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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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this morning, "your voice, your vote," the iowa caucuses surprises, upsets. >> i love you people. >> and a humble donald trump. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >> the candidate who says he hates losers losing the first presidential contest. >> ted cruz pulling off the upset. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa. and all across this great nation. >> for the democrats, a dead heat. >> we will transform this country.
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>> bernie sanders and hillary clinton locked in a virtual tie. >> join me, let's go win the nomination. >> a momentous beginning to the presidential election. we're live in iowa with all angles covered and complete analysis. and we do say good tuesday morning, everyone. we'll start with the upset in iowa. >> despite enjoying a wide and steady lead in the polls donald trump has been handed a stunning defeat by texas senator ted cruz in yesterday's iowa republican caucus. the fiery conservative wildly un unpopular by his own party's leaders edged out a victory over trump after wooing the state's influential evangelical leaders. >> here's how it shook out. cruz beating trump by 4 percentage points and a surprisingly strong showing by florida senator marco rubio
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>> on the democratic side, hillary clinton defeating -- declaring victory overnight but many think the neck and neck race with bernie sanders still too close to call. >> and the projected numbers do bear that out. a race split 50/50. >> in the first real test, there is no grand slam winner showing just how divided voters are in iowa. >> it could be an indication of the broader challenge, the candidates are now facing as they move ahead. abc's lana zak is live in des moines, iowa, with the latest. lana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. yes, the votes are still being counted here in iowa, but one thing is certain, those once presumed front-runners are watching their backs now as anything can happen in iowa. the iowa democratic chair says this was the closest caucus in history. >> it looks like we are in a virtual virtual tie. >> reporter: a razor thin margin separates bernie sanders and
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too close to call. in some precincts a coin toss broke the delegate tie. >> tails. >> tails. >> reporter: the clinton campaign saying this morning they believe they won. but clinton didn't officially declare victory in her speech, instead she took on the republicans. >> i will not let their divisiveness, their efforts to rip away the progress that we've made be successful. so, as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> reporter: by contrast it was a decisive win for ted cruz. >> iowa has made clear to america and the world morning is coming. >> reporter: and trump was gracious in his second place finish. >> iowa, we love, you. we thank you. i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it, okay. >> reporter: just one point behind him marco rubio riding a
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>> for months they told us because she offered so much optimism we had no chance. >> reporter: and already we're seeing signs of the field is winnowing. martin o'malley and mike huckabee announcing they will be suspending their campaigns with potentially more to come as we head now into new hampshire. reena, kendis. >> all right, new hampshire just one week away, lana zak in des moines for us, thank you. as you just heard there in the words of bernie sanders he and hillary clinton are locked in a virtual tie. >> the clinton campaign however declared victory overnight after this upbeat rally that lana alluded to and avoided a loss like she suffered in 2008. matthew dowd explains what's next. >> like donald trump she had an opportunity to basically start to put the race away with a clear victory tonight. she didn't get that so now she faces a likely loss in new hampshire so the next place she can win is south carolina, so that race is now which could have been shortened if she had
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now going to be a much longer race and go into march for sure. >> iowa voters delivered a split decision for the republicans, as well, but ted cruz took the lead away from donald trump to win. >> trump barely ahead of marco rubio whose strong performance was another big headline. abc's thrill director rick klein on the state of that race. >> reporter: now there are two viable alternatives to trump, one in ted cruz, the surprise even comeback winner taking on the conservative path and then marco rubio, another 40-something cuban-american senator finishing a close third place offering an optimistic vision. to donald trump republicans a question of regrouping. are his supporters for real and now the next one in new hampshire a week away becomes even more important. trump now trying to bounce back, show his initial surge in the polls was for real now that voters are weighing in, a big-time curveball here in iowa. reena and kendis. >> thanks to rick klein in des moines.
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taking to social media. >> well, usual vocal donald trump staying off twitter but hillary clinton wasted no time tweeting so grateful to everyone who gives your all to support this campaign. you made this possible. >> ted cruz already looking forward to being on stage with clinton tweeting last night, i cannot wait to stand on that debate stage with hillary clinton. we will win by speaking the truth. >> and marco rubio asking for support after a big night saying thank you for a great night, iowa. donate now, help us continue the momentum. of course. good time to ask. the iowa results shook up the republican field and now candidates are battling for new hampshire. ohio governor john kasich held three town hall meetings yesterday and new jersey governor chris christie also in the granite state, the new hampshire primary one week from tonight. >> and our political team will be heading to new hampshire. the next republican debate right here on abc, it is this saturday, moderated by "world
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muir "this week" co-anchor martha raddatz. >> stay with abc news for the latest on the caucuses later in "the pulse" more on that coin flip giving clinton a precinct win and live coverage on "good morning america." still ahead, the other big story out of iowa this morning, tracking the massive blizzard that is taking shape. >> and global emergency. because of the zika virus, the cdc adding more countries to its travel alert. a train derails and catches fire forcing people to evacuate their homes.
