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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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according to the chief, this is a good indication of the danger all the officer space on the street every day. >> it was like, been, bank, bank. >> reporter: a camera captured the terrifying moments when a officer been narrowly avoided being shot. foredeck 20 friday morning, he pulled over a car at southwest terrorist and 43rd avenue. an area known for prostitution. >> the officer attempted to stop the vehicle with his lights and sirens. as soon as the suspect vehicle stopped, the driver exited and began firing. the officer was not able to get out of his car. >> reporter: speaking to reporters, miami's chief said although his car was shot up the officer all of the shooter's car for five blocks before his patrol car became disabled. >> there are no physical injuries but he is obviously shaken. >> reporter: some of the stray
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area. six officers from the tactical robbery unit stopped the suspect's car at lejeune road in northwest ninth street here for people were taken into custody. >> the investigation is ongoing. but i think it's important for this community to know that it has a brave, wonderful men and women who will protect the safety at all times. >> reporter: according to chief, a gun was found inside the suspect's car. it is unclear why he opened fire. >> there were two men and two women in the car. they are inside police headquarters still being questioned. chief would not elaborate on what charges they will face. live in miami, joan murray, cbs4 news. four people were injured after a head-on crash in hialeah. chopper4 was over the scene at east ninth street. you can see the vehicles,
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according to police, three were taken to j and h with serious injuries. a fourth was airlifted in critical condition. no word on what caused the crash. ft. lauderdale fire investigators say a fire that set off an explosion at a home was deliberately set. crews and police officers were on scene of the vacant home on northwest 11th court late thursday night neighbors reported seeing a car speeding a way. the fire marshal said some type of liquid was used to start the fire and that the paper buildup blew out a wall. no one was hurt. a man accused of ripping off a former florida federal court judge is locked up tonight. kevin smith made his first appearance in court. according to police, he was judge hubler's home health aide in coral gables. smith and his girlfriend several fraudulent checks worth thousands of dollars. he is now facing grand theft charges. now to campaign 2016.
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hours after facing off on the debate stage, marco rubio and donald trump continued to trade jabs. trump also picked up the endorsement of chris christie. our sister station in dallas caught up with trump and chris christie after today's announcement to ask why the teamed up. >> the one person that i really wanted was chris christie. he represents so much about what i believe in chris called it was a great honor. >> why are you endorsing mister trump? >> the best man to lead america back to greatness. there's no one who could be a stronger executive in washington. this is a guy who can do it. he is my friend. he's smart. he's tough. and he's going to make america keep its word around the world. that's what we need. >> the announcement came to hours after marco rubio took swings at trump, calling him a con artist. when asked why rubio is now going after trump so hard, he
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>> my preference is not to attack people running on the republican primary. i think it helps the democrats. in this case it's gone too far. you have a con artist who is winning primaries and needs to be unmasked. conservatives need to know who is taking over the conservative movement before they cast their vote. we waited as long as we could because i prefer not to do that kind of thing. i will not allow the party of reagan and the conservative movement to be taken over by someone who is not a conservative but a con artist. >> it will be interesting to say to see what trump has to say when he joins a john dickerson for sunday's, face the nation. that is a 10:30. on cbs4. stay with cbs4 news and cbs miami for coverage of campaign 2016. now through election day. a temporary injunction blocked a new law requiring women to wait 24 hours before having abortions in florida has been overturned by an appeals court. under the law, abortion information would have to be provided to patients in person
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procedures are performed. that would require a woman to make two trips to an abortion clinic. the waiting period law was passed last year but before the legislature. the american civil liberties union challenged the law on behalf of the gainesville abortion clinic. a dramatic video of the coast guard coming to the aid of a boat crew in trouble. their vessel ran aground. the new swimsuit issue body shaming scan a. one model taking on the women who made history. the insider has the details. >> have you ever wondered how an edible prospect gets ready for the draft? we go inside their training next on cbs4 news. that is a good picture and that's a good picture. the radar is clear this afternoon. i have your weekend forecast coming up. >> reporter: although at six, as donald trump except chris christie's endorsement, we're looking help things have escalated between trump and
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tame. in we will take you live to south beach. the one in food festival is underway and tonight is burger
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some of the best talent coming out of college is shoving with the nfl what they've got. >> to combine is underway before the jewels, serious training takes place. here is mike junior.
