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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 21, 2016 3:35am-4:30am EDT

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doing simple things. >> exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, including heart-healthy supplements. prevention is the key. >> that's right. so our foundation is dedicated not only to helping those who have heart disease, we are actively fighting to bring those numbers down by pushing prevention. >> "exercise and good nutrition" -- we're casting that message far and wide. please join us. help spread the word. together we can build a heart-healthy future. >> join the movement. find us on facebook or >> announcer: the preceding has
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omega xl. "the weekend insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity
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>> adele's postpartum confession on stage. >> that's part of our good week. >> bad week. including madonna's down under debacle and j. lo's break down. then the duggar family breaks their silence after a year of scandal. >> took his best shot t and he tried try tried to take our family down. >> please welcome our new bachelorette, jo jo. >> was kayla flinn replaced last minute? then i'm with the cast of my big fat greek wedding too. >> what was it like for you to get back together after 15 years? >> and mia's spilling her secret inspiration behind aunt bulla. >> who is she based on? >> i don't know if she'll ever figure it out. >> you're welcome for everything.
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welcome to the weekend insider. >> let's kick things off in our good week. >> bad week. it was a good week for adele. >> i love you. >> for adele fans, inside london's arena, they got to witness history. the fiercely private star gave a shout out to her little peanut, 3-year-old son angelo and she sang to a sold-out crowd. >> adele put her hugely successful career on hold to focus just on motherhood. took a couple of years out of the spotlight to really devote herself to raising her baby and to looking after him. >> and if there was a theme for last night's show, it would be gratitude. hello from the other side >> before belting out that soulful anthem, she candidly talked for the first time about
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pull her out of a dark phase. >> nothing to be ashamed of. part of me didn't exist anymore. i'm sorry for everything that i've done >> come back to myself in a massive way. [cheers and applause] >> i can believe i live a very normal life. and i do. meanwhile, in australia, it was a bad week for madonna who had a much different tone. >> you people showed up early, that's the problem. i said stay at home, take more time doing your hair and makeup. have a couple more shots of tequila. >> anger erupted in the crowd and many left early seeking a refund after madonna failed to materialize on stage for three hours.
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breathtakingly arrogant act. >> i have to go to work tomorrow. madonna, how about a bit of respect? >> many people came early and public transport stops just after midnight. so she ended up performing to a half-empty auditorium. finally, it was a good week for jennifer lopez who was moved to tears after the contestant's domestic abuse revelation and her redemption song. >> takes a lot to overcome, takes a lot of strength to overcome those things in your life, baby. i know. everybody knows. we've all been through stuff like that, you know what i mean? and honestly, you're an inspiration. >> a moment of raw empathy as jennifer lopez surprised many by tearfully admitting that she's been through times of domestic abuse similar to the contestant's. >> it was powerful.
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now to the duggars' only tv vchlt v interview. their beleaguered brother josh who just got out of rehab won't be taking any part in the upcoming series, but his wife anna will. weel we'll go inside what's next for the troubled family as they try to put the scandal behind them. >> they tried to take our family down. >> josh has done some very bad things. >> god has really needed to draw us together. for us, we've forgiven, we're moving on, and we're looking to the future. >> an undeniable look alike to his freshly rehabbed brother josh, john david joins six of 18 siblings maintaining the family is ready for the tv return in jill and jessa counting on. >> you have to cook it for the right apartment of time. mount of time.
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walking through, there definitely have to be periods of times when you have to be, i don't want cameras around. but as we were talking as sib link lings, if we can encourage one american person, that has to be our goal. we're ready to move forward and shear our lives. >> it's been ten months since scandal hit the devout christian family. as a teenager, josh molested five girls, including jessa and jill. then he was forced to admit he was not faithful to wife anna when it was fond he was und he was a paying member of ashley madison. anna is playing a part in the show. >> i don't know how to handle each situation. it's not anything i ever would
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just do the next right thing, have the next right response for the next 15 minutes. >> though the focus on the series will be on new moms jessa and jill, who is doing missionary work in central america. >> it's kind of sad for me knowing that izzy and verge won't get to meet for quite a while. i know if i was here, it would be quite a bit, i'm sure. >> also absent from the series, parents jim bob and michelle, even though some of the older kids still live at home. >> do you still do your own laundry. >> the girls like to do it. >> raise your hands if you like to do laundry. >> all righty then. moving on to the bachelorette diversity controversy. in their photo proof last minute casting change. this as bachelor ben and new fiance lauren start their reality road to happy ever after.
