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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a first for a 125eu9 of florida. a woman now a head coach for a football team. who she is, and where she'll coach. >> zika numbers in florida continue to climb. how many cases are there now and what are officials doing about it? breaking news from pasco county. officials on the scene of a school bus crash. this happened around 7:15 this morning. kitten trail and hicks roads. the impact from that crash, as you see there flipped a vehicle on its roof. a viewer sent this photo from the scene. deputies say no students were on board this bus. there is no word on if there
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looking at that car it's likely there will be. we are going to bring you updates as we get them through the morning. we're following breaking news in st. pete now. crews are investigating after an excavator fell into the bay. it happened at the pier construction site, this is video from action air 1 showing the excavator sinking into the bay. the city says this accident was caused by operator error. the person driving the machine was able to jump out before it went into the water. we're hearing it's going to take a few days to remove it. new this morning, for the first time in state history a woman is now the head coach for high school football team. miami jackson just hired la katrina brunson. she was defense coordinator for three other south florida high schools. brunson once played for an all female team in miami. she is also bernice on "south
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a man accused of attacking a little girl in a mall bathroom friday night bonded out of jail. police say ricky thompson turned himself in and claims it was a big misunderstanding. investigators say thompson is the man in the surveillance video taken from westfield countryside mall friday night. police had been looking for him after reports that he attacked the 6-year-old girl in a restroom at macy's. police say thompson told them this whole thing was an accident. >> he makes a misattack going in the wrong bathroom. mistake. his interaction with the girl, could have chosen to do any number of things. >> police say the girl fell when thompson covered her mouth, after she started to scream. her father says she had just learned about stranger danger. thompson though is charged with battery. 9:02. in fort lauderdale they are looking for a man involved in an amber alert issued yesterday. it's over this morning. police found the stolen car with the 10-month-old girl inside safe but they are still looking for the man that took
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parked outside a laundromat. the mother says she was dropping off her laundry, left the child in the vehicle with the motor running. let's go to ivan cabrera. winds are howling. a lot of advisories. >> yes. in fact we're going to start with the weather alert. as we talk about the lake wind advisory that has been posted, goes into effect at 11:00, continues until 6:00 p.m. it's a new one. we've had the gale warnings since yesterday. we have 10 to 14-foot seas, very dangerous. small craft advisory obviously, at least through the day wednesday and thursday we begin to relax the wind. we're gusting anywhere from 25 to 30 miles an hour. that will continue throughout the day today. so with temperatures in the 50s we are talking about wind chills that are remaining in the 40s. we're going to do that with mostly cloudy skies. a couple of showers along the coast can't be ruled out. 20% coverage. the big story, the wind and the very chilly temperatures that will continue as we head through tonight. in fact we've had the wind
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can guess this, we're talking about high wind advisories along the skyway bridge. that's been an issue throughout the morning and janelle martinez has been keeping us posted. we just got word a truck flipped on its side on the sunshine shyway. the winds nor joke. the car or truck is back upright, no delays on the sunshine skyway as you can see. traffic flowing nicely. just 10 minutes now to get from toll booth to toll booth. check this out, your drive through downtown tampa, i-275, this has been the big story, new lanes on 275 northbound around himes. and drivers are noticing a difference. less congestion on 275 northbound. let's check drive times through the downtown tampa area. look at that, just five minutes down at the bottom northbound from the bridge up to downtown. we have not seen numbers like that in some time. so enjoy that as things are finally back to normal out there.
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going on 275 from the apex to i- 4. i-75, 72 miles an hour your average speed, so much quicker now on i-75. it's 9:05. florida representative castor is calling for an urgent hearing on how to fight the zika virus now that the number of cases in florida has grown to 16. two new counties have been added to the health emergency. in addition to hillsborough county in the bay area santa rosa county in the western panhandles, lee county in southwest florida, miami-dade and broward in south florida. now cases are reported in nearby osceola county and on the first coast in st. john's county. the cdc says all the cases are travel-related. they were not infected here in the state of florida. number of cases though in hillsborough county right now still stands at three and we have 16 cases again total across the state of florida. in washington today the
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services will be at the capitol to brief lawmakers on the spreading zika virus threat. the obama administration is asking for $1.8 billion to fight the virus. warning that the risks will only increase as temperatures warm up. for most zika is a mild infection but for pregnant women could lead to a birth defect that causes babies to be born with ab normally small brains. several people quart tynd after the ebola epidemic are suing the connecticut governor and state health officials. the plaintiffs claim they were in prison based on politics, not for legal or scientific reasons. it includes a western african family of six, a current yale. the lawsuit says the plaintiffs had no ebola systems, were illegally quarantined for weeks. the state's governor is the policy is to quarantine
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the faa says there are more registered drone operators in the united states than registered maunds aircraft. last week it dropped 325 registered drone operators. there are 320 registered airplanes. faa officials launched a drone registration program just before christmas saying it would help track down operators that violate regulations and create a culture of accountability. 9:07. it's been five years since casey anthony went on trial accused of killing her daughter, this morning we learn she's starting her own business. state records show she started a company called case photography in west palm beach. registered to the address of the man that you see here in this picture, the lead private investigator who worked on anthony's defense team during her 2011 trial. a jury acquitted anthony of murder but did find her guilty of lying to police.
