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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. donald trump doesn't show at the final republican debate. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> the front-runner holds a competing event nearby. >> when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your right. >> but the show goes on without him. ted cruz takes center stage and the candidates unleash their final attacks on the front-runner. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> i kind of miss donald trump. >> three days to go, and the donald still the man to beat. >> new overnight, the fbi releasing video of that deadly shoot-out in oregon. what happened in those final moments before the gun fire erupted. the speeding car chase, the protester emerging with his hands raised before reaching for his pocket.
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him after those fatal shots. dangerous epidemic. zika cases add up in the u.s. it's spreading explosively, they warn. our dr. richard besser goes to the heart of ground zero where there are a million cases. live in brazil. just dance a swimmer out of water. olympian michael phelps dancing in his speedo with his medals. how his dance helped the home team soar to a big victory. dance dance dance just dance and good morning, america. happy friday, okay, could you make a free throw staring at michael phelps like that. >> curtain of distraction? you never know who's going to be behind that curtain. >> what a night in politics. last debate for the republicans before the first votes and donald trump did follow through on that promise. he refused to take center stage, instead he hired a hall just five minutes away, held his own veterans. >> actually it was at one point
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big events going on at the same time. as you know, three days until voice, your vote." we have full team coverage starting with abc's jonathan karl in des moines, iowa, this morning. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, from the moment he got in the race back in june, donald trump has dominated the campaign but candidates took center stage without him. >> before we get to the issues, let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> reporter: from the start of last night's debate the republican candidates took on that elephant not in the room. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> donald. >> donald. >> reporter: they mentioned his time seven times in the first ten minutes with ted cruz mocking the donald's absence. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly and, ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: but a debate without trump turned mostly tame, a showdown without the spectacle. the candidates instead dove into policy, the first real fireworks coming over immigration reform. >> because you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. >> but you changed -- >> so did you, marco. >> throughout this campaign you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes. now you want to trump trump on immigration. >> the facts are simple. when i ran in texas i told the people of texas if you elect me i will lead the fight against amnesty. >> i feel like a need a n english dictionary converter. ted can change his mind. marco can change his mind. >> reporter: hoping to rise in iowa before monday's first in the nation caucus, marco rubio talked tough on foreign policy and also took on the democrats. >> i think bernie sanders is a good candidate for president of sweden. >> reporter: cruz at center
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to take over the spotlight left open by trump's absence. his tangle with the moderators falling flat. >> chris, i would note the last four questions have been, rand, please attack ted, marco, please attack ted, chris, please attack ted, jeb, please attack jeb. >> let me say in this --s if. >> it is a debate, sir. >> gosh, if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> well, don't worry, i'm not leaving the stage no matter what you ask me. >> reporter: trump's presence or nonpresence was felt even after the debate was over, take a look at this photo i shot at almost midnight as i was leaving, these guys dressed as chickens with a milk carton with donald trump's donald. >> you took that picture, jon. can't you tell? >> i can't tell your photography. jon, did the moderators have to
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trump decided to show up during the debate? >> reporter: well, his event was only five minutes away so there was real uncertainty up until the last minute about whether or not he would come and make a surprise appearance. megyn kelly said that they had two alternative outlines for questions and that she didn't get final word that he was definitely not coming until 15 started. >> all right. thank you, jon. >> reports he had a few conversations over the course of the day to roger ailes, the head of fox news. he was just a few minutes away, donald trump, hired his own hall, had his own crowd along with mike huckabee a rick santorum. tom llamas has all the details. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. as you heard in jonathan's piece, trump wasn't there but he did take some fire on that stage and he said last night he actually considered showing up to the debate and that fox up to the last minute was trying to get him to go there. the show must go on, and
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>> i didn't want to be here, i have to be honest. i wanted to be about five minutes away. >> reporter: trump claiming fox news apologized to him, but it wasn't enough to reconsider. >> fox has been extremely nice and the last number of hours actually. [ laughter ] and they've wanted me and they said how about now? they called a few minutes ago. how about now, i said, hasn't it already started. >> reporter: in a statement fox news saying on thursday chairman roger ailes had three brief conversations with donald trump today about possibly appearing at the debate. and that trump offered to appear at the debate upon the condition that fox news contribute $5 million to his charities. we explained that was not possible and we could not engage in a quid pro quo nor could any money change hands for any reason. >> we raised over $5 million in one day. >> reporter: trump still claiming victory. telling his crowd they raised more than $5 million for veterans.
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debate that's going on while everyone is sleeping? they're all sleeping. >> reporter: the gop front-runner even wrangling rick santorum and mike huckabee who debated on the undercard stage to join him. you respect for doing this event? >> he's raising money for veterans. you know, his decision as to whether or not to go to the debate is a separate issue. >> reporter: trump's followers, some who braved freezing conditions in iowa to watch his speech on an outdoor monitor say it was the smart play. idea. donald trump has a choice to do that. >> you know, when these people don't play fairly then why go. you know, let's go out and support the best. >> reporter: and trump personally donated $1 million. that's what he said to the event. tweet. an unbelievable event in iowa with our great veterans. we raised $6 million while the politicians talked. now, trump says 22 vets organizations will get that
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of them spoke to abc news. they said they got a call from the trump campaign yesterday who said, quote, it will be better than winning the lottery. george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. let's talk about this more with matthew dowd, our political analyst and cecilia vega covering the hillary campaign. okay, we can't know for sure what the 30,000 or 40,000 un undecided voters in iowa think but you got to say at first blush it looks like trump's bet paid off. >> i absolutely think it dfrment part of the reason why it did, as him as the brash starting quarterback doesn't show up for the game, the trash talking backup quarterback fumbled the first few steps which is ted cruz and i think donald trump benefited by what happened on that stage. >> it was the second one that fell flat. >> in the course of that debate you had a better picture of ted cruz and i don't think that did well for him. >> who did well. >> i think the interesting thing, others were able to shine and i think rand paul did very well in the course -- >> bush had a pretty good night.
