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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the so much -- serve underway for the shooter in plant city. i'll have more on the details of the investigation and the identity of the victim coming up in minutes. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> cruz may be comfortable with his top gop spot at the iowa caucuses but the democrats are tied neck and neck. abc action news is setting sanders and clinton apart however by revealing last night's voter trends. it's more than just the percentages that can give us some hints at what is next in the presidential race. good morning. thank you for joining us on abc action news on this tuesday morning.
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certainly thick in parts. >> janelle checking what it means for the morning commute. shay? ground groundhog day. >> how are you going to see your shadow? we're not, right? we'll find out as the morning rolls on. well, that is pennsylvania. maybe better conditions there. look at the rivergate tower tampa camera, you can see the low-lying fog and again it is a -- low deck of clouds that have been rolling in due to sea fog. that is where we're seeing pretty low visibilities. this is our futurecast model, predicting the visibilities for this hour. a lot of them near zero. watch what happens as we roll through to 7:00. it's very similar, right? then we roll forward to about 10:00 in the morning and all areas are above a mile of visibility. so that dense fog advisory in place through 10:00 in the morning, and again this
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futurecast model is also showing the same thing. that the fog is going to linger until 10:00 and then we'll start to see it clear up. we do have less than a quarter mile visibility being reported across much of the area, so it could take you longer for the morning commute. good news, it's going to be gorgeous through the day. on the warm side with a high of 80 and very low chances for rain today. more on that coming up in the 7- day forecast. janelle, seeing any problems yet as a result of the fog? so far no crashes to slow you down. let's look outside, corey dierdorff behind the wheel of our live drive cam, on i-75 near the selmon expressway. not seeing tons of fog here but it is out there. pretty much everywhere throughout our bay area. so you definitely want to use those low beams. and leave enough distance between you and the car in front of you. no problems there on i-75, just a 15-minute drive from the apollo beach area to i-4. this is what it looks like on i-4 at county line road, a little bit of fog, taking you about 30
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into tampa now. a live look at i-275 in fowler, here the fog looks a little thicker so, again, just use caution because you never know where that fog might pop up while you're driving. these are the drive times. >> we have a road closure in south tamp. himes avenue closed for sewer pipe repairs. your alternate, just use dale mabry to work your way around that. 5:33. breaking news from plant city. police there are actively searching for a shooter after a man was gunned down late last night. it happened in the 3,600 block of baker street. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan has more. what do we know about a possible suspect so far? >> reporter: investigators are
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witnesses and gather information. the call came in before 9:00 last night about a disturbance between two men. by the time police got here they discovered a man was shot dead in his front yard. this is a very active scene. we're about a block back from where all this was going on. crime scene investigators on scene. in fact a tow truck just went by us to pick up a vehicle in front of that mobile home. this is video from overnight. police are trying to determine if the victim in this case actually actual knew the shooter. known as 31-year-old jose manuel carezas, was taken to the hospital where he later died. we're told efforts shot in the chest. police say it's an active investigation. at this point they are not sure if anyone else in the community is in possible danger. that is why they are trying to determine if the shooter and victim knew each other. this early in the morning, we
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heading to work. we hope to speak to some of them, and maybe they can shed a bit of light on what happened last night. we'll have more information at 6:30. live from plant city, rodney dunigan, abc action news. 5:34. opening statements could get underway today in the trial for the valrico man accused of killing his girlfriend with a cinder block. jury selection got underway yesterday in the murder trial of michael fields. investigators say he killed christina mosamani in 2014 after they broke up. investigators found her body next to fields' home in valrico. at the time her three kids were all younger than 10 years old. 5:35. the iowa caucuses are over but some of the races still deadlocked. we're still waiting to hear who takes the top spot on the democratic side. bernie sanders and hillary clinton just each other have 49% of the vote. martin o'malley had less than
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we'll let you know as soon as the official word comes from iowa. it will be on our mobile app as well. there are big differences when it comes to the age of hillary clinton supporters versus bernie sanders supporters. entrance poll interviews find a younger crowd voting for sanders and older voters in favor of clinton. democratic caucus goers, 80% say over 45 voted for clinton. they were more clear on the gop side. ted cruz took 28% of the vote. donald trump finished second. and marco rubio behind them though at 23%. ben carson finished fourth at 9%, jeb bush finished in sixth two presidential candidates now out of the race, democrat, former maryland governor martin