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their first restaurant opens in downtown jaryld today. they launched it in 2011. >> a lot of people know the cable network a & e started to chronicle the business in a reality show two years ago. all three brothers are hoping to attend a special vip celebration in orlando to mark 18th. while we're on the topic of delicious food, feel free to load up on carbs today guilt- free. it's national pizza day and national bagel day. >> in honor of national pizza day pilot flying j locations are offering a free pizza slice today. they have a coupon on their facebook page. tuesday. the tampa ymca is competing against the first coast ymca in jacksonville for the greatest
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the friendly competition encourage healthy living. participants have to work out for 30 minutes. there will be free giveaways and top mileage earners will each win a free fitbit. i'll take it. we got to beat jacksonville. come on. they are 45. we're 53. and there are going to be teens and 20s, i'll tell you when. fortunate no one was injured or killed. >> still ahead, a child driver and baby in a car seat. what deputies in wisconsin say they found after other drivers reported seeing a pickup swerving across the road. why the parents opted to let their child take the wheel. >> a strange man in a sorority house on an oklahoma college campus. what he stole from inside the house that left all the women inside creeped out and scared
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9:13. the polk county superintendent, is she still fit to lead the district? school board members are going to talk about this as they meet for the for the first time time since she was cleared of sexual harassment claims. >> rodney dunigan is at the school board headquarters where the meeting is just now getting underway. >> reporter: this investigation reveals information that disturbed school board members. she was cleared of the allegations but school board members say they were clearly disturbed about the connection between the superintendent and the associate superintendent in this case. in fact they are discussing it now at this hour. polk county superintendent leroy recently cleared of harassment claims, still under fire. at this morning's work session school board members expected to discuss the findings into her conduct.
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distractful to our school district and i think we need to address it today. >> reporter: the controversy sparked after associate superintendent greg rivers filed a nine-part complaint claiming among other things that leroy threatened his job after he turned down her advances. for her part, she released a statement disputing any inappropriate actions. >> i have come to realize that what others describe as an outgoing personality can be misinterpreted by some. i regret that and i have learned from it. i want to thank those who believed in me, prayed with me and encouraged me. >> reporter: pressure is ramping up from the community as well. a group called citizens for better education leadership forming a campaign calling for leroy's removal. >> it's embarrassing to have the children discuss this thing. >> reporter: former school board member frank o'reilly says she can no longer effectively do the job. >> perception is reality my friend. ok? perception is reality.
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this time if she will take the advice avoiding any more controversy and simply stepping down. >> reporter: the group is there now calling for the superintendent to resign. her attorney is here as well and at this point he didn't want to comment on camera, wouldn't discuss whether or not she would be resigning today. however we have a crew inside and much more on this story later on today on abc action news at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live from bartow, rodney dunigan, abc action news. 9:15. a wisconsin couple is in a whole lot of trouble now, after police say they let their 9- year-old daughter drive their truck because they were too drunk. deputies say other drivers reported it when they saw it swoichg over the road.
