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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning Saturday  CBS  February 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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florida. i'm marybel rodriguez. here's what we're working on now. a funeral for a victim in a shooting and police made an arrest. taken by police as evidence. and democrats vote in south carolina in a primary. and an endorsement from chris christie. the latest twist. >> no one better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs at home and around the world than donald trump. >> from miami-dade county,
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this is flord's cbs4 news. thank you for waking up for part of your morning. i'm marybel rodriguez. i'm so excited because my partner in crime is back. michael, feeling much better. >> yes. nice to be back. been gone for 25 days. thank you for the warm welcome back. it's cold outside. >> it is. >> grab the turtleneck. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. and up to the 70s. good morning to you with the cam from broward. the numbers, 50s in ft. lauderdale. good morning to you key west. some spots in the 40s.
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and miami at marlins park, 49. winds right now ten to 12 miles per hour and northwest at nine in key west. with the wind, it feels cooler. 43 is the feels like temperature. lots soft sunshine. more on the forecast in a few minutes. . >> michael, thank you. . family planning a funeral for a kid shot while buying candy. hank tester has the latest. >> well into the night they came. family friends, young and old
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killed by a stray bullet. from an argument between teens on facebook. the last good-bye and something about this woke up the community and brought the group in to honor king carter. >> the outpouring of the community and hearts touches. and because of that, we had suspects turn themselves in. and we have been able to touch others. >> three turned themselves in. another this morning. not present at a juvenile court hearing. her mother was there, learning he would be charged with second- degree murder in adult court.
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18-year-old and a 17-year-old. the two went to the apartment complex went to the apartment complex to kill someone named ju ju. and king carter was killed. . >> know one is -- don't want to say anything? >> no. bye. >> paying condolences. funeral today at the new birth baptist cathedral. that is at northwest 145th street. also this morning a bit of a scare overnight after someone fired a gun. police say someone was in an argument and another fired shot ins the air. police got there and no one
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a detective in texas just em pounded drugs and evidence into an evidence locker and he stole some of the cash. detective admitted keeping the one thousand three hundred $1,300 for personal reasons in evidence money. he is a ten-year veteran and now relieved of duty with pay. to campaign 2016, voters in south carolina are going to go to the polls in the democrat prime. hillary clinton is leading the pack. sanders chose to campaign in states holding primaries coming up particular those on super
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in the poll from quinnipiac have a lead oversanders. and large among women in florida and tied among men. with democrats refer all eyes of the republican world seem to be on the republican race for president. as the g.o.p. candidates fight to stay in, things are getting personal and some would call nasty. in a race marked by twists and turns. chris christie's endorsement yesterday of frontrunner donald trump raise the stakes even higher. david sutta has more. >> chris christie picked up where he left off. >> marco rubio, your campaign is almost over, buddy. >> joining donald trump on stage. together, the two attacking marco rubio. >> i saw him back stage and he
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trowel. >> came up on thursday's debate. pummelling -- >> got $200 million. if he didn't inherit it, know where he would be? >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. >> and rubio didn't let down, mocking trump's tweets. >> the problem is, he is a chucker -- >> resorting to toilet mirror. >> the podium goes up to here. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. i don't know. >> why he's suddenly attacking trump skrieshgs waited as long as we could.
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>> trump isn't rolling over. rolling out school yard antics too. and the state of the union response. >> it's rubio. . >> it was a day like no other. a protestor and a kkk t-shirt seemed to fuel the frontrunner than hurt him. >> in the good old days, they would rip him out of the seat so fast. but today, everybody's politically correct. our country's going to hell with politically correct. >> some throwing up their hands. >> my party is going bat (bleep) crazy. trump is going to with on with john dickerson.
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interviewed on cbs4 at 10:30. in florida, early voting is starting in miami-dade county and monroe. it's a closed primary, meaning you must be a registers republican or democrat to vote. early voting starts march 5th. stay tuned for continuing coverage in 2016 and the upcoming florida primary. still to come, the latest on the zika virus. the cdc is releasing new information about the zika virus and the issues of warning for pregnant women thinking of heading to the 2016 olympics. >> who was behind a shooting in kansas. what a worker said he saw. and a popular price match
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retailers, but do they really honor the deal. michael smith in weather control. baby, it's cold outside. temperatures in the 40s. cold start, a warm finish?
