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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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today the go alert, another florida county, five now are reporting they have cases of the virus. the four do things happening to protect all of us and one thing they are telling pregnant women not to do. plus, something for those who are often less to choose between paying their bills and taking care of themselves.
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take advantage of tomorrow. plus, how this hanger can save you 100 days of wasted time, reduces stress and make you some money in the end. "the now" is on. first, let's talk about a wet day in the tampa bay area. right now you are looking at to hundred 75. as you can see it is wet on the roads, it is wet everywhere. unfortunately it is on the first day of the fair. i was hoping maybe -- >> when the rain has arrived. at this point these are very heavy showers. these are not severe but it will be a problem for the evening commute. let's go to the weather center to show you what is going on. most of us are getting wet.
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the north in citrus county, even some pockets -- if you watch closely some lightning strikes beginning to take shape here. you are going to hear some thunder as well. not a lot, this are mainly just big showers with heavy downpours. in downtown tampa some fog -- some pockets of heavy showers. further south not as heavy because all of this is moving northeast. that is why it has taken its time to get here. look at all the rain we still have to get through. as we head to tonight -- we will talk about when this ends it make what happens behind the front. we are getting ready for some big changes. breaking developments today
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right now the governor adding a 5th county to the emergency. we were just learning that information a couple of hours ago. we have been talking about this for a couple of days. now we know miami-dade is included in this. there are now 12 cases in the state of florida right now. with those 12 cases we have got 3 no confirmed in hillsborough county. all of this with people who have traveled out of the country getting bit by a mosquito while they were there. we are trying to figure out exactly what this means for you. actually joins us live from the health department in tampa. >> reporter: the gov. laid out his plan in his room trying to calm fears. here is what he said. >> we will continue to work with the cdc to get information out. we want to keep everyone
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>> reporter: so here is that his plan, he is asking the cdc for more zika virus testing. there are two types of tests. he is asking the cdc for 1000 anti-body test. that would show if pregnant women who have traveled ever had the zika virus. he is also asking the health department to buy 4000 test of who has the virus right now. he is also asking to have money allocated to mosquito control testing, how much of that money is a left, he wanted update. after the cdc he wants to have a conference call with workers in the state of florida who are working in hospitals, especially talking to them about the zika virus symptoms. that call would happen in the
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i spoke with a pregnant woman earlier today about how she is feeling hearing all of this. of course i will have that story coming up at 5:00. back to you. spew in also the cdc saying mosquitoes are still the main way the virus is spreading and should be the biggest concern at this time. they are also reviving guidelines for pregnant women. we are learning more about other ways the virus can spread. the fires can stay in the blood for a week but they don't know how long it can live in other bodily fluids.
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not surprising that there have been isolated cases in the world of it spreading threw blood transfusion or sexual contact. pregnant women should not have unprotected sexual contact if their partners have traveled to parts of the world where the virus is active right now. taking a look out at new hampshire the candidates are trying to rally up support the head of next week primary. on the left you see ted cruz hoping for a second straight win after coming out on top in iowa. donald trump on the right. jimmy carter weighing in on the top candidates. he says donald trump is more easily influenced which may make him ineffective candidate. take a look at all the candidates now, remember how we started? we started with 16 of them. many people could not keep track. monday of this week in iowa we had it dwindled down to 11. what does that mean? that is where marco rubio finished third. jeb bush, he finished 6th. now we get to the nitty-gritty.
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8 gop candidates. ted cruz going after donald trump and then going after marco rubio. so we have a fight with these two now. then they say break their word to voters for a deal in washington. then you talk about ben carson and ted cruz. they say the campaign misled iowans, telling people right now that that is probably why donald trump loss. in the meantime, four new debate have been added for the democrats. todd walker explaining why it was crucial to make them happen. >> reporter: last night hillary clinton and bernie sanders traded barbs on the same stage at different times. spewing you can say you are a moderate one day. spewing i am a progressive who
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i will get tape -- i will be a progressive president. >> reporter: anyone waffling between the candidates will now have more chances to hear from them. the first debate is tonight. spewing when you have such a close race all of a sudden the notion that i can ignore this person is difficult. >> reporter: this political science professor says when the party originally scheduled the debates it was when hillary clinton was the front runner. >> when no one can dismiss bernie sanders. after iowa that is clear. >> reporter: he says the extra debates is something bernie sanders has wanted for a long time. spewing from bernie sanders's side it is i am on a roll and this will help me. for hillary clinton, this is her chance to prove she really is the person who ought to be the democratic candidate. >> reporter: the location of the debate has new meaning too.