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in a public boat launch, with the 9-year-old driver. the other an 11-month-old baby. deputies stopped at a hospital before taking the parents to jail. >> the female had a significant laceration on her hand that she just didn't seem to even care about. >> when investigators questioned the couple they offered an explanation as to why the 9-year-old was behind the wheel. they said she was practicing her driving. the parents were well over twice the legal limit for alcohol consumptions. the children are now in the care of other family members. talk about a really unnerving incident. a sorority at the university of central oklahoma shaken after a unwelcome guest entered the house over the weekend. police say a student woke up, found a strange man sitting on the edge of her bed. that was not this guy's only alleged crime. police say they got a call early sunday morning a man was caught creeping around outside
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when officers arrived they say the man identified as 41-year- old randall scott ashton was on the balcony. officers put him in handcuffs, and boxed him. that is when they made another unusual discovery. and booked him. >> at some point while in the house he had taken her underwear and put them on. he wore them into jail. >> officials say ashton snuck into the house through an unlocked window and hours earlier apparently dropped his store. police interviewed all seven women in the sorority house. no one was physically hurt. 9:17. for many of us when shopping on- line we often look at product reviews on web sites before hitting the purchase button. according to john matarese those reviews can often be misleading or even fake. what to look for so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: many of us shop amazon regularly. many of us first check the reviews to see what other
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product you're about to purchase. buyer beware. before we click the buy button most of us go to the review page. a new report on says fake reviews on amazon are as big a problem as ever. it says most reviews are glowing and found some products that haven't even been released such as a case for next year's new smartphones. turns out amazon allows reviews from people who receive products free. they are supposed to disclose the freebie and be honest in the review. but if it's a great review look for a disclaimer saying they got the item free or discounted. bottom line, if a product is only a handful of reviews be careful and take them with a grain of salt so you don't get swayed by shills and you don't waste your money. john matarese, abc action news. we have incredible video now coming from a cruise ship that was heading to florida, passengers on board royal caribbean's anthem of the seas captured those massive 25-foot
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the ship encountered hurricane- force winds. anthem of the seas set to stop in port canaveral before heading to the bahamas but huge waves created the damage you see there. that ship turned around went back to its home port in new jersey. the cruise line promising passengers a full refund and senator bill nelson wants the ntsb to investigate. a winter storm that dumped several inches of snow on southeastern massachusetts not finished yet. new york city, philadelphia, new jersey, northern new england could get three to five inches of snow tonight. it will be falling across parts of new hampshire today where voters are casting ballots in the first -- in the first in the nation presidential primary. good news is snow is supposed to be light and fluffy. for a native floridian it means nothing. it makes shoveling easier. >> it's less heavy and makes shoveling a lot easier. it's the second coastal low they are going to get. in fact i don't think it's a big deal. i'm a native floridian but i
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after this, just a few inches we'll be done with that. by the way that second low won't really get going until later today so the voting will be done by then. it's going to head to the north and east further away so the accumulations will not be as significant. back home we have a front that moved through yesterday and the wind is a result of that, very dry across our area so it really didn't come with much. a few clouds rolling from the gulf. that will be the case through the remainder of today and we can't rule out be a isolated shower although if anything does come in off-shore it will be screaming to the east as you can imagine with the winds which of course is the big story for us today. highs in the mid to upper 50s. it will feel colder because of the winds, it will be gusty, we have the lake wind advisory. then the gales as well for our coast. look at this, temperatures in the morning, this is without factoring in the wind. 40s so it will feel like 30s as you wake up tomorrow morning. so we are just locked in here as far as this winter pattern. it's not going away for now.
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cloudy skies, just isolated showers and those winds will be rather gusty, sustained 20 to 25 at times. this has been of course the issue for boating though at this point if you have small craft you know what is going on. 10 to 14-foot seas, rough to very rough conditions so the gale warning still flying and small craft advisory will as well fly through tomorrow. i don't think it's going to improve here until about thursday. then we lose the wind. less breezy tomorrow but still a problem. extended forecast takes you into thursday. and through thursday we're looking at upper 50s to lower 60s. overnight temperatures very chilly, i think tomorrow morning we'll actually be colder because it's going to be in the mid-40s and we'll have gusty winds. so that will bring our wind chills down. thursday morning is colder but we lose the wind so it won't feel as blustery or uncomfortable and we'll manage about 61 which is 10 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. we'll do a little better than that as we head through the day friday. we kick off the weekend with
