he claims he sent that interview to beyonce asking to meet with her to discuss the fop vote to boycott her upcoming concert the group believes her super bowl half time performance and new formation music video sent an antipolice message. the miami police department and miami dade police department have said there will be security at the concert despite the boycott. beyonce has not released a statement on the matter. lest check in with vanessa on social media. >> all right. the # which hillary has resurfaced after black lives matters activist confront hillary clinton at a private event in south carolina. >> take a listen.
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>> i'm not a superpredator. >> will you apologize to black people for mass incarceration. >> this happened wednesday night the protesters was saying i am not a superpredator. clinton had use that had term during a speech in 1996 saying then that superpredators are not just gangs of kids anymore. clinton said she shouldn't have used those words during that speech. >> former supermodel cheryl, theigue is not happy with sports illustrated. she made it known she thinks body activists and plus size model ashley graham, the current cover girl is not healthy. >> it is glamorizing them and your waist should be smaller than 35. you know,. >> i have heard it. >> that's what dr. oz said, and i am sticking to it. >> let's just leave that right there, cheryl. scott kelly says he could spend another year in space, kelly
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a single mission than any other u.s. astronaut. he said thursday he could hold out even longer. he's scheduled to return to earth on tuesday capping his time off the planet at just over 11 months. >> now for more trending stories like our facebook page, let us know your favorite story of the day. back to you guys. thank you. cbs this morn as good coming up at 7:00 right here on cbs 4. >> we will go life to studios in new york city. what do you have planned for today. >> hey, good morning to you, walter and lauren. we're in kansas covering the deadly shooting and we will talk with marco rubio about his relentless attacks in the fiery debate and tracking donald trump's charity donations. we look as as swirl around his tax returns and spike lee right here. we will ask him about the lack of diversity and his new documentary on michael jackson the news is back in morning.
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thank you for that. >> remember, cbs this morning kicks off at 7:00 right her . time now is 6:30. let's check your friday morning weather. for that we turn to lissette gonzales. >> you know the song on a clear day you can see forever. i am not going to sing it, but this is reminding me of that this morning as we look live from the camera. broward county, stunning sun rise underway here as well as for miami camera. you have to love that winter sky. we will continue to track that sun rise. hopefully you will follow me on twitter. i will share the views throughout the morning. right now waking up to the chilly 50s, break out the chilly -- it will be even colder by tomorrow morning, we will see more of the 40s which is what is happening right now for our friends up in central north florida and the winds right now, out of the northwest, anywhere from 8 to 12 miles per hour. and we are seeing mainly dry conditions as we look at the radar and satellite.
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this afternoon, and even the upper 60s, some areas may sit there. plenty of winter sunshine, mainly dry, the forecast, temperatures model showing as we head into the morning hours we will see the 60s until 11:00 a.m. and then we will start to see 70s pop up around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. and then i will let you know if this cooler weather six around for the weekend in just a few minutes. let's check your traffic now, vanessa. >> we continue to follow the shooting investigation on le june road. it is shut down northbound between fourth and ninth street, try to avoid that area if you can this morning, you can always take red road or douglas as your alternated. we had earlier construction that had all the lanes shut down northbound. that is why you are seeing such bad delays on the approach to 874. 33 minutes from 288th top top 74. once you get on to the expressway, nine minutes from the turnpike up to the palmetto. we have another injury accident to worry about this time on
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into miami beach eastbound at u.s. 1 you will see the roadway partially blocked off. thank you. we are following breaking thus involving the murder of king carter. police now tell us they have made a third arrest in case. 16-year-old, theamaar in custody this morning. teams confessed to being in the car with the two arrested earlier this week. carter was gunned done while working to get candy on saturday. the shooting happened over a social media post. we are also following more breaking news out of miami where police a a police officers car was shot at overnight. we will go live to scene with breaking details: gabby. >> reporter: police confirming that someone opened fire on one of their police officers during a traffic stop this morning. they're also telling us that four people now in custody. it is still a very active scene out here, on le june and
6:33 am
we are told that several suspects are right now in cop carcars they're being questioned by police. i am joined live here by lieutenant fredty cruz. can you give us a little more information about what happened? >> good morning to you and everyone. basically this officer attempts to conduct a traffic stop at 43rd avenue, there's four subjects in vehicle. now, at that moment, one of the four suspects exited the vehicle and shoots at the officer several times, striking the police car, luckily he does not strike the officer. they jump in vehicle, they take off. they were apprehended here at 42nd avenue and northwest ninth facing charges but as you can see this is still active. we're putting that puzzle together to figure out what happened but they're they are facing charges and luckily the officer is not hurt. >> we did see two men and two women in hands cuffs being put into patrol cars. right now is it clear who was the one who actually opened fire. >> that is not clear.
