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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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harassing his daughter on social media. we have a picture of the suspect. he is 25. authorities say on the app kck he called himself daddy. polk county sheriffs deputies say he threatened the young girl with posting her address online, that he would hurt her, set her house on fire and ask people to rape her if she did not give him nude pictures and videos, plus turn around and give him names and addresses of other girls. according to authorities, this investigation led them to another victim who daddy, ak a bales, targeted. we will have more at 6:00 on this story. marisela burgos, abc action news. breaking news from new jersey. firefighters are battling this large fire at an industrial park. you can see large plumes of
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now. firefighters were having difficulty fighting this blaze due to strong winds in the area. we still have not gotten any word on what caused that fire. several counties issuing warnings tonight as scammers are looking to get their hands on money target thousands in the bay area. they're using fake e-mails and websites and automated calls posing as irs agents. jacqueline is taking action for you tonight to show you how to stay safe. thousands of bay area residents are picking up their phone and hearing an automated message from someone claiming to be with the irs. debbie got four of these calls wednesday morning. >> yeah. they're a little persistent. >> reporter: and they're scammers. elena has even received the same call on her business phone. the messages sound authoritative.
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arrested or jailed and they're hoping you fall for it. >> it's an emotional thing. people are afraid of irs of course. panic. they don't think anything through. >> reporter: barrett did just that. >> it was a little threatening and i was concerned at first. i thought maybe we had done something wrong. >> reporter: these scammers have a lot of tricks to get you to believe that the calls are coming from a legit irs building like the one behind me. one of the tricks, they will know the last four digits of your social security number. next trick, they have fake irs badges, numbers, and names. and finally, they can spoof your caller id, make you believe that the call is actually coming from the irs when it really isn't. barrett didn't fall for it. instead she blocked the number. we called it back looking for answers. >> is this the internal revenue service?
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other end claimed to be an irs agent and told me how i could monetarily settle a lawsuit filed against me by the irs. >> yeah. can you tell me? >> reporter: then they hung up. when we tried calling back several more times, the line >> wow. >> reporter: our tax expert has some other safety tips for you. she says the first thing that you want to know is that the irs will only correspond through the united states certified mail. you will never get a fake e- mail like this. it looks legit but it's not real. the irs has a specific website address. irs.^gov. not any ending that says dot us or federal or anything like that. but under a new federal law passed in 2017, the irs is use collection agencies to get
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you will get a letter in the mail with the agent's name and the phone number that will be calling you. abc action news. >> thank you, jacqueline. take a good look at this surveillance video. tampa police want you to identify the man and woman that you see in the surveillance video. they're accused of shooting and robbing a forklift operator last month. the victim was working at a business in east tampa when the suspects approached him and made small talk. that's when he says one of the suspects pulled out a gun. the victim took off running and was shot in the back. he is expected to survive though. if you have any information on who those two suspects are, please call tampa police. in pasco county, assieged suspect is -- a second suspect is behind bars from a known drug house. deputies say he turned himself in on charges of assault and auto burglary. the arrest stems from a home invasion on garfield drive where a 16-year-old girl was
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she remains in the hospital tonight. deputies are still searching for a third suspect. an 18-year-old was arrested shortly after the incident. cara o'connell is found guilty in the death of her boyfriend's 3-year-old son. the boy died back in 2010 after suffering abuse by the hands of o'connell and his father. the father agreed to testify against o'connell in exchange for a lesser sentence. o'connell will be sentenced next month. she faces 30 years in prison. and the hillsborough county teen busted with a gun on the school bus is out on bond tonight. sims was seen loading the gun on the bus headed to brandon alternative school. the bus was evacuated and the gun was recovered. deputies say the gun was stolen during a burglary at a temple terrace apartment last month. sims is not charged in that crime but deputies are looking
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a consumer alert for drivers in sarasota. police found a skimming advice at an exxon gas station. this is a picture here of the pump where the skimmer was found. employees noticed the antitampering tape was missing during a routine check this morning. it's not known how long the skimming device was on the pump. if you bought gas there recently, you should pay extra attention to your bank statements. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. a frigid start to our day with temperatures in the low 30s across the metro. even up north from upper 20s to low 30s. mid 40s closer to the beach. so it was certainly a frosty start. but then did you notice this afternoon with all of that sunshine, temperatures have climbed into the mid to upper 60s. and even though we do have another front on the way and it arrives tomorrow night, i think you're going to like the sound
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we will get into that in a couple minutes. this evening it won't be as cold. no frost or freeze but chilly. again, we will talk about the next front that will bring us rain. when that arrives. that's coming up in a couple minutes. >> thanks, denis. a man is barricaded inside a house here. nearby roads are closed to traffic. take a look. it looks like it's the corner of begonia street. eric waxler is live on scene right now with a look at how this is affecting that neighborhood out there. eric. >> reporter: yeah. hi, wendy. this has been going on most of the day here. the s.w.a.t. team is on the scene and trying to end this without any violence. let's show you what is happening right now. you will see many of the neighbors are residents trying
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will all play out. the crime tape set up here. and down further -- further down begonia street is where this is all happening. and, again, law enforcement not taking any chances, bringing the s.w.a.t. team out here. they know there is a man inside. they don't know at this point if he is armed. here is video from earlier today that we took. it's going to show you the s.w.a.t. team getting ready. neighbors say the man who lives in the home was actually arrested last year after a doe mess tuesday incident. but authorities are not identifying him because this is still an active scene. surrounding homes have been evacuated. i have talked to neighbor who's were just trying to get inside their homes after arriving home from work. they are not able to right now. as you see this whole area is closed off. about ten homes evacuated. and it could be a long wait as law enforcement here, the hernando county sheriff's office, tries to end this without any violence. that's if for now.