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in flint, michigan. >> one the new hampshire primary is this coming tuesday. still to come how something as small as a quarter could actually hold the answer to curing diabetes. jackie callaway is standing by with a recall because of exploding airbags. a little snag for anyone trying to file their taxes online. the irs announcing they are still having computer issues causing them to stop accepting electronically filed tax returns. they say they hope this will not delay retains too long. -- they say they hope this will not delay returns too long.
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right now a tour for those dealing with type one diabetes could be on the horizon. johnson -- johnson & johnson announcing it is joining with a biotech company to speed up
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you can see it is smaller than a quarter. the biotech company says the therapy involves turning stem cell into insulin producing cell's. they go into the small capsule that is implanted under the skin. we don't know how long the testing could take. if your car has not been part of the airbag recall it may be now. jackie callaway is here with with millions more cars that have been added to the list. >> reporter: we are talking about 2-point to make more cars. the issue is with the inflator of the takata airbag on the driver side. we are talking one dozen honda and acura models from to
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-- from 2 005 to 216. it can cause a power supply to fail and the airbag will go off in a crash. honda and fiat and racer are already recalling cars because of this. honda says the parts to fix the airbag will not be available until the fall. here is the bottom line. if you are part of this we call your dealer will contact you with a a letter. if you are concerned we have got you covered on our website. spewing one on the middle of the screen at you can get all of the information you need on the recall. we also have a list of all the things you need where you can go to the dealer.
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issuing a little bit of a recall. you will have to see what we are talking about. toyota tent lending service is in trouble. the lending service of toyota agreed to pay $23 million to thousands of minority toyota customers who were overcharged. the company had been under investigation by the consumer financial protection bureau for adding more interest to auto loans for black and asian car buyers. the investigation found it was not responsible but rather it was individual dealerships that
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a lender evaluates the credit and makes a loan offer then dealers can tack up more interest on to the offer. that is known as dealer markup. that is a legal but they found a black and asian borrowers received higher markups. the investigation found the disparity affected black borrowers more. asian buyers faced a increase as well. they denied any wrongdoing and said the company has no visibility into the race or ethnicity of its customers. these factors have no bearing on the companies credit decisions. as part of the agreement toyota will cut its markup in half for loan contracts of five years or less. contracts longer than that will be capped at one%. today games getting the once over and final safety check before the fair.
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sticker on rides, that means it passed the inspection. they even test the games that seems like you can never win. we did have a couple of ladies hurt on a ride last year when a bar swung open. make sure you look for those green stickers. it does not look like it is raining there. be one there is a good line of showers ready to roll in but people are still having a good time. >> reporter: we have been watching the radar, we have been watching the sky, it is pretty great on the horizon. we have been very busy out here. we have been so busy we have not had a chance to get anything to eat. i understand you have the best around? is there anyway i can get a corndog? that me see if i can get a corndog here. thank you very much. let me get a bite of that. i want to let you know the
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deteriorated here yet and they are really expecting brighter days ahead. we back in 1904 with the help of railroad officials first sold for the fear took place on these grounds. despite economic busts and two world wars it continue to grow gaining the name florida state midwinter festival. it was often held as part of the festivities back when but that changed by the mid-70s when it was decided a bigger venue was needed. in 1977 it moved to its current location. since then it has continued to grow and so too has the scrutiny of law enforcement. >> when we have resources that will be seen and several that won't be seen.
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are planning to come out and cause any disruptions, or break the law, you have no idea who is looking at you. >> reporter: a couple more additions include the white house experience. from the presidents hall of fame in claremont. you can get a selfie in the oval office. you can even host your very own white house press conference. over there, you can see babies born, it is another amazing hands on element. the butterfly encounter from springhill. >> when we travel throughout the united states. -- we travel throughout the united states. this gives you a a chance to interact with the butterflies.
