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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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change. >> reporter: this weekend all bang. >> next morning i got here, it was all wiped out. >> reporter: it was a big riders. >> we need to cover more of downtown st. petersburg, expand park outward. >> reporter: the transit authority is switching from a main bus hub in williams park to a grid network, where buses can be scattered and better directed throughout downtown st. pete. >> it will make it a better downtown for the community. >> reporter: this would extend night and weekend hours without spending more money. for the next two weeks, transit volunteers will be passing out booklets about the routes and helping riders find their stop.
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>> reporter: laurie is excited this will give her more options on how to get from place to place. >> they are looking at it from our perspective, how to get you where you need to be faster. they are actually saying, here, let us help. >> reporter: she doesn't have a car and this is her best option. she says she'll be ready by the time the new routes are up and running february 14th. and volunteers will be out in williams park until the 16th to help people with the changes. boy, temperatures today, around 80 degrees. tomorrow lower 80s, so big changes from last weekend. that's just another example of el nio. and you could get fog and we are getting reports of sea fog
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that's going to get thicker through the evening and tomorrow morning. tomorrow plan to set that alarm a little early, especially if you live near the coast, because that's where visibility will be the lowest. partly cloudy skies this evening, temperatures very warm, only in the 60s. then another cold front and another storm on the way, details coming up in a few minutes. let's take a live look at the roads right now. this is the west side of the gandy bridge and for 5:32, looking okay on one side. the other still slow and go. again, this is the west side of gandy bridge. expect traffic tomorrow, and here's why. >> we have a few construction projects for this week. the first is south tampa. a portion of west shore boulevard will be closed overnight from longfellow up to san rafael, closing from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. this is through friday.
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manhattan to get around that. if you live on one of these streets, you will be able to get through. they are letting local residents have access to west shore boulevard. a couple other projects to be aware of, falkenburg road between columbus and broadway, this is during the day, so expect congestion there. also have construction going on at lois, cypress and howard at i-275, one to two lanes closed at a time. that's through the daytime hours, so expect a lot of congestion there, especially around lunchtime. for more, follow me on twitter@ twitter@tampabaytraffic. erik waxler is showing us, even underage teenagers are
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>> i was really upset that my daughter as a minor, her public information was out there. >> reporter: when michelle's daughter got her driver's license, the 17-year-old also preregistered to vote. they had no idea so much of her information would end up on this website, including her name, date of birth, address and phone number. >> someone may want to look that up and they can find it right there. >> when you get phone calls about burglaries, it hits home. >> reporter: they are receiving more complaints about voter information online on sites like a former new hampshire legislature bought the database, which is public record, for $5. the list is essential to free and fair elections but it also has ads. >> voters shouldn't have to choose between protecting their identity and privacy and
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between the two. >> reporter: lawmakers want to information. >> we're trying to find a balance. there are some groups that use the data to make sure there's no voter fraud or irregularities going on. also the media uses it and we're sensitive to that. >> kids have facebook and twitter and things like that but their personal information isn't there. our address is right there when it comes up. >> reporter: florida isn't the only one with the voter roll online. it offers the same information from seven other states. two va tech students accused in the death of a 13- year-old girl were in court today. david eisenhower and natalie keepers are charged in the death of the 13-year-old. this is video from the search
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her body was found 80 miles away. her parents say she vanished wednesday after climbing out the window. police believe the college students kidnapped and killed her. >> this could have easily been one of my children. it really hits home. >> according to detectives, the suspects already knew the victim. 30 years old, tonight a clearwater man is thanking the first responders who saved his life. last thanksgiving, paramedics gave smith a 1% chance of survival. an irregular heartbeat triggered a heart attack. they had no idea till today that he survived. >> thank you very much, guys. once again, thank you. >> when they called me, i said, the only cardiac arrest i worked, i believe the guy
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they're like, no, he survived. i was pretty taken aback. >> smith's fianci began cpr after finding him on the floor. for 27 minutes he endured chest pumping. experts say every minute you delay cpr, the chance of survival goes down by 10%. middle school students are giving back to the less fortunate in safety harbor with a day of service. 400 students helped with seven projects from making blankets to donating shoes. >> it really touches their heart in a way that can change their life for how they give back to the community. i think more so in a community like ours, it's important they know that everybody doesn't live the blessed life that they have.
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with catholic schools week and was inspired by pope francis. we are getting a new series premiering tonight in pinellas county. >> reporter: the aquarium is releasing the online show is just half an hour, called rescue clearwater. it goes behind the scenes of dolphin tale, filmed at the aquarium, and even features cameos from the film's stars. up next, a local clinic expands in st. petersburg. the new facility giving women in need a fresh start. >> and get more for your money. next at 5:30, where to find a flat screen for the big game for prices lower than ever before. >> reporter: two teens are on the run tonight after escaping a youth detention facility. but it took the staff there
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welcome back. now to one program helping more women than ever before. >> i never imagined or even entertained the thought that this would happen to me. >> reporter: catherine lynn losing her job four years ago, the depression of not being able to find another leading not only to an alcohol addiction but homelessness. >> to receive the hand up that i've always been needing. >> reporter: emotional over her acceptance at the new st. petersburg women's clinic. this building replaces and older facility built in 1989, doubling in size. >> and i think we're special because we're home. >> reporter: program directors say this vision came from this couple, virginia and david
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never disclosed, they hoped to help for women like catherine, hitting dead ends on state and federal programs. >> we are focused on case management. >> reporter: decades later, it's funded through the generosity of others, the new goal being to house, feed, offer emotional support and teach life lessons to as many as 50 women. they can live here free of charge for up to a year and a half. she fields over 100 calls a month. >> they will be able to give back what was so freely given to them here. >> reporter: she wants to learn a new trade and make a new life for herself. >> i want to say thank you. >> if you're looking for a job, walmart is hiring in manatee county, looking to fill 95 jobs at the new neighborhood market
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online and in person at 53rd avenue. to see who's hiring in your area, head to and click the tampa bay jobs link on the top right of the screen. you can view and open jobs by category. taking action for your health tonight, turns out an apple a day could keep the cancer away. eating foods high in fiber may reduce the chance of breast cancer. harvard researchers followed 45,000 women and say those who ate more fiber in early adulthood had less risk of the disease later in life. do you need a new tv for the super bowl party? now is the time to get that deal. prices have never been lower. >> stores offer discounts to make room for newer model. >> reporter: big screens to watch the big game have never
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you can get a 65-inch hi-def tv for under $1,000. >> a regular hd set is still a great choice. but the game is not broadcast in 4k this year. >> reporter: for a super bowl party, a screen that's 50 inches or bigger is a good choice. also important, a wide viewing >> with unlimited viewing angles, everyone gets a great sitting. >> reporter: and these patterns are used to test how each set performs. some may be a great deal but if you want to invest in the latest and greatest, this 55 set from lg is $3,000 and is rated tvs.