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>> engaged. >> and so excited about it. >> at least i am. >> i am. >> already disagreeing. must be love. as ben proudly posed for the new "people" cover with his fiance lauren. but the most shocking part came after the final rose when they announced the next bachelorette. >> i would like to please welcome our new bachelorette, jo jo. >> people were shocked that kayla wasn't the new bachelorette. people thought that she kind of had it in the bag. >> a lot of kayla love in the fun. >> been fun. >> not all of it was fun. >> no, true. >> it seems that they picked ben's second runner-up. tmz posted images of kayla filming what looked like set-up scenes for the summer season of the bachelorette. >> i don't have any regrets from, you know, being on the show and this whole journey. i might do it again, because i
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for me, and it has worked for some people before. >> abc puts a lot of investment into who they choose as the bachelorette. sometimes they do test footage with potential candidates. abc must have watched that footage and decide thad jo jo was in some way more compelling. >> yahoo's editor in chief, kristin baldwin boldly speculates. >> kayla is a very beautiful woman. she's very sweet, but she's boring! she doesn't have a personality. >> in the u.s., we will use silverware. but in the philippines, if we were in the philippines, it's not uncommon to eat with your hands. >> the shakeup is a disappointment for people who were hoping to see some diversity. kayla would have been the first bachelorette with an interracial background. >> i am shamekwa.
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that's the one you said had wife potential? she's black! >> of course, she went to spellman. >> lifetime's unreal satire ized the lack of diversity. juan pablo has been the only non-white star in its 31 season history. >> the way he looks at them, i want somebody to look at me that way one day. >> taking the news of her replacement with grace, she captioned, congratulations to these beautiful girl, sending love, as the journey isn't over, it's only just beginning. but don't expect kayla to fade into the fog of her 15 minutes just yet. our bachelor insider reality steve who's famous for spoiling the outcome of seasons past says she may find redemption in paradise. >> kayla, it's very well-known that she wants to be in the
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she has hired a publicist, so i absolutely would expect to see her on "bachelor in paradise" this year. >> we have certainly not seen the last of kayla. all right, coming up, my greek gone wild experience with mia var dalis and john corbett. then tricia yearwood and the players behind her ultimate passion project. >> i want to make sure i do my part. >> why you've never seen the story of the crucifixion told quite like this. and three buddhists come in. >> another reboot, right? >> but what does kiersten dunst really think about the franchise's latest incarnation? that's next.
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good reflexes. >> a tangled web of love. she helped it make over $820 million worldwide. so i asked mary jane herself what she thought of spidey's newest incarnation. >> the reboot is coming. do you think it's too soon? >> oh, another reboot.
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>> hey, as long as it's making money -- >> do you have any advice for tom holaround or any land or any advice getting into that spidey suit? >> oh, god, stretch? >>na na that is mary jane sounding off on the third resurrection of the comic hero. >> do i get to say thank you this time? >> but on that iconic kissing scene had joel eggerson suggesting a reboot? >> i heard you are a big fan of the upside down spiderman kiss. >> i am. do you want us to reenact it? >> yes. >> do you want to go upside down? >> we likely won't see kiersten kiss like that again, but we will see her fight to save her son in "midnight special." >> do you believe in aliens or there's really somebody that
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>> there has to be some other life form in the universe. >> got to at least be an environment that's akin to ours, and i kind of often wonder if that's true, if it kind of is as stupid as we are. we're the smartest stupid people, right? >> there's so many of us, and we're destroying it. >> i'll always worry about you. >> these guys are so fun together. and if you're into sci-fi, check out midnight special. coming up, what happens when two greek girls go wild? >> let's take a picture. >> okay. >> okay. hold my neck. >> all right, ready? >> one, two, three, pull. >> my weekend with nia vardalos and john corbett. and then country star tricia yearwood takes us inside sunday's live tv musical covergirl makes flawless as easy
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holding onto you >> that voice. tricia yearwood stars in "the passion", live from new orleans