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feed them. >> reporter: i tell you what, speaking of feeding, you can see no lines here on the midway. no lines to get on the rides. no lines to get your food. i have some other stuff to get to it and we will let you know how we are making sure the games out here on the midway are fair. right now back to you as the rain starts. spewing the rain has started. look a look outside live. -- >> one the rain has started. look outside. the rain is just about to move in. we are about to get a good downpour. if you are stepping out tonight to do anything outside you will need the umbrella. look at the shield of rain
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to move in. we had a pocket of thunder and lightning rolling through citrus county. light rain across hernando at this point. heavy rain is about to move in from the west. downtown tampa getting in on some rain as well. again, none of this is severe but it will make for a mess with the evening commute. we have this to contend with. do you see the clouds out there? the radar can't reach that far but it is raining under those clouds. to put this into motion it will stop raining at some point here but it will take a while. this is a small -- this is a
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there is a heavy rain at 6:00. we get a bit of a break then more showers coming in towards 11:00. there is a the clearing line by the time we get into the overnight hours. it is going to be a dramatic change in the temperatures. temperatures in the 40s but it will be so windy that we will talk about wind chills, it will feel like it was in the upper 30s in the morning. that will be a shock to the system. in the upper 30s in the morning. that will be a shock to the system. we will be right back.
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back to breaking news. you are looking at live pictures of chicago right now,
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of a home. we are being told this is on the southwest side. police went to the house this afternoon, a source saying proper amen, a female and a home. we are working to get more details. as you can see it looks like a lot of police officers, definitely a large perimeter where they have police. a lot going on right now. we are not really sure what happened. how these people died. as you can see it is a very busy area in chicago. the neighborhood is now in a standstill because of the investigation. more information coming up later. back at home if you have been to the marathon gas
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boulevard that is the family dollar store and the habitat for humanity. check your bank statements as soon as you can. they skimmer was just found at a pump there. they don't know how long it was they are but they say it was checked last march. even if you aren't in that area this is a reminder for all of us to keep an eye on your credit card statements. today we are learning tampa is one of the best places to have a wedding. a local florist is telling us how to cut cost on flowers.
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right now taking a live look at the camera outside. it is wet. we just saw a little bit of gold a live shot from the for the state fair. unfortunately it is raining their too. fingers crossed maybe it will be over by tomorrow. >> it will definitely be over by tomorrow. it is going to be very cold tomorrow. take a look at the radar,
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of strong rain. [technical difficulties] [please stand by] some of these were tornadoes according to the national weather service. here is the high school in jackson, tennessee. you can see all of the debris as the wind came in. there we can see the damage that was left. again, this was not the only
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by the way, school was over so no injuries there. but, collinsville mississippi take a look at the widespread damage there. that tornado was on the ground for at least 5 miles. luckily it hit during the day when most people were out of their homes. but quite damaging the last couple of days. no significant injuries reported. we take you back outside to show you what is happening here. it is not a beach day. it is wet and it is going to get heavier throughout the evening. i will be back in a few minutes with the weekend forecast. right now a developing story out of colorado, nearly 3000 people exposed to hepatitis during surgery at a hospital. health officials are saying it could take weeks to test all of them.
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medical center, a former surgical tech is suspected of stealing a medication and replacing a syringe with a different label to cover it up. the concern is it is not yet known if the needle may have been we used on patients. so far there are no cases reported of anyone who has been infected. breaking news out of chicago. a press conference happening with the police. six people have been found dead in chicago. police
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right now we are waiting on the press conference to start in just seconds. 6 people found dead, at least one of them a child. >> earlier this afternoon police officers responded to a 911 call of check the well- being. a coworker of one of the residence at the location we are at had reported that this gentleman had not shown up to work today and had failed to show up for work yesterday. the coworker found it highly unusual so they asked police to take a ride to check on him. police officers went to the residence, they were able to view what they believed to be a body from outside of the residence. they were then able to make entry into the residence, it is
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made entry they discovered what we have now found to be six bodies inside of the residence. this is fairly early, but there are signs of trauma to the bodies. it appears right now we have 5 adults, a child, we are still working to identify the bodies that are inside the residence. this is, as i said, very early stages of the investigation. we are taking our time going through the residence to collect as much evidence as possible. the crime lab personnel are on the scene right now, as i said this will take some time because we want to bury very careful going through the
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much evidence as we can. the 8th district has added additional patrol in the area however, at this time we don't believe that there is any threat to the surrounding community. there is know known threat right now to the immediate neighborhood. but as a precaution, as i said, they have stepped up with some higher visibility patrols in the area. this is going to be an investigation that will take some time. we will have the street closed evening. as i said, it is extremely important, based on the fact that we have six bodies inside the residence that we take as much time as possible to collect as much evidence as possible so we can try to put together what happened here. we will have more answers later this evening.
