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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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happened here in clearwater inside the florida spine institute. we have been talking to patients who have said they have had good treatment here. but according to court documents one woman was violated. it is disturbing details of what a surgeon is accused of doing to a female patient. according to police the patient was alone with the dr. in a room and was told to lie on her stomach. the witness told police he sexually battered her. when the witnessed question what he was doing she said he claimed he was checking for scar tissue. when she tried to get up she
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the mouth. when later questioned by police he said he admitted to initiating the sexual conduct and what he did to the patient was not for medical purposes. a representative tells us he has not worked here since the summer and she says they were not aware of any misconduct and are fully cooperating. the doctor may be gone but the florida spine institute still has the patient's testimonial on youtube. a woman talks about her back surgery success with the doctor. >> i have very high regard for him. i would recommend him to anyone. >> reporter: we went to his current office but the door was locked. we have been doing more digging and found two malpractice cases involving the doctor. life in clearwater, eric waxler, action news. good evening. just a wet afternoon and evening for the area. by tomorrow morning we will see
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outside right now heavy rain covering most of the coastal communities. they are slowly moving inland right now. there is a a lots of green on this map. it is beginning to wind down, at least the intensity. the rain will continue for a few hours but what you will be waking up to won't be rain, it will be cold. we will give you the details coming up. health officials confirming the zika virus continues to spread. the governor confirming three new cases. many of you watched the announcement live on the website. we are going to keep you informed. we are now up to 12 confirmed cases in florida. the public health emergency
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the gov. asking the cdc for 1000 anti- body test kits to see if people ever had zika. kits for active zika virus. with the cdc. we want to keep everyone informed. >> the governor asking the cdc to do a conference call with hospital workers to teach them about the virus. he wants that to happen in the next two weeks. bill nelson calling on the pres. to appoint a zika czar to coordinate the governments overall response to the virus. bay area deputies looking for a trio of distractive thieves behind three burglaries in two different counties. detectives looking for the men in this video, you can see one of them smashed through the door with a rock. police say they did the same
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this morning. in an unrelated case police looking for the woman who stole from a laundromat. this video shows are kicking in the door at the laundry mat. if you know who this woman is you are asked to call crimestoppers right away. a man facing charges for a case of animal cruelty. police tell us robert louis held his cast by the neck and threw it off the balcony. according to his arrest report he did it because the cat scratched the furniture. the cat injured his back leg but he is fine. car sellers playing a dangerous game using new tricks have been putting you at risk. tonight jackie callaway shows you the signs to look for immediately >> reporter: the resources to
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>> reporter: there are 1 million cars on the road riding with altered odometers. florida ranks 4th on that list. it appeared to be the perfect truck for her. >> it was a lot of miles. >> reporter: still she never sold -- still she never suspected the truth. it turns out the truck had more than 300,000 miles on it. >> many of us think it does not exist anymore. that makes it easy for criminals to rip you off. >> reporter: the crooks have tampered with the odometers of more than 1 million vehicles in the u.s., 6565,000 of them in florida. >> this is an ongoing issue. >> tonight at 11 we will tell you the first warning sign to
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the red light cameras may be on the way out. that is if leaders don't renew a contract this spring. the contract expires in april, it is already being challenged by city council members who say the cameras don't reduce crashes. meantime the senator bill to all of the cameras statewide cleared another committee in tallahassee today. a bill to prevent churches and preachers from being sued if they refuse to perform same-sex marriages is on the way to the florida house.