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i'll . in miami, officer shaken, but doing okay after being shot at. surveillance video captured it in the attack yesterday morning. police say the rookie officer was patrolling the area known for prostitution and spotted
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when he did, got out and opened fire. >> it's a crazy world to be woke up by gunshots. >> despite being shot at, made an arrest. the suspect is charged with attempted murder of a police officer. headlines in america, learning more about the man from south florida that say was behind the shooting in kansas. three killed and 14 yours. he was shot in a shooting spree. we hear from one of the survivors. >> my car was stopped and he was out and had this big machine gun. >> she was one of his first targets. >> what was he like? >> angry.
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i could have been his first victim pointed right at my head. >> you duck just in time. >> i did. >> shot and carjacked another person and drove to his job, excel industries in heszton. armed with an assault rifle and a pistol, shot 13 and kill four of them before police begined him town. minutes before, he was served with a protection order taken by his girlfriend. saying he's an alcoholic, depressed and in need of medical and psychological help. police believe it triggered his actions. video showing him with shooting. and he has a criminal record. looking at if he obtain it
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>> he wasn't going to stop shooting. the only reason because the police officer stopped him. >> not just a police officer. the police chief. kansas governor sam brownback. >> went back and did heroic duty and service. >> when the police chief stopped the attack, till two to three 300 people inside this building. and later, charging a woman giving ford the weapons knowing he was a convicted felon. . tragedy in washington state after a gunman killed four family members before taking his own life. authorities negotiated with the man for four hours before an s.w.a.t. team entered and found the bodies. it's not clear what sparked the
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confirming nine pregnant women with the zika virus here in the u.s.. they were all infected traveling to areas where the virus is circulating. two had healthy babies and two miscarried. one born with the condition that leaves babies with about normally small head. cdc is reminding pregnant women not to go to the olympics, brazil is one of the hardest hit areas of the virus. >> look who i have here. good morning. >> good morning. thanks. good to be back. and thank you for filling in. feeling much better. thank you all very much. >> and brought back with you some cooler weather. i like it. >> it's nice and crisp outside. turtle neck weather. you wear one very well my
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>> thank you. >> taking a look at what's outside. the gorgeous shot. the sunrise in about 30 minutes. a few high thin clouds. temperatures in the 50s in miami and ft. lauderdale. key west, you're on the cool side. you're always cool. 59 right now. in the neighborhood, cooler spots. hollywood, middle school at 48. winds at north-northwest at ten to 15. north, quiter. with that breeze, the feels like temperature, 39. and homestead, feels like 39. and walking through the forecast hour by hour with our temperature computer forecast model. going to start the clock at
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hanging out at the 60s. and climbing to the 60s and perhaps lower 70s. a nice finish to the cold start this morning. going to the evening, pretty clear and turning cold once again. elsewhere, travel plans at new york city, 28 there. and 28 in the nation's capitol. 45 in denver, the mile high city. and temperatures in the west, 40s and 50s. airport delays, pretty quiet. should stay that way. true view, cold start, a lot of nice sunshine this afternoon. tomorrow, high pressure and control, pleasant. maybe a sprinkle coming in as the wind comes in becoming east. and a southeast wind next week. that means things warming up. if you don't like it cold, hang in there. going to take it back up.
