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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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polk county. >> reporter: it was a scary encounter that played out right here outside of this doctors office in lakeland. in ex-husband showing up with a gun looking for the woman who left him. he pulled the trigger twice but nothing happened. this surveillance system at this business got it all on tape. >> we are fortunate we are not working a homicide. >> reporter: three times he tried to kill a man getting in between he and his estranged ex- wife. it was all caught on tape. >> he went they are
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jealousy it back raid on his mind. >> reporter: police say he is a mean seen here on cameras approaching the doctor's office with his ex-wife was visiting. he then confronts the man who brought her to the appointment. police say the footage shows an argument between the two before he pulls out his gun. >> he pulls the trigger. he hears the click but it does not go off. >> reporter: the gun the jams, at this point he bends over to pick up one of the live rounds that would not fire, the most shocking part of the video is when he returns to his car and nearly runs over the man. >> the fire alarm did not work. >> reporter: the facebook page shows the couple during happier days. according to the ex-wife they try to reconcile but it ended quickly when she found naked pictures of other women on his phone. >> he said if i can tell you no one can. >> reporter: police fear what could have happened if the gun worked. after all she was not the only one inside of the office.
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into finish off his wife? >> reporter: the suspect is still in jail tonight and is not getting out anytime soon. of attempted murder. back to you. a former police employee pleading guilty to her role in a tax refund fraud ring. tanya bright now faces up to ten years in prison. police say that bring in clues to her, a informant as well as a former police officer. police claimed she used a law enforcement computer databases to obtain peoples personal information which was then used to commit theft. a man who sent a by selects pledging to his that is headed to prison. christopher kimmel sentenced lee. he hit lee as he was riding his bicycle over the overpass.
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and died. the man was drunk at the saw time and left the scene. -- the man was drunk at the time and left the scene. >> [inaudible] >> when he is released from prison he will serve ten years probation and will never be allowed to have a drivers license. now to the latest on the zika virus. the cdc bringing out some new guidelines. experts now urging men who have traveled to affected countries to abstain from unprotected sex, especially if your partner is pregnant. doctors say we don't know exactly how long it takes after infection before the virus can no longer be transmitted sexually.
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fight resilient expert saying they have detected active zika in saliva and urine samples. this raising questions about tide the viruses spread. experts stress this does not mean you can get sick from just kissing someone. good evening, we made it to another weekend. it has been a a crazy week. we broke record highs and all of the sudden this morning we were only in the 30s. right now upper 50s over most of the area. still kind of breezy out there. it feels like it is in the 40s. if you go out this evening you will need a jacket. tomorrow morning even more so as temperatures will be dropping again. the clear skies will give way to clouds and even some rain by tomorrow. we will tell you about the
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minutes. now to the video that has had people talking. two alligators caught in an epic battle in clearwater. today jake peterson explains why this fight may be more than just great viewing. >> reporter: this pond has two residents who don't like much company. >> they keep to themselves. >> reporter: he works in the complex next to the water he says, these alligators have been here for years. >> i have watched them grow up. >> reporter: the smaller one they call glenda, the big guy has no name. it was wednesday morning when johnson captured the commotion.
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of them came out of the water just passed that little stump and the other was laying here by this curb and got up and walked -- >> reporter: that is when the fight began. >> i told myself if he comes to the side i am out of here. >> reporter: they fought it out for nearly 45 minutes. he was fishing and he says this is not uncommon closer to spring time when it is meeting season. he says if you come across this site stay back. >> just use common sense. give them some room. >> reporter: johnson is glad he had a good camera to cac -- he is happy he had a good camera to catch the action. >> i had never shot anything like that. i kind of knew i had something. >> reporter: jake peterson, abc action news. tonight a plea from a grieving father who says he
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far enough to protect children at the florida state fair. the family of andrey joseph protested outside of the fairgrounds this afternoon. a car hit him two years ago after police threw him out of the fear because of a massive fight. now his family says police should require parents to escort children to the fair at all times. >> all of those kids was out there by themselves. adding the parents would eliminate the problems. >> today is students day where kids get the day off and a free ticket to the fair. the sheriffs office said they have more security cameras, and under cover officers at the fair this year. we uncover a safety warming for people living in apartment buildings. the sprinkler system may be defective. >> reporter: this building -- this billion-dollar lawsuit claims manufacturers install
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across the country. >> it is a major issue. >> reporter: this attorney says it is a life safety issue because the fire sprinkler systems are defective and should not have been sold to the public. he says the pipes break down and fail when it comes in contact with common building products. he seeing pipes it maxx fire systems break or leak which it can also affect water pressure during a fire emergency. >> it is a question of when it will happen. >> reporter: look at the millions of dollars in damage at two high-rise condominiums. >> we hired experts, engineers, chemist, who have gone to test
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determined it is defective. it should not be sold. >> reporter: to make matters worse he says companies knew about it since 2005 but kept selling it anyway. in the lawsuit he states e- mails from the largest manufacturer of it show they tested the proroduct and knew it was defective. >> it is putting profits over people. >> reporter: we are looking into how widespread the problem could be even right here in tampa bay. we will have that story tonight at 11:00. 11:00. jared holbrook, abc action news. the tampa bay rays talking about a new home. the rays say they want a next generation stadium. it is the first time the two sides have sat down. the mayor and county commissioner say keeping the