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night and marco rubio in the first hour had a good night but in the end donald trump didn't show and won. >> hillary clinton came in for a lot of fire last night. >> she had a bunch of attacks. i think we have one ready to go. her campaign tweeted this image of donald trump out and with it, there you go, they say, she says trying not to throw my remote at the tv is what they were talking about. this plays into her narrative. she's even gone to the point where she called bernie sanders my friend. she's not talking about him as much on the campaign trail right now going above the fray and looking at republicans and even looking past iowa, i think, into this general -- >> pretty tight race but most polls show she has a slight lead and she's moved into a different phase. what's the plan for the final three days? >> cautiously optimistic, she is bringing in the big guns. we'll see her on the trail for the very first time with bill and chelsea this week looking well past iowa. they know the race is tight and i do think they realize this
7:10 am
for it yet but ready if it happens. >> what's the biggest unknown? >> i think the biggest unknown is turnout. we don't know. everything about bernie sanders' victory is dependent on new voters and so is donald trump's and depending if those show up it goes in two different directions. >> thanks very much. we're going to have full coverage here at abc news this week on sunday morning, "gma" and "world news" both live in iowa and all the results live monday night and next saturday eastern. robin. >> a lot coming up. we turn to that other big story we've been following, the zika virus, boston reporting its first case of the disease. now more than 30 detected in the map. you see the outbreak originating in south america and moving north. abc's dr. richard besser is at ground zero this morning in brazil to answer some important questions. good morning, rich. >> good morning, robin.
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the streets of rio you don't get any sense there's something going on here of such big health concern, but when you talk to pregnant women, you get a very different picture. we came to brazil, the center of the zika epidemic. the government here spraying the streets. we met fabiola already expecting when some said not to get pregnant. she tells me through a translator she knows zika is linked to babies with tiny heads and brains so she is spending her paychecks on insect repel apartment. >> the level of alarm is extremely high. the world health organization said it's pulling together an emergency response committee saying the zika virus is, quote, spreading explosively. so far in the u.s., there are more than 30 cases detected in 11 states in the district of columbia. all brought back from travel abroad. >> zika is a relatively inconsequential virus for the general population, but if
7:12 am
exposed it's a big deal. >> so, rich, if somebody comes back to the u.s. with that virus, is there potential they could spread it to others? >> that's a big concern, robin, because if someone is infected and comes back to the united states and is bit by a mosquito, that mosquito can bite other people and be infected so if you come back and have any symptoms, you need to be seen and definitely need to use repellant. >> a lot of concern about pregnant women and wanting to know how long does the virus stay in the system and could it possibly affect future pregnancies. >> when they look at similar viruses similar to zika they find once a person has recovered and when their symptoms are gone, the virus is no longer in their body so they don't think future pregnancies will be at any risk at all. >> we heard a report there is a pregnant woman here in new york
7:13 am
what precautions should she be taking? >> well, you know, thankfully there's no mosquito activity in new york city at this time so she shouldn't be putting other people at risk. but they're going to monitor her developing baby to see if the baby has been affected and once that baby is born they'll do hearing tests, vision tests to see if the baby was damaged. we don't know how big the risk is to that baby. >> we hope all goes well for mother and baby. be safe coming back from brazil. for full coverage you can go to on yahoo! >> we move to that deadly shoot-out in oregon. the fbi released new video showing the roadside confrontation between an anti-government protester and law enforcement that left one of the group's leaders dead and abc's neal karlinsky has the latest. >> reporter: you're looking at video of the dramatic traffic stop taken by an fbi surveillance plane. investigators say that white truck is being driven by occupation spokesman lavoy finicum. as police stop the truck and another late tuesday afternoon
7:14 am
into custody. except finicum who doesn't surrender, instead after nearly four minutes sitting in his truck flanked by police takes off again. you can see him speeding down the rural road where police have set up a roadblock. he eventually careens into a snowbank to miss them nearly hitting an fbi agent. moments later he can be seen getting out with his hands raised then critically reaching at least twice with ace right hand towards a pocket on the left side of his jacket. we won't show the moment police fire, but that's when finicum is shot by oregon state troopers and killed. investigators say a loaded 9 millimeter handgun was found inside the very pocket finicum appears to reach for. >> you know there are various versions of what happened, most of them inaccurate and some of them inflammatory. we want to give the public as much information as possible as to what happened that day. >> reporter: as for the standoff the count is now down to four.
7:15 am
negotiators are speaking with them and hope to wrap all of this up soon, robin. >> we all hope that. neal, thank you. ethan couch, back on u.s. soil this morning behind bars in texas after he dropped his fight to remain in mexico. he will be back in front of a judge today. abc's matt gutman has the latest on the case. >> reporter: this morning ethan couch is waking up in his nightmare scenario, the tarrant county jail. >> i don't think anyone would be happy to be in the circumstance he's in. >> reporter: a day the sheriff's been waiting for. >> i said all along i will breathe a sigh of relief when both of them are back. >> reporter: the millionaire's son after nearly two months bundled back to texas thursday dropping his legal battle against depore trace to the u.s. and then whisked away in this truck. the sheriff waiting to book him at the jail. what was he like? >> meek and mild. he wasn't defiant. he didn't raise his voice. >> reporter: but the sheriff claims not repentant.
7:16 am
get out of trouble and not be held accountable. >> reporter: in 2013 the 16-year-old pleaded guilty to killing four people in a drunk driving wreck. the judge giving him only ten years' probation but police say he and his mother made off to mexico after this video surfaced allegedly showing him at a boozy party. that probation. couch will be in court today for his detention hearing, a judge deciding whether he'll get bail, remain in this juvenile facility or -- >> he can be ordered to be taken into custody by our office and taken to the adult jail. >> reporter: of course, all of that will be determined in just a couple of hours. to much media fanfare but one person who will not be here, ethan couch's traveling buddy to mexico, his mother, tanya, still under house arrest, awaiting her trial for allegedly helping him escape to mexico. she faces up to ten years in prison. robin. >> all right, matt, thanks for the latest.
7:17 am
top stories starting with breaking news about another incident with iran. >> that's right. a new provocation from iran this morning. iran state tv has aired video that it claims is from an iranian drone tracking an american aircraft carrier. u.s. officials declined to comment but the "uss harry truman" is known to be deployed there. they captured ten u.s. sailors earlier but released then the next day. a massive sinkhole opened up in southern oregon and taken out a huge chunk of a busy highway, highway 101 near the border and from the care you can see a side road completely washed away. it just grew after a storm dumped nearly an inch and a half of rain. well, a giant of the '60s music scene has died. paul kantner co-founded jefferson airplane behind classics like "white rabbit" and "somebody to love." he died of multiple organ failure. he was 74 years old.
