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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 4:30, zika emergency grow, the new way this vie versus now being transmitted between -- virus is being transmitted from people. two new york police officers on patrol are targeted by a gunman, how they're doing right now. >> the democratic debate gets heated the accusations fly as the republicans prepare to take the stage next. good morning: thank you for join us this morning. >> >> we start with an update on the growing zika virus outbreak. there are now three cases confirmed in hillsboro county. it now includes broward county where one case is reported. yesterday, governor scott requested a thousand new antibody test kits from the cdc. it would help determine if any
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he also ordered it health department to buy 4,000 kit to test for active cases. the key to fighting that virus is eradicating mosquito. >> we want to stay ahead of the zika virus and that means mosquitoes. we have done it before. i believer we are going to do it'd again. >> it is a fact. >> florida senator bill nelson is calling on president obama to apoint a zika cesar. there's an alarming new in brazil. in both cases, healthy people got the virus from people who had donated blood. they're now tightening procedures to protect the blood supply. 4:31. let's check your action weather forecast.
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difference when you headed out the door, didn't you. >> absolutely. >> you will as well. the temperatures are about 20 degrees on average, lower this morning than they were yesterday at this time. it is 52 in at that tampa. we have 55 in st. pete. we are in the mid 40s. did you catch that, in citrus county? crystal river, 45 degrees: we will see the temperatures come down before they start back up. by noon we will be in the mid 50s and topping out at 61 today. the temperatures start falling after sun set. no rain in sight for today but there are rain chances as we head into the weekend. more on that coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day. let's look at the traffic here, i-275, things are moving well, all directions there. we will check the roads again in about 15 minute. >> >> updating breaking news at 11:00, two new york city police officers are expected to survive after a suspect shot
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the officers were patrolling a public housing complex in the bronx. three officers encountered two men in a stairway. one pulled out a gun and fired at the officers. a bullet grazed one officer's face the other was shots in the -- the other was shot in the help. the gunman ran into a hallway and killed himself. officials say it will take up to five more days to permanantly seal the southern california gas company well that started leeing back in october. it has spewed more than 2 million tonsover climate- changing methane gas into the air. thousand versus been evacuated because of the leak which has closeed it -- forced the closure of nearby school. >> >> a plan to build a natural grass pipeline from alabama to florida is one step closer to becoming a reality. yesterday, federal energy
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you can see the pipeline could go through citrus county before ending in polk county. it is meant to bolster, the supply. it needs approval from the army corp. of engineer. >> >> 4:34. we have disturbing new details in a story we have been following since october. police charged a teach we are having sex with a 16-year-old girl. >> they confirm he's the father of that girl's child. abc action news michael explain it is evidence they were waiting for. >> reporter: robert celeste was booked and charge window unlawful sexual activity with a minor. this is his -- charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor. he knew they had sex but now say dna evidence of the newborn bay bay matched celeste. that's the key piece of evidence they have been waiting for. >> i am with abc action news, are you able to comment about the new information coming out?
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talk with us? >> okay. thank you. >> he would not comment at his seminole home about dna results showing he's the child's father. investigators say his relationship with the 16-year- old started back in 2014 when he was a teacher at northeast high school. a short time later is when sea lest put in his transfer. he resigned as a teacher two months before he was arrested last year. abc action news. 4:35. we are learning more about a clear water doctor arrested for sexual battery, and a witness affidavit a female patient claims dr. john attacked her while she was alone in an exam room at the florida spine institute. the patient said the neurosurgeon asked her to lie on her stomach and that's when the back exam turned into sexual battery. he admitted initiating the sexual contact adding what he did was quote not for medical purposes. we are told that he no longer works there.
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we tried contacting him but the door to his office was lock. >> a new poll finds sanders is extending his lead over clinton, among likely new hampshire democratic primary voters. the cnn wmur tracking poll shows him with 61% support to clinton's 30%. last night the two took the stage for the final time together before tuesday's new hampshire primary. the debate between sanders and clinton though, quickly became heated. >> i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. and enough is enough. if you have got something to say, say it. >> i mean instead of arguing about definitions let's talk about -- >> you began it yesterday with your comment. >> let's talk about what we should do. >> coming up at 5:00, we will go in depth, fact checking the statements clinton and sanders made to see if they're true or stretch the truth.