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home. he knocked on the window and i was ready for him. >> he pulls a gun in traffic, the one thing you cannot see the edge. plus, look at this view from a florida firefighter. the unexpected danger he did not see coming. behind the bars of guantanamo bay. tonight, the surprising reason guards say their jobs are
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new developments in a case of road rage. the texas man you see pulling a gun on a bike or is not defending his actions. he says a large group of bikers for driving recklessly and
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but when the group started to surround his truck he then felt threatened. he says in that moment all he could imagine was never seeing his family again. >> they are my whole world. i think about them a lot. >> he says he has spoken with police and so far no charges have been filed. the most he faces is a misdemeanor. we are getting new video of a a stunning view of the dangers for fighters face every day. look at the helmet camera video from last week. fire quickly overtaking a mobile home. emergency crews opened the door to get at the flames. just seconds later in explosion right in the firefighters face. thankfully he is okay but the home a total loss. a dramatic evolution at one of the most notorious prisons
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we are getting access to guantanamo bay. a number of detainees has dropped drastically. you might think the remaining 91 would be the worst of the worst but, as clifton french discovered all of the walls are having a profound effect on the men who are america's sworn enemies. >> reporter: nearly 800 men were once held here, bomb makers, osama bin laden bodyguards. today only 91 remain. staff say it has never been this calm. >> i believe there is some optimism that the maybe next. >> reporter: he explains detainees are broken into three groups, each getting different privileges. the best are allowed to live in a communal setting. noncompliant get two and live
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currently only two detainees are at that level. >> they are in a detention situation. >> reporter: today 35 have been cleared to be transferred. 47 are eligible for a parole hearing. 10 are facing charges, including five involved in the 911 attacks. >> they have realized they have a lot to gain by being compliant. >> reporter: that is the cultural advisor. he has been working here for 11 years. he says education has been key, many of them did not know how to read a write before they were captured. >> we want them to think for themselves. >> reporter: the problem is releasing them. the majority comes from yemen. making it difficult to send them home. other countries have to accept them. recently one being released refused to get on the airplane
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bay. while nothing is set and the president continues to pursue closing the facility command is preparing for any changes including, closing for good. >> i am not prepared to discuss the plans. but we are looking at different things to reduce the size. >> reporter: clifton french, abc action news. >> while guards say there is a calm there is still detainees who threaten and attack the troops. tonight at 11:00 clifton french brings us that story. now, the most accurate weather team in florida. >> a great sunset from the
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i posted a question last hour, over 300 responses so far, 68% said it is just right. no one said it was too warm. go figure. temperatures right now in the upper 50s. the wind chill this morning we started off at 30 and tomorrow morning the wind will begin to die down but we will still drop into the upper 40s. it will feel warmer tomorrow because we have clouds coming in and we should not be dealing with a windchill. tomorrow night and sunday i think we will again as the wind will crank right back up again on super bowl sunday. clear skies across the area. the wind is slowly coming down.
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we only had 65. just two days ago we were at at 850. it has been a crazy week for weather. we will see more big changes over the next day in terms of no steady weather. things can change rather quickly. the satellite looks different than it did yesterday. earlier in the week i was thinking we would see storms saturday night into sunday. low pressure is expected to develop. if it were west of us we would have severe weather tomorrow night but because it won't be we will only see a few showers. this evening skies remain mostly clear. after midnight the clouds come in. we even have a small possibility of a couple of showers tomorrow morning.
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tomorrow afternoon. the heaviest totals will be east and south of the viewing area. by sunday morning, while the clouds will be around, the wind will start to really pick up on sunday. when it does the sky will clear for the rest of the day. rainfall totals will be all that impressive. forecast ties in the low to mid 60s across most of the area tomorrow but then another cold snap arrives as the low pulls away and draws in some colder temperatures. the rain chances tomorrow, mostly cloudy, rain only about 830% chance. the sunday morning it should be out of here. the high will remain only in
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week. good news for the lightning tonight, cedric park at will be in the line up. no effects from that buckle he took in practice yesterday. pittsburgh is in town and they are hot, they are just as hungry for a win then the bolts. john sable has more. >> reporter: they both entered the match up against pittsburgh printers of nine of their last ten games. this is a completely different lightning team than the one we saw struggle in the early part of the season. >> the first part of the season was tough with injuries. >> we are definitely more confident now. we are healthy again too. we are a team that is realizing our depth. >> reporter: part of that
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the two youngsters. >> we like to say we have four lines that can really role. it is tough to play against that. >> reporter: seven teams in the east are separated by 5 points. the penguins will be without their top goalscorer but the bolts know they can still hurt them in other ways. >> pittsburgh has won far frustrate. there power-play is on fire. -- >> pittsburgh has 14 in a row. there power-play is on fire. johnny manziel's father saying his son refuses to go to
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desperately wants to happen. his father said today i truly believe that if they can't get him help he won't see his 20 forth birthday. coming up tonight at 11:00 john lynch talks about his chances of making the hall of fame. the vote and the announcement isis coming up tomorrow.
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the weekend is looking okay, mid 60s tomorrow with a lot of clouds. the wind will pick up on sunday, it gets cold again but the area will be rain free. perfect. we will see you back here at 11:00.
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