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through vote counting. former arkansas governor mike huckabee dropped out on the republican side. 5:37. a freeway expansion plan some communities worry will erase their history will be front and center once again today. we've been telling you for months now about the tampa bay expressway project that would create extra lanes on our interstates but may cut off communities like tampa heights. today a group called stop tbx is trying to rally hundreds of people to show up and voice their opposition to the projectality two meetings. the -- project at two meetings. the first is at 9:00 a.m. and the second, a department of transportation meeting set for 5:30 this evening. an abc action news update on an investigation in polk county. the school district superintendent catherine malloy is clear of harassment charges but this investigation may have also revealed private inappropriate conduct. investigators looked into claims that she harassed the associate superintendent greg rivers and even threatened his employment. documents reveal the two grew
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perhaps too close. meeting for drinks and buying gifts for each other. rivers claims she tried to kiss him in an elevator at a her room. rivers claims when he stopped at work. she released a video defending herself this morning. >> my office was fully exonerated, found innocent of wrongdoing. i have come to realize that what others describe as an outgoing personality can be misinterpreted by some. i regret that and i have learned from it. >> although no board policies were violated investigators are recommending new sexual harassment training for all administrators. school board members tell abc action news they plan on discussing the distraction it's caused and also the overall cost to the district. 5:38. one of tampa's most popular
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a seven-month renovation. the reopening ceremony is 9:30 this morning. there are new greens, and new bunkers. rocky point is one of three golf courses owned by the city of tampa. are you searching for a better job or new career? today. local companies looking to hire fair. there are positions across a experience levels. the fair runs from 10:00 to 2:00. dress professionally and bring copies of your resume. parking and admission are free. if you have the day off and thinking i'm going to head to the beach? not bad once we get beyond the fog. it's going to be lingering closer to the coastline along our beaches a little longer than inland. so again, keep that in mind but otherwise a beautiful afternoon with a nice mix of sun and
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degrees, at clearwater beach. rain chances still pretty low today but i'll be watching them going up and up over the next couple of days. i'll have more on that coming up in the next florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. 5:40. still to come -- the spread of the zika virus now an international emergency. we're learning how many people it could infect. >> they want your information, where you work, what do you do? >> killing time on your computer, not even realizing your privacy is at risk. the fastest-growing scam of 2016 threatening you every time you're on-line. >> st. pete, this is what you are waking up to this morning. this is maximo park in st. pete. a lot of fog now. shay and janelle are going to track everything, where the thickest fog can be found,
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welcome back. 5:44 on this early, rather foggy tuesday morning. 66 degrees in tampa now. 3-mile visibility reported at tia, not too bad. inland, i-4 toward polk county and you get less than a quarter mile visibility reported in lakeland. details on traffic and weather together a couple of minutes away. the zika virus detected right here in hillsborough county now considered an international emergency.
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found in the yellow fever mosquito. usf professor dr. robert novak has been studying this particular mosquito for 40 years. he says the zika virus originated in uganda in africa but probably got zil in uth amicvirus need very little water to breed. >> it does just as well in the backyard swimming pool of en a flower pot that accumulates water or used tires. >> so get rid of standing water around your home and keep that bug repel atlanta handy when you head outside. the world health organization estimates there could be up to four million cases of zika in the americas in the next year. this is the fourth time the w.h.o. classified an international health emergency. the most recent was the ebola outbreak in 2014. also the resurgence of polio in that same year and the h1n1 flu pan death in 2009. 5:45.
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problem at chipotle if you stay weighed from the restaurants because of the mysterious e. coli outbreak the centers for disease control say it's now over. cause of the outbreak though still unknown. dozens of customers in several states reported getting sick but no deaths reported. chipotle is planning deep discounts for the upcoming super bowl weekend. and don't forget next monday it's closing all restaurants for meetings with employees. 5:46. oklahoma university is hoping to eliminate the freshman 15 by requiring students to wear fitbits. all freshmen at oral roberts university will wear the fitness trackers. they will collect data on campus and off-campus and students will receive a grade. they will be required to walk 10,000 steps a day, almost five miles. before students had to write down weekly exercises and take an end of year test. not the best morning in the bay area to be out walking or running of the. you can't see in spots.