7:18 am
burglars have learned a valuable lesson. they should have measured first. take a look at this picture. it's fairly priceless. there they tried to shove this giant safe into a small vehicle. police arrived within a minute after this guy's alarm went off that his safe had been stolen to find the two trying to squeeze that huge safe into the backseat. didn't work out so well. so now they're safe behind bars. >> a new entry in your dumb criminal file. >> yes, yes, it was never going to fit, guys. >> you've been off that for awhile. >> we just found one, thank you. >> thank you, amy. to rob right now. northeast. >> professional movers could have got that thing into that car. that. winter weather advisories for parts of the appalachians. this is mostly dry, maybe a couple of snow showers across the northeast and turning blustery this afternoon. watching several storms for the west coast this weekend. it is friday. time for your weekend getaway
7:19 am
morning on "gma," the well-known doctor behind the nfl concussion story, dr. bennet omalu is making a stunning new claim about o.j. simpson. why he thinks his repeated hits on the football field may have led to his behavior off the feel. a car stolen and owner feet away. the one mistake you can make this winter that could turn you into a target for car thieves. that's coming up on "gma." this is not a job for me, this is, this is my life. this is my family. being a part of helping people in need is who i am. working at brookdale for me is not just a job, it's a life for me. i love it. i formed many connections with the residents. i feel like i am part of their family and they're part of mine. if you can get up in the morning, ya know, shake the dust and go up there and make somebody happy, when i go to sleep, i did my job. song: "that's life"
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good morning everybody, a
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at u.s. 19, rote blocks and crews are working get the driver out of the car right now. >> for if moment, you will want to take an a lot nate, you can head down belger. we'llsend out our crew there and hopefully we'll have an understand of what's going on tout there. >> a live look outside i-75 at state road 60 in the bradenton area. traffic us starring toslow a little bit. >> be prepare for some delays there. nocrashes are breaking down here. some typicalcon investigations out there on the interstate. i-275, avenue north over in pinellas county is looking great and no crashes to tell you about >> ax air one is flying over our crash back at hillsboro at web web. it was a car bursts ascooter. you can see the scooter right
7:26 am
this was causing sometraffic tie up there in the eastbound lane on hillsboro avenue t. scene is clear and if you are headed that way, no need for detours. >> weather, it is dry out there and colder. >> looking great, take a look at the river gate tower camera. you can see that we have amix of sun and clouds across ta and we are tampa bay and more sunshine as we move on through the day >> temperatures now, you can see it is 50 degrees in tampa. temperatures have beencoming down some over the last few hours. they'll start to head backup here fairly soon. temperatures are going to b on the rise to the low to mid-60s. nol rain insight and a warmup
7:27 am
you want to make this a black thing? well, i'm not black. i'm o.j. >> cuba gooding jr. starring as o.j. simpson in a new tv series. that one is about to come out and o.j. making a lot of headlines again right now. a famous doctor featured in "concussion" says his time on the football field may be linked to his bad behavior. >> that is dr. bennet omalu. he does not hold back in his feelings. also right now trump as you know a big no-show at the debate last night. and this morning, bill and chelsea clinton set to join hillary in iowa. the three appearing for the first time together on the campaign trail since hillary announced her campaign. new concerns about the mosquito-borne virus, zika.
7:28 am
now reported in the u.s. and authorities revealing one person diagnosed in new york city is pregnant and rich talked about that. >> a lot of anxiety out there. lara, you got a new warning for car owners you. >> may think it's a good idea cold weather to warm up your car while getting ready leaving the keys inside. a lot of us have done it. this morning police say please don't. we will tell you why coming up. >> not a good idea. we begin this half hour, though, with that startling new theory about o.j. simpson from the groundbreaking doctor featured in the movie "concussion" and he is convinced his years on the field field may have given had i'm a brain disease. abc's ryan smith is here with that story. have you our attention, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a few names in sports more polarizing than o.j. simpson turning him from a football star to a pariah but dr. bennet omalu thinks he has vtsz from thousands of hits on the football field and should serve
7:29 am
>> if it doesn't fit you must acquit. >> are you having a problem putting that on your hand? >> reporter: he's the most infamous football player in sports history acquitted of double murder, o.j. simpson's trial for the brutal killings of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman now inspiring the new tv series "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> you want to make this a black thing? i'm not black. i'm o.j. >> reporter: this morning 21 years after the so far-called trial of the century, an intriguing new claim about the man at the center of it all. >> o.j. simpson is more likely than not suffering from cte. >> reporter: dr. bennet omalu, the doctor responsible for discovering chronic traumatic encephalopathy or cte in nfl players from repeated blows to the head believes simpson is a victim of the disease. >> the truth. >> reporter: portrayed by will smith in the film "concussion"
7:30 am
pathologist hasn't examined him personally and can only be diagnosed after death but he can identify the telltale signs of cte behavioral symptoms, he says. >> explosive impulsive behavior, impaired judgment, criminality, even mood disorders. >> reporter: but the strongest evidence o.j. may have cte, he says, his college and 11-year pro playing careers. >> he was exposed to thousands of blows to his head. >> reporter: it's an assertion simpson himself once reportedly made using concussions as part of a legal strategy after his 2008 conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping in las vegas. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: according to espn during an appeal of his 33-year maximum sentence, simpson's attorney reportedly filed a sworn statement that he suffered numerous blows to the head and/or landed on my head violently while playing football. though he never relied on that
7:31 am
appeal, a new trial was denied. while dr. omalu stresses that cte doesn't excuse the criminal behavior that landed o.j. behind bars, he does want the case to serve as a reminder of the life-altering damage the sport can cause. now, dr. omalu claims he has yet to examine a retired player that doesn't have cte and that in his opinion athletes playing football to the pro level have a 90% to 100% of getting it. all the more reason he says to talk to kids or talk to parents about whether kids should be exposed to all those hits on the field. >> we'll look at the legal ramifications with dan abrams who covered both of the simpson trials very extensively. ryan alluded to this. could this have been anything he used in either of his cases. >> not as a defense, per se, meaning he couldn't have said, look, i've got this and, therefore, i'm not guilty. he might have been able to argue, you should be able to give me a lesser sentence,
7:32 am
suffering called a mitigating factor in sentencing. but when it comes to guilty or not guilty, saying something isn't enough. that's why we talk about the insanity defense because the white in that regard. >> do you think now -- not just pro players talking college players, high school players, that if they get in trouble with the law that they could use this defense? >> i think we're actually going to see it a lot, particularly when it comes to sentencing. because you're going to see someone convicted of a crime, someone who is going to allege that, you know, they got hit a ton in high school or college, that's what led them to become more violent, et cetera, and, you know we'll see if judges accept it as a mitigating factor but again really important to distinguish between guilt and innocence where this won't be particularly useful and the sentencing phase where someone could say, i should get a reduced sentence because of what i'm suffering from. >> this is bringing a lot of
7:33 am
o.j. is the right spokesperson. >> he is the last person you want as the spokesperson for this, right? i mean, no one wants to sympathize with o.j. simpson, so whether he has it or doesn't have it, it's probably not going to be particularly useful for the cause. >> got it, thanks, dan. we turn to that new twist in the manhunt for those three inmates who escaped. a woman who teaches at the jail has been arrested in connection with that escape. officials believe she provided them with the information they needed to make their break. abc's kayna whitworth has the details. >> reporter: this morning the woman who police say helped these convicts escape sitting in other own cell. >> reporter: they made a significant arrest. >> reporter: 44-year-old nooshafarin ravaghi arrested in the escape of these three inmates teaching english as a second language.