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she is playing mary, the mother of jesus. and now tricia is taking us inside her ultimate passion project. >> it's a powerful story that's being told, and i just feel like i want to make sure i do my part. so i'm nervous in a way that i've never done anything quite like this. i'm falling apart barely breathing with a broken heart >> tricia will play the virgin mary, and talk about heaven sent. jesus is played by the very god-like jean carlo. he is already a very hunky pop star. but you may recognize him as eva longoria's ex-husband in
3:59 am
>> now, pannella and the all-star cast will help bring the story alive. >> the passion is about christ in the last hours of his life. in modern daytimes, there's a lot of emotions. >> >> everybody can get something from watching the passion. >> doesn't matter what culture you're from. >> very inclusive affair. >> live musical has a modern twist. including the use of popular songs. unconditional >> every song that is in this production fits in the moment, and it's amazing to me the pop songs you would listen to and never think oh, this would be a great song for this moment in the story. and unconditionally works great, because there's a whole message of love and unconditional love,
4:00 am
it would be the final song. >> i cannot wait to see that. and while the passion will be dominating the small screen. on the big screen next week, it's the return of our favorite greek family in my big fat greek wedding two. the original film made over $368 million worldwide. and when i sat down with the cast in new york, it was clear the walk down the aisle was even better the second time around. >> what was it like for you guys to get back together after 15 years? >> crazy, huh? >> well, it didn't feel like 15 years, because we see each other every year, at least once, usually more than that. >> everyone's favorite greek family is back. this time, nia vardalos and john corbett are planning the vows of their parents who discover their original wedding wasn't valid. >> we're not married? >> i'm a hippey. >> aunt bulla, back for more. >> i'm in charge.
4:01 am
>> everyone has an aunt bulla in their life somewhere, i'm giving you the opportunity now to out whoever aunt bulla is. who is she based on, come on! >> i don't know if she will ever figure it out, but she is based on my thea bulla. her name is bulla. >> really? and what does she think of her? >> she loves it. she's the original, the og bulla, and she loves it. my whole family's funny. >> what do they think of how they're depicted on film? >> i remember at church one time, this lady came up to me, and she said i think you exaggerate a little in your movie. she's smiling at me, and the sun is glinting off her gold tooth. and her son goes, no, ma, that's you! >> you're welcome. >> your character is too much. i mean, honestly, you shut it down every time you're on-screen. to this day, my mom and my nah,
4:02 am
much. >> aunt bulla was my twin. >> your accent is so spot on. >> i just understand it. it's just organic. i am armenian. >> italian, armenians, when they speak, no -- >> you're thinking. >> ready? >> before we parted ways, nia and i showed john a little greek tradition used when taking a photo. sure, plastic surgeons have mastered the face-lift, but we greeks have mastered the neck lift. >> one, two, three, pull. >> one, two, three, happy anniversary dinner, darlin' can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. even ragu users chose prego homestyle alfredo
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monday on "the insider." as real housewives star joe giudice prepares for his prison stint, why he and wife theresa scrap vacation plans and we just spotted the family and inside the new "star wars" documentary. and secrets to the sequel? plus jake gyllenhaal, as one of hollywood's most eligible bachelor, is he ready to settle down?
4:06 am
all right, before we go, here's what we're working on for monday. >> as real housewives star joe stint. moment. >> why he and theresa scrap vacation plan, and where we just spotted the family. then inside the new "star wars" documentary. >> this is going to be the first gathering of the original cast and new cast. this feeling came over me that hadn't happened since tunisia on the first one. >> so it almost seemed like a kind of universe that might accept me. >> what you didn't see on-screen. >> it was a scene that terrified me the most. >> and secrets to the sequel? >> i just remember thinking, we are about to shoot this thing, and i'm not ready. >> but. jake gyllenhaal, is he ready to
4:07 am
that's monday on "the insider." "the insider" together with yahoo.
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well the road to the presidential nomination runs through three western states this tuesday. republicans and democrats have primaries in arizona, and caucuses in utah and there is a democratic caucus in idaho. the big prize is arizona, especially for republicans where the winner takes all 58 delegates. here is danielle maddingham. >> you know what? we are going to build the wall.
