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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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taraj kemp was reunited with her mother. the family is grateful and relieved. >> she is beautiful. she has been talking all morning long. >>reporter: she had quite the weekend. her cousin is accused of kidnapping her with the help of another cousin, 14 years old, an amber alert was issued. stephanie choked on tears in court as the judge read the charges against her. investigators say she was the brains behind the home invasion where the cousin held the mom at gunpoint while stephanie took the baby. >> she and her mother are very close so i don't know what happened. >>reporter: stephanie said -investigator said stephanie drove the infant to her apartment and left her there alone strapped in a car seat. a few hours later stephanie was
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back to south florida. her family said she needs some help. >> we would like to get a medical screening for her. >>reporter: stephanie told a friend, she had a baby in january. investigators say she had a miscarriage. the family is trying to figure out what to do next. >>reporter: stephanie remains in the broward county jail with no bond and the judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation. breaking news right now, please from the scene of a shooting at a scrap yard in miami-dade. we are there live. hank, what can you tell us? >>reporter: we are gathering details right now. the north side of miami at 21st
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behind me. a series of junkyards and scrap metal shops. let's take a look at some video. around 3:45 pm. multiple shots were fired. not clear yet, a police car escorted the endless to the trauma center. miami-dade police are investigating at this hour. you can see the scene right there with multiple police cars and you can see it is a scrap metal location. we don't know exactly what occurred but we are told it is a 52-year-old black man who is the victim be transported to johnson memorial hospital. we will continue to gather information as soon as possible. a developing story where police are investigating a
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for this happened near griffin road and sw. 195th ter. you can see this area showing three vehicles involved. children were on board the bus the time of the accident. the thankfully no one was hurt. new video tonight of ambition northwest miami-dade for this happen on february 11 in the middle of the day. delivery man ambushed the truck delivering furniture and forced people inside and robbed all six victims of money and personal items. they took off in the stolen delivery truck with the merchandise. police are still looking for the moving truck with the florida tag the abl 97 anyone deserves to client-i for
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the countdown to super tuesday. voters in 13 states will be headed to the polls tomorrow and talking. there is no shortage of it, side. we are in the record--we are in the control room with more. >> all eyes on donald trump that he is getting a lot of pushback from other republicans in the race and from the group, black lives matter. this is good news for clinton and trump, who might be celebrated tomorrow night. >>reporter: black lives matter and rest of the sally for trial . they shouted all lives matter. trump said get them out. all lives matter. trump became the target of the group after getting the
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klan leader, david duke and sending mixed messages about the endorsement. >> i don't know anything about david duke of what you are talking about with white supremacy or white supremacist. >>reporter: later, when asked about the endorsement over the weekend, circa have to look at the group. you would not want me to condemn a group i don't know anything about. >>reporter: trump sounded different on friday. >> david duke endorsement? i disavow. >>reporter: trump could not hear clearly because of a bad earpiece that his opponents aren't buying it. >> i don't care how bad the earpieces the ku klux klan comes pretty clearly he refuses to criticize us. >> top refuses to condemn a horrific. we don't have a place for white supremacist in the united saturday after trump refused to duke support it might make
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election tomorrow.>>some think he is playing ftse with some of the ugliest ideas out there in order to build support for his candidacy. >>reporter: trump has big leads in georgia about taraj kemp i was living in his home state of texas in the sample has clinton up and texas, georgia average in and is looking ahead to the general election. >> one advantage i have, they had been after me for 25 years and i'm still standing. >>reporter: a poll shows trump leading nationwide among republicans in a sample has clinton leading sanders by 17% of the vote. >> marco rubio, ted crews continue their sniping with trump. 225 is vowing to win his home state of texas. rubio trails and florida the vows to fight all the way to the convention with the republican party may face the reality of donald trump as their candidate.