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degrees and with sunshine and less wind that is going to feel fantastic. we'll copy and paste that for saturday. sunday another front comes in. a dry front by the way. won't bring rain but will keep us cooler on the backside of the weekend and into early next week. still ahead -- with the oscars just weeks away we're getting a behind the scenes look now at some of the costumes actors wear and this year's best movies. we're going to share highlights coming up next. >> ahead at 9:30 -- voting underway in new hampshire. why the outcome today's presidential primary is far from decided. >> good morning. i'm lisa campos with your "positively tampa bay." pirate season. it's far from over. the forecast calls for more bead showers and pirate invasions this saturday night. you'll see a preview with the grand marshals coming up on
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9:256789 the super bowl may be over but the celebrations are far from over for the denver broncos the the team returned home yesterday as champions and today fans will line the streets of downtown denver to salute the super bowl champs in a parade. that parade leads up to a rally at civic center park where the team's players, coaches and city's mayor and governor of colorado will also be in attendance. the annual exhibit of the best movie costumes opens this week. >> starting tomorrow you can
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outfits that leonardo di caprio wore in "the revenant" and also see that beautiful glittery gown of cinderella. it will be in los angeles. this free exhibit shows you what they actually wore in the movies. there are 100 costumes from 23 films on display. on top of the extravagant outfits for oscar nominated movies there's also a large display for "star wars: the force awakens." which just might attract fans who maybe you never thought of attending a costume exhibition. still ahead -- the numbers are in and they are startling. we look at how many shark attacks there were last year and how many happened in florida waters. you might think twice before
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we're following breaking news in germany. doctors now scramblebling to keep people alive after two trains collided early this morning. they are in desperate need of -- what they are in desperate need of now. >> and voters in new hampshire casting their ballots in the first the nation primary. meanwhile the candidates are campaigning hard across the state making their last-minute pimps. >> detectives hope a new perspective on a deadly hit-&- run in sarasota will lead them to their suspect. we take a closer look at the new video straight ahead. at 9:30 -- we begin with the breaking news update on the germany train crash that left at least nine dead, 150 injured. >> the city blood donation center in munich put out an urgent call for donors. the donation service that delivers blood products to local hospitals said on its web site there was "an acute increased need for life-saving blood products" after the accident. two passenger trains collided head on 7:00 this morning local time.
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pictures of the crash scene. an an area inaccessible to ambulances. officials say children normally take the trains to school but they are currently on winter vacation. authorities now trying to determine what happened. new video coming in of a violent night between police and protesters in hong kong. clashes broke out during chinese new year celebrations. a china news organization reported dozenses of protesters lobbed bottles at place and spray. police said 48 hours why arrested. detectives in sarasota county are hoping new red light video will lead them to the driver who hit and killed a scene. there's a look at that video now, detectives pulled from north washington boulevard in sarasota. officers say the car with the red circle over it hit skyler sandifer on his bike on u.s. 301 and kept going. investigators say that car is a four-door metallic gray toyota
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they want to talk to the driver. the father says the accident understandably has devastated his family. >> i was in shock. it was just -- couldn't believe that he not with us anymore. >> family and friends are getting together on saturday in bradenton at 11:00 to celebrate skyler's life. that same night there will be a vigil in his honor. good morning. we are cold, we are windy and we're going to try to get this days. right now look at the wind gusts, from 25 to -- to 25 miles per hour. lake wind advisory, gale warnings underway. and look at the feels-like temperatures, going to remain in the 50s for today. well below average for this time of year. as we take knew the afternoon we're going to continue with temperatures in the 50s and very high winds.
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it feel very uncomfortable. it's mardi gras for duneden. the parade between 4:00 and 11:00, a lot going on. look at the temperatures, holding in the 50s. you've been warned. dress accordingly for the big party as we head through tonight. extended forecast does have a warm-up. we'll have that in a few minutes. the first primary of the u.s. presidential election kicked off just after midnight hampshire towns. >> the number of voters may be huge. reporter scott mclean is in an update. >> the first in the nation primary is already underway. voting at three tiny towns began at midnight. in dixville notch, the most famous early poll bernie sanders got all four democratic votes, not 100, not 1,000, just
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donald trump 3-2. >> reporter: while these three towns don't count for many votes they are ahead in the only results tallied in the state's crucial primary at least until tuesday night when the rest of the state's results are in. >> we were talking about this earlier ted cruz could pull off a second place victory tonight. that would be huge. it would show this is an outsider's elections. >> reporter: ted cruz was a target of a heckler at a donald today. >> you're not allowed to say and i never expect to hear that from you again, she said i never expect to hear that from you again. she said he's a (bleep) -- that's terrible. >> reporter: on the democratic side the hillary clinton camp denying reports she's going to shake up her campaign team after what looks like a lackluster performance in new hampshire.