7:34 am
the jailbreak, hossein nayeri reportedly taking one of her classes at the time. officials now say she allegedly and other information essential to their escape. steve gomez says the maps may have helped the three get to a specific address or provided better understanding of the jail roof. inmates are allowed three hours of outdoor recreation time a week. here at this jail it's done on the roof. >> reporter: ravaghi denies maps. according to police, escapees who are still at large may be living out of this white van which was stolen saturday in south los angeles. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks to kayna for that. coming up here, the latest on barbie's new look making headlines this morning. up next on "gma," the mistake you may make that could
7:35 am
sandell, you have that coming up? >> good morning, robin. you know, in the u.s. a car is stolen about once every 44 seconds and for about half of those cars, you won't believe why.
7:36 am
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back now with "gma on the lookout" and winter warning for drivers leaving your keys in a running car to warm it up might make you feel more comfortable when you get in it but not if you get outside and the car is gone altogether. seems pretty obvious but cops say it does happen all too often. abc's clayton sandell has the details. he joins us now from highlands ranch, colorado. good morning to you, clayton. >> reporter: and good morning, lara. yeah, it seems innocent. it's a cold morning. you want to start your car up and warm it up but maybe you go into the store to grab a cup of coffee. it only takes a minute but that's exactly what car thieves are looking for. watch these car thieves roll up on an idling car in denver and
7:40 am
steal it. this guy scouts a car, parks, approaches and darts to open the door but it's locked. the homeowner sees what's going on and scares the steve away. here in this parking lot a thief casually walks then speeds up to get in a car. the owner comes out to try to stop him but it's too late. cars left running to warm up on cold mornings, cops call them puffers, bad guys call them a golden opportunity and police departments around the country are warning drivers to not leave their running cars unattended. >> came out, started up the car. less than 60 seconds. >> reporter: that's all it took to steal gregory carroll's car but they got away with the keys to his second car, later that night they came back to steal that one too. >> give me back my car. >> reporter: some people may not realize in many states it's illegal to leave a car idling with the keys inside and depending on your state and county that could even mean in your own driveway but more
7:41 am
nearly 45,000 cars stolen in ignition. >> we got people leaving the cars running everywhere. >> in lakewood, colorado, we hit the streets with sergeant dave hoover. within minutes his officers spot dozens of puffers idling in 18 degree weather in front of homes and stores. >> you know why i'm bothering you. >> no. >> the car is left running un unattended while you're inside the store. you can't do that. >> reporter: this driver hit with a $57 ticket. >> i wanted to sit in a warm car on the way to work. >> reporter: rick boyer's puffer car has just been stolen. >> pulled out. windows are frosty, go back inside and in there maybe four minutes, come outside. car is gone. >> reporter: it cause a crime ripple effect beyond just the owners. >> seen them used in drive-by shootings, burglaries and a series of bank robberies where they were stealing puffers as a way to get to and from the robbery scene. >> reporter: on a cold morning a
7:42 am
a lot of stealing. >> that's when what they made gloves for. >> now, one police chief in colorado tells me if he could keep people from leaving their puff he cars on the street he could actually cut car theft in his city by 20%. lara. >> that's unbelievable. seems so logical. clayton, thank you so much. happening more and more. amy -- >> it happened to me in a parking garage. had my key in the car, he must have taken a break and, boom, car is gone. >> yep. >> so, be careful. watch those puffer covers. coming up an important alert about memory loss. what? the warning signs to look out for and when you should go see a doctor. >> up next, michael phelps out of the pool making big moves at a basketball game. what he is saying about his dance of distraction. oh, my. to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition.
7:43 am
wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals
7:44 am
let's dance we have been showing you the video olympic gold medalist michael phelps showing his moves out of the pool and on the basketball court. look. it's part of arizona state's fabled curtain of distraction so the opponent at the free throw phelps. he shows up. >> really tan. can i say that?
7:45 am
>> they're in arizona. >> war paint. >> it worked, as well. >> it did. >> because the oregon state player missed both free throws. >> kind not to name him. >> i didn't want to do that to him. >> that's a tradition there. >> i'm glad you asked that. let's take a look at some other past special guests. that's not miley cyrus hoisting the wrecking ball. you could have done that. remember you did that for halloween. >> i looked like that actually. >> this guy, i can understand, you know, why if you had to look at him. >> yeah, yeah. >> oh, no. that would be -- >> that doesn't seem fair. >> it's home court advantage. >> it's all part of the game, baby. it's all part of the game. yeah, and it worked. >> as i former basketball player -- >> bring it on. bring it on. >> we'll be right back. coming up, "gma's" winter concert series is presented by hilton, ready and waiting for
7:46 am
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7:49 am
welcome back to "gma." look at this sunrise yesterday across san diego. the elusive green flash. you don't see those very often. beautiful weather across socal for the next couple of days. mid-50s in denver and warming up
7:50 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by mercedes-benz.
7:51 am
eastbay blooked right at u.s. 19. you can see thebackup extends before get up to belcher. you may want to take the road down. el keep my i will keep iowa on that. opening our cameras rightnow. starting to stack up the howard barryburbank linh bridge. it is take franklin bridge. >> 12 minutes on the gandy brich. bridge. theweather is looking different than yesterday. >> it looks gorgeous out there. temperaturesthat are a bit cooler than yesterday for sure. >> relaxing as we have been moving through the in the morning. >> that should be your factor as we start to warm up.
7:52 am
upper 40s to mid-50s right now. 60 by noon and 64is the high. sunshine all day long. we'll ski dry conditions into the weekend with a lot of sunshine as well. allows us to warm up. tomorrow morning is going to be on the cool side for sure. >> again, no rain insight through the weekend, we'll start to have a slight chance
7:53 am
i don't need anybody else good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. look at the new barbie in all shapes and sizes. parents and daughters say it's good for girls. >> why do you like that doll? >> because i like it. >> critics say the company has gone too far. we have the dolls right here we areily the perfect mix, extreme weight loss stars heidi and chris powell have a secret that could change your family sharing this photo of her ex and all of her children from both of her marriages. >> we've come up with this incredible dynamic. >> how the powells are working out a way to make their blended family work. and did victoria's secret steal their secret?