4:10 am
donald trump's weekend blitz through arizona. illegal immigration is going to stop. it is dangerous. it is terrible. trump is hoping his hard line will resonate with voters. >> i'm scared for them because of deportation. >> reporter: democratic front-runner hillary clinton drawing the battle lines running an ad in arizona where she comforts a young girl worried about deportation. >> i will do everything i can to help, okay. >> reporter: bernie sanders campaigning along the arizona border with mexico says he is also sensitive to the plight of immigrants. for republicans, the biggest battle now is a philosophical one. trump's opponents, senator ted cruz and governor john kasich are doubling down on their attacks. saying one of them should lead the charge to deny trump the nomination. and the other should drop out. kasich says it won't be him. >> nobody is calling me directly and asking me to drop out. and by the way, why don't they drop out.
4:11 am
utah says he is not going anywhere. >> a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. >> if they split the vote the man they hope to beat could benefit the most. the investigation continues into a deadly jet crash in russia. officials found the black box and voice data recorders, but they're badly damaged from friday's crash. flydubai flight went down in strong winds killing all 62 people on board. the marine killed in iraq yesterday has been identified. staff sergeant lewis cardin of temecula, california was 27 years old. he died in an isis rocket attack about 60 miles outside mosul. >> pope francis made his debut on instagram just in time for palm sunday. his new account already has over
4:12 am
here is allen pizzey. >> reporter: pope francis abandoned his prepared palm sunday text to compare indifference to migrants and refugees arriving in europe to those who washed their hand of jesus ahead of his crucifixion. making use of the wider audience the special day provided is typical pope francis. this weekend he embraced a way to reach out instagram. a sign he called beginning is a new journey. he picked up 1 million followers in 12 hours. the pope tweets in nine languages including latin to more than 25 million followers. he doesn't type his own tweets. usually quotes from his speeches. but approves every one. his instagram pictures will be chosen by a senior media adviser according to vatican spokesman greg burke. >> you are not going to see, pope francis with a selfie stick here saying welcome to my home. but he knows how that can be important. he knows the importance of getting the image out. >> reporter: pope francis the second most followed world
4:13 am
president obama. there is a certain irony to the leader of an institution that generally embraces change at a glacial pace having an online following the answer to the most fervent prayers of celebrities who measure worth in social media hits. this for a man who labeled social media, mental pollution and a gift of god. one of the great enigmas of this pope, the father says. >> the way he acts, the way he talks, the way he reaches out to people, is a great, great change. and the papacy will never be the same. >> reporter: he still hasn't made a major impact on church re reform or sex abuse scandal, the writer says. >> i think he has been given a pass on this because he has been figure. we are now in the fourth year of the pontifficate, he has to address this or it could very
4:14 am
>> it will take more than the common touch and breaking numbers on social media. alan pizzey, vatican city. >> spring break crackdowns have party towns going boom to bust. the formula one season gets off to a flag start. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. hey there, heard the good news? spray 'n wash is back... and even better. it's powerful formula removes everyday stains the first time. which is bad news for stains, and good news for you. spray 'n wash.
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uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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spring break brings big business to beach towns across the south. but it also brings crime. many communities are cracking down. as we report, new laws designed to stop the party are just forcing it to move elsewhere. >> reporter: the sounds of young people partying and opening beers on the beach. are now silenced in gulf shores, alabama. this weekend, the city enacted an emergency order banning alcohol on beaches through april 17th. after more than 600 arrests since march 5th. police lieutenant bill cowen. >> most of the arrests come done to public intoxication, minor in possession of alcohol, those are the two biggest cat goers off rest.
