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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> i mean instead of arguing about definitions, let's talk about. >> you began it yesterday with your comment. >> let's talk about what we should do. >> the gloves come off but tensions remain how, high they try today separate themselves ahead of new hampshire prepare. >> we're not only bringing you the big moments from the debate but finding out if the arguments were true. stay with us as we get you ready for your day and week. a big drop in the temperature, it was warm this morning but not the case morning. talk about a difference. there's no way you are going to miss this difference this morning. temperatures anywhere from about 20 to 25 degrees cooler as you step out the door. so you are heading out the door in citrus county to temperatures in low to mid 40s. but it is also breezy out there with some wind gusts in the 30 miles per hour range this morning. it is noticeably cooler and the temperatures have been falling the last couple of hours. we are now in the upper 40s,
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this morning. a 50 in tampa and as we look further to the south around manatee county, temperatures are still closer to 50 degrees. but these temperatures will come down a few more degrees as we head closer to sun rise this morning, and then we will began courtroom lull see them coming back up but check out how cool it is this afternoon, highs near 60-degrees and even at noon we have 25 miles per hour wind gusts. so definitely want to grab the extra layer as you head out the door this morning, what is ahead for the weekends. i have changes to the rain chances for saturday and sunday. how are things on the roads. >> we are getting word there was a huge semistalled in the middle of the road blocking all the southbound lane, cars getting through. i will have more on that in just a little bit but let's check out the causeway. no trouble to tell you about a smooth ride all the way across but we do have a high wind
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skyway bridge, definitely as say mentioned earlier, both hands on the wheel as you drive across the bridge. still just nine minutes from tool booth to tool booth a live look here at 7 ajust south of rose belt boulevard. fhp had a crash here. it is moved off to the side. no trouble driving through the area on 275. all right. let's check those bridges, corey was just out at the causeway: it is taking eight minutes to get across. six minutes on the howard franklin and eight minutes ton the bridge. for more on that semistuck make sure you are following me on twitter at tampa bay traffic. thank you. two minutes after5:00, the final debate before the new hampshire primary is now in the books. >> sanders and clinton wasted no time trading insults over one of the most heated moments right here. >> i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you, and enough is enough. if you have got something to say, say it.
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about definition, let's talk about -- >> you began it yesterday with your your comment. >> let's talk about what we should do. >> we will go in depth on this debate at 5:30. we are teaming up to check some of the payments made by clinton and sanders to see if they were being honest or if they stretched the truth. those debate also continue on the republican side, 7 of the 8 remains candidates prepare for tomorrow's event. they unvailed the candidate line up. in the center donald trump will be present, still leading the national polls. he will be flanked by rubio and cruz. cruz is upset, c aly is being excluded even though she received more votes in iowa than kay sick and chris christy. he says she worked hard and deserves to be on the stage with the rest of them. you can watch the debate starting at 8:00 tomorrow night. we will also stream that live on the abc action news mobile app. if you were holding off
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computer trouble the last couple of day, god news, systems at the irs -- good new, systems are up and running today. the internal revenue system has resolveed it computer outage and is again accepting electronic returns. they began processing business and tax returns yesterday evening. >> a hardware failure forced the shut down of several tax processing systems including the e-file system earlier this week. the commissioner of the irs says tax payers should see little, if any impact on the returns or refunds. st. pete police made a troubling discovery the man, former high school teacher got a 16-year-old student pregnant. investigators say newly released dna results show robert celeste is the baby' father. he was arrested and charge window unlawful sexual contact with a minor. we caught up with him at his
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he pleaded not guilty, and we will follow his case at the next court hearing in march. new details emerge about the firing of a popular high school football coach. officials say a lack of discipline on campus led to in football players geting into trouble. tipping point came in september, when a young girl accused a member of the player -- a number of the players of sexual assault. officials say coach reggie roberts who splits his time as a coach and a police officer doesn't spend enough time on campus. >> there's no question he devoted a lot of time to the team, but the issues were during school day. >> now the school is search for a full-time on campus coach to take offer. he's extremely disappointed by the decision, but he will continue to help and mentor young people anyway he can. today we learn what happened inside an exam room when this doctor is accused of taking thing a little too far. in a witness affidavit a female
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into a room alone at the florida spine institute in clearwater and sexually assaulted her. that woman tells clearwater police a newer surgeon asked her to lie on her system 5:00 and did victim claims a back exam turned into sexual battery. the woman says when he try today get up and scream, the there forcely kissed -- forcefully kissed her. he admitted to initiating the sexual contact and adding that what he did was quote not for medical purposes the florida spine institute says he no longer works there. they tell us they're cooperate being the investigation. we tried contacting him but the door at his st. petersburg office was locked. new over night a man is arrested after crashing his drone into the empire state flying the aircraft last night when he lost control. that small drone crashed on to 40th floor and dropped on the a landing ton 35th floor.