7:54 am
brand facing a big lawsuit. the designer who claims they took her idea. now "shark tank's" daymond john joining us live. how you can protect your million dollar dreams. i'm alive all that and we are live with sia this morning as we say -- >> good morning, america. i'm alive i'm alive >> good morning, sia. there she is and, boy, look at all those other sias in times square this morning. >> sia nation. >> it is. she is going to be performing live -- >> look at them all. >> out there in times square. the donele gangers, we can see their faces though. >> there is the real deal. >> right there. so enormously talented in our final half hour. >> the crew was saying when she was rehearsing, goose bump, not to be businessed.
7:55 am
barbies, well, it keeps getting big and bigger. queen latifah saying what a pushful moment for barbie and #thedollevolves. >> that is great. >> and then i know you're excited about this. the mississippi roast is the hugely popular recipe that millions of americans, millions of people have been sharing online. the woman who created it reveals secret ingredients live on "gma." >> so easy, simple and delicious every time. every single time. >> everybody swears by it and that's coming up. the big story this morning, the trump-less republican debate. seven top candidates there days before the high-stakes iowa caucuses and while trump was not in the room he was definitely on the other's minds. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a little teddy bear to me .
7:56 am
this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. >> now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> he would nearby holding a benefit for veterans. two cable chapels aired it producing this split screen moment. well, the mosquito-borne zika virus is spreading quickly. boston now reporting its first case. at least 31 people in 11 states have been diagnosed in all of those cases contracted outside the u.s. zika is linked to a wave of birth defebruarys in brazil where babies have small heads. a scare for this baby's family in arizona. take a look at 4-month-old ryder. his mom took his picture last month which showed that white glow in his eye. at first she thought it was a problem with the camera but turns out it was cancer. ryder is being treated right here in new york and thankfully is expected to be fine. exactly ten years ago today
7:57 am
doug vogt were badly injured and bob spent 40 days in a coma then fought his way back from traumatic brain injury returning to tv more than a year later. we are happy to say that bob is working harder thank ever reporting from around the world and covering issues affecting war veterans. and bob is also closely following prince harry's work with veterans. this morning the royal marked an important date. there are now just 100 days until the invictus games when hundreds of wounded troops and veterans will compete in olympic-style events in orlando espn. of your current job but you can't afford to retire, consider panda hugging for pay. a research center in china like legitimately has openings for panda you go huggers. they offer salaries of up to $32,000 a year and factoring in the cost of living this china, that salary actually stretches much farther than it does in the u.s. there is a downside, though.
7:58 am
is a full time job 365 days a year. they lost me on the no vacation part, guys. >> oh, i was sold until that moment. >> i'd do it for free. did you see them? >> i think my daughter harper wants to join you. >> hey, amy, thank you. here's something you may be forgetting to tell your doctor. you don't remember things. and according to a newly published report in a cdc journal that could be a big problem. abc news senior medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton is here with the details. >> so, first before i want to encourage viewers grab a pen and piece of paper a little brain acrobatics this study found three out of four adults over 9 age of 45 who complained of memory -- out of four adults, three out of four didn't bring that up with their doctor. the one who did, 50% of that group failed to then go on for follow-up treatment, assessment. one, onus on the doctors. we have to ask about memory
7:59 am
be embarrassed to bring it up and then to follow up on assessment. >> you know, as we get older we joke about, oh, my memory. how much is that normal when you get a little bit older and when do you know maybe it isn't so -- >> incredible common question. so, again, here's some normal versus some warning signs. take a look. normal would be if you forget part of an experience, a warning sign would be if you forget the entire experience. next one, normal occasionally we forget where we park the car. warning sign, it's not normal if you forget how to drive the car. another one, forgetting events from the distant past that happens to all of us, warning sign would be if you forget recent events entirely and, again, that's the whole event and if it's recent and lastly, if you forget a person's name but remember it later, that's normal. warning sign if you forget that person completely. not good. >> i'm glad you put it up like that because it really lets you know. a simple test. >> i want to caution this is not
8:00 am
medical condition but it's a way to assess the way we form short-term memory. >> what do we do. >> grab a pen and piece of paper. look at these 1 words, take a look and try to remember as many as you can. what we know memory occurs in basically three stage, we have to encode the information and consolidate the information and then we have to retrieve that information. now we'll take that down, give everyone a second. try to write down as many of those words as you can. >> are you doing it too, george. >> i hope everyone has had their coffee in the morning. again, these kind of brain games -- >> oh, no cheating, robin. >> i got in at 2:00. >> we'll put it up again. >> okay, and take a look and see how you did. >> oh, my gosh. >> george. >> george did really well. >> you're on point this morning. yeah, you're enfew u enfuego, five to nine, average short-term memory.
8:01 am
tired so i'll take that into account. what's the warning sign, george, my gosh. >> he had seven. >> seven. >> so average -- >> oh! >> you're average in this sense. >> he is not average. >> what are your recommendations if you think there is something wrong. >> i think the key thing is speak to your doctor or health care provider. what's new now is assessment called neurocognitive testing done by neuropsychologists, they're all over the country usually covered by insurance and >> thank you. i love these segments. >> it's okay. >> i love that you called me average. >> when have you ever been called that? jen will be taking your morning. can you tweet her @drjashton or go to "gma's" facebook page. >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." barbie has a brand-new new. you can see. what happens when kids see all of these lovely ladies for the
8:02 am
and was victoria's secret stolen? shark's daymond john joins us live with the latest on that lawsuit. then jennifer aniston's new role. will she score a touchdown in this new movie. and the one and only sia. the voice of an angel performing here live in times square. just a few fans joining us so why don't you too. we're coming right back. i'm alive i'm alive "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints, a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. scanner: rescan item. rescan, rescan. rescan item. vo: it happens so often get used to it. representative. representative. vo: which is why being put first... relax, we got this. vo: ...takes some
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8:07 am
the cover, meet the new fat barbie. >> i didn't love that adjective. >> no, i don't think that was right and kind of alone in this. a lot of parents and kids think all these brand-new barbie, seven, three new body types, seven new complexions, a lot of positive reaction to the change. >> rightly so. >> we'll now see from abbie boudreau what parents have to say. here's rockin' barbie >> reporter: the blond bombshell on store shelves. now barbie is getting a makeover. mattel announcing thursday they're adding three new body types, petite, tall and curvy. so we sat down with the real experts and their moms. there's a lot of girl power at the table to talk about the iconic doll and her latest transformation. >> seeing these changes, it really makes you think like, wow, i'm really beautiful. >> reporter: when you compare
8:08 am
compared to the original barbie which one would you choose? >> i choose this one because it's different. >> reporter: dr. stacy kaiser says this makes sense. >> when girls are in search of a doll they often seek out one that looks like them. so the fact that there are barbie as valuable in a variety of shapes is going to be a good thing for the little girls. >> it's okay that we don't all look the same. we're all different and we're all beautiful. doesn't matter the shape or size. >> reporter: mattel agrees telling abc news that barbie's ability to evolve and grow with the times while staying true to her spirit is central to why barbie is the number one fashion doll in the world. but not everyone is on board. one barbie fan tweeting "i'm all forde versety and positive body image but that's not barbie then. it's a different doll." >> barbie is more than a brand. barbie is a character also. >> reporter: still, all the moms say they're happy with the
8:09 am
dolls for their daughters. >> i get people are complaining but it's your choice. pick one of these or pick the same one. >> beauty comes in a lot of different packages and it's not just blond, it's not just tall and thin. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> learning a lot talking amongst ourselves. growing up in mississippi it was odd to have a doll that didn't look like myself. i remember going, huh. >> i had a black doll. i don't know why -- how it happened but it's great to be able to expose but i think it's important for kids to identify with -- >> you know what also that is so great about our kids' generation. my daughter doesn't see color. that's what -- i think having all these selections there's something for everybody out there. >> how about a guy doll in a suit. >> the ken doll. >> making you feel whole. >> i buy that, george. >> all right.