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midweek cold front on the approach in the middle of the week. that should trigger some storm. on the waves, three to five on the chop. for me, two thumbs up. topping out on 70. forecast for the weekend. warmer tomorrow. a couple of sprinkles around. temperatures back in the 80s with storms in the forecast on wednesday. and now, cbs4 sports. in college baseball, the hurricanes struggle in the start of their weekend. facing off against the number one florida gators. and a report saying an old star will join the heat soon. >> good morning. the heat could have a new addition to the roster. a familiar face with a good
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talking about joe johnson. out with the nets and could sign with anyone and sources are saying he is bound for the heat. he was courted by lebron james to go to cleveland and decided instead to go to the heat. he would be a welcome addition. meanwhile, kyle lowry taking on lebron james. going to work. turning and burning. lowry, takes over in crunch high. career high 43 points. final seconds, ball in lebron's hands. his shot is ugly. on to baseball and um still not able to handle the top ranked florida gators.
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get it is gators going. they go on to knock off um by the score of 5-0. same two go at it again today and tomorrow. the general governor of u efa, the governor of european soccer is going to take over at fifa. taking over and finishing sepp blatter's -- term. wine weekend. we were there and all about the tenth annual burger bash. everyone likes a big deal. turns out, a lot of shoppers
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opportunity to s . good morning. welcome back. the south beach fod and wine is
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last night, the burger bash. >> rachael ray is back with chefs and the top prize. >> ten years ago, we challenged chefs to put their best on a bun. and it was supposed to be friendly. now it's competitive. >> we're super happy to be here. love miami. been here for new year's in the past. this is our second time to be here. we love it. >> and we love them. >> food network's chef won and then jer si dog, a restaurant that actually hails from south florida. it continues throughout the weekend. a consumer alert, everyone likes a good deal, right sfl
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right? but when it comes to saving money, could be missing. retailers can give you a break. but you have to ask. >> don't always need a coupon to save money. >> a lot have the price matching policies. >> bring in another ad and many will honor the price. >> a food processer and sears, $300. and found an ad for $150. >> easy. >> turning out it wasn't a hassle. >> thought we would run into problems. but in the end, it was easy.
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lowest price when they got to the register. >> less than 5% of customers take advantage of the price match policies. >> and bed bath and beyond matching a price from amazon vacuum. and home depot matched a tool kit price from lows. but there was extra effort. >> at home depot, you had to get a manager on the scene. and some had to explain what the policy was. >> a little extra time could pay off in a big way. >> it's cheaper. you have to. >> really? thank you. >> make sure you're looking at the exact same item. if you don't know what the
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it on the store's website. for the consumer alert, i'm david sutta. >> a boy hit by a car and now in the hospital. talking about what happened with his family for the first time. good saturday morning. i'm michael smith in weather control. the time lapse over the last 15 hours.
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missed it. . from miami-dade county, broward and the keys. this is south florida's cbs4
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. good saturday morning. i'm marybel rodriguez. thank you so much for joining us. it's 6:30. here's what we're working on. a father talking about his son in jail. police accuse him of abandoning the 16-year-old. >> a 6-year-old hit by a police car earlier this month is in the hospital and speaking out about what happened with his family for the first time. the story of an unlikely olympician. olympian. with the one and only hugh jack man. jackman. look who i have. >> nice to be back. >> nice to have you back.
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been gone for some 20 days. back in the saddle again. good to be back. and it's cold outside. and hence the turtle neck. >> and hence the cold. >> you can rest your voice and talk about the forecast. jump right into it. good morning to you, miami, the magic city, living up to its name. look live with the biscayne bay camera. temperatures are low right now in the 50s. the normal low for this time of year is 64. some areas in miami-dade county are in the 40s now. the radar is nice and quiet. the northwest wind, cool. and with the wind, you have a windchill of 43 in pomp know
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if -- pompano beach. if you like it warmer, hang in there. plenty of sunshine. chilly start and warming up. more on the forecast in minutes. the father of a missing teen is speak for the first time, getting out of jail and accused of abandoning his son. carey codd has more. >> i miss you. hope you're safe. >> talked to him and told him to him, kicked the son out of the car and told him to walk home. he didn't go to the police because he has always come home. >> had a history of running from anybody who was police- related.