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a jog or bike ride this morning be aware that visibilities are areas. i think there will be more of an issue as you hit the roads and try to get where you're going. this is maximo park on the pit -- pinellas side of the skyway bridge. visibility is limentded and has been near zero in a lot of spots this morning. dense fog advisory in place through 10:00 this morning. after we get beyond that we'll see more and more sunshine mix in and make it up to a high of 80 degrees. so plenty of warmth today. that 10% chance of a shower is from about 4:00 on, and again it's going to be a brief shower, pretty light if you do see anything at all. tomorrow we'll see slightly higher rain chances again in the afternoon to evening. but it's thursday when our next front approaches and really gets on top of us that we'll have our best chance for more widespread rain. we'll have a period of rain and
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still monitoring how significant those thunderstorms may be, but the cooler and drier air moves in very early on friday, so the rain ends most likely before the morning commute on friday. and then we're drying out and cooling down 64 degrees for the high friday. by saturday we warm back up with a good amount of sunshine and low chance of rain but the latest updates on the models is showing a pretty good chance for soaking rains on sunday, this is a big contrast to what yesterday. so i think there's still some iffy-ness there for the end of the weekend. we'll keep you posted as we get closer. bottom line is today is going to be warm and get ready for it. good morning, janelle, how's the roads with the fog? as we've been talking about it's foggy out there. let's check in with corey on the gandy, how's it looking out there, corey? >> reporter: good morning. the gandy is definitely socked
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i don't know if you can see it in the middle of the screen but it's something you don't want to do, drive through the fog with your hazard lights on. we see it all the time with heavy rain as well as sometimes with the fog, don't do that. not only is it illegal, it's dangerous. people may think you're stopped and you can see foggy conditions are getting worse as we cross the gandy. it's only going to cause problems. leave yourself extra time as you head out. maybe 5, 10 minutes as this patchy fog rolls through. if you are going to cross over any of the bay area bridges, definitely know that sea fog is a lot thicker than on land. gandy bridge, no delays either way, speeds up to 60 miles per hour. how are the rested of the roadways looking? fhp wants to remind you not to use your high beams, use the low beams. high beams actually make things worse in the fog. good tip. i-4 around the ybor city area, reports of a stalled semi in the westbound center lane.
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the area, looks like they might have moved it but in case they have not, if you're driving through this area make sure you stay alert because if there is something like that in the road or on the shoulder you want to make sure you can see it with all that fog out there. a live look at the tampa side of the howard frankland, again, lots of fog. let's see what it is doing to the drive times if you're trying to get across the bay this morning. nine minutes now across the causeway, 6 on the howard frankland and 8 minutes to cross the gandy bridge. so far we have not seen any crashes to slow you down but if anything does happen out there i'll let you know about it here and of course on twitter @tampabaytraffic. 5:50. we may only be a month into the new year but already learning which scam is growing fastest in 2016. you're vulnerable to it when you're on your computer. the better business bureau says click bait is infecting thousands of computers everyday. those tempting quizzes find
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news feed. a few simple clicks could tell your iq, perfect nickname, even which feelings are revealed from your profile picture. it could seem like harmless fun but cyberexperts say it goes after everything from credit card information to dropping computer viruses. >> you need to be careful. if you have not heard of it, go ahead and ignore it. it's best practice even if from somebody you know. >> we're finding a list of ways to know if the link your about to click is a scam and how to report them. on an entire city in central florida has fallen victim to scammers. yes, the entire city. titusville officials say the city is out thousands of dollars as a result and they believe the public money was stolen through a sophisticated wire fraud scheme. they say it was done through e- mail. right now city leaders are keeping the details very quiet but say there's a heightened awareness and are reviewing
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look at this video, way too close for comfort. we find out who shot this incredible video and what they didn't do just moments before that lightning hit that may have saved their lives. plus, it's all about the shadow. how soon we'll find out if
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tampa camera that you're looking at now, you can see the fog and this time instead of it being at street light level where you can't see a thing it's low. so look at the visibilities. we are near zero across much of the area.
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o y ey were about he out on a at re the rolled they d to stay on shor a movatay ve saved were not hurt but say they did feel the lightning static charge. 5:56. they are called man's best friends for a reason. why one dog's owner credits his
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live look at st.
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reported at the airport there at last check. many areas socked in with fog. >> it's thick in spots, could make for a dicey morning commute for a lot of you. >> we're working together to help you get around the worst spots. i've been checking the cameras, we havetons across the interstates in the bay area, nothing everywhere. not a lot of crashes but how long is this low visibility going to last? >> it could last as long as 10:00 in the morning. i think close to the beaches it's going to last even longer so it'goin tampa camera. you can see we have that low- lying deck of fog out there and again the visibilities have been near zero in many spots this morning. i'm still seeing quite a few spots reporting near zero in
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brooksville, inverness, st.
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