8:10 am
brand that's making headlines. victoria's secret is facing a big lawsuit this morning. a lingerie designer claiming the chain stole her dine. abc's rebecca jarvis has that story. >> reporter: they're some of the world's most famous figures, the body of an angel. >> reporter: but one lingerie designer is suing the megachain for allegedly stealing her body of work. debra mackinnon who runs new jersey intimate apparel zephyr's claiming they're selling a knockoff version of her push-ups. it's anatomically correct and creates lift and cleavage while maintaining a natural appearance under clothing. >> she's saying what is in the store was her idea. >> i have put a lot of type, work, energy and investment into my designs and unique
8:11 am
to protect my intellectual property. mckinson says she got the idea in january of 2008 after 20 mock-up ae. its and then pitched her product to victoria's secret telling the megachain she was applying for a patent but would give the company exclusive licensing rights if they came to an agreement. according to the complaint, mackinnon claims she sold tens of thousands of her inserts to the company from 2011 to 2012 until victoria's secret decided to terminate tear agreement and began making lower quality knockoffs. >> this specific case is a classic david and goliath story where you have an entrepreneur and a large u.s. conglomerate corporation. >> reporter: we're joined by rebecca and we also have "shark tank's" daymond john in orlando on tour for his new book "the power of broke" which by the way just hit "the new york times" best-seller's list. >> well deserved. >> thank you.
8:12 am
could deborah have done to protect herself. >> she should have had a non nondisclosure agreement when she goes and shops it to all these brands and that procures or saves the fact she's not going to be able to get knocked off because they signed an agreement and should have walked in there with a provisional patent that holes her place for that patent for that bra for about a year until she comes out with the actual product. >> but because she didn't do that, what chances does she have at winning this? >> very little because you know what, they probably didn't want to sign an nda because they probably get, you know, pitched bras all the time. probably have a staff of 200 people developing bras and there's going to be a push-up bra in the system, so they probably didn't want to sign that so thee probably decided to hole the meetings regardless. >> what suggestions do you have? you have people that come on your show and have these great concept, products and that and you know they go to bigger places and how do they protect themselves? >> first of all they have to trademark the name and concept.
8:13 am
have to also copyright the design pat ten and they should go out and get a provisional patent so it holds their place in line as they develop their product. they can't just walk into a big company and say, hey, take a look at this. it could have been a designer in a whole other department that reviewed that bra two years later and said i came up with the idea. the head of the company may not even know. >> is there some way you can go because i know so many people, they have these ideas, they don't know where to go. is there somewhere they can go. >> of course, you can go to an attorney which i highly suggest but a ust -- united states trademark -- ustpo. >> uspto. >> that's my dyslexia kicking in. yeah, that's where you would go and that is the government site to show pat steps and trademarks. >> you could do that by yourself. >> it's they actually have a section so we think about the cost of doing these thing, you hear a lawyer and think, that's going to cost me.
8:14 am
their site where you can ask for pro bono help. that means free help from a free attorney that has been doing these things that's been looking at pat tenses that knows exactly what you need to put into your patent in order for it to really have weight and teeth. >> who pays for the attorneys? >> the government. >> whatever happened back in the days when we went to the library and we figured out how to do it ourselves and save $20,000. >> that's right. >> all right. very important advice there. daymond, thank you very much. congratulations again and, rebecca, thank you. out to rob now. >> check it out, amy. somebody here -- a bunch of sia supporters. obviously not quite as shy but very excited about the performance coming up and also big fans of snow and that snowpack is diminishing. check it out. we've seen a big decrease from 58% across the u.s. to 37%, hugest among the northeast where philly dropped about a foot, new york has seen a drop of 20 inches of snow melting in
8:15 am
more snow and rain coming in the pacific northwest and northern california after an epic snow year there. >> all right. if there was a chandelier out here, lara, we'd be swinging from it. >> i know you would. for now get off the chandelier and get in here. "pop news." we begin with megamovie casting news on this friday morning. jennifer aniston up first. she will flex her acting muscles
8:16 am
fixer" playing denise wright, a real-life miss usa contestant turned ferocious sports manager. think of olivia pope in the nfl. >> wow. >> other casting news, let's stoop for that quick. apparently a very meaty role, a lot of great actresses. >> she's be great. >> transformed there. >> excited for her on that. also in casting news, han solo and hannibal lecter joining forces kind of. the actors, harrison ford, anthony hopkins teaming up to for a spy thriller called "official secrets." the cast goes on and on, going to be a fabulous movie. they star as cia agent and retired uk general. in this movie based on real events leading up to the 2003 invasion of iraq and then finally, the first casting announcement about the follow-up to "fifty shades of grey," just a movie that i know i was not looking forward to at all. kim basinger will join jamie dornin and dakota johnson in "fifty shades darker." that's set to begin production
8:17 am
she plays alana lincoln, a former loverary key part of christian grey's mysterious past. lover. you know that from the books, right, george? you know exactly who that is. >> telling me on commercial break. >> oh, my gosh. when i was reading the book i was like where is kim basinger. >> i remember her in "9 1/2 weeks." >> that little one. i love that. >> me too. >> ah. thank god it's friday. before you go out tonight everybody needs a workout so wanted to show you -- shoot, i'm one story ahead. he's go back. anyone who wakes up as early as we do knows the snooze button can be a devil in disguise. not anymore. a rug alarm clock, you have to get out of your bed and stand on it for three seconds to turn it off called the ruggie made with chronic snoozers in mind. you can even customize your own morning greetings or motivational speech. right now the ruggie is in the crowd funding -- come on, baby.