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they face wreckless endangerment. he was trying to take pictures when it hatched. today is national wear let red day, and in an effort to keep hearts healthy. st. pete fire and rescue are offering free blood pressure screenings. it is happening in front of the municipal services sincer at one-fourth street. if you go you will get a free blood pressure screening and materials to help promote a healthy life style. heart disease is the number one killer of women claiming more lives than all forms of cancer combined. i want to show you a live look at bay shore boulevard where at 7:30 this morning you will see a sea of red celebrating national go red for women day. the american heart association is asking you to come out, lace up your sneakers and go for one mile walk. they will hand out red balloons, shoe laces and stickers. there will be special red hats for survivors: you can park and meet at the women's club.
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on abc action, under story links. 5:07. if you are looking for nothing do right now, the festival is happening in sarasota enjoy live music and greek food and greek wine with craft beer. it is at the st. barbara greek orgeat cox church. the doors open at 11:00. the festival runs until sunday night at 8:00. there's free parking and admission is $4. you know, in just a few miles away, hundreds of new parking spots will become available for anyone spending some time in downtown sarasota. the state street garage is having a grand opening at 10:00 a.m. this morning on the sixth floor of the garage adding 400 plus parking spots the garage is located right in downtown sarasota between lemon avenue and orange avenue. they will also have four spots for electric cars so they can charge the cars there. they will have bike storage.
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wanting to park downtown. great news there. the weather is looking fantastic. you want to bring the extra layer if you are heading to the greek festival today. it will be much cooler but plenty of sunshine, wind gusts to 25 miles per hour into at least the early afternoon. good news though, no rain in sight so yeah it is cooler and breezy by 11:00 when the festival is just getting started are going to be in the mid to upper 50s. we will top out around 3:00 at 62-degrees in sarasota by 9:00 at night when everything is wrapping up, the temperatures are going to be in the low 50s. now i have got the weekend forecast for you, an update on the rain chances just ahead. dan. thank you. 5:09 on this friday morning. coming up a breaking news update. we are checking in on the conditions of two police officers shot ten duty in new york -- shot on duty in new york city.
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the water crisis in flint, michigan linked to a rising number of illnesses, what the illness is and the paper trail
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welcome back. 5:13. traffic is still moving along the skyway bridge. it is still open despite gusty winds. we are monitoring it for you. the winds are up and
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50 degrees as you step outside. details on traffic and weather coming up in just a moment. here a breaking news update. two whether i evers shot in new york city late last night. we just learned they're a man and a woman in their 20s. one is in serious condition. they were patrolling a housing project when they found two suspects in a stairwell. one pulled out a gun and opened fire and ran off. one officer was grazed in the head, one was shot in the hip. they found the shooter later dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. police are trying to find out what happened to six people including a child found dead on the city's south west side. at this time, they're not ruling out murder-suicide but to be extra safe there are extra police patrols in the neighborhood this morning. officers found bodies after someone called 9-1-1 concerned about a coworker who lived there who hadn't shown up at the office for two days. police say they think the
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and a child as young as ten years old. we are taking our time, going through the residents so as to collect as much evidence as possible. >> a relative say it is victims were all a part of the same family including a man who works as a janitor at o'hare international airport. we are waiting on official ids. >> as you head out the door, this morning, check out the difference from yesterday to today. remember, we were in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees at this time on yesterday. now, at 45 degrees in inverness, brooksville at 46. tampa at 50, 48 in lakeland, the same in brought 53 in bladen on the, it will continue to fall -- bradenton, it will continue to fall and then will come back up gradually through the day. so, the winds from the north helping to clear out the clouds and the rain with that frontal boundary. but, it is bringing in much
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it will be breezy today, too. gusts up to 25 or 30 miles per hour will be possible today. it will start to come down by the evening commute but you want to use caution as you drive across our area bridges, and of course bundle up too as you head out the door, even though it is going be sunny, we don't warm up that much. we may get to a high today of 61 in tampa. tomorrow the clouds come back. in fact they start increasing overnight tonight. we will have chances for a few somehow you -- few showers on saturday. this is not a wash out but from tampa bay on south we will have a chance for a few showers. you can see a 30% coverage, this is not a big deal but especially on the weekends i know how it can mess with your plans. binned height we have cool air, there's a slight chance for a very early morning shower on sun, that's before sun rise, and otherwise, as the cooler air comes in we are once again breezy and chilly on sunday,