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photographer for time magazine arrested after getting into an altercation with a secret service agent. the photographer was trying to take pictures of a crowd a black lives matter as protesters . cell phone video shows a man confronting the secret service agent after claiming he was choked and slammed into the ground. the fight for florida's on. early voting started today, adding to what has been a busy time before officials county absentee ballots. nearly 56,000 absentee ballots have been cast in miami-dade county. gabby has more out what you need to know before you head out to vote. >>reporter: south florida proud to show they voted early for the presidential primary. >> early voting is off to a smooth start. >> i believe in voting and the
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of the way. >>reporter: greg williams brought his son to have to fulfill his specific duty. >> i woke him up and brought him out here to get it down. >>reporter: most voters quite about their pick for president in front of our candidates. supporters and haters of republican front-runner trump not shy about their feelings. >> i did not vote for trial. >>basically not apologize for my decision. >>reporter: advocates for rubio voicing their pick for commander-in-chief. voters can cast ballots started today. miami-dade and monroe counties. broward county opens march 5 and the primary election day is
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turned away because florida is a closed primary state which means you have to be a registered republican or democrat to cast your ballot. we cannot be at home with our eyes closed. we need to decide what we want and we have a beautiful country we can do that area of democracy, we have to do it. >> if you decide to vote early, make sure you have a valid id. you can voted in a precinct within your county but if you vote on election day will have to go to your assigned precinct. gabby fleshman cbs4 days. there has been talk of trump picking rick scott as his running mate. scott is down plan those rumors. he was in sunrise this morning touting jobs but the software company, there has added 120 new workers. scott said he last spoke to drop a few weeks ago and has no
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mansion. >> i have a great a job already to be governor. there is an opening and 2018. i have three more years left in this job. we have added 25,000 jobs but i'm going to work hard to make sure that we are number one for jobs and education and staying safe. start the gov. has not endorsed anybody for president has not decided if he will ahead of the primary. so i can the meantime, bernie sanders has won the endorsement of alan grayson. announcing his support today with a tweet. grayson was running for rubio senate seat held an online poll asking which candidate. he should indoors. sanders beat clinton 86-14%. and from our early days and times for voting in broward, i do see a sample ballot. head over to cbs 2016.
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coverage of 2016 through election day. a developing story tonight, student centered in a school shooting. a 14-year-old gunman opened fire in the high school cafeteria. shortly after the shooting. police were able to take the suspect into custody, the motive is unknown. one of pope francis his top advisers is the catholic church has made enormous mistakes. thousands of children to be abused. part of that australian inquiry in the child sex abuse in the country. he told commissioners in sydney . it's a scandal the catholic church allowed thousands of children to suffer abuse at the hands of pre-sprayed--priests. >>the catholic church has let people down.
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indefensible.>>the testimony came just hours before spotlight won best picture at last night's academy awards. it is a real light--a real-life drama about a team of journalists that expose a rate of pedophile priests. caught on camera, is this evidence of a high school fight club? there's an investigation is underway, next. a consumer alert, the growing concern that raleigh people are affected by hackers that hit the irs. mentoring matters. employee time off during the week in order to give back. cool looking clouds to start our sunrise today, hanging out over the city.
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caught on camera, california school officials investigating a fight club onyx high school campus. it is a students punching each other surface last week. the superintendent said she learned about the fight club recently but the sites may have been going on for years and we need to warn you, this video is graphic.
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but no protective gear, pummeling each other. the fights apparently took place during school hours in a dilapidated clubhouse used by the baseball team as of the students looked on. >> we opened an investigation. we shut down the location where the fights had taken place. 1030 current and former students told us that the fights had been held for more than a decade with kids getting knocked up, receiving bloody noses and black eyes and going homeless concussions.>> parents are aware coaches are aware. >> nobody was going to beat a kid out. >>reporter: the senior and his friends are in the videos and they insist they had no malicious intent. so just guys having fun, laughing, playing music and boxing. >>reporter: three videos were
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the fighting ring has drawn comparisons to the movie, fight club, about a recreational fighting league for adult men. some of the first rule of fight club is coming. you do not talk about fight club. the second rule of fight club is, you do not talk about fight club. >> it blew my mind. the kids get away with these things. >>reporter: the high schools trying to determine which students were involved. there see if any school personnel need to be disciplined. to make university of virginia student detained in north korea for two months, spoke out for the first time today in a videotaped press conference. he confessed to a hostile act for his accused of trying to steal a banner with a political slogan from a hotel wall last month.>> on the morning of january 1, 2016. i committed my crime of taking out an important political slogan from
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international hotel aimed at carving the work ethic and the motivation of the korean people. >> officials say the conference was held at his own request, but it is unclear if he was coerced into speaking. tonight. it judge in austin, texas was ambushed outside of her home. return to the bench. friends and colleagues welcomed her back with applause. she spend months recovering from the assassination attempt in november. she had have reconstructive surgery with the hand she used to shield herself in a shooting. disney is rolling out seasonal prices for a single day ticket hoping to spread out demand. the changes will lead visitors look at the calendar, 8 to 11 months from now to see which days are considered value, regular or peak days. people will pay more when busier times are forecast. when prices are posted, they
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joining us now. we have to pay more for today. >> that's right. here is a live picture from our resort camera. a beautiful afternoon with temperatures comfortable folks waiting in the atlantic. a little bit on the cool side but not bad. temperatures are on the warm side right now. 73 in key west and 53% humidity and gentle breeze and no rain across the area. coconut grove is 71 and 72 and homestead and 72 and miramar and no changes weatherwise over the next few days. sunny weather today with france to the north and they will have a hard time coming through as a whole jet stream pattern has changed. so it's going to look pretty good tomorrow. plenty of sun and warmer. we
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the middle of the week. maybe a stray shower temperatures in the low 80s and sun and clouds nice and warm with a stray shower temperatures in the low to mid 80s. here's a front that should not be a big deal. a few showers on saturday and sunday and not quite as warm, but nothing extreme. across the country. there is a cold front. kansas city 72, but 25 in minneapolis. this is the front that will push down but it will not be coming through south florida. a nice night lows in the 50s and 60s elsewhere tomorrow. look for a good deal of sunshine with high temperature of around 810. a light chop on the bay and temperatures at 72, taking us into the weekend. stray showers possible but not
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front comes through over the weekend but not a big deal behind it, either. here are some of what we're working on for you tonight at 11 pm. . it's easier than piercing someone's earlobes. see my people are implanting microchips in themselves. it's called bio hacking. his controversial and is happening right here. why are some people taken the drastic measure of hacking into their own bodies and are they putting themselves at risk? vanessa has that story tonight at 11 pm. how 1980 for. mentoring matters. the one way companies giving back by giving their employees time to do good. a supreme court justice clarence thomas did something today that he has knocked out and more than a decade. i am gary nelson. they had dreams of being
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and their dreams have been dashed. why? the story ahead on ted cruz news. the moments that made the oscars. and more. kevin frazier has the scoop, tomorrow. many parents and educators have accepted the idea that homework is just part of learning and succeeding at school.
