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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the best chance for that is away from the coast as we have
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frost adversaryadvisories for most of us from the coast. >> we have a freeze warning, temperatures already in the low 30s and likely drop in the upper 20s this morning. the freeze warning affecting citrus andhernando county and a freezing warning by the way right through 9 a.m.. look at this. 32 crystalriver and we are seeing a lot of temperatures at freezing at the coast and still mild in the mid and upper 40s. >> thank you. let's take a look at the iconic sunshine sky way bridge towards pinellas county. breaking overnight, the last four armed protesters announce ing they'll turn themselves in this morning.
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area where protesters were camping last night. they'll leave their weapons in their vehicle and walk to the police. >> and clyde begin is being arrested. the gunman is 67 years old david evans had a warrant out from his arrest here in florida. he'saccused of assaulting a police officer in orange county. >> the second one was shot and the second one was shot while chasing down evans. the caribbean cruise ship is back in its new jersey port this morning after the storm.
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fourpeople on board suffered minor injuries. passengerscalled the trip the worse vacation of their lives. >> 17 hours, it is like a roller coaster and you cannot out. >> i don't want to talk about it >> they're a liar. >> the wind speeds and everything. >> two hours, it was, 12 hours, it was pure torture. a coast guard team is inspecting possible damage of. >> ntsb launching an investigation why the captain sailed in the storm after knowing days of advance of the storm. abc action action news reporter tells us one person is doing anything to get this
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dusted for fingerprints and his family hopes that'll hope identify the person who stole something irreplaceable. >> there is a 4 by 8 antique box just like this one that's missing. getting it back means more than youknow to jennifer. >> it rested near a special spot in the kitchen. >> jennifer kept her father's ashes in it. >> i have been nothing but cry about it because i realized he's gone. that's all i have left from my dad and now i don't even have that know. the crookwent into the window and stole the wooden box and some crash and some games. it scared the heck outof me to know, i didn't invite somebody
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here. >> sheriff detectives are investigating the burglars. the people that do this don't realize what really matters to our family. >> that's being reunited to something special to them >> i hope that person walks in hell because what they took from me i cannot get back. >> i want to show you a picture of that antique box. go to our facebook page. share it if you have seenthis wooden box. >> abc action news. this morning, aaa reports a --there are now 66 totals zika virus case in the u.s.. the record the cdc told congress
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number of cases in puerto rico and other territories of mosquitoes is likely to appear. testimony mosquito that spreads thevirus likes to hide in door homes. >> it is an in door biters, it hides in closets and cables and in places that are hard to. its lamar larvae eggs can be persist sometimes. >> 4:36 right now. now, homeowners are hearing how much extra they'll have to pay to get those roads fixed.
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questioning why the county pay for everything chlth. >> frustrations boiling over in a pasco county workshop. >> patrick coleman says if he's paying for it anyway, the county needs to fix the flooding problem before the road. >> i am tired of political jargons and not doing common sense things. >> a resident shared these photos, any significant rainfall causes similar issues. to fix thedrainage, we have yet to come up in this county with the fundings. >> district commissioner, kathryn starke said they pick the neighborhoods with the worst flooding. sheunderstands
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where is themoney going to go. to fix the roads, homeowners will pay. >> they'll go to turn around and pave new road and we'll see here looking at them under water. pasco county says they'll put in place a temporary fix for the drainage problem. . democracy2016 this morning. >> six major candidates remaining. >> chris christie and carly campaign yesterday. marco rubio took to thecampaign trail yesterday. the former senatorbelieves he will do much more better in south carolina because it is a much more conservative state. >> i will grow the conservative movement and the one that hillary clinton does not want
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attacks me more than other republicans. >> we are excited about north carolina. south carolina. >> south carolina, lindsay summer trying to help bush by janing him. bernie sanderses and holiday inn and hillary clinton will be on stage tonight. >> clinton will be for aggressive. next week shewill campaign with the mother of sandra bland. >> she's the black woman who's held in jail afterbeing pulled over from a traffic stop. >> sanders is planning to win over after african-american voters. >> one poll shows sanders
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let's look at our chilly forecast. >> yes, bundle the kids up, we are talking about temperature in the low 40s and 30s across the north and inland. do layers today. by pick up time we are in full sunshine. we'll be mild withtemperature in the 60s. i will let you know ifwe'll get cold again tonight and when we'll expect to warm up. under arrest, coming up at 5:00, the awful crime this st. petersburg woman against accused of a 69 years old woman.