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it was a travel nightmare for drivers in southern utah as heavy snow and strong winds made
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some long distance truckers pulled over while others just slowed down along interstate 15. and drivers may have pulled over but that storm system, well, it keeps heading east. >> as you can see earlier that radar map reaches the plains states today right there. heavy snow to the north, severe thunderstorms in the southern plains. >> let's get the complete forecast from accuweather's paul williams. paul, good morning. >> thank you, kendis, reena, we are tracking a very dangerous storm that is sliding throughout the midwest. now we're expecting it to move from denver right into nebraska and kansas into iowa and right up towards wisconsin. talking about problems with whiteouts, significant road closures as a result of this, blowing and drifting snow. now, that's the cold side of this system. the warmer side, we have serious threat of severe weather covering the deep south entire lower mississippi valley region which includes mississippi, alabama, as well as up towards missouri, arkansas and
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we see the greatest risk along the mississippi river a targeted area of possible tornadoes and tuesday, travel delays up towards minnesota. a business headline. google's parent company holes the top spot on the list of world's most valuable companies. when the market opens this morning, alphabet will be worth about $544 billion. apple. the iphone maker had been the most valuable public company since 2011. free snacks are coming back to american airlines,s nation's biggest carrier says they will available on some cross country flights this month. coach and all domestic flights will enjoy them by april. the announcement came just as united airlines began offering the freebies, as well. >> if they can add one free bag check-in, that would be good. the latest from iowa. tight races for both pears especially for the democrats. we'll have an update.
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of course, phil is one of many island chuck in new york. roads in punxsutawney and the rest of western pennsylvania as well as the ohio valley will be wet but further south, the roads may be flooded. drivers should watch out for whiteout conditions from the rockies to the midwest and roads west coast. if you're flying airport delays likeliest in memphis, new orleans, minneapolis, chicago and detroit. let's return to our top story right now, the race for the white house and the one big loser in yesterday's iowa caucuses, the predictable. >> bernie sanders battling hillary clinton to a tie without a cent of superpac money pulling on a tide of enthusiasm for first time voters. clinton, the one time inevitable winner delivered an upbeat speech that claimed neither victory nor defeat and a short time ago her campaign calling her the winner. >> on the republican side ted cruz pulled out a victory over donald trump by trash talking the washington elites at every campaign stop.
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trash talked pretty much everybody barely hung on to second place. marco rubio with a strong third place finish now positioning himself as a moderate alternative but it was ted cruz who really put donald trump to the test and abc's jon karl was at crud's headquarters last night. >> reporter: ted cruz is the first republican to get into a brawl with donald trump and to beat him. this was a triumphant organization. he did it with a single-minded focus on iowa and the evangelical voters that dominate here, as for donald trump, he has a new title, loser after dominating the polls for months, he has now lost the first contest, in fact, marco rubio had such a strong showing here, 23% that he almost beat trump out for second place. well, let me tell you this is just the beginning. donald trump is now on his way to new hampshire, a state where he has a huge lead, far bigger than he ever had in iowa so stay tuned. we've got a long way to go.
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noticing, someone appears to be having fun with donald trump. if you go to, it actually redirects you to trump's wikipedia page. "good morning america" will have a complete wrap-up including a live interview with senator marco rubio later this morning. now to the other story we're following, the zika virus outbreak is a global health emergency. world health officials meeting in geneva made the declaration yesterday in response to the rapid spread of the virus, zika has been linked to thousands of causes of birth defects in babies, mostly in south america, the cdc has added four more countries to its travel alert because of the virus, american samoa, nicaragua and curacao. the virginia tech community is reeling from the arrest of two students in the murder and kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl. both suspects have now been arraigned. david eisenhower, his hearing happened again ahead of schedule and police say he knew the victim but have not released any
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he and his alleged accomplice natalie keepers held without bail. a north carolina terror suspect accused of robbery and murder of a neighbor. justin sullivan has been in jail since last june on charges he planned to aid isis. now he's charged with killing his neighbor to help finance his plans. he also allegedly tried to hire a hit man to kill his parents because he feared they would interfere with his plans. well, hundreds of residents near cleveland were forced to leave their homes after a train derailed and caught fire. officials in brewster say a butane tanker may have sparked the fire. two cars on the train left the tracks because of the fumes and threat of explosion. people sent to the local high school. >> a scene in san diego. a news team from our affiliate injured while covering a story while reporting on the falling trees from severe weather another tree fell on the kg tv reporter and photographer about to go live when it fell. the news photographer mike gold
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his leg but was able to call 911, the reporter marie cornell has more extensive injuries. >> so difficult. you never know when it can happen and the lapgs a lot of crews face especially during inclement weather. >> good to know they'll be okay. super bowl media day has morphed into what the nfl calls super bowl opening night. it was last night in san jose. the broncos and panthers were introduced while on a four-story-high catwalk. >> cam newton answered questions with a towel tied around his head and denver's peyton manning says he hasn't made up his mind about retiring. they play super bowl 50 on sunday. we're just here so we don't get fined. >> aren't we? >> i love that line. i thought it was funny. >> up next in "the pulse," a guard from above, police training eagles to battle a very modern day crime.