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eric waxler, abc action news. >> in mexico, 52 inmates are dead and 12 others injured after the deadliest prison riot in years in the country. a brutal fight during members of rival drug cartels. prisoners fought with bats, sticks and blades and ignited a fire inside the prison. no guns were involved and prison officials say no one escaped the prison walls. right now the number of zika cases reported in florida is up to 18. the cdc hosted a conference call with health care professionals to discuss in depth how it's spread, treatments and precautions. rick scott ordered 4,000 zika test kits to be distributed throughout the state. they're offering a free tire disposal event on old tires. i'm sorry. the water in old tires is a haven for mosquitoes. it will be this saturday from
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to 3:00 p.m. in tampa. all residents of hillsborough county can drop off up to ten tires. students in texas are hoping to track the zika virus. university of texas students are making a kit that would diagnose the different viruses a mosquito carries. this is made using a 3d printer and led lights. it tests the dna once it gets inside the box. they are developing a smart phone app that would send the results to agencies monitoring infectious diseases. next, marching for change. the newhope for juvenile offenders busted with small amounts of marijuana. plus, a war torn romance rekindled. the reunion 70 years in the making. i've been called hard headed but even my hard head won't protect me from a hammer. this red stuff will. how it could help mitigate concussions.
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>> all new tonight at 5:00, a local man hoping to get his
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>> bill logan shows us how the technology can cut down on concussions. >> reporter: we have seen the hard hits. >> this does not look good. >> reporter: like the one that left this quarterback stunned and stumbling. >> he can barely stand up. >> reporter: we have heard the outcry for tougher rules and tackle football bans. >> it's a fluid. >> which means. >> it's like a shock absorber. this will absorb and dissipate energy. that's what this is. it's for inside a helmet. >> this will work on any kind of helmet. >> if you're playing football, baseball, lacrosse, horse riding people are looking at this now. anybody who is worried about getting hit with some kind of a contact hit with the helmet, this is the product. >> reporter: this silly puddy like material was initially designed to enhance bullet proof vests. he started tinkering with the stuff and created the head gear.
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up with the name hit pg. >> high impact transfer technology protective gear. >> reporter: different from the padding and webbing in current helmets this extra level can be added for 80% reduction in impact for only $99 a piece. there's been big interest from helmet manufacturers, sports safety sponsors and everyone who is interested in keeping their head together. >> so that can be a pee wee football player all the way up to a 55-year-old guy that rides his bike up and down the road. >> reporter: big logan, abc action news. >> a couple's romance cut short because of world war ii. >> 70 years later their love is rekindling. after thomas returned from normandy she wrote joyce morris asking her to join him in the u.s. she thought he was already married and declined the
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more than 70 years later they reconnected on skype. a widower. >> you broke my heart. >> i don't believe that for a moment. >> what would you do if i could give you a squeeze? >> oh, it would be lovely. >> thanks to a crowd funding campaign, norwood made the journey from virginia to australia to see her rekindling their love, look at that, just before valentine's day. now the most accurate action weather. >> good night to go in for a squeeze to stay warm. >> that would be lovely. >> that is a great story. that is cool. >> yeah. >> it's going to get cold again. >> no. actually we're -- >> no? >> we're headed in a different direction. >> yeah. >> how about that? we look outside. we have sunny skies. we started off with frost and sunshine.