8:18 am
>> i think it will work. very close to going into production and believe it goes in july and believe ruggie makers, you've got -- >> somebody stole my idea. that was my idea. get daymond back here. >> snoozing is part of my morning routine. i need a snooze. >> tomorrow is coming, baby. finally, as i was saying, friday and end of january. how is everyone doing with resolutions, you guys working out. this guy is. >> check it out. >> he is pumping iron like i've never seen. >> oh, my. >> just to inspire you, george. get to the gym today. >> a pencil. >> that is a crab with his version -- >> a bench pressing crab. >> yeah. >> look at the form. >> that's exactly what it is. i'm not apologizing for it. this is my way of getting to the gym, everybody. enjoy your weekend. "pop news" is now officially over and good night. >> you won't say your last night. >> no. >> let's hope he doesn't pull a mussel. >> excellent.
8:19 am
i'm going to swing from the chandelier from the chandelier i'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist like it doesn't exist i'm gonna fly like a bird through the night feel my tears as they dry i'm gonna swing from the
8:20 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> yes, sia is here this morning. that's her huge sit "chandelier." can't wait. we'll hear more from her. >> so much life in that voice. >> wow. >> yes. we have a lot coming up this half hour. also programming note about tonight. "20/20" takes on family mysteries. searching for long lost loved ones "since the day i was born." >> if you don't mind i'll get up and as i walk over to do our next segment, the reason i'm wearing pink, amy and i enjoy the month of october, a lot of breast cancer awareness luncheons and i had the honor of speaking in cincinnati at their 14th annual pink ribbon luncheon. met these wonderful talented women here. patty, how are you? >> i am great. >> i'm not going to tell you how much money they donated to that charity, chris collinsworth fund with his wife holly.
8:21 am
able to do and had a visit here and i promised they would do "pop news," lara. yeah, i just -- you know, when you're getting that live auction and just trying to build it up. what is it about that luncheon in cincinnati. >> it's just amazing, being able to give back to all those women and help them go and get their scans and it's just an amazing event and i'm always so honored to be able to participate in that event and i'm so honored being here this morning with you. >> oh. >> you guys are my favorite. >> thank you all so much. it's wonderful to see you again. we're going to be talking. she has a great little business that we're going to -- amy, we're going to talk to her about that. this, i'm just -- a bonanza of just wonderful things. my home girl from mississippi. we are celebrating one of the most delicious and popular recipes online, the mississippi roast shared millions of times. "the new york times" calls it the roast that owns the internet and the creator of the original recipe robin chapman is here with us.
8:22 am
>> i've been looking forward to seeing you. >> wonderful. so happy and proud. tell us how this owl came about. >> actually it started a long time ago. my daddy's sister gave me a recipe in the early 1990s for a roast beef sandwich recipe. quite spicy but wonderful. i had small children and decided to alter the recipe to create a little milder version. >> and it's something that you can kind of modify it t to your tastes. but it's so easy. >> so easy, anybody can make it. time. >> every time. >> there's secret ingredients. this is the first one. tell us about it. >> these are pepperocini peppers, they're beautiful. work well in the slow cooker and they give the roast a very distinct flavor in all right so that's the first one. ah, this is going back. this is going back old school. way back.
8:23 am
the au jus mix that works in the end. >> last but certainly not least. >> no, probably the most important recipe, the most important ingredient is the hidden valley ranch dressing. it's mild and flavorful and it really makes the dish what it is. >> it does and each and every time is so delicious. i know you want to give a shoutout to your friend karen. >> karen actually -- >> why. >> she actually put my recipe in her hometown church cookbook which was my church as well lifelong best friends and after that somebody picked it up on a blog and it went viral. >> were you as amazed as everybody else. >> patty, come on in here. you want to do a little taste test. may we? >> sure. >> a little taste here. >> wow. >> you know, how many people are going to be making this tonight. how does that make you feel, robin? >> well, it's very flattering and exciting that such a simple recipe has been so well received by people across the country. >> it is so simple and, karen,
8:24 am
to take off like wildfire like this. >> i did not. i had no idea but it's a great recipe. >> oh, gosh. and are you making it on sunday? you said it was so sweet, you said on certain days with the baguette that it's your bible study or something. >> wednesday night bible study night all my kids come to my house and lots of times we eat a sandwich. sunday we eat it with accompanyments like a big luncheon in the south. >> you can have all different sides with it. >> very versatile. >> yeah. >> on "gma." so much -- i know i promised "pop news" but i think this s is a really good second. >> i like this. >> it's great. >> i'm glad you do. >> thank you all very much. and i hope you're going to have a great weekend because we are. you can learn more about this recipe on our website at on yahoo! you're going to want to cook it this weekend. guaranteed. let's get outside now to rob. >> hey, guys. we're talking with the sias out here.
8:25 am
exactly. all right. let's check out what's going on out west. the pacific got a little atmospheric river going on. it will be driving to california over the weekend and had a lot of wind energy that will pump up the heat and thunderstorms that could go severe tuesday and wednesday of next week and potentially a blizzard on the northern side of this thing. rain across the northwest today. mile and beautiful across the central part of the u.s. today. drier finally across parts of florida. chilly and blustery in the northeast. >> this weather report is brought to you by nationwide insurance. we are minutes away from sia.
8:26 am
>> this, robin, is so good. patty, can you read that. >> momma, you know him from the -- you know him from espn, jay williams is here live and cia cia's big performance coming up. >> you're a natural. [ cheers and applause ]
8:27 am
basketball star jay williams had it all, an ncaa championship
8:28 am
chicago bulls and then he made one mistake and it all went away and now he's written a memoir "life is not an accident," a memoir of reinvention. we'll talk to him in just a moment but first take a look at his remarkable journey. jay williams seemingly had it all. blessed with talent and a natural leader the point guard had a storied career at duke. >> williams drives to the hoop. >> twice named all-american. >> as good as it gets. >> reporter: leading his team to a national championship. >> that's it. they knocked out arizona. >> reporter: he was expected to be the next big thing in the nba. picked second overall in the 2002 draft but after just one season with the chicago bulls a terrible accident, he crashed his motorcycle into a street lamp fracturing his pelvis, tearing up his knee and was hospitalized for over three months. still, just 21, williams' nba career was over. oh, but his life wasn't.
