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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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innocently 29th thank you for waking up with us -- it is february 29. thank you for waking up with us peer>> we are standing by with a look at the roads. >>it is hard to believe it is the final day of february. how time flies. >>we're kicking off march tomorrow. as we look live, thankfully we're not looking at any showers. we do see clouds as we look at the radar. right now, the breezes out of the northwest, 3 to 5. temperatures are coming up a little bit in comparison to yesterday. still a bit come 50 -- comfy . this afternoon it will be slightly warmer.
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we will also see breezy conditions out of the east. that will carry in a few straight showers. i will tell you what is ahead as we head into the month of march. let's get a track of your traffic. -- check of your traffic. >> on i-95 your nice and clear. let's talk about construction and an accident in south florida. it is all in miami-dade on southwest 8th street and 100 and and 120 and 129th avenue. then, construction has all of your lanes shut down and northbound palmetto. you're going to want to take your side streets. a vigil is held for 14-year-old shot and killed by another teenager who was playing with a gun. family members say this was a who was -- horrific accident and the 2 teenagers were friend -- friends. spirit the shooter is facing charges.
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>> the shooter is facing charges. >> reporter: with spoke with people from both sides. both sides are heartbroken. we also spoke with the 14-year- olds accused shooter who says he is devastated. loved ones gathered and cried, gathering for a vigil where the 14-year-old was shot and killed saturday. >>he was 11. he was sweet -- he was lovely . he was sweet. he was just beautiful and i'm glad we were able to celebrate his life together. >>watching a child leave here at an early age, he didn't get a chance to live life yet. >>on saturday, a 14-year-old friend was showing the gun to the victim when it suddenly
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the 14-year-old remains unidentified because he is a minor. >>we just can't leave this happened. >> his attorney tells us he is remorseful, devastated about what happened. >>he is in shock. he is really upset about all of this, but when everything is said and done , unfortunately, this was a tragic accident.>> back at the vigil, candles illuminated a picture of the 14-year-old. poster sending a message we have heard all too often lately, save our children. stop the gun violence. >>we will always love you no matter what. amounted the best that she could and your dad did the best that he could and we love you. >>it is unclear where the gun came from a judge did release the 14-year-old accused shooter. he is back home and must stay there.
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a firearm by a minor. a 2 month old baby who deputy say was kidnapped by family member is back home with her mother. the accused kidnapper is expected in court. this is video of the victim being taken out of her families car last night and brought into her home. she had been kept overnight saturday at a hospital in orlando for an evaluation. and amber alert was issued early saturday morning. she was found mid afternoon near orlando. a 23-year-old and her 14-year- old cousin broke into the victims home and took the baby. we spoke with a neighbor who heard her mother screaming. >>they took my daughter, i will my daughter back. that is what she was saying. she was crying and screaming. >>the suspect is a cousin of the mother. she fled to orange county where she has an apartment. she was on her way back to
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she is facing several charges. the teenager is also facing charges. the hallandale beach police department is asking for the public health locating a missing woman. a 30s -- authorities are looking for this 55-year-old. she was last seen at a winds dixie on sunday morning. -- winn-dixie on sunday morning . she suffers from early onset alzheimer's. she left the store in her goal key a real with the florida tag awdf40. >>also we need your help find trying to find this missing man. he suffers from mental health and medical issues. he was last seen saturday night. he is 21 years old and likes to visit videogame stores, parks and schools. if you see him, you are asked
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>>early voting begins today in miami-dade county, it runs through march, it runs through march 13. we're a close primary state. you can only vote for the party and rich you are registered. -- in which you are registered. the florida primary will take place on march 15. >>on the eve of super tuesday, on the republican side of the race for the white house is at an all-time high. ted cruz a marco rubio are hoping to stop donald trumps momentum. hillary clinton is trying to build on her lead. 13 states and -- will hold primary caucuses. that means hundreds of delegates will be up for grabs. we have the latest on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump and marco rubio spent the weekend proving there is really any love lost in presidential politics -- loss in presidential politics. >>he doesn't sweat because his
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spray tan he uses. >> reporter: marco rubio took an even deeper dig. >>he is always calling me little marco. i will admit he is taller than me. i don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5 to. have you seen his hands? there like this. you know what they say about men with small hands, you can't trust them. >> reporter: a new battleground tracker poll shows donald trump ahead in georgia and virginia, but he to trails -- trails ted cruz into -- texas. -- in texas. >> i don't know david duke. i don't believe i have ever met him. i just don't know anything about him. >>they are always ugly elements and politics. in my view, racism and a country has no place in politics . >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton
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to capitalize on her win among black voters in south carolina. the cbs poll shows clinton is ahead of bernie sanders in georgia, virginia and texas. >> marco rubio opened his new miami headquarters yesterday. his office is not too far from his home. is located at 7575 w. flagler street. a long list of south order congressional supporters where they're speaking on his behalf as he campaigned in virginia. >> i want this to be your 2nd home. you can sleep at home. that is okay. when you get up in the morning, you come here, you worked the phones, you work the precinct. you will have friends that say, please give me a bumper sticker. you're going to tell them where to come to get a bumper sticker. i want a yard sign, you're going to go over there and give them a yard sign. we want south florida to be marco rubio country.