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draft, players will be poked, prodded, and tested in every way with one exception. no one is getting hit. that's where this guy comes in. the owner of elite you in coconut grove. a gym that specializes in getting football prospects into the pros. >> it's no longer about football for a little while but it's about running as best you can in short distances. gettinger agility's right. it is pacific towards test that do not mean anything for football that means something for getting drafted. >> think crossfit geared towards football players. >> reporter: weightlifting combined with the plyometrics. all in the names of running faster and jumping higher. >> trying to showcase how athletic you are. we specify that training for 6 or 10 weeks. >> reporter: teams event will recognize this player.
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you to crank up his combine result. >> i've been waiting for it. it's fun. you only get one opportunity at it. you can't be nervous about it. >> reporter: he is training about a dozen players from schools around the country but not all were invited to be combine. their fate will be determined at their schools pro-day. >> last year they were like, 40 guys did not go to the combine that were drafted anyway. >> i go to sleep thinking about a. i wake up thinking about it. i am eating healthy because that's what i need to do. >> when the day comes, that is my chance to wow every coach that will be there. >> reporter: is no sugarcoating it. with school in the rearview mirror, football is now a business. >> they are here to live out their dream and get into the nfl. i live through them. it's cool. >> reporter: the best part about this team, it's open to the public. even if you are not an elite athletic when you get here, you
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leave. former player and roessler, dwayne johnson said thank you. we had his message for south florida is filming moves forward on the new baywatch movie. hugh jackman is back in theaters with a new movie called, eddie the eagle. lisa petrillo's it's down to speak with him.
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cl (phone ringing)
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by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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caught on camera, a coast guard helicopter crew rescued seven people stranded on a fishing boat south of new york's, rockaway beach. before this rescue, five other guards members attempted to save the fisherman until their own boat capsized. those guardsmen swam to store -- short while the fisherman were stuck in stormy waters until they were rescued by air. you can see the crew being plucked from the boat one by one and returned to shore. a pilot made a spectacular landing in guam with no nose gear. the nose gear of the cargo jet failed to deploy. the flight crew had only the rear wheels two touchdown with. look at that. you can see the front of the plane hitting the ground as it landed. three people were on board and no one was hurt. an unusual pursuit on the roadways in california. officers chasing a unicorn.
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the white pony named juliet was the star of a birthday party. apparently she got loosed and darted onto a busy roadway. there were a few near misses by cars. no one, including the unicorn was hurt. a helicopter was used to follow the unicorn. she was found in a nearby orchard. >> i'm glad it ended well. someone posted it their hands on one of the rarest beatles records. this disc dubbed the holy grail, will be auctioned off next month. it was the bands first to be released and it helped them snag a record deal. it has the sons, hello, little girl and until there was you. all you need is love or thousands of dollars. the record is expected to sell for more than port -- $14,000. struck hollywood's biggest stars are getting ready to walk the carpet at the academy awards. it costs a lot to get them gorgeous. about $3500 per person according to wallethub.
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and the goldplated oscar itself cost about $680. a special thank you from the rock to part of south florida for their support during this weeks of filming of the movie, baywatch. he posted this to his instagram account thinking boca raton and tearful beach residence. police, the fire department and residents who supported the production. he expressed appreciation and promised more craziness. baywatch will hit theaters in summer of 2017. hugh jackman returns to the big screen today in eddie the eagle. >> this movie is based on the life story of the ski jumper who won the hearts of sports fans all over the world when he represented the united kingdom at the olympics in calgary in 1988. lisa petrillo sat down with the stars of this film. >> reporter: he's an academy award nominated, golden globe and tony award-winning performer who can do it all.
