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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this is abc action news. >> now what happened to a cat that brought neighbors to tears. trouble. female student. >> i am wendie ryan. thank you for joining us. >> new developments in a story october. years old student and now he told us he fathers her child. >> michael with the latest out there.
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have been working on this case for several months. dna evidence finally makes it clear. >> they are running charges of unlawful sexual activities against the minor. >> the robert celeste is booked in jail with a minorminor. >> they knew he had sex with a 16 years old girl. >> that's a key piece evidence in the case they have been waiting for. >> i am with abc action news, are you able to comment on the new information coming out? >> okay, thank you. >> celeste would not comment of the dna results showing he's the child's father. >> investigators say they were involved back in 2014 when he
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high school >> he resigned as a teacher two months before he was arrested last year. >> reporter: celeste is due in court on march 7th at 8:30 p.m.. thank you, michael, breaking news tonight from new york. two new york police officers--one suspect killed himself and the other is in custody. >> both are expected to survive. we are told theofficers were on routine patrol in a housing project when the suspect pulled out a gun and shot both officers. now, in a witness affidavit. he was taken into the xham minute room alone. the patienttelling clear water
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her to lie on her stomach. >> a back exam turned into a sexual encounter >> the spine institute says he no longer works there. the institute is cooperating with theinformation. we tried to contact him but the doorsto his st. peter burgesses good evening everyone. we have serious rainover the last seven or six hours. things arewhining down. >> three inches of rain that fell from has co pasco and hernando and about an inch of rain. over night, skywills eventually begin to clear and by a wake up time tomorrow, this rain will be long gone. we gotsome big changes to talk about. you will be wakingup tos and temperatures and it is not going to to feel that warm >> well, it is an animal abuse
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shaking your head. >> a man behind bars accused of tossing a cat out of h is second story apartment. >> abc is live with maricella. >> reporter: the woman witnesses this cannot get those horrific images out of her head >> it is so hard. >> [crie ]. she will never forget the noise sheheard after the cat been thrown from the second floor. >> he does not swing it, he slams it. >> the guy in 210 is robert lewis. >> he had no expression on his face or nothing. >> his neighbors were not having it. >> when he told me mind my own
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wrong with you"? >> investigators were told lewis launched his cat. >> there is no reason for him to put his hands on anybody or anything. >> rochelle vasquez gave him the cat when he was about 6 weeks old and trying to find him a good home. he could have brought the cat back to me. lewis is charged with felony cruelty to animal >> this is not the guy that rochelle knows. >> i am going to ask him if he really threw that cat. >> he got an injury to his leg. he's going to be okay. >> i asked if i can get the cat back, i felt it is my fault. >> reporter: the cat will stay here on a next ten days and more than likely will go up for adoption. >> abc action news. turning now to democracy 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders budding heads in
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this debate washeated at times from economy and universal healthcare and campaign tactics. >> i think we should be talking about what we want to do for the country. if we are going to get into labels, i don't think it is progress aggressiveerogative to vote on the brady bill. >> let's talk about what we should do. >> one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk but walk the walk. >> i am very proud--but, i do not have a super pack. >> abc abc action news is teaming up with this political fact to sort through the sound bites. our first fact check comes from a statement where sanders say workers are giving up on the political process. >> millions of americans are
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process. they given up because they understand--they are working longer hours for low wages and they worried about the future of their kid , and yet almost all new income and wealth is going towards the top 1%. >> our team of political fact rated that statement is half true. >> he made a couple of claims there. >> first, americans work longer hours and low wages. >> labor stats, on average, they are not. >> almost all new income go to the top 1%, a lot of it has but not almost all of it because sanders exaggerated part of that statement political facts prove that it is false. >> our political fact will be working into the night revealing statements of our
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true ratings on abc now to new cases of zika virus >> governor rick scott explored the health emergency to broward tonight >> today, governor scott requesting kits to help determine if any recent travelers are affected. >> 4000 kits are willing bought to test for active of the zika >> the key to control is fighting mosquitoes >> we want to stay ahead of the zika virus and that means we have to eliminate mosquitoes. we have doneit before and i believe we are going to do it again. >> intended--
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on barack obama--[ aud developments from brazil, health officials confirming two people have contracted the zika virus through blood transmission. >> healthy patients connected >> some country in south america are already responding to this news. >> tightening new procedure to protect their blood supply. tonight, new detail of a fire. >> as abc reporter shows us it is what some of the players did at the school that got him fired. >> i will definitely miss it. >> family will misit. >> reggie robert says he's been living his dreams for r the last six years. >> he's coaching a winning football team. >> i felt like i woke up from my dream and obviously, i was
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to an end. i was very disappointed. >> after turning the school's losing program around, robert was let go. it is not about his record. >> we had issues with some of the football players getting into trouble because of the lack supervision from their head coach. >> officials say need they needed a full-time coach on campus. >> something that robert cannot do and also work at the police department. >> report disagrees. >> i have spent numerous lunch periods at lunch with the kids. i walked around campus and i met coachesat the camp. >> some of police investigated- -officials say that's when they had to make a top decision chooseing good of the school over the popular football coach >> there is no question that he devoted a lot of times to the
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the school day. ? pasco county, i am cameron pole polar, abc action news. this ex executive is laughing about this. plus, high-tech fees targeting you. straightahead, the trick they are using to stick you with a high mileage car and how to spot it before you lose your money. it is a fight that's gone viral. a quarter and a million views tonight. youare all asking the same
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tonight the furious drug.