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we explore the did you watch the oscars last night? from leonardo dicaprio to chris rock taking on diversity in hollywood, a lot to talk about tonight. so that kevin frazier is life in los angeles. let's start with chris rock. hattie think he did? >> i think you did a fantastic job. he was the right man at the right time for the right issue. take a listen. smith this is the wildest, craziest oscars because we have all this controversy. no black nominees. people are like chris, you should boycott. you should quit. how come it is only unemployed
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something? >> chris it did a great job. he set the right tone for the night. we thought it was important. >> we were laughing at home. what about the stars? how do they react to the jokes? >> i think they enjoyed the show because here is the thing, they are there to compete for the category and they want to be entertained and it was an entertaining night. it was fun inside the room because he walked in, not knowing what to expect. it could have gone either way. nothing of the night. it was fun, they got to back. girl scout cookies and have a great time. >> it was a sensitive topic so it was good that it was presented that way. and let's talk about leo. >> there was a moment when sylvester stallone loss for best supporting actor and people thought. oh my goodness, could the academy go wild?
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could leonardo dicaprio lose? he wanted it was an outpouring of love. we got will be expected from him. he is making a movie right now about climate change, a documentary and that's what he addressed in his speech.>> leonardo dicaprio. >> climate change is real. it's happening right now. let's not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. >> that says it all. he has the award. it's almost like it in the pressure off of his back. you have your oscar, you can do your thing. you can meet a woman and get married and just be happy now that you have the oscar. stimulus talk about music. interesting choices last night. >> every moment of the show was packed with messages and if you
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there is a message every time someone walked alec in the beginning when chris rock walked out. he walked out to public enemy, fight the power. is something you normally don't hear the oscars. and in memoriam, a beautiful rendition of paul mccartney's blackberry which was written during the civil rights era. so much music as so many messages. kerry washington walks out to the theme from mahogany, the movie with diana ross. quincy jones comes out to super fly. come on. in oscars past you would not have heard super fly being played by the band. this is my favorite want. jennifer garner comes out with debbie reynolds. whatever will be will be. was that a shot at ben affleck? was that a shot at her ask? >> very subtle. great to talk to kevin, thank you. >> for more oscar coverage catch entertainment tonight and
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cbs4. >> lisa breaks down the night's big fashion hits and misses at 5:30 pm. no end in sight for long- running megahit nci s. the network is redoing the season --the series for two more seasons. it comes the same time that the executive producer and star, mark harmon signed a two-year overall deal. it's on its 13th season remaining the most popular drama on tv. angry students demonstrated today after their private medical arts college, abruptly closes its doors and cancels classes. hundreds of educations and careers are up in the air. that college and west miami- dade has been in business for 22 years. >> it shut down the middle of midterm sleeping students in a lurch. gary nelson has more. >>reporter: students take to the streets protesting the
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for granted, medical technology, nursing degrees but the private school shut down without warning over the weekend. >> the school has closed, leaving us at the mercy of god. >>reporter: on the website. they promise to help students find a future and has lots of photos of future medical workers learned their craft. she and others will be graduating anytime sanford other schools refuse to accept many of these credits. >> they say i'm not going to be graduated until august 2017. so i am losing two semesters that i have to repeat. >>reporter: students crowded into the school today hoping to get their transcripts. not everyone succeeded. >> is and as i got to school, i was informed the transcripts i had paid for were not available. >>reporter: the owner, anthony mentee had did not return our messages and calls to the school went to voicemail, but


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