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republicans and democrats are week. clinton and sanders will debate thursday night in wisconsin. while the republicans debate saturday in south carolina. nevada and south carolina are the next states to hold caucuses and primaries. in florida we have a week left to register to vote or change your party affiliation ahead of primary. new information into the newsroom. the attorney general is emphasizing there are no outside influences on the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. attorney general loretta lynch says the investigation into the private e-mail server is free of outside political influence. she also said it's being conducted by career lawyers looking at all the facts in evidence. republicans have been critical of the democratic presidential candidates use of personal e- mail during her time as secretary of state. meantime, the justice department is trying to trace a group of hackers who posted thousands of fbi employees' contact information on line.
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attack under the twitter handle dotgovs claiming they broke into a doj database and stole phone numbers and e-mail addresses for 20,000 people. the hackers seem to support palestine and say they won't stop until the government cuts ties with israel. international stock markets sank again today. here's a live look at the dow now. following suit down 100 points to 15,926. dow closed 178 points on monday. this morning we're looking at why it took three months to arrest a hillsborough county deputy facing felony molestation charges for a crime back in october. deputy tyson boyd is a 13-year veteran of the sheriff's office, now on paid leave. warrants detailing his arrest last month allege the crime took place on halloween. he's accused of inappropriately touching a girl between is it 12 and 16 years old and asking her to touch him. shocked neighbors said they had a community halloween party outside that night. >> it's hard to believe because i was glad he was parked out
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>> if there's enough evidence to make an arrest that is disturbing, like i said we would never have suspected it. >> the sheriff's office says it suspended boyd moments after learning of his arrest. they also said they didn't send out a press release because the zephyrhills police. march 3rd. florida's designer drug problem is getting so big it seems we're hearing about new ones regularly. florida lawmakers are talking about kradum. it's an herbal supplement some use for pain relief but critics say it's easy to overdose on and the high can be so strong it lasts for days. a south florida lawmaker recently filed a mesh they're would make buying and -- mesh they're would make biology and selling it a misdemeanor. it passed a house subcommittee he yesterday in a nearly unanimous vote. in central florida officers under investigation for shooting in a home, turns out it was the wrong home.
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address. em homeowner said they banged on his door after 1:00 a.m. as police. the homeowner got his own gun and heard an officer screen flying. luckily no one inside was hurt. we have our hands on new numbers overnight that show 2015 was a deadly year for shark attacks. the florida museum of natural history said last year set a record of 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide. the u.s. led the world with 59 attacks, more than half in florida waters. six were deadly attacks but only one happened in the u.s., that was in hawaii. researchers say piedmont are spending more time in the water -- people are spending more time in the water which may be a factor. cars crushed under the roof of a gas station. what two men did that caused the awning to crumble. >> this happy meal looks like every other happy meal but there's a catch. it's part of an experiment to determine how truly durable
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how old are these chicken nuggets and fries?
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8:9:42. terrifying moments at a california gas station. the roof gave way and crashed down on people below. this is a closer look. firefighters raced to the chevron gas station in torrance yesterday. surveillance cameras caught the dramatic moment. officials say two workers were on the roof cleaning it, it suddenly gave way. amazingly they say only two people had minor injuries. the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs where three people were killed in november is set to reopen
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are not quite finished yet. doors reopen february 15th. part of the building will be open so construction can continue in the rest of it. it was closed since black friday when a police officer and two civilians were killed and nine wounded in a shooting spree and standoff that lasted several hours. the law firm morgan an morgan is claiming the monster energy drink claiming the high caffeine content leads to serious health issues. they say it can cause kidney failure our brain damage or strokes. it also plans to target rock star, five-hour energy and red bull. monster energy calls it a copycat case without merit a woman is taking action for children's health by showing how unhealthy it is maybe to eat at mcdonald's. >> she bought a happy meal and let it sit out untouched for six years. the results of what happened to the food?