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to board a flight on a one way ticket. saying the police were wrong and showing the round trik trip ticket he bought. >> can want unring the bell though. >> saying he's unfairly portrayed and some say he may have taken the boy from his mother years ago. saying that's not the case, he hasn't heard from her for a long time. >> should have known precisely where we were. every opportunity for years to make an appearance or contact us or come and visit. she didn't do that. >> he attended american heritage. >> never used a fake name. >> talking about the age. >> problem is he's 16. >> disappeared but not for a
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now saying he's desperate to find you. >> don't even know your friends and want to come home. and i do. and no matter how bad you think things might be, everything's going to be okay. >> setting up an e-mail for tips. help4-auggie 95 is back open this morning after a rough day on the road. workers finished it right before rush hour. the substantial gap where the joint connected two highways caused significant damage to vehicles. troopers had to close it for
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as a result, the backups and drivers turning around and driving the wrong way on the ramps. encouraging news about a 6- year-old boy hit by a police car earlier this week. he is finally home. cbs4's rick folbaum has more. . >> how are you feeling? are you feeling some pain? >> no. >> he was outside in january, on his scoot scooter crossing the street. and he appeared between two parked trucks, hiding from a police officer on patrol. >> looked like he was dead. >> xering the scene as bystanders ran to his side. >> he was rush to the hospital
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pelvis and other injuries. immediately underwent surgery. he went home with more balloons than he could count. here's his mom. >> he's good. he's staying positive. staying entertained with his video games. that's all he can really do. >> saying he remembers little about the accident. >> said he look both ways and didn't see a car. as he proceeded across the street, he heard an engine. that's it. >> with being still in a body cast, placed in the back of an suv. going to be tough for a while. >> glad we're going home. glad i have my child. could have been worse. >> i'm rick folbaum.
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the investigation is ongoing. the officer was speeding at the time. no one from the police department have reached out to her since the accident she said. a safety alert. a woman nearly kidnapped on february 7th. the woman just got off the bus on oakland park boulevard. a man offered her a ride and she refused. he tried to grab her and here's the description. a silver maybe ford fusion. anyone with information is asked to call broward krops. . in world news, a partial cease fire in syria's five-year civil war is at a cease fire. the deal is brokered by the
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it's not clear who else. no one to leave the country and approximately a quarter million people have died. still ahead on cbs4 saturday morning. get ready to say good-bye to the cubicle. could be saying good-bye to the traditional look of the work place in florida. hugh jackman in eddie the eagle. the story of the ski jumper that won the heart of sports fan. we talk to jackman and his costar. michael smith here in weather control. it is cold outside. temperatures in the 40s. coconut cove. broward health is at 49.
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florida location. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. good morning. welcome back. on the money watch this morning. in more and more offices, cubicles are out and open desks are in. rudabeh shahbazi has more. >> if it looks like this, the
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accurate ri floor. times have -- factory floor. times have change. demand for spaces that allow for collaboration and inclusion. >> i came here for a pitch. and i came here for my friend to support him. it was incredible and full of great energy and while i was here, i took a tour of the office space and it just made total sense. >> welcome to we work. one of the largest work places in florida. >> more plug and play. that's what we're accustomed to in this day and age. >> four floors, 40 thousand square feet. ,000 square feet. ideas flow like coffee and
6:43 am
every day all day. >> the four walls where we work. and not just where we work and the we work community is an energy that i real like to be inside of, especially as an entrepreneur and creator. >> for them to have access to offices around the world make places like we work a no- brainer. no-brainer. >> so as we go to do research and development trips in other cities, having a space to go collect our thoughts together and visit another conference room or visiting another location has been a huge logistical benefit for me. >> they tend to be like-minded and tend to flock together. tend to want to be expose to the same environment.
6:44 am
to build your business. rudabeh shahbazi reporting. >> for the access, we work is not the only option. search for work spaces and you'll find other. sounds fun, right? i get distracted. so much going on. looks fun. >> synergy. always good. >> it is. >> i'm back and thanks to all of you while i have been out. and brian, jenner, melissa, just to name a few. thank you all. nice to be back with you this morning. >> i'm happy you're back. >> live look outside, shall we? >> okay. . >> bringing in the temperatures. yep it is cold out for now.