4:18 am
hicks and christian garing from texas a & m think the police are being overly aggressive. >> somebody was videotaping in a cop's face. it is stupid reasons. >> i know we are drunk on spring break. we are adults. we are in college. we know what we're doing. they act like we are children. >> reporter: gulf shores officials believe they became the hot spot after word spread on social media that nearby panama city, florida banned alcohol from its beaches last june. newt ban in gulf shores is raising concerns that students could now move the party a few miles done to orange beach, alabama, which is dealing with an 800% increase of its own. in arrests this spring break. dan rowe oversees tourism and conventions for panama beach. >> the city leaders were compelled to make changes because of incidents of young people behaving badly. >> reporter: last year an unconscious woman was allegedly
4:19 am
ped, and a shooter wounded seven, more than 1,000 arrested. rowe said there are less problems and also less money. >> if college kids aren't here, the businesses that cater to spring break market are taking the brunt of it this year. >> reporter: like sparky sparkman who owns spinnakers, his bar a ghost town with business down 80% to 90%. >> it's gone. you know what they say about something once it's gone -- it really is tough to get back. >> reporter: in all, panama city beach enacted at least 20 new ordinances to crack down on bad behavior. like gulf shores, will review the alcohol ban on their beaches before next march. michelle. >> thank you, jamie. up next, we break down the trade deals that have been a hot topic
4:20 am
u.s. trade policy a hot button issue with candidates
4:21 am
they say cost america jobs. >> nafta, cost us 800,000 jobs nationwide. >> trade deals are killing our country. >> the question is are international trade deals helping or hurting the american worker? here is cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger, which is it? >> little of both. north american free trade agreement, 1984, the one bernie sanders said cost 48,000 jobs. probably didn't. probably a wash. and china'sen troo into the world trade organization was a game changer. look at exporting and manufacturing in the u.s. since then, down 9%. chinese exports and manufacturing up by 12%. remember overall. u.s. consumers buy goods a lot cheaper since all the trade deals. >> trade shuffles the deck. who are the winners and losers here? >> manufacturing has been a loser.
4:22 am
jobs actually peaked in 1979. so that's 15 years before nafta. what's really changed the game? technology. automation. and when we look at those sectors around technology, we saw technology up 30% since 2003. and we should also note one big winner, the world, because we have seen millions of people lifted out of poverty. >> what about the folks back home? how do you help those people who lost their jobs? >> not ripping up trade agreements. trade wars are terrible for economies. spending money on retraining and offering financial assistance in the form of tax credits. the best solution. >> cbs news business analyst, jill schlessinger. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> still ahead, a flying horse
4:23 am
a frightening crash at a formula one race in australia, driver fernando alonzo at the mercy of gravity after clipping another car. amazingly he walked away from this wreck and said he feels lucky to be alive. >> if you were in los angeles yesterday, you might have seen a flying horse, or at least, dangling, one dangling from a helicopter.
4:24 am
ravine and an air lift was the only way out. the horse was a little disoriented but not hurt. new video shows something perhaps never before seen by human eyes. a blue whale nursing its calf, or at least that's what scientists believe is happening here. images were taken off new zealand.
4:25 am
4:26 am
sl we end tonight with some new beginnings. here in the east spring arrived at 12:30 a.m. shortly after that a noteworthy arrival on washington, d.c.'s eagle-cam. >> reporter: just after 3:00 this morning, dc 3, finally appeared on a live web-cam. its parents scrounged up food for the new baby and the 2-day-old sibling.
4:27 am
both birds. dr. jill biden wrote, congratulations to mr. president and the first lady on the arrival of two eaglets. the proud parents are known as mr. president and the first lady because they're the first mating pair to nest in the d.c. national ash rboretum in nearly 730 years. why do you think people are so obsessed with this web-cam? >> i think because it is the american bald eagle, our nation has always loved that, that bird, our national symbol. and it's -- it's funny they're in the capital. >> reporter: watching animals for hours at a time is a growing phenomenon. last year millions watched panda bear mei-jang give birth to twin pan diaz. only the third set born in the united states. at the national arboretum, a message below the live eagle-cam
4:28 am
anything from sibling rivalry to predators. >> i think with all the political turmoil going on, these little eaglets are something we can agree on. >> democrat, republican. >> democrat, republican, independent, socialist, from, wherever you are. we can all get behind the eaglets. >> reporter: in a few weeks the public will come up with names for the eaglets. because to the many that watched this family is part of theirs too. and that's the "cbs overnight news" for this monday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us a little bit later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new
4:29 am
captioning funded by cbs it's monday, march 21st, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." history in havana. president obama touches down in cuba, the first sitting american president to do so since 1928.
4:30 am
waited decades for diplomacy. cabola, cuba. donald trump heads to washington today. the republican front-runner is set to make a major speech to a pro israeli group, but members of the audience plan on walking out. >> let's go. it's good! >> the sweet 16 is set. who is in and who is out and the best buzzer-beaters from the first weekend of march madness. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. later today, president obama meets with cuban president raul castro in havana. it was a meeting and trip that was unimaginable in the not too distant past. the president and family arrived yesterday, the start of a three-day visit to an old cold war foe.


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