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the 8 remaining candidates are preparing for the debate in new hampshire. abc news unvailed it candidate line up in the center is trump who continues to lead in the polls, nationally. he will be flankedly rubio and cruz. cruz is upset that carly is being excluded even though she received more votes. >> i want to call on abc news and on the rnc to include cally on the debate stage. she has worked saturday and run a diligent campaign. she's inspired a lot of people and deserves to be on the stage. >> we want to remind you, you can watch the entire republican debate right here on your abc action news station starting at 8:00. we will also stream that live on our abc action news mobile app. 4:37. a passco county man is accused ofs ting his cat out of his second story apartment. we spoke to the people who saw
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very upset about it. >> it was a gut wrenching. >> robin will never forget the noise she heard after a cat had been thrown from the second floor. >> the guy up in 210 opens his door and he doesn't fling it. he slams it. >> the guy in 210 is robert lewis. >> he had no expression on his face, nothing. and he shut the door. >> lewis' neighbors weren't having it. >> what are you doing in my business. i said what is wrong with you. you just need to mind your business. >> we were told lewis launched his cat because he was scratching the furniture. >> that ain't no reason to put anything. i don't understand why he could do that. >> especially because she gave him the cat when he was about six weeks old trying to find a good home for him. >> he could have brought the
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>> he's charge window felony cruelty to animals. >> -- charged with felony cruelty animal. >> the cat is at the hospital with a soft fish ewe injury to his left back leg. but he's going to be okay. >> i asked could i get the cat back. i felt like it was my fault. i gave him the cat. >> abc action new. >> >> a cat will stay at passco county animal service for the next ten days and more likely will go up for adoption. an update to a story we told you about yesterday, the united nations human rights panel says wiki leaks -- since december of 2010. u.n. group say it is detention in the equador embassy in london should end and he should be entitle today compensation. swedish prosecutors want to ask him over allegations he raped two men knack 2010. we are learning more details about the murder of a 13-year-
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they're being held without bond. they now say 19-year-old natalie keepers helped plan the murder of nicole loverll. she was excite today be a part of something secretive and special. she also today them david eisenhower killed it girl and put her in a car. they then got cleaning supply. >> >> from you planning on doing some boating i have got a heads up for you. it is not looking good out there. small craft advisory through tonight because of the winds and the seas, bay and inland even on the rough side today. i will show you what to expect adds we head into the weekend coming none florida's most accurate 7-day. thank you, say. >> going red, coming up at 5:00, the organization asking you to wear red today to raise killer of women. . buccaneer quarter back lets out a secret at the super bowl. we will tell you what it is, and it pertains to the bucks
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. 16 minutes until 5:00. today a dentist is giving back to community by offering free dental service to those in need. the team will offer their services to first 500 people in line who need a filling, extraction or cleaning. the dentistry from the heart
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morning 5139 little road in newport ritchey. we will have more coming up live at 5:30. >> weather permitting it will be a historic morning at cape canaveral. they will launch the next satellite into orbit. it will replace one launched back in 1990. you likely own one doff 4 operation. that number is expect to double in next fiver years. gusty winds could cause the launch to be postponed until tomorrow. we will check in now with a look at the forecast on this friday. it is much cooler outside this morning. it is much cooler and there's a really noticeable difference between yesterday and today. 52 degrees right now at tampa. 45 in inverness, brooksville at 49. the temperatures have been falling all night. i do expect they will fall a few more degrees before sun rise and then will start to gradually come back up.
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today. we have winds coming in from the north behind this cold front. the rain is well to our south. the clouds have cleared out of tampa bay now. so as the sun comes up this morning, we are going to see a lot of it today. so it will be a good-looking day, but boy is it going be noticeably different out there with those chilly winds gusting to about 25 or 30 miles per hour today. both hands on the wheel, of course as you head across the area, bridges we will check in to see if there are any will alert for you for your morning commute due to those winds but again as far as day goes, pretty nice day. it is just on the cool side, this weekend we will have another chance for rain, as an area of low pressure works to the south. so our strongest chance for rain will be in the southern counties on saturday afternoon and evening but certainly can't rule out a shower across all of central florida and tampa bay. it comes to an end overnight. so maybe, a shower very early sunday morning but probably not.