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>> reporter: [inaudible] >> you are listening to a live press conference in chicago. we are being told six people were found dead inside of a house. five adults, one child, no word on how these people may or may not be related. they put additional units in the community but they don't think that there is any danger in the immediate area. they are also still trying to find out exactly who these people were. investigators are still inside of the home trying to get some information. again, this is happening in chicago just about three hours ago.
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if you dig into that fresh guacamole here is some food for thought. a beetle is threatening avocado
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california. we spoke with a scientist in florida tracking the bug, it spreads a fungus that can kill the trees. the beetle is native to asia it back showed up in the u.s. in 2004. researchers have spent millions of dollars to find a way to stop those pests. a few months ago we spoke with the guacamole guy about the problem. he is a man who has received awards for his guacamole that he sells around the state. he said he used to have 95 avocado trees, now there is just one healthy tree. a lot of people are using the hashtag pink tax on the line talking about if women are paying more than men for the same product. a recent report says women pay more than 40%, it compared 800 products for more than 90 brands. it found here products called 48% more for women.
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the study suggests women are paying thousands of dollars more over their lives. that is just not right. still to come a chance to get free dental procedures done for you and your family. >> he helps everyone that he can. >> it is not just about the free event, why it is bringing
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if you are just joining us we are still following breaking news out of chicago right now. the pictures you are looking at is where the police chief just last the podium. six people found dead inside of a home in chicago on the southwest side.
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we still don't know how those people may or may not be related. police are saying they do not believe there is any danger to anyone in the neighborhood. they do think this is an isolated incident. they are still inside of the home trying to get more information as to what may have happened. a local doctor performing free dental procedures all in the area. christie post has the event that people keep coming back for. >> reporter: rain or shine every year she plans for this moment. >> if it rains i have my rain suit. >> reporter: for 14 years she has camped out in an empty lot. >> last year the line went all over here. >> reporter: on a fixed income dental insurance has never been a priority.
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it is hard to get groceries. >> reporter: during this years dentistry from the heart event she is getting a tooth fixed for free. it would normally cost about $1000. her story is not unique. more than 500 people are expected to show up. in these rooms tomorrow they plan to do 600 extractions. 100 feelings and a couple hundred cleanings. >> a lot of people are less fortunate. we are healed to help. >> reporter: the doctors started the charity and it spread all over the world. he and a team of dentists in one day plan to do $100,000 in free dental work. just show up and she says you will leave smiling.
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lot left but i try to keep but i have got. >> reporter: i am christie post. >> all of this starts at 7:00 tomorrow morning. just show up to the address you see on the screen. all of the information is on our website right now. another look at the camera outside. it is wet and rainy, you are looking at columbus in tampa. thankfully it has not gotten severe. >> it is not a severe right now rain. that is enough to put a damper on your evening commute. look at the camera looking very cloudy, very rainy.
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moving in. let's take a look at the radar and show you what is going to be happening. by the way this has to move through and that will take several hours. we will not try out until later tonight. some pockets already in citrus county. generally rain in most of the tampa bay area. we have had a few lightning strikes but mostly just rain here and heavy at that as we continue to see that filling in across town. it will eventually dry out but with will not happen until tonight. by the way, tonight, take a look at the temperatures, current temperatures right now in the low 40s. atlanta in the low 50s. that is the cold air getting established and that is coming right on top of us. this is going to be a shocker, we have been in the 80s
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look at this, overnight lows in the upper 40s. factor in the wind, when you wake up tomorrow morning it is going to feel like it is 35. so there will be a wind chill and it will be nasty. certainly keep that in mind tomorrow morning. look at these afternoon temperatures. upper 50s to around 60. it will never feel like 600, it will be a very chilly, winter day. again, wind chill readings that will be well into the 30s, very uncomfortable stuff. if you like cold you will be happy because it is here to stay. we do have a couple of a couple of showers on saturday in the forecast.