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it is not clear who exactly fireed it shot to us. but our detectives are here and everyone is in custody. >> and right now, we did see that there was a hyundai as well. it was a gray car that had several bullet holes in back area. there was a window shot out. any idea how that happen someday. >> that was probably, you know, as a result of the gun fire. again, i mean still too early in the investigation to tell the specifics and it is an open investigation. >> thank you so much. >> and again, righten the scene here is actsive. this is out on le june road and northwest ninth street. westbound lanes are shut down while police continue to investigate the shooting. again we're being told that at least one person in a car opened fire on an officer during the traffic stop. the officer was not injured and did not fire his weapon. we are live in miami, cbs 4 this morning.
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we continue to follow a developing story out of chancens where four people are dead and more than a dozen wounded and yet another mass shooting. we are learning more about the shooter who was killed by a responding officer. he use today live here in south florida. cbs news law enforcement identify the shooter as cedric ford. we is town he use today live in both miami gardens. the sheriff reports 14 people were shot at several locations connected to a company called excel industries. people at the scene describe ford as a worker there. witnesses reported hearing gun fire and then yelling to get out of the building. >> how is your husband? you were able to talk to him. >> he said he's okay. he said somebody next to him got shot. >> oh my god. oh my god.
6:36 am
>> what relief far woman. the sheriff reports ford was armed with a long gun and a pistol. we town pictures of similar gun on his facebook page. ford also posted on facebook that he's from miami. we also town this video of ford shooting a rifle on his page. you can see the bullets going into the ground there. it was posted on september 20th, 2015. ford has an extensive criminal record in both broward and miami dade counties. grand theft, burglary and prowling charges. stay with cbs 4 news and cbs miami for more coverage on this deadly mass shooting. >> a rare look at the incredible challenging conditions south mr. fire fighters face everyday. a fort lauderdale fire fighters helmet cam was recording when he rushed into a group home on northwest eighth avenue. early calls said some people may have been trapped. everyone got out safely but the building is destroyed. the operator says that fire
6:37 am
smocking accidentally lit a machrees on fire. -- smoking accidentally lit a machrees on fire. >> there are two new cases of zika, both are here in miami- dade bringing it to 13 in the county. there are four cases in broward and all 35 case versus been reported in florida. this comes after health officials announced three pregnant women have tested positive in florida. governor rick scott has requested the cdc send 250 additional tests to state. all right. straight ahead in thorning money watch, the average cost of primping an antres on the red carpet. >> also head, a star on the field this morning he's proving why he's also a superstar off the pitch. we will explain how he made this little boys dream come true. >> plus friday flux, lisa sits down with hugh hickman in eddie the eagle. >> it is chilly my friend with the 50s. make sure you have your
6:38 am
head out and about this weekends, any outdoor plan, carnival on the mile for example. tomorrow a high around 70. nice, cool breeze but sunday is say little milder with a low to
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
. >> what did oprah do for weight watchers business. >> and bad news for gas. those storys and more. jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. gap shares dropped in afterhour sharing. profits fell 33% in the last quarter. the company is in the midst of a state your name around plan, the new ceo says they will refocus on denim and banana republic is going back to basics, focusing on classics and making clothes fit better. >> even oprah may not be enough to boost business at weight watchers. subscribers fell fell% in last quarter. they struggled against fitness gadgets like fitbit and free weight loss apps. she bought a 10% stake in october. lauren, if oprah cannot do it, i don't know if anyone can. >> she did a lot for bread when
6:42 am
ly stick with that advice. >> >> hollywood biggest stars are ready walk the red carpet. but it is still cost a lot of money to look to good; right? >> yeah. costs a pretty penny to get them so gorgeous, about $3500 in primping costs according to wallet hub the actual red carpet that's $30,000 the gold plated oscar itself, that costcosts $680. i have to say i would have thought it would cost them actually more than 3500 with all of that primping. >> i am wondering i guess they wear a lot of the clothes for free and maybe that's why it is not that expensive. >> i will give them that. >> that's true because the jewelry alone. >> exactly. they have to send it back at the end of the night there's security guards following them around to get it immediately after the show. >> yeah. exactly. >> thank you, jill. have a great day. all right.