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need to make your super bowl party a hit. >> reporter: there are several recommendations only big screen tvs available now. for a 55-inch model, consider samsung and sony. if you want bigger, there's a 65-inch sony for $1,500 and panasonic for $1,700. get more information on the right big screen tv on consumer reports website. to see other stories, go to i'm deiah riley, taking action
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dennis just informed me he's not going to do the super bowl square. >> go ahead and do it. i'm over it. the lotto was tough enough. >> look at that lotto there. >> that picture, right? beautiful. that's from apollo beach, the sun blazing off to the west with sunshine expected right on through tomorrow. wednesday we begin to see changes and thursday we have another chance of rain. sandwiched in between there, we have fog, and dense fog at that. the radar is quiet, tampa outside 73 degrees and mostly sunny. the dew point is 66. with the high dew point, a lot of moisture out there, we'll start seeing some fog. it will start along the coast and it will be dense, especially if you're considering going offshore, doing fishing or boating tonight or tomorrow.
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be that tricky in terms of visibility. 78 today, how about that? the normal is 71, the record 85. st. pete 73 degrees, dew point 66, winds coming in off the gulf and sarasota sunny and 74, also a dew point of 76, winds coming in out of the south southwest. satellite picture, all is quiet across the area. overnight tonight, this is common for january and february and march. in our area you get the cooler waters along the gulf. of course that's relative. get the warmer air traveling along it, and that creates some visibility issues. by later tonight, i suspect especially west of u.s. 19 from pasco and hernando, you're going to see visibility down through maybe a half mile or zero.
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advisories for the immediate coastal areas. then you still have the ingredients for the fog across the interior as well. so all of a sudden, it's like getting it from both sides here, the moisture coming in from the southeast and moisture coming in from the gulf. put them together, it's kind of a visibility issue first thing in the morning, especially before 7:00 or 8:00. once we hit 9:00 or 10:00, it will lift and you're in for a beautiful day. are talking lower 80s tomorrow with high visibility and a lot of sunshine. as we go through here, visibility is not an issue in the afternoon. then with the heating of the day, enough residual moisture, you could see a few scattered showers pop up tomorrow. that's not the issue. later wednesday and thursday, it's another front. that means another area of rain likely. up until then, tonight and
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and wednesday morning, it will definitely be a visibility issue with visibilities near zero along the immediate coastline. thursday of course, the first day of the florida state fair, it's going to rain. potentially it could rain heavily. so that might not be the best day to plan. i'm hoping to go live there on thursday but the weather may not cooperate. it will been tuesday, though. 80s across most of the area. there's a look at the boating conditions, dense sea fog expected, southeast winds at 5 to 10 knots. water temperature up 3 degrees. sunshine in the afternoon, florida east most accurate seven-day forecast looks good tomorrow after the fog, same thing on wednesday morning. rain chances increase and the weekend, we'll go 50/50. saturday the better of the two days but sunday and monday, more rain. next at 5:30, an elderly
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tree, suffering for hours until
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today's three things from february? 2015. let's look at pop culture history. in 1976 sonny and cher returned to television after their divorce. malfunction in 2004. intervention.
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three for two hours saved by nuns. >> the group says while praying in the woods, one heard a voice crying for help. they found the 73-year-old trapped under a tree. he was about a quarter mile behind his house cutting down trees with a chainsaw. the tree fell on him, pinning him there for at least two hours. >> i think god looks out for people in general. i think he loves us. i don't think he's coincidental. >> he suffered injuries to his lower legs but he's in good condition right now. explosives and ammo found in a tampa home. the unexpected bust by federal agents and the questionable actions that helped two escaped inmates get a head start on hillsborough county deputies. >> reporter: lumber liquidators faces millions in fines, and we
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one group says helped federal investigators. >> reporter: next at 6:00, how a relationship between the superintendent and her associate got too close, and what investigators are recommending after a author reand embarrassing review. coming up, where you can save $1,500 on a car in florida.
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now at 6:00, an explosive discovery, over a half dozen pipe bombs and large amounts of ammo found inside a tampa home. tonight, what the suspect may have had planned. >> and a superintendent under fire, the accusations against the woman in charge of polk county schools and what it could mean for her future. >> reporter: and a pair of inmates still on the run after slipping out of a juvenile detention center in tampa. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> i'm jamison yuler. the teenagers had more than an hour and a half head start despite deputies being
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tonight, why it took so long
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