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with temperatures at 60 and guess what? staying in the 60s on monday. will that trend continue? dennis has the answer in the next hour. if you are a baseball fan or not there is a great job opportunity for the toronto blue jays. they are hiring today for spring training. it will be at the florida auto exchange stadium. anyone can apply but you will be required to work all of the games. wiki leaks founder julio sound is expected to walk free soon. he had been living in the ecuadorian embassy for three years. that is after ecuador gave him a silent. tomorrow we are expecting the un to announce he has been held illegally. he is a wanted for questioning about a suspected sexual assault in sweden. he says he charges also in
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u.s. he said he could be put on trial about publishing diplomatic documents. leading up to the super bowl is one of the biggest times to by a big tv but there is a hidden danger for children. eight years ago a twomack-year- old was killed when a dresser tipped over and a television fell on top of him. his parents later founded a nonprofit to teach people how to anchor their furniture. >> with the new television sets make sure they mount them on the wall or anchor them to the furniture and the furniture to the wall. >> every two weeks a child is killed by a piece of furniture that tips over. >> there is no reason not to secure your furniture, your television to the wall. you can also fix -- you can
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now to some supersized the money. we are talking super bowl tickets. this is pretty cool. i want to show you something. 1967 the first super bowl, let's check the ticket. $12. that was pretty cool. in 1976 it went up a little. just $20 a ticket. so we go to the 90s, it was $150 for a ticket. then there was this, the iconic super bowl l, are you kidding me? $5000 for a ticket. in detroit is live in san francisco right now. >> reporter: the ticket to the game is expensive but this is all free. the crowds are getting larger
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sunday. i want to know, to all of these fans know anything about the super bowl. time for a super bowl trip your test. who is playing? >> i have no idea. >> carolina panthers. >> the denver broncos. >> reporter: is have been used to identify all but one super bowl. i am sure the answer is swirling around somewhere. wouldn't it be nice if the answer was plastered everywhere. >> it is 50. >> reporter: at super bowl 38 the wardrobe malfunction prompted a fine, what song was
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>> rock your body. >> i guess he did rocker body. >> reporter: even though it's pitch man is playing in the big game this company has decided not to run ads during the super bowl saying -- saying the companies jingle. >> nationwide is on your side. >> reporter: sing it! >> nationwide is on your side. >> reporter: this is a participation certificate. >> we dave mcginnis award for two tickets to the super bowl. trip. -- read the fine print. >> offer not valid in the u.s. so this is void? >> reporter: are you completely regretting doing
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>> yes. >> reporter: so the certificate was not the nicest thing to do but you have to read the fine print. as i said if the super bowl is on the moon we will be there. here on planted -- here on planet earth everyone is having a great a great time. back to you. >> right now your chance to win those tickets to the daytona 500, all you have to do is go to my facebook page right now. you have to click on the tab at your top then it will populate and ask asking for your name. here is the question, how many miles around is the oval at the daytona 500? head to my facebook page right now it might put in the correct
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you have heard of 60 of separation but we may be closer than we realize. that means we are connected to every other person in the world. of course this is among people on facebook. in the u.s. we are even closer. it is even lower for people such as mark zuckerberg, he has three-point 170 of separation. the average has been going down because a number of people on facebook as more than doubled. facebook started just 12 years ago today. so, happy birthday facebook. many of you have seen the video on your newsfeed, it is pretty cool. the former executive who raise the price of a drug by 5000% in front of congress today.
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>> reporter: you have been paying higher prices for drugs and congress wants to change that. martin sequelae has become the face of the problem but he seems amused. sharing this video of what he jokingly called his slick escape from today's hearing. shortly after he posted this treat calling lawmakers imbeciles. social media was the only place he called all day. in the past he has been very vocal defending his decision to raise the price of the drug to $750. >> the way i i see it you can go down in history as the poster boy for greedy drug
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change the system. >> reporter: lawmakers accusing him of planning to run a scheme. taking the money to acquire another drug and then raise the rates on patients. as he sat and smirked his lawyer tried to interrupt. >> can i be recognized for a moment? >> no, you have not been sworn in. you are not recognized. you are not recognized. >> reporter: advising his typically talkative client to stay silent. so what is next for him? he has been indicted for financial problems with a previous company. if found guilty he could face 20 years in prison. >> thank you so much for watching us today. it is definitely very scary. >> fear is mounting over the spread of the zika virus. a warning tonight from
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