8:29 am
star and espn analyst jay williams, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> i got to tell you i've been reading your book and cannot put it down. it is remarkable. what you've been through and what you've accomplished but i eventful day. you didn't have on a helmet. >> nope. >> you didn't have a license to ride a motorcycle and you literally wrapped your bike >> i did. i was 21 years old. i was a baby, you know, who doesn't make mistakes at 21 years old yet mine followed me for the rest of my life and hit a utility pole going 70 miles per hour and next thing you know, i was in the hospital for over 2 1/2 months? and your career was over. >> yeah, pretty much at that given moment. i tried to come back and but i couldn't do it at the same level i was at but my thing is accidents happen in life and i really think i'm better for it. >> you say in your book that that crash was not an accident. >> well, i've been living my life so differently at that point and i saw guys who have been playing professional sports kiss their wives and go on planes and then live a different life and come back home and ago
8:30 am
look, i found of way of justifying thing, right. >> you were headed down that road. >> for sure and i was into drugs at the time. i was into alcohol. i was partying a lot. it took all but a year for me to become a shell of myself. and i fought through it. afterwards it's like i truly believe that now the course i'm setton 0 as a man is a lot better it ever would have been in that position. >> you got so low in those months of recovery and you attempted suicide. >> i attempted suicide twice the second time being the worst where i wanted everything to go away. i got addicted to oxycontin and tried to overdose on that and thought many people on tv -- wow, maybe tv could be my new passion. >> just happened like that. how do you reinvent yourself going from nearly dying, nearly killing yourself to then all of a sudden saying, aha, i can have a great life? >> you know, it took a while. it didn't just happen automatically overnight. i found a board.
8:31 am
standards and surrounded myself by positivity. my outlook is so different. i take a shower in the morning and think, i couldn't take a shower by myself so it's a different perspective on life. >> grateful and thankful. >> every day. >> you've had incredible people in your life. you write about your parents, coach k. >> uh-huh. >> had some great words of wisdom for you along the way. >> like a second father to me. look, the relationship isn't always rosy but i wouldn't have it any other way. >> what's the most important thing he taught you. >> probably to move on to the next play. you know, when i was a freshman i used to turn the ball over all the time and used to bring one negative play into the other and that's very much similar to life, right? my sdechts, i was able to get over it because i had to think what is the next play of my life and i can't bring all this depression into all the positive things coming to me. >> what's your next big goal. >> hopefully doing what you do. i see you and robin on air. george is killing it. hopefully that will be the next step one day. >> so tell me about where you are right now in your life.
8:32 am
>> a day in the life of yeah is working espn college gameday and hang out with jesse palmer, one of the people you work with. the sock effect and having fun and enjoying it. i love hearing other people's stories about how they persevered through adversity. >> i love hearing your story. it is a must read. i feel inspired just sitting next to you so thank you for what you're doing. keep doing it. "life is not an accident." it is available now and speaking of sports by the way you can see the best winter athletes in the world compete this weekend at the 2016 x games in aspen. can you watch all weekend long on espn networks and right here on abc starting at 1 p.m. eastern. coming up we've got sia. stay with us. i'm still breathing
8:33 am
the studio is packed.
8:34 am
waiting for. grammy nominated superstar sia is here for her first "gma" appearance. her brand-new album "this is acting" is out this morning now performing her new single co-written, co-produced by kanye west, everybody, this is "reaper." broke down thought that i would drown hope that i've been found 'fore i hit the ground sun rays out the corner of my eye hey i saw you weeping saw you creeping saw you sneaking in the shadow's dawn i feel so strong saw you out the corner of my eye don't come for me today i'm feeling good i'mma savor it
8:35 am
i'm feeling good i remember when reaper you came to take me away so close i was to heaven's gates but no baby no baby not today oh you tried to track me down you followed me like the darkest cloud but no baby no baby not today reaper oh reaper reaper oh no baby no baby not today reaper oh reaper reaper oh no baby no baby not today so come back when i'm good to
8:36 am
i got good things to do with the open breeze the ocean sing my life yeah feeling good i'mma savor it don't come for me today i'm feeling good i remember when reaper you came to take me away so close i was to heaven's gates today oh you tried to track me down you followed me like a darkest
8:37 am
but no baby no baby not today reaper oh reaper reaper oh no baby no baby not today reaper oh reaper reaper oh no baby no baby not today reaper oh no baby no baby not today reaper oh no baby no baby not today [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. "gma's" winter concert series is presented by hilton.
8:38 am
back now with superstar sia who just gave us an incredible -- why are you laughing? that's true. no, you know how funny it is, just found out moments ago that your new album is number one in over 50 countries, close to 60 countries. we just heard that moments ago. so thank you. >> that is so amazing. >> the concept of this album if you don't know this is acting is these are all songs you've written for other artists, you're a terrific writer and have written so many hits. these were for rihanna and all these artists who didn't choose them? a couple of them i wrote and kept for myself and even one i took back actually because i liked it. >> which one is that. >> "space between." >> who was it supposed to be. >> rihanna and i asked if she didn't mind and she didn't. she's a cool gal. >> i love -- >> i was feeling it. i suddenly had seller's remorse. >> i understand. i understand. i have the same problem with antiques. this is bigger and more
8:39 am
recycling. you. >> it feels like a good experiment if i'm right because i felt like they were good songs but nobody was picking up on them and i thought, well, i have this -- i'm in this luxury experiment. i don't have to be successful because i'm already making money from all of their pop songs i'm writing so i can afford to experiment with my own stuff. >> i think the and, again, we all -- you have such an iconic look. face? >> oh, i mean it's just -- it's for fun and for privacy. like i've been working around new york this whole time. i don't need security detail. i don't need anything special. i just walk around. and i can do that and that's a real luxury when you're in my industry. >> yeah, no kidding. >> yeah, so that's why. >> that won't change. this look isn't just a look for this year. you're going to keep it. >> as long as it works. if it stops working then obviously -- >> you need someone to hold your hand.
8:40 am
i was like, can i hold your hand. >> i'm sure you have many volunteers. will you please come back to "gma." >> congratulations. >> thanks, again, the name of the album is "this is acting" and it is big. we thank you and we thank you guys. robin, george, everybody, have a great weekend.
8:41 am
good morning everybody, we have a crash at state road 580. this is eastbound. a lot of congestion this that area. leave yourselfextra time if you are highwaying here. nocrashes to tell you about. up to speed, just nine minute to get to toll booth to toll >> thinning out nicely as you head out to the downtown area. up to speed right now, your county line road. nine minutes there at the bottom from 75 down to 275. right tomorrow, is the big
8:42 am
closures and parking on my facebook page at abc traffic. what the weather is going to be like out there. >> it is going to be great. >> take a look at what's going on outside right now. it is nice and dry and sunny out there. across much of tampa bay. ru looking at south tampa. temperatures right now are in the mid-60s to the south. right around tampa,temperatures are coming backup. we >> we were in the low 49 in brooksville. temperaturesare headed in the right direction and are communing forecast are looking great from start to finish. everything today weather wise is looking great from start to finish and we are dry and the winds are fairly light right now. breezes we had this morning has come down. acool start tomorrow and perfect for gasparilla and
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