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the ring should take her breath away. the vera wang love collection. and now it's waiting for you... jared. time now to check "the pulse" starting with a lucky break for hillary clinton. when they counted the votes at one iowa caucus precinct she and bernie sanders were tied so they settled it with a coin toss. >> yeah. well, that's what the rules say and when the results were
4:22 am
celebrated with a cheer and apparently this wasn't the only precinct to resort to a coin toss. reportedly in every one clinton won them proving it seems that lady luck was in her camp. who knew a coin toss. >> in this day and age would decide an election. >> the fact that the polls are just so clothe for both that three possibly could have gone to hillary over a coin toss. >> exactly. she's very lucky. i'm sure some nfl teams would be help to have her. up next, a new idea about how to deal with an unwanted eye in the sky. >> yeah, take this drone, for example, let's say it was flying where it shunting. the solution, eagles. they are training them to take down drones in the netherlands. dutch police say the eagles are taught to see a drone as prey. then they catch it and they take it to a safe place. testing them will continue for a few more months before a final decision on implementing them is made. what do you think about this.
4:23 am
i mean, drones are sort of a predator for many of us at these sporting events and such. >> i hope that -- it's interesting to see them bring the drone back. >> although the drone looks pretty messed up. okay, so an early heads-up about a potential winter olympic star of the future. >> she's so adorable. her name is sloan henderson, she's just 14 months old. her mom and dad, they got her up and balancing on the snowboard. just a few weeks after she learned ho you to walk. >> wow. >> sloan's first rides at home on the carpet and then she was pulled around by her dad in the backyard -- in the backyard snow and now she's fine heading down a small slope at the park city mountain resort with that type of success the sky's the limit. >> skis probably next week, i bet. >> the next olympics, you know, twos s two years from this month. >> on the olympic team.
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refresher... ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]... ... , two more ways to breathe happy good morning. we have a dense fog advisory in place through 10:00 this morning so if you're heading out the door now, look at thes visibility reports across the area. we are down to near zero in many spots. st. pete, brooks as well, inverness, lakeland, bartow, we've got sarasota with near zero visibility and then half- mile in many other places. the best visibility now downtown tampa with two miles. so that has been coming down as well throughout these early morning hours. so be aware, it could be a little slow-go as you hit the roads this morning. the good news, we don't have rain so the roads are at least dry. in fact titan doppler radar the last three hours not picking up a drop of rain.
4:27 am
foggy start to the day. and those clouds start to lift late this morning, and through the afternoon we'll have a good amount of sunshine but take a look. even at noon we still have sea fog lingering close to the coastline. so a -- sea fog advisory in place for boaters through 1:00. you may see some of that lingering near the beaches as well. otherwise by 4:00 in the afternoon we start to see a few little pops of green showing up here on our futurecast model. that is showing a slight chance for a few showers, really after sunset we may see a few more sprinkles closer to 8:00 at night. again we're not looking at a ton of rain or anything that is going to last too long or be too widespread but you always want to know web there's a chance of rain, right? as far as temperatures go, these are going to be our highs today. low 80s!
4:28 am
then we've got 80 in myaca city. brooksville 82. on average this time of year we should be making it to highs in the low 70s. we should be starting the day in the low 50s. we've already started this morning with temperatures that are once again in the 60s so talk about another warm day ahead. doesn't look likely wee meet or break records today but warmer than average. for tomorrow still in the upper 70s to low 80s. thursday is when we start to see changes as that next cold front rolls through. that is going to give us a period of some widespread heavier downpours and thunderstorms in the mix as well. still watching for the intensity of the storms and possibility that some could be strong to severe. at this point looks like a minimal chance but we'll keep you posted. by the weekend we're drying out for saturday with the return of more rain on sunday, as another quick-moving cold front rolls through. we'll have the chance for scattered rain. that may continue into monday
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