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when i sat down to talk to him in his costar, taron egerton about their new movie, eddie the eagle, i had to ask --'s two have to ask you, you are everywhere fast. enjoying life and riding it hard. do you have pinch me moments? >> all the time. from the people i get to work with. i love the skiing tulsa. to be shooting in the out and germany and austria. >> i have to say, i peru's instagram as well. i'm sure it looks like -- i've never known anyone who works as hard as you does. >> britain has not had a ski jumper. >> reporter: this movie is about eddie the eagle edwards. he was not a gifted athlete but he never stopped believing in himself. >> you are disgrace to the sport.
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his coach, a former ski jumper who is one over by this unlikely olympians poor will. >> i missed your. i grew up skiing. i love the sport but jumping is another level. did you jump? >> the short answer is no. i'm not a skier. i've never skied before in my life. ski jumping is the most incredibly specialist, terrifying -- >> a whole other animal. >> yes. for me this was enough of an achievement. >> as a coach i think you're crazy. but as your friend, fly. >> he had it much harder. he was not born to it. people around the world have that visual of him and remember his antics. he's still jumping today. he was onsets and was there. >> reporter: you said there is a lesson for everyone in this dome. >> my friend solid and she has kids the same age as my. every parent should take their kids to this movie. spoiler alert, he never won the
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not have to win or get the trophy or be the best to be a winner. it's the heart. it's the determination and the courage that you show. and the willingness to follow your dreams no matter how crazy they are. >> reporter: the hard work pays off. eddie the eagle is in theaters this week. i'm lisa petrillo, cbs4 news. pluto may not be considered a planet anymore but a new image reveals its more dynamic than anyone thought. nasa just released an unprecedented high resolution photo of the planets unusual north pole taken by new horizons spacecraft. you can see it's covered in ancient, frozen canyons. between is the yellowish tint that you just saw. the canyons are highlighted in green and the widest one highlighted in yellow runs a 45 miles. >> i still feel badly for pluto.
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matter what anyone says. let's show you what's going on outside. here is holiday park a beautiful south florida afternoon. the sun is setting now in the rings are light, northwesterly in the stage is set for a chilly evening. pretty cool today. up to 71 degrees this afternoon. below the number of 79. nowhere do the records of 88. 72 in fort lauderdale. 54 this morning. 70 in key west after a low of 61. winds of the north and northwest. that keeps the warm air that forms over the water here. surface temperatures around 72. hour winds are keeping the warm air a way. they temperatures -- they temperatures are in the upper 60s.
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and 50s for overnight lows. clear skies across the area. some clouds this afternoon with a week cold front that push through. for sunday, this is off the southeast coast. the winds will turn and that will bring clouds our way. maybe a spotty sprinkle. last sunday it turned out to be cloudy. some of these clouds will be similar to that. maybe not quite as cloudy. tomorrow will be sunny. not so much on sunday. sunshine in cool in the northeast. clouds over the ohio valley and great lakes. to bidders in the 20s, 30s and 40s. in the northwest, temperatures not too bad. 61 in bismarck. rapid city at 60 here in the southwest, warmth continues. temperatures they are in the 70s and 80s. 86 in phoenix. rain coming into the pacific northwest. for tonight, and other chilly night. lowe's from the mid-40s to low 50s. tomorrow, a good deal of sunshine after a cold start.
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mold is low, juniper, oak and pine is high. temperatures warm up from here after tomorrow morning. 20 of sunshine with a spotty sprinkle on sunday. the next cold front is due late on wednesday. after the break, beauty battle. what cheryl tiegs is saying about sports illustrated first plus size cover model. this causes a discussion on the topic of body shaming. we will hear from a six- year-old boy hit by a police
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she actress malin akerman greases the march cover ocean drive magazine. she's the new star of the show called billions. i have not seen it but i heard it's very good. she talks about motherhood, her success, red carpet fashion and more.