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another weak front moves through mid squeak that brings in more cool air. so, get used to the 60s. they're sticking around for a while. in fact all the way into the end of next week. 7-day forecast. winds? what's going on. >> we do have a high wind advisory on the sunshine sky bay but first i have great news, the stalled semii told you about, that's gone. so, it is back open. in fact that's where corey is right now driving on dale. he's right around fletcher but just checked that out and said it is all clear: you are good to go there. no crashes or breakdowns and we are still watching the sunshine sky way because we do have a high wind advisory that would means use caution as you drive across the bridge. have both hands on the wheel because you might feel your car start to sway a little bit. here we are at 275 and bush,
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downtown tampa, just a 6-minute drive from here into downtown. your average speed is looking good right now, all in the green. 67 is the average speed on i-4 heading into tampa. 74 over the speed limit on 75. that's southbound looking great over 66 the average speed over there from the sunshine skyway down to the howard franklin. you know, a18:00. we have new developments. there's new evidence revealing the governor's administration there mutant health risks long before the governor admitted to learn about problem. the lib rat group progress michigan obtained better -- the liberal group progress obtained papers showing last march there was a surge in disease potentially linked to the water supply. a spokesman insided snider
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himself despite an aid knowing ten months earlier. >> a natural gas leak that forced about 5,000 people from their home in los angeles could be capped. an advisor has out lined a plan to fix the leak with the final phase starting monday. it calls for sealing the leak with concrete. the leak at the largest natural gas facility started back in okay. residents complained of haiks, nosebleeds. this week a district attorney filed criminal charges against the utility. still ahead, after middle schooler is murdered in virginia, we are learning more about popular teen app being connected to the crime. plus how you can protect your children from danger if they use it too. but first consumers will likely pay the price for a new oil tax which the obama administration is set to. good morning, topping america's money, enjoy the low gas prices while you can. president obama is proposing a $10 a barrel tax on oil to fund transportation projects.
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about 25-cents a gallon but it is doubtful that it will get the green light from congress. some new salads at mcdonald's pack more calories, fat and salt than a big mac. >> you factor in the butter milk chicken, the dressing, the cheese all that adds up to 710- calorie, compare today 540 in a big mac. the big game just das way. it could mean a lot of lost productivity. in recent years 6% of americans call in sick the monday after the super bowl. a lots of heart burn after the party foods, sales of antacids go up 20% the weekend of super bowl. have a great day.
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. today a popular app is under scrutiny staff murder of a virginia middle schooler. >> federal authority believe nicole lovell may have met her killer via kik. her body was found three days after she snuck out of here home on january 27th. two virginia tech student versus been arrested in connection -- student versus been charged in connection with her death. her friends say she was using that to chat with an 18-year- old man.
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turned over day to the fbi and local police but declined to specify what information they provided. this is not the fires time we have talked about kik in relation to dangerous situation or crime. 240million teens use it. we are talking action for you. if you want to understand how the app works and some ways to monitor it if your child uses that app, check out our web site, the parent guide for parents on the web site. we have a link to it on ours, abc action it suggests parents ask their kids for the pass word and review recent message. >> >> at the very least, tell them to block anybody who is sending inappropriate message. if you see any red flag, thousand report the suspicious activity. -- how to report this suspicious activity. >> it may not be enjoyable but going to the dentist is essential to keeping us healthy: we're making sure minute who needs dental care can get it for free. we will tell you where you can
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plus a tough fight between clinton and sanders, who stretched the truth on the debate floor? abc action news is finding out. we are teaming up with political fact to get down to the truth. good morning everybody. be careful if you are heading across the bridges today. we is a high win advisory for the sunshine sky way. also coming up i will check
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