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spend super tuesday here in miami. donald trump is expected to be in west palm beach tomorrow. >>hillary clinton wall was -- will also be in miami , but her husband is art in town campaigning for her. when -- bill clinton held a rally yesterday. he was joined by us representative, fredricka wilson among others. he said he lost his voice cheering for his wife's victory on saturday. he told the crowd her republican rivals don't want her to win the democratic nomination, because she will beat them. >>everything hillary has accomplished as secretary of the state and the senator in the white house, she actually had good republican supporting her. they only started being mean to hurt when she left the secretary of state office could the said oh my goodness, we have to run against her, what will we say? >> he also addressed the recent shooting death of 16-year-old
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he honored mothers who lost children against gun violence. the democratic national committee vice chair announced she is stepping down to throw her weight behind bernie sanders. she is one of the first 2 female combat veterans to ever serve in congress. she stressed the importance of having a commander in chief who has foresight and exercises good judgment. the dnc chair, florida representative, has accepted her resignation. remember to stay with cbs4 news for continuing coverage for campaign 2016. >>our florida governor will be making his cell phone to stop to focus on job creation. he will be a process map in sunrise. that is a company that helps businesses overcome the complexities of managing their environmental, health and safety information. new this morning, for the first time we're getting a look at the university of virginia
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arrested in north korea. he faced the media earlier today and confessed to a hostile act. he is accused of trying to steal a banner containing a political slogan from the walls of his hotel in january. he also back to the korean people and the government for his forgiveness. officials say the news conference was held at his own request, but it is not -- i should say it is unclear if he was course to speak -- cohost to speak. >>from the winners to the fashions, will have the complete wrapup of hollywood's biggest night. >>let's see how chris rock tackled the racism controversy and why it was a case of mistaken identity for whoopi goldberg in our trending reports this morning. the venetians causeway is opening after months of construction. we're live with details all new for us 5:30.
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happy monday, final day of february. we're just speeding through the year as we kickoff march tomorrow. thankfully, it has been beautiful the past couple of days. hopefully you are able to get out. we're waking up to mainly dry conditions. the clouds are streaming in. thankfully they are not producing any precipitation.