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around tall way into next week. that's florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. back to you. thanks. we want to look at the morning commute. this is i-7 at mlk. smooth sailing but of course we are watching with traffic cameras and will have a full look at the morning commute coming up in just a minute. you may not see very in school buses because for most kids it is student day at the florida state fair. kids can get in free admission is free tonight but after 6:00 all students have to be accompanied by an adult. >> we are learning more details about why a popular coach was fired the district says they were proud of his record on the field but as cameran shows us it is what some players did at school that got him fired. reggie roberts says he has been living his dream for the
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community as a zephyr hills police officer and coaching at his alma mater. >> it is like i woke up from my dream and i was disappointed in way it came coto an end. >> after turning the losing program around, roberts was let go. the district says it is not abhis record. >> we've had some issues with some of the football players getting into trouble because of the lack of supervision from their head coach. >> officials say they need a full-time coach on campus, something they say roberts can't do and also work at the police department. roberts disagrees. >> i have spent numerous lunch periods at lunch with the kids. i have walked around campus. i have met college coaches at the campus. >> we are learning an incident last september may have been the final straw. >> a girl made accusations that some of the players had sexually assaulted her. >> police investigated but the state attorney dropped the case in december.
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to make a tough decision choosing the good of the school over the popular football coach. >> there's no question that he devoted a lot of time to the team. but the issues were during the school day. >> in passco county, abc action new. >> >> 4:49. the lightening -- the lightning will take on the penguins and one of the younger players may good morning, everybody. it was a short practice yesterday, but it was long enough to send a scare too the dressing room. cedric, here is what happened. he attempted to block a shot, off to -- the puck hit him near the right shin. he went down and was helped off the ice by two otherrings and later came back to -- others and camer back to test the injury out. he did not take part in anymore
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he should be ready go against the penguins tonight but we will know more today after the morning skate. i have to say the build up to super bowl other is dying down. we did hear something interesting though yesterday from the denver camp. did you know this? when he was with the bucks. >> i was this close, i was young too, i was young and flying around. i was this close to getting an offensive package. i came to work late on a monday, morris called me to his office and said i had a 15 play script for you on offense and ripped it up because i was late man. >> you learn something everyday. >> one baseball note, smiley won the first arbitration case yesterday. he will make 3.75 million. that's 500 grand more than they argued for. that's morning sports update. 10 till 5:00, murder mystery in chicago and coming up, the investigation i
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what happened to six people found dui dead in a home. up next, an -- found dead in a home. an uber driver get it is experience of a lifetime, how
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. you are looking at the
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the winds are gusting to the 25 to 30 miles per hour range. the temperatures are about 20 degrees lower this morning than they were yesterday. is it a good beach day? i would leave that up to you. it is going be sunny, dry but the wind gusts at the beach will be around 25 to 30 miles per hour throughout the first half of the day. a high today at clearwater beech near 60. i will show you what's ahead for the weekend including the clearwater uncoped forecast coming up in just a little bit. 6 till 5:00. drive for a live canning be a tough job. you may remember the video we showed you two weeks ago of a drunk miami doctor an alleged by drunk doctor trashing an uber driver car. one new orleans uber driver got the experience of a lifetime. one declined to give a ride to four black men but dale who drives part time said come on, get in. boy did that pay off for him. they're members to have popular
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they were in town for a concert. he already had tickets and they pulled him out of the crowd and thanked him in front of a huge crowd. >> we pulled him on stage and gave him a hoodie and a beer. he said he almost shed a tear y'all: enjoy yourself. >> get involved. >> so y'all a big shout out. >> that's so cool. he had the night of his life and told a reporter he looks up to band and the band is inspiring him to pursue his -- >> what the ceo didn't say when he appeared before u.s. lawmaker. >> it is video gone viral, the story behind this alligator fight caught on camera here in
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. live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action new. >> >> a 16-year-old pregnant and abc action news has uncovered that the father is her high school teacher. when those red flags were first raised of sexual activity. enough is enough, from you
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