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lauderdale, key west, you're in the 50s. below the mark. right now, temperatures in the 40s. coconut creek, 46. this is the neighborhood network. live real time data. winds calm to north-nrt at eight. and broward health and deer field beach, 47. intor sections and -- interior sections and coastal, quite. and doppler radar, quiet. we'll take it. 57 to 48 here in pompano beach. elsewhere in the state, temperatures in the 30s in the panhandle. hour by hour with our temperature forecast model around noon. by lunch or brunch time. temperatures in the low to mid 60s in south florida.
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for your afternoon high. normal, 68. going to be comfortable this afternoon. tonight once the sun goes down, the temperatures drop back into the lower 60s and going to be colder tomorrow morning. speaking of, a cold air mass from canada as far south as atlanta. 33 in st. louis and kansas city. 40s in denver, the mile high stay. very comfortable here this amp. high pressure remains in control. sun, clouds maybe a quick little sprinkle. and next week, things start to warm up as that high pressure moves off to the east. the forecast for today, plenty of sunshine.
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weekend, rounding it off on sunday. high temperatures in the 70s. overnight lows in the 50s. take a look at the temperatures climb in the low to mid 80s on wednesday. next cold front is bringing us a chance of storms on tuesday and cooler by next thursday. >> looking so nice, michael. thank you. still to come on cbs4 morning. the story of an unlikely olympian is in theaters.
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. good morning.
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a special thank you from the rock to south florida for this week's filming of baywatch. the rock posted this, thanking boca raton. bay watch hits theaters next summer. i love them. actor hugh jackman returns in eddie the eagle. the real life story of a ski jumper that won the heart of fans around the world when he represented the uk in the olympics in calgary. >> an academy award nominee and tony winner. hugh jackman. when i sat down with them about
6:51 am
ask. >> i follow you. do you have pinch me moments, doing everything. music and acting and everything. >> all the time. and with skiing, love to do that. shooting in germany and austria? >> i have to as well. and i appreciate -- it's -- looks like a very jetset lifestyle. never seen anyone work as hard as hugh. never takes it for granted. >> about a real life ski jumper. not a gifted athlete but believe in himself. >> the worst. >> a cynical coach, won over by the pure will. >> i love skiing. i grew up skiing. . that's great. but jumping is another level.
6:52 am
>> i have never skis before in my life. and ski jumping is the most terrifying and specialized. >> whole other level. >> it is. and doing immaterial for steve was an achievement. . >> not as a coach, as your friend. >> fly. >> had -- he wasn't born the eagle. but people rep rb him and his antics. and he is still jumping to this day. he was on set and he was helping. helping. >> got kids. every parent should go there. and spoiler alert, he didn't win gold. he came in last. don't have to be the best in the world to be a winner. it's the heart. it's the determination and the
6:53 am
and the willingness to follow your dreams no matter how crazy they are. >> eddie the eagle is out this week. homeless in miami lisa petrillo. >> look good. in south florida, the run for five and the cancer research is going on.
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going on in our . my favorite story of the day. cake boss was in the area, making a girl's wish come true. a girl is being treated for brain cancer. saying the cake boss is her idol and they decorated a cake. in california, police officers chasing a unicorn? she was the star of a birth day party. she got loose and darted out on
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>> calls as a unicorn was out on the roadway. >> a few near misses. no one was ultimately hurt. she was found. how cute. can you imagine? >> happy ending. makes me happy. >> makes me happy you're back. >> and sitting next to you always puts a warm smile on any face and my soul. looking outside, it is clear, it is cold. a few areas down to the 40s. hang in there. a rebound this afternoon. the next chance of storms, midweek, wednesday. enjoy.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning, it's february 27th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." a showdown today in the democratic presidential primary in south carolina. hillary clinton looks for a boost over bernie sanders in the states she lost eight years ago after years of alleged corruption, a new day for the world's biggest sport and counting down to tomorrow's oscars. we will take a look at the contenders and the controversy surrounding hollywood's biggest night. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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