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club wall in south beach on march 4. former sports illustrated swimsuit model, cheryl tiegs, is not holding anything back when it comes to plus size model, ashley graham's sports illustrated cover milestone. >> debbie is in los angeles tonight with why the controversy. >> reporter: all i have to say is, why don't you tell us how i really feel, cheryl? >> actually, i don't like it but we are talking about full figured women because it's a glamorizing them and your waist should be smaller than 35. >> reporter: the former supermodel slamming sports illustrated for picking ashley as one of its new models. >> for the first time ever, there are three covers. >> i don't think it's healthy. her face is beautiful. beautiful. but i don't think it's healthy
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>> working for sports illustrated over the years has been very instrumental in my career because of the exposure. not literally. >> reporter: she is feeling the backlash today with many calling her a body shimmer. cheryl was quick to defend herself on twitter saying, to clarify, being anorexic, bulimic, overweight, all connected to health problems. i want all to be as healthy as they can. >> i know i'm thick. i know i'm curvy. i know i have things that society has called ugly and fat. i have self-assurance of who i am. i feel like my confidence radiates through each photo. >> beautiful is beautiful no matter what size you are. that's how i feel. we will have more on this story on the insider. back to you. for more of today's hollywood headlines watch the insider tonight at seven : 30 after entertainment tonight at 7 here on cbs4.
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what she meant but still, i can understand why people were upset. >> ashley graham is gorgeous. times have changed. the idea of fashion and beauty has changed. it's evolved. >> beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> i think she looks great. i want a copy of sports elevator -- sports illustrated. another arrest, the teenager in custody for the shooting of six-year-old, king carter as his family and friends begin assaying their final goodbyes tonight. campaign surprise. chris christie endorsing donald trump and marco rubio takes the stage, taking shot at the republican front runner. it's a burger time. south beach wine and food festival firing up the grills. we are live at the burger bash. cbs4 news at 6 starts now. first at 6, remembering king carter as his loved ones
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there is another arrest in connection with the boys murder. it's the third arrest in this case after saturday's shooting. the suspect was in court today as a carter's family prepares to borrow their -- bury their son tomorrow. a viewing is underway right now. ted scouten is live on today's arrest. >> reporter: the latest person to be arrested is a 16-year-old boy. there is now a 16-year-old, 17- year-old aunt 18-year-old who are all accused in this case. he's of the latest to be charged in the killing of king carter. tamar teems turned himself in early this morning. >> his lawyer has waived his presence and asked that he be excused from appearing today. >> reporter: he was a no-show in court. he waved his initial appearance but his mom was there. she penndot her son to be charged as an adult.
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intent to review the case for direct file. that means the state is considering filing charges in adult court instead of juvenile court. >> reporter: investigators say he admitted he was in the car with leonard adam and irwen pressley. police say they went to the apartment complex to kill someone nicknamed ju ju after an argument on social media. during the fight, king was hit and killed. we try to speak to tran18's family after the court. >> no one wants to say anything? >> no. >> reporter: no one wanted to talk about the arrest of the 16- year-old. >> don't come back any more. stay off my premises. >> we are trying to give you the opportunity to say something. >> get off my premises. >> reporter: back at the a complex, steven jones is haunted after seeing the six- year-old after he was shot. >> some nights, since that happened, i don't sleep at night. >> reporter: he is furious that the child was caught in the
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>> they have no understanding. they have no knowledge of living. the artist living to kill. >> reporter: police are still looking for a cart similar to this one. in 1999 lakh lexus with tinted windows. bmj 8285 it has a possible tag of. if you have information on this car or this guy with the nickname of a transit is is, call crimestoppers. the number is 305-471-tips. live in northwest, ted scouten. now to hank tester who is at the viewing for king carter. >> reporter: this is a peaceful friday afternoon and there is a long line of folks here to honor the life of a little boy. here is the story. >> is heartbreaking. we need to stop the filing --


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