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. temperatures right now are in the low to mid 60s. your slightly above average, but it is still very comfortable. we're seeing the mid to upper 60s down through the keys. where's the cold air? you can see the 30s across minneapolis, chicago, boston and new york city. 50 stretching across memphis, dallas in new orleans. 63 in houston. we're seeing more in the way of 50s and the california -- in california. high-pressure is providing for the nearly perfect weekend. we are going to see changes as we head into the week as we deal with more of an onshore flow. easterly flow will pump in the moisture making it feel a little more humid. there is a front that is making its way across the great lakes region. it will continue to push to the east. it is leading to rain and then another front will cross the
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that will also had in our general direction. for today, we're talking highs in the upper 70s. it is very seasonable. we will see the breeze out of the east, 10 to 15 and maybe just a few spotty showers here and there. if you're heading out of the warnings. the base. sunrise 6: what a 6 am and the sunset 6:30 3 pm. -- 6:33 -- 6:30 3 pm track -- 6:33 . we have a better chance of rain. we will see lows in the low 60s, highs in the upper 70s for later on in the work week. >>we have a couple of problems in miami-dade county. we have an injury -- accident at southwest hundred and 22nd avenue. the westbound lane is partially
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blocked off on 8th street then we have police activity westbound on 107. finally, traffic lights are malfunctioning on the palmetto at southwest 8th street. if you exit are try to enter onto 826, you will see the light malfunctioning. treated as a stop sign. hollywood's biggest night is in the books. the oscars tackle diversity as lear nattering dicaprio -- leonardo dicaprio finally gets a win. >> the stars were on the red carpet at the vanity fair party and at elton john's fundraiser. we have more from hollywood. >> reporter: the curse was finally broken for leonardo dicaprio last night who took home the best actor oscar for his role in the remnant. >>it all feels incredibly surreal. >>free larson also picked up a
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proportion -- performance . >>i feel strong and excited to be holding his gold sky. >>when the curtains fell on the big show, the stars made their way to the governors ball to toast to the night. >>we so worked -- hard on this field and to have it honored we're so grateful. >>many praised the host comedian chris rock who push the envelope in addressing the oscar so right controversy -- white controversy . >>it needed to happen. >>elton john uses annual after party to raise awareness for hiv and aids. >>we have made a lot of progress in the last 30 years, but we haven't made enough progress. >>it also gives celebrities a chance to meet for the first time. yes, they to get starstruck. >>if i saw leonardo dicaprio i don't know what i would do. >>carson crassly got a big surprise as he looked over the guest list. >>gene simmons is right behind
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>>i was just talking about you. >> you are one of my face. >> reporter: the glitz and the glamour were not lost on tinseltown the biggest night as celebrities showed off their styles and awards into the late night hours. >> two-time oscar nominee, spike lee stayed true to his word and skip the ceremony. he boys got it the oscars -- he boycotted the sky oscars -- the oscars. the oscars coverage is in overpeer coming up, we are sharing the academy award fashion. will have a look at the winners and losers on the red carpet. it may have been one of the most anticipated monologues and academy award history. how chris rock tackled the big controversy over the lack of diversity with this years nominees. also, talk about awkward. which fashion blog made the unfortunate mistake as
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another black celebrity. for more on the leap to a
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here's some of what we are working on for you news tonight, at 11. >>it is easier than piercing someone's earlobes. >> people are implanting microchips in themselves. it is called bio hacking is controversial and it is happening right here in south florida. why are some people taking the drastic measure of hacking into their own bodies and are they putting themselves at risk? we have the story tonight at 11 only on cbs4 news. >>we also have vanessa now with a hot topics that are trending social media. >>it is all about the officers -- oscars this morning. lady gaga delivered a touching performance during last night ceremony. take a listen. >>[ music ]
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sexual assault survivors. she received a standing ovation after her performance. for his 2nd time hosting the oscars, chris rock held nothing back when it came to tackling the oscars white controversy. he talked about the lack of diversity and zeroed in on jada pinkett smith. >>data is boycotting the oscar -- jada pinkett smith boycotting the oscars is like me boycotting we on his pennies. i wasn't invited -- rihanna's panties. i wasn't invited. >>after the laughter died down he went on to say why jada pinkett smith was so upset. >>talk about awkward. before the oscars begin, fashion blog total beauty confuses whoopi goldberg for oprah winfrey. they tweeted out saying, quote, we had no idea of opera was tatted and we love it.
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and we love it. gayle king posted a photo of opera -- oprah and her daughter watching the oscars. they owned up to the mix up and apologized. >> awkward indeed. is the worst thing when you're doing an interview and you're like what is that person same again? it has never happened to anyone in the studio. [ laughter ]. >>speaking of smiling, let's a high to lisette. >>i can't believe that that happened with that tweet. what a mixup. is morning at the bus stop, it is a comfortable start. we're seeing the upper 60s. a light jacket will do. we will see milder conditions this afternoon in the upper 70s. my daughter sophia is going to
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-- 18 tragedy . a 14-year-old boy shot and killed by his friend playing with a gun. you will hear the exclusive. >>good news for the the commuters on miami beach. the venetian roadway is reopening. we have all the details.>> we're standing by with a look at the roadways. >> first let's check in with our meteorologist, lissette gonzalez. >>here we are ending the month of february on some nights weather. we are waking up to a mainly dry quite start. also, the clouds are still around. thankfully, we are mainly dry and dealing with the wind flowing out of the north 3 to 5 miles per hour, down to the keys out of the northeast at 7. temperatures are comfortable in the low to mid 60s. oout-of-school yesterday but


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