9:34 am
>> you can see basically nothing has changed. the meal of chicken nuggets, small fries still looks pretty good. this is the receipt, if you look closely it says she ordered it on january 10, 2010. then there it is, she let it sit in our office for six years. >> a facebook post she said the male hasn't rotted or gotten moldy but smells a little like cardboard. she guesses the high number of chemicals is responsible for keeping the meal unchanged. so far mcdonald's hasn't responded. mm, delicious. i'm hungry now. >> i thought the same thing too. i could go for some fries. we're awful. it does get hungry on this shift by 10:00. maybe not that hungry though. see the clouds out there? that is courtesy of a northwest wind bringing moisture off the water here. not just in the form of clouds but potentially isolated
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not with that. it's the wind. we have the wind advisory that continues in effect through 6:00 p.m. so that is going to be dangerous boating. certainly if you operate small craft it will tip over so don't mess with this for area lakes and coastal waters. that is where the gale warning is in effect. the lake wind advisory with west winds 20 to 25 is through 6:00 today. i think it will be less windy tomorrow so we have better news tomorrow but as far as boating it's not going to get better until thursday. sustained winds from 20 to 25 and then gusts, last night gusts up to 40. gusts later this afternoon, wouldn't be surprised to see 30 to 35 mile-per-hour winds. that combined with temperatures in the 50s, we'll have wind chills in the 40s and even 30s as we head through tonight. titan doppler radar quiet now. we'll still watching it but not much rain now, just clouds rolling in off the gulf. again we'll keep that 20% coverage for today. by the way if you're flying to
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carrier. carrier. it's snowing there. that is how cold it is. they are picking upwards of 1 to 2 inches north of the metro heading to the north georgia. that is how cold it is. we can attest to that across our area with temperatures that will be well below normal, not just today but the next few days. futurecast not looking for much in the way of rainfall. just clouds moving in from the gulf, also the gusty winds that will remain with us through the next couple of days before we begin to wind down here. upper 50s to 60 degrees. i was going to show you the morning temperatures but i think this is more important. how it will feel as you wake up tomorrow morning into the mid- 30s, lower 40s in tampa, upper 40s in st. pete. this is because, again the wind combined with the temperatures is going to make it feel just miserable tomorrow morning, despite the fact that unlike today i think tomorrow we'll get full sunshine, keep the clouds around today with the 20% coverage as far as any showers moving in. certainly nothing heavy or widespread. boating conditions dangerous
9:37 am
over the next several hours. then we'll begin to, well lose the wind by the time we get into the middle part of the week. thursday looks better but the temperatures still below normal. low 60s. a warming trend if we can call that it, that is only for a couple days, pushing 70 friday and saturday. cool again for sunday. still ahead -- 100,000 people are expected in ybor city this saturday for the
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good morning. the crew of the knights of santiago is dedicated to the historic preservation of tampa's latin roots, specifically the spaniards that came at the turn of the century. the ill -- illuminated night parade.
9:39 am
scholarship program. today the crew raised over $2 million in scholarships for local students. the tampa bay rays are the grands marshals. mr. bill walsh is the senior vice president of strategy and development and luis campanello, chirm chairman of the parade. thank you for coming. you have a special guest coming? >> first, thank you for having us on the program and thank you so much to the crew of santiago. our mission to enier skies the baseball. and people are familiar with magic on the field but there's a lot of magic off the field as partnerships. we're excited about the particular, -- opportunity to talk about in particular the big brothers and big sisters. >> they will be on the float with you along with the players.
9:40 am
special connection with big brothers big sisters. what is it exactly? >> we have -- our partnership with big brothers big sisters is going on 10 years now and we currently volunteering as bigs in the community, personal it's something near and dear to my years. they are a tremendous organization. >> you have been working extra hard to bring the focus back to community and the parade. what are the specifics that viewers can expect when they go to the parade? >> it's february 13th in ybor city. a beautiful event. illuminated floats, crews, scores of beads and the tampa bay reys. good times by all. >> how many do you expect? the estimates last year were approximately 100,000 >> around that. typically we get a ton of people out there.
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those that don't want to fight the crowds. come out and have a good time. >> starts 7:00. i've gone and have a great time. congratulations to the rays, so exciting to see you all be the grand marshals and bring big brothers big sisters with you. to attend the parade, it starts saturday night february 13th. 7:00 p.m., the floats will be going along the historic 7th avenue in ybor city and for more details on the parade and how it helps the community
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the illuminated parade is february 19th. at the tampa bay history center, a creative look at vintage florida souvenirs and february 17th, round two of the
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a few clouds rolling in, we'll be looking at the temperatures for the remainder
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forecast and see if we have anything to look forward to. yes, how about upper 60s to near 70 friday and saturday. right now so cold i think even the manatees are feeling it. here's a look at citrus county showing 300 manatees trying to stay warm in three sister springs. >> wildlife officials temporarily closed the spring to boaters due to the high number of manatees there. the boardwalk though at three sisters remains open so visitors can still view the manatees in person. they are doing fine. 712 degrees. loving it. -- 72. the polk county school board just announced it will hold a special meeting this
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