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more committees before it can go to a floor vote. with the iowa caucus in their review democrats and republicans ready for round two. we are teaming up with political facts to check the facts, holding politicians accountable for what they say. >> reporter: democratic candidate bernie sanders is pushing forward with a new ad showing the sign of him that is propelling his popularity. >> if you are doing everything right but find it hard to get by you are not alone. the top 1%. >> reporter: -- >> it is one big package of bernie sanders. it sound. >> reporter: they say americans are working less hours than they did in 1980 and earning more. how about the claim that new
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>> that was to up until 2009. but it has changed. still a lot of wealth going to the wealthy but not nearly as much as it used to be. >> reporter: they rate this ad is have to. on the republican side a new ad supporting jeb bush is going after john kasich. >> he did have the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country. >> reporter: they say the ad cites a report on his record but the campaign says, a complex accounting change to the budget was in accurately reflected. >> that changed the calculation. so if you are john kasich it isn't really accurate. >> reporter: they rate this ad
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>> democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be debating tonight. we will be holding the candidates from -- we will be holding the candidates responsible for what they say tonight at 11:00. maurice white the founder of local earth, wind, and fire" has died. the group won 6 grammys and was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame. no word on the concert in tampa, if it will be canceled, we will keep you posted. the voice of many peoples childhood has died, joe alaskey family confirming his death
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cancer. you surely know his voice. beginning in 1989 he brought 1989 he brought to life bugs bunny, daffy duck, sylvester the cat. he was also the voice of richard nixon. -- he was also the voice of richard nixon in the movie "forrest gump." coming up next, a look inside of guantanamo bay. plus a warning all pet owners need to hear. the one thing you need to check after your dogs next trip. it is raining out right now. the chili forecast is coming up
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-- the chili forecast is coming up next. -- the chilly forecast is
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welcome back. a woman has a serious warning for dog owners tonight after a trip to the groomer cost her dog part of his ear. the groomer put bows on his ears like they had done for years but a week after the visit she noticed her dogs ears were black. a veteran had to amputate the top of the dogs ears because they lost circulation. >> they actually got them around the air flap and basically caused her air to basically die off and fall off. >> so sad, the dog will be fine though. the groomer claimed they did not do anything wrong but they did pay for the bills. the next time you take your dog
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rubber bands are only around the hair and not any part of their skin. at guantanamo bay ground rules for media are strict. new at 6:00 6:00 clinton french got access to see what life is life on the other side of the walls. >> reporter: in this video you won't see a single security camera. the faces of detainees all off- limits. >> this is where they live. >> reporter: they have a sink, a toilet and plenty of personal items. religious books, personal hygiene supplies. it is a communal living environment with tables, televisions, we were there as a got their lunch. the video taken through one-way glass. guards deliver the food, the
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themselves. >> twice a month they right down different items they would like. >> reporter: they are the most behaved, they are given 22 hours every day to grow in the living area. they are locked down for only two hours a day. a stark contrast to earlier facilities. this is camp delta, at one point it held 600 detainees. today, it holds none. we were here when delta opened, looking more like a dog kennel. today delta hold a detainee medical facility. >> any type of health maintenance to include dental care, we do provided here. >> reporter: camp delta also hold a library.
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games. each detainee has a portable dvd player, newspapers are also delivered. video games and movies can be checked out. the most popular items are books. >> there are some who do not like females and if they see a females face in an item they will scratch it out. >> reporter: clinton french, action news. >> at its peak the u.s. held 800 people. today, it is 91. we will take a look at what closing the facility could mean for u.s. security tomorrow at 6:00. good evening, the rain continues across the area. i think there is going to be a lot of surf over the next 12
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begins to pick up. the wind is definitely gusting a little bit. the rain is also coming down. we will see rain for a few more hours. a lot of folks in the interior have not seen a lot of rain at all but generally speaking most most of citrus, fernando has seen about an inch of rain. if you get to pinellas county a little less. hillsboro, about the same thing. less down south. right now still a line of rain coming in moving through manatee county. pinellas, the worst of
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bottom line, the rain is just beginning to move into the lakeland area, you will see the heaviest rain over the next few hours. outside right now the clouds and the rain continues. but look at the temperatures. yesterday, middle 80s and record highs. tomorrow morning wind chill in the 30s. strong north northwest wind is the key to the forecast. today we hit 77. we will not see 70 for a week. rid of the rain. if you can hang in for a few hours the rain will be gone. you will wake up to sunny skies tomorrow but it will be windy and cold with temperatures
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30s. the weekend right now looks okay. we will see clouds and showers late saturday into early sunday. i don't think we see a severe threat but we will see rain. these are the temperatures you will be waking up to tomorrow morning. we won't have actual lows in the 30s but we will later on in the week. we will only warm up to about 60 degrees tomorrow. rain chances after this evening friday. we only hit the 60. morning. rain saturday night into sunday morning. it clears out sunday and next week highs in the 50s and 60s all week long.
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set back for cedric park had. he is just coming back into his own. here is what happened today. he was attempting a blocked shot in practice and the puck hit him in the shin. he went down, he was helped off of the ice and later came back to test it out. he said he thinks he can play tomorrow. i think we will know more tomorrow when we talk to the couch. let's hope he is ready to go. the bolts will be watching the super bowl on sunday. we get their predictions on the game and more. >> do you remember the halftime show? do you remember that shark?
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will make a surprise appearance in the halftime show this year. >> i am going to say no because i think people might expect that a little bit. >> i don't think it will happen but it would be hilarious if it would. >> how many times of the golden gate bridge be shown during the broadcast? >> i will take the over. >> i would take the over. >> reporter: do you take the over or the under with cam newton? >> i would say the under, i say he does it twice. >> reporter: you say the panthers are going to win? >> i think the panthers will take this one. i think cam newton is such a dominant player.
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going to win. finally tony stewart will not raise in his final race, he is out indefinitely with a fractured back sustained in a l-terrain vehicle accident sunday in arizona. we are back in
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you you -- check out this incredible video of two alligators fighting. to view the whole video go to we will see you back here at
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