6:43 am
the red carpet with the sun rise, lauderdale by the sea. it is just breathtaking what a gorgeous start to your weekend. really i urge you to get out and enjoy it. the next couple of days we will be on a roll. look at the sky here from the biscayne bay camera in miami. that's stunning and we are enjoying spectacular sun rise since the sky versus cleared. you can see that on the radar and satellite. we had clouds around yesterday to start off and 60s but this morn as good cooler since we have seen the skies clearing and wind flowing north- northwest from 8 to 12 to 14 miles per hour. happy to transport that cooler dry air. we are seeing the 50s right now across broward and dade county. why not break out the boots, sweaters, jackets as it is certainly chilly for us. we should be waking up to low 60s. we are below average in term of lowlows 54 in lauderdale, low 60s through keykeys and across
6:44 am
we will see even colder readings tonight into tomorrow morning, inland waking up to the 40s and 50s near the coast. it is quite cold around the rest of the u.s., certainly feeling like winter with widespread 30s stretching from atlanta through dc, new york city and boston. pack the winter gear from you traveling, 20s for minneapolis through chicago, 30s in dallas and memphis and 40s as we have polar high pressure taking over. the storm system is beginning to push to the east, stiling everything snow across the northeast as we head into our weekend, tomorrow will with even colder, bundle up in morning and by the afternoon, very pleasant with high around 707 degrees, so we may only hit upper 60s for your saturday and sunday as high pressure moves off to the northeast we will start to warm things up a tiny bit and low to mid 70s. for today, upper 60s around 730- degree, again we will see that winter sunshine, gorgeous day ahead.
6:45 am
seas four to eight and if you are heading to any of the events this weekend, cool and breezy, upper 60s certainly grab your jackets and then the heavier coats if you are out later because tonight overnight lows get down to the 50s, inland at 40. the weekend is looking fabulous. we will certainly see mild temperatures tomorrow with 70, 74 on sunday, upper 70s on monday, back to the 80s on tuesday and wednesday. let's get a check of your traffic right now, vanessa. >> >> reporter: we have a traffic alert on 395. this is eastbound as you're approaching i-95, 36 area as you try to get into miami beach. you will see the flashes lights at the back of the screen, biscayne boulevard. it is for those people trying to get off on to biscayne boulevard from 39 a, that just turned into 395 from i-95. it is a little confusing but if you are heading in that direction you will see the delays stacking up. tack on extra drive times. also the shooting
6:46 am
that has the lanes shut down from fourth to ninth, you may want to take 37 or 57 instead of 42. then, 874 drivers northbound we had earlier construction that has cleared up the delay versus -- the delay versus not. >> the south beach wine and food festival continues with the burger bash for tonight at the ritz carlton and hosted by rachel ray. last night it was all about italian food and i was there. of course the food net work resident italian chef was the host. more than 30 chefs from around the country offered up the finest in italian fair. i am a veteran, i have been doing this a long time. every year it is more and more fun. the event has become more fun. >> the south beach wine and food festival is in the 15th year. it is on through sunday with eventevents miami dade for the first time this year, it started in broward. >> my stomach is already growling. if you go again this weekend,
6:47 am
>> i am still full. >> i'm jealous. >> straight ahead, hugghs in eddie the eagle. >> -- we talk to he and his costar in morning friday flick. >> do you ever use paypal or know one who does.
6:48 am
lawsuit some sellers say (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than
6:49 am
needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
6:50 am
>> welcome back. the weekend is here. hhuh jackman returns today in eddie the eagle. >> it is based on the real life story of the ski jumper who won the hearts of sports fans when he represented the u.k. at the at the 880 limpics in calgary. we sit done with stars of this heartwarming film. >> performer who can do it all, sing, dance and act. he's hhuh jackman. when i sat down to talk to him and his costar about their new feel-good movie, eddie the eaglely to ask. >> i have to ask you because i follow you on instragram as you will well. you are everywhere fast, engentlemenning life and riding it hard. do you have moments on doing everything you love to cofrom music to acting to everything. >> all the time.