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laughing at the question. >> i truly believe--are you listen sng >> yeah. >> thank you. >> well, after the hearing he tweeted and quote, hard to accept that these embicil represented the people of the government. >> tonight his law saysyer says he was misunderstood. tonight, i-team reporter showing you the first warning sign and a fast and easy way to check on your used vehicle before you buy it. the ford f150 is the perfect pick up for tracy smith's son >> it is about 186, 000. >> tracy never suspected the truth. >> i looked at the transaction-
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he pulled a car faxreport. >> it had 229, 000 miles. >> what was your reaction? >> shocked and disappointed. >> angry. >> florida ranks number four in the nation in oodometer fraud. >> many of us think that odometer fraud does not exist anymore, that makes it easier for criminals to rip you off. >> odometer frauds of over over one million in the u.s.. and 50, 000 of them in florida. >> to write sophomore to hack
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according to car fax >> it was being sold last year with $90, 000. >> the suspect it actually had over 200, 000 >> how can you tell? >> first, ask yourself, does the wear and tear match the mileage? >> i would peal back the coverage here and look underneath the carpet. >> there is only one way to show in the state where you are about to buy which is car max. >> you just need the number on the side dash. >> it should not be apart of your window right here. >> llc, limited liability companying back, tracy smith says they spent thousands of
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mileage for free or car fax. >> now t car fax you will need the vitamin number and the seller's zip code. we got both links foryou on abc >> i am jackie calloway, taking action for you. a video that the gotten more an a quarter of a million hit tonight. two alligators fungiing. a lot of you are asking on our facebook page. whereis this recorded? >> well, we found out the answer for you. thegators were on the road at the jacksonville studios. my question is which one won? >> the guy filmed it, it laughed over a half hour. >> really >> and neither one were injured. >> yeah, a lot of folks out there are saying well, it is that time of the year and maybe they're getting feisty
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>> [ laughter ] >> we don't know >> it was not largo, the biggest threat was is this something that folks from to worry about it? seen it before. it isjust one of those things. >> yesterday, we were in the mid-80s. today, we arelucky to hit mid- 70s with the rain continues to fall across our southern county. s. tomorrow counties. tomorrow, windchill in the 30s. >> temperatures right now in the lo 50 up north. >> it will be a breezy day all day long. if you aregoing to the fair tomorrow, it will be a lot better than it was today with a lot of sunshine but wear your sweatshirts and jackets because it is going to be chilly.
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and skys chloely fwinies are beginning to clear. that is going to continue. so, we werein the mid-80s yes. >> tied a record on tuesday. westerly not going tosee 70s again for a week. we'll see high in the 50sand 60s. today, we hit 77 and it is going to be a while. >> satellite fixture, we had that rain that rolled in. >> we kind of thought it would be ahmad morning event. it was early afternoon and those showerseshave lingered across the area. >> that air just plowing into the southeast. youcan see the orange color. that's the dryer air ofthe water vapor and the blue color and moistures. it is literally like a snow cloud that's going to plow that moisture down when the dry air arrives. >> these things can change quickly. when we go from85 to a
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and a half, we'll go from cheer or cool to more changes. we'lltalk about that in just a second. waking up fridaymorning, it will be breezy and it will be cool. >> you will want to bundle the kids up and there is no way around it. >> you will be lucky to see temperatures around 60 degrees. look what happens? all of a sunday, yougive it a day and we cloud up again. here is what'sinteresting of this forecast. >> big area of low pressure in north eastern. now,we know it is going to develop off to the east. because of that, we are going to to have nearly the rain in our area that we could have if that storm was west of us. as it said, it will not be. theclouds are going to be around on saturday as that low begins to take sthap and maybe a few isolated showers and late saturday night into sunday. that'sit. >> so instead of rain and
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are going to get lucky of. >> not a bad trade off. >> this is a big change from 50s and low 60s. theseare your high temperatures. we are not going seemany changes for at least next week. >> it is very likely the middle of next week. >> not for our northern counties and maybe for most of the area. >> northern lynn, they'll be kicking in pretty good. he's 6". >> sunset, sunny and cool on friday and we topped out about 60. 65 at the ballpark. >> rain chances is nonexistence for a while. therest of the week looks dry and cold. >> highs in the 60s. thank you, dennis.
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hello folks, it was a short practice today but it was long enough to sent a scare in the
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>> market aat the present timed to block off. market went down. >> later as you see it came out with an injury. hedid note take part of anymore practice drills. >> market says he should be ready to go against the pen wins. penguins. the folks are in a happy place right nowand after that, they'll went over to detroit. >> i am pretty happy with our team and detroit, you go to divisional team. >> i think it helps when there is something on the line and you come back to--it was a big game for us and a big win and hopefully, we keep on playing the way we are. >> the boys will be in ottawa
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50. >> abc action sports, john sabol , with predictions. >> you were familiar with the props at super bowl. >> remember that got allocated >> there is a 50% chance that the shark will make an appear remembrance at halftime show. >> no, i think people are going >> i don't think it will happen. >> it would be hilarious if it did. >> it is honoring such a big day last year. >> how many times will the golden bay bridge shown during the game? >> over or under two and a half cam newton, showing his motion >> i will say twice.
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panthers are going to win? >> my heart is a panthers. cam newton is atom natestory and it is tough defending himself. >> 23 and 21. >> definitely. >> i got tot say, super bowl 50 is dying down now. we did hear very interesting today from the denver camp of the key to live. >> did you know this? >> i was young and flying around and i was this close. >> i came to work lite on a monday and. i had a 15place for your offense. ripped it up because i was i was late, man.
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we have continuous coverage on our story on >> have a good night and we'll
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