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started warming up a bit. mid to upper 60s. we're still below normal but we're headed in the right direction. titan doppler radar is rain free. we actually had two front that's will be coming in over the next several days. i don't think either one of them will give us much in the chance of cooler air. maybe just a little chance of a shower overnight friday night and into saturday morning. not bad since we started off in the 30s and warming up to the 60s. we should be in the 70s so wee below normal but at last we're headed in the right direction. in tampa, 63. 62 in st. pete. the winds are coming around. now, notice when you get winds coming in out of the south or the west, it's bound to be a little warmer than that stuff up north which is why our temperatures are beginning to climb. tomorrow, we're going to flirt with 70 degrees before we have another front come in late tomorrow night. but i think it's a dry front. we will touch on that in a
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here is a look at the satellite picture this morning. there was the freeze across the hernando. but things look nice and they will stay that way for the foreseeable future. yes it will be a chilly day. but it will not start as a there won't be any frost. that's one thing that you don't have to plan for tomorrow morning when you're setting not your friday plans. up near 70 degrees. now, remember that is still below normal. compared to the last couple of days, many of us woulmake that trade easily. watch friday night into saturday. here comes a front. now, there is an outside chance of a couple of sprinkles with this front when it comes through late friday night into saturday morning. i don't even have it in the 7- day because i'm unimpressed with it. it it is something that we will keep our eyes on.
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upper 60s to around 70. not just on saturday but also on valentine's day. so on friday, there's a look at your forecast highs. back up to about where we should be. now, remember a little cooler along the beach. that's because the water temperature is 56, 57 degrees. that will cool off the immediate coastline. everybody else should be warming up into the upper 60, if not the lower 70s. especially east of i-75. you live in polk county, you're going to be closer to 75 tomorrow than 65. a much better day. even with the front i don't see a lot of a cool-off. saturday morning, low to mid 50s up north. so we are headed in the right direction. there are some rain chances though early next week. now, this is going to be a story this weekend. severe cold across new england. temperatures maybe 20, 30, possibly 40 below windchills across new england. yes, we have had our cold
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will get the real deal over valentine's day weekend. for the boaters winds tomorrow out of the south. there you go. 5 to 10 knotts. light chop on the bay. the gulf temperature 56 degrees. there are your upcoming tides your sup rise and sunset. friday, sunny and milder. up near 70 degrees. a look at florida's most accurate 7-day. keeping the rain chance right through valentine's day. but there will be a front coming in early next week. a better chance monday into tuesday. look behind it, it's not any cooler. at long last we have a week of mild weather. >> thanks, den. fatal mate matching. the deadly encounter at a california zoo that is proving why humans should not interfere with nature. the tragic story next. plus a massive building explosion could have been avoided. the illegal activity sparked the explosion and who is responsible. living in deplorable
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is living large. coming up at 6:00, a look at mold covered mobile homes that residents say they are stuck
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>> right now at 5:00, five people face criminal charges in the gas explosion that killed two people and leveled three buildings in the east village last month. the owners of one of the destroyed buildings, her son and a general contractor face charges. they range from second degree manslaughter to criminally negligent homicide. they were illegally siphoning gas to the apartment buildings from the sushi restaurant down stairs. an experiment gone wrong. a tiger was mauled to death at a zoo in california. she gave birth to the cub three years ago. this morning zoo keepers
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the enclosure in hope that's they would agreed. the introduction game aggressive very quickly. baja was called. visitors were only told that the tiger enclosure was closed. >> there was a sign that said animals off exhibit. you could hear an upset tiger behind the enclosure walls. >> the encounter had been carefully planned by the national association of zoos and aquariums. they will now be reviewing protocols to make sure that something like this does not happen again. next at 5:30, small stash, small punishment. straight ahead. the one thing that protesters want deputies to consider when they catch kids with marijuana. a slow speed chase in a stolen ambulance. next at 5:30, her heart breaking reason for jumping behind the wheel. another big automaker comes
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which stars are in line for a
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>> abc action news starts right now with breaking news. >> more breaking news now from new jersey. firefighters are battling a large fire in an industrial park. you're looking at live pictures right now from a chopper we're coming from news 12 in new jersey. it looks like they are readjusting that shot. there it is. we have pictures there. there's a shot of the industrial fire. you can see the large plumes of smoke and bright orange flames rising up from the fire. it has been burning for several hours. this is happening north of trenton. residents are reporting black ash falling from the sky. firefighters are having trouble right now fighting this blaze
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we are still awaiting word to figure out why this fire began. also happening now, faith leaders are bringing attention to the civil citation problem. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm laura harris. the hope group is upset that the sheriff does not use the program for misdemeanor marijuana offenses like other counties in our state. >> ashley yore is live near the sheriff's office where the demonstration is getting started. ashley. >> reporter: good evening, guys. when we talk about misdemeanor marijuana charges, we're talking about 20 grams of marijuana or less. that's about the same amount weight-wise as these eight pennies in my hand. you can see this group just starting to gather right now. they're just walking down the street. they say it's time for the sheriff's office to make a change.


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