6:51 am
with, i love skiing too. to be shooting for four weekweeks like -- i have to say as well. i have used instragram as well. it is easy. it does lock like a -- i have never known anyone who works as hard as hugh does. >> britain hasn't hasn't had a ski jumper. >> it is about a real life british ski jumper named michael eddie the eagle. he was not truly gifted but he never stopped believing in himself. >> you are a disgrace to the sport. >> hugh is his coach a former ski jumper himself who won over by this likely limp january. >> i love the sport but jumping is another level. >> did you jump. >> the short answer is no. >> i am not a skier. i have never skied before in my life, and ski jumping is just the most incredibly specialist terrifying. >> it is a whole other animal.
6:52 am
for me just mastering standing up on a pair of skis was enough of an achievement. >> it is driving me crazy. as your friend, fly. >> people around the world have a visual of him and remember the antics. >> she has kids the same age as my kids. every parent should take their kids. it kind of shows you don't have to win. you don't have to get the trophy. you don't have to be the best to get a trophy. it is the heart. it is the determination and the courage that you show and just the willingness to follow your
6:53 am
>> i am lisa patrilla. >> now to a story that's sure to put a smile an your face. this five-year-old boy from afghanistan became a sensation. his name and number on it. now, look at him. he's the owner of the real thing thanks to messy and -- the boy was given two autograph jerseys and a signed football, aka soccer ball for those of us here in the states. the boys father says it was one of the happiest moments of his son's life. >> you can just tell by the smile on his face he's not going to take the shirt offhe was cute. good for him.
6:54 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> involving the murder of king carter. police have made a third arrest in the case. 16-year-old teams is in custody this morning. he confessed to being in car with the two who were arrested earlier this week. carter was gunned down while working to the store to get sunday on saturday in northwest miami-dade. >> also breaking an investigation is underway after miami police say someone open fire on one of the officers during a traffic stop.
6:57 am
custody at le june and northwest ninth street. detectives say they were in a car that got pulled over this morning at 43rd and south west fifth street. during the traffic stop, someone in car started shooting and took off. fortunately, the offerser was was not injured. police also tell us he didn't fire his weapon. so far authority versus not released a possible motive for a shooting -- authorities have not released a possible motive for a shooting rampage in kansas. he stormed the lawnmower factory where he worked. he killed three and injured 14 others. he used to live in miami gardens and has an extensive criminal record in both broward and miami-dade county. >> now it is time for joking with joe live from the studio this is morning and one of the biggest trending stories overnight on facebook, the became between fsu and duke last night. a duke star seen to be
6:58 am
what do you think, joe? was this on purpose. >> yeah, it was on purpose. it is not the first time he has done something like that on purpose. until coach kay suspends him and makes him sit down for a game, because it is a dirty play, shouldn't happen, it is again it is duke. i don't know if anything will happen. they didn't even call a foul on it. >> he could. i mean you have to get kicked out of the game. you need some time. that's a dirty play. you shouldn't do it. somebody can get hurt. i didn't like it. and we will see what happens. it is hard tonnagen if coach kay doesn't do something about it probably nothing will happen. >> let's see if there's any accountability there. talk to you next week actually. >> friday. >> you take care and have a great weekend and don't yell at your husband. >> i will try not to. he has enjoyed it silence this week, joe. >> the silent treatment. you know your voice sounds much
6:59 am
>> everything has been okay at home; right. >> everyone ready for weekend and it is looking fantastic. look at the sun rise from fort lauderdale and biscayne bay. clear sky, dry conditions, chilly with the 50s in broward and dade. highs struggling to reach 70. heads waive and give up the 40s tomorrow when you wake up and 74 on sunday, maybe a stray shower, upper 70s on monday, 80s back on tuesday and wednesday. let's check the traffic alert with vanessa. >> usually i show you a live shot. there's an accident. eastbound at biscayne boulevard. you can see flashing lights up ahead as you jump off on to biscayne boulevard. if you are heading in that direction a lot of you do for work this time of morning, it is a slow drive on the eastbound commute. >> they're still going to beach. no complaint there is.
7:00 am
good morning. it is friday, february 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." marco rubio and ted cruz tear into donald trump in the final debate before super tuesday. could this be a turning point? a gunman storms a kansas factory, killing coworkers. victims describe the chaos as they tried to run from the bullets. and spike lee is in studio 57. we will talk about the oscars backlash and creating change in hollywood. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. seen the guy pull up and hopped out with ak-47 and fired a few shots outside before he went in, and then ducked down and went into the building. >> a deadly shooting spree in kansas. >> law enforcement officials are calling this an act of workplace violence. it was a good debate if you


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