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welcome back, 4:44 right now. it shows two young burglars going house to house checking dorms. >> abc reporter shows us it is what these crooks took us had detectives working hard to make an arrest. >> reporter: behind here we had it hidden because we figure no one will take it because we had cameras here >> thieves will be thieves, but in this case, these two young men were caught trying to get
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old allen's new bike. >> the bike i got for christmas. >> tell them what kind of bike it is? >> they were not finished and not even close checking door after door. it is a sight that putthe scombier neighborhood on edge >> they came to my second door without me knowing. we are sleeping in our house and they're outside our door. >> sooner or later, they'll be breaking windows. >> they hope with this video someone will come forward returning allen's bike and stop these two thieves before they can do anymore harm. >> in port richie, abc action news.
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is turning into a place to live. ground breaking for the city's tower. >> it is built two blocks north of the theater. >> eight story parking garage and ground level retails. give yourself a few extra minutes to warmup your car this morning. what do we do withoutseat warmers back in the day. i hope you have oneand if you do, you want to crank it up to three or max. it is chilly out there. we are literally at freezing right now. mid-30s is all you need for frosts to form at windshields there. >> are you in st. pete? 52 degrees. >> the influence there right along the water t. frost advisories are for inland counties here.
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temperatures are going to dip in the upper 20s and lower 30s. thefreeze warning continues right through 9 a.m.. itwill begin to warm things up. we have done thisbecause clear skies have taken over and winds have become light unlike the last several days we had some gust winds out there. >> that's when you will get in some frost and certainly you will have that. watch what happens onfuture cast. >> we are not going to see much clouds here. >> southeasterly winds will take over tonight and that wind component and direction will allow for temperatures not to fall back as rapidly here or sharply tonight. we have one day of cold temperatures and we'll talk about temperatures for the coming days. temperatures in the mid and upper40s by tomorrow morning. a different story today, temperature in the 30s and certainly get ready to bundle up during the week.
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i want to get a look at your morning commute on jefferson street and i-275. janelle is watching her traffic camera and have a full look of the commute coming up. a new dramatic video of a rescue caught on camera. an elderly man dragged in the rough oceanwater near france. another man tried to jump into save them but swept he's swept this that way. well, this is a shocking medical mix up. >> nurses taking a healthy newborn baby for a check up ending up for that boy getting into surgery. >> the nurse came back explaining the surgery that was done. >> she says they cut underneath her baby's tongue so it will
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having trouble nursing. >> at that point, meant to try hairically, they his stairically. >> they took him out of the nursery and cut his mouth. >> the family's lawyer says the doctor apologize and d and also billed the couple for the procedure. tom has your morning sports for the tampa bay. rays. good morning everybody, we are close in on tn the rays' first day training. we got a few new faces with addition of corey dickerson and logan morrison. they'll play a roll as manager kevin cashas a very flexible roster to work with. >> if you look at our season as a whole, you can sum it up and
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game enough. had we won a certain percentage of that, we may be a play off baseball team. >> keep playing those high intensity gam s. we lovethe roster. >> i don't know what it is about the lightning and the month of february leading up to the trade of deadline. there were six and five and one last season. >> some players just wondering whether they're say staying or going. they cannot play hockey this month. they'll be outside looking in. >> as win by boston tonight dropping the lightning into a wild card position. >> so, i don't have to say how
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update, enjoijoy your day. >> charging more, coming up at 5:00, the new ticket prices at orlando and the deal you should consider. >> coming up, it is beginning to look a lot like valentine's day, the one decoration that
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all right, it is a cold start. it is frigid outthere. temperatures in the 30s. we'll details where that happens and a freeze warning is still posted in the area. we'll see you at the top. >> he plans to treat fans with special love songs to celebrate romance and valentine's day. >> there are still tickets available if you want to treat your special someone. normally people decorating their yards for christmas or halloween but a family in virginia goes all out for valentine's day. >> her last name is loving. >> it feels with a kissing
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>> the tradition started all the way back when she's in elementary. he's so excited to get hall vein valentine's card from her classmates that she feels the to share the love >> people do enjoy it. >> families inviting everybody in the community to come out and share a kiss in their yard for valentine's day. >> the demand in change of marijuana laws keeping fewer kids out of jail. a shoplifting suspect dies at walmart. the investigation under way that
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ism this is abc action news. good thursday morning, we start withour weather alert. we have freeze warning posted for our areas of frost advisories. we'll have the latest as many places are dropping in the 20s. the oregon standoff is finally coming to an end. the fbi is make an arrest, we
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few. >> i am the most conservative
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