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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, the race for the white house and donald trump's bold prediction. the republican front-runner and what he said is coming, if he wins south carolina. just as his feud with jeb bush takes a new turn tonight. hillary clinton set to face off with bernie sanders, as they now battle for the south. get ready for the deep freeze. the arctic blast across more than 20 states. the dangerous commute already. it will feel well below zero across much of this country. tonight, the fbi ordering armed protesters to surrender. >> i'm a free man, i will die a free man. >> the standoff taking a dramatic turn, and we're there. the deadly gas explosion and now the charges tonight. two people killed, three
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and prosecutors this evening arguing, it was all because of greed. and we have breaking news involving bill cosby's wife. and gas prices dropping to 99 crepts a gallon. is your town next? good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin with a new turn in the race for president. on both sides, it is now a battle for the south. and donald trump now saying, if he wins in south carolina, he's going to, quote, run the table. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to battle tonight on that stage. many eyes on clinton. will she change her strategy after a bruising loss in new hampshire? abc's jonathan karl in south carolina tonight, where trump now says there is something you will not see from him. >> reporter: taunting his rivals, donald trump is declaring if they can't beat him here in south carolina, they won't beat him anywhere. >> we win here, we're going to
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if we win here, after winning so big in new hampshire, all of these characters are going to give it up. we're going to run the table and we will make america great again. that i can tell you, okay? >> reporter: trump campaign so confident, says it is only going to run positive tv ads. >> he wants to make america great. >> reporter: but there's one candidate trump still can't resist attacking. >> you have a guy like bush, who has this big fund -- it's terrible. i'll be honest. the last thing we need is another bush. that i can tell you. >> reporter: we traveled to florence, south carolina, to meet up with governor bush, as he went into the venus restaurant, he seemed irritated by the mere mention of trump's name. are you going to be able to stop donald trump here. >> i hope so. >> reporter: inside, he hit back. >> do you want an entertainer in chief? someone who will say whatever he wants to, you know, to make it
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insult people, divide people? basically just talk trash on his way to the republican nomination? >> reporter: south carolina presidential politics is known for its brass knuckle attacks. ted cruz is out with this video, ridiculing trump. >> look, i got the trump action figure figure! >> no way, it's huge! >> what does he do? >> he pretends to be a republican! >> reporter: and today, marco rubio launched his own grenade at trump. >> donald trump has zero fosh policy experience. negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy expeer yerns. >> reporter: rubio is still haunted by his bad debate. those mocking rubio robots following him to south carolina. but at a town hall meeting today, a vote of confidence. >> as far as the robot stuff, you haven't brought that up, but just keep in mind that the terminator was elected twice as governor of california. >> reporter: that won governor schwarzenegger, of course. >> and jon karl live in south carolina tonight.
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talk on the republican side about whether former president george w. bush would be a help or not. brother, jeb. and they're about to give it a shot? >> reporter: that's right. former president bush will be at a big campaign rally with his brother in charleston on monday. it's the latest indication, david, that jeb bush, who started the campaign saying i am my own man, is now banking on the bush name to help save his campaign. >> jonathan karl in south carolina. jon, thank you. meantime, to major developments on the democratic side tonight. hillary clinton and bernie saers, and the showdown this evening. they're in wisconsin now, their first debate since bernie sanders trounced hillary clinton in new hampshire. both now looking to nevada and south carolina. polls in that state have shown clinton with a lead, but sanders, of course, with new momentum. tonight, both courting black voters, and abc's cecilia vega, one-on-one with bernie sanders, ask asking, does clinton's ground game give her an advantage in this next round? and here's what he said. >> reporter: tonight, a debate
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the first since bernie sanders' sweeping new hampshire win. and the first since the candidates' most heated clash. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk -- let's talk about the issues. >> let's talk about issues. >> and so let's talk about issues. >> let's talk about issues. >> reporter: sanders and hillary clinton hunkered down all day, but their campaigns in overdrive -- rolling out key african-american endorsements with an eye towards the south carolina primary. in clinton's corner -- members of the congressional black caucus. georgia congressman john lewis slamming sanders, saying he wasn't on the front lines of the civil rights struggle. >> but i never saw him. i never met him. i was involved in the sit-ins, the freedom rides, the march on washington, the march from selma to montgomery. but i met hillary clinton. i met president clinton.
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winning the support of another civil rights icon -- super star harry belafonte. >> i think he represents opportunity. i think he represents a moral imperative. >> reporter: all signs the campaign is moving to a new battlefield. the democratic vote, more than hampshire. but in south carolina, more than could come from african-americans. and in nevada, blacks and latinos could make up a third. but sanders acknowledging clinton has a head start. >> she's got the instra tuck sure, the name, the ground game. >> i agree. >> reporter: you bring? >> she's ahead of us. but we're moving quickly. she was ahead of us in iowa and new hampshire. but we caught up. >> and cecilia vega with us live. clinton and sanders both heighting hard for south carolina. tonight, that state's most powerful democrat appears to be torn, choosing his words very carefully? >> reporter: very carefully, david.
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that he is undecided in this race. his own family is split. his daughter is for hillary, his grandson is feeling the bern. and listen to this. he says, quote, my heart and head are in different places right now, but we will see. a sign of the tough road ahead for hillary clinton. >> all right, we'll let the viewers interpret that one. cecilia, thank you. to the polar vortex and the arctic air sinking south tonight. the deep freeze on the way for 65 million americans. sub zero temperatures, 20 states, in fact, bracing for record cold and extreme one chills. images already coming in tonight. dangerous roads outside cleveland. pipes bursting. a water main break in scranton, pennsylvania. even florida, that car window in melbourne, covered in frost. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, tracking it all, and were saying, the wind chills with this, going to make it very rough. >> reporter: it's going to be dangerous. heat, record-breaking heat to the west. and the cold air to the east. and that cold arctic stuff really going to come down across
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saturday, daytime highs, 3 in minneapolis, 11 in chicago. overnight saturday into sunday morning, the core of the cold air gets to the northeast. it will be 0 likely in new york. if that's the case, that's the coldest we've seen since '94. these are the wind chills. minus 22 sunday morning in new york. 36 below in albany. that is dangerous k08d, david. try not to go too much. if you do, cover up and certainly protect your pelts and your pipes in your home. >> check on the neighbors. rob, thank you. in the west tonight, a dramatic end to the armed standoff in oregon. the fbi with bull horns and you're about to hear what the protesters were shouting back. all of this in a town taken hostage over a fight over government land. abc's neal karlinsky with oregon with the audio tonight from the final stand. >> reporter: the final hours of the standoff playing out live over an open phone line. >> you're going to come out with your hands up. >> no, we're not! >> reporter: a surreal end to a bizarre standoff that began over government control of land in the west. >> do the right thing, right? >> the right thing is to kill us?
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surrendering this morning. >> sandy and sean both have their hands up in the air. sean's holding an american flag. >> reporter: but inside the federal compound, occupier david fry wouldn't budge. >> unless my greivances are heard, i will not come out! >> david, it's harder to live for liberty than it is to die for it. don't be a coward like that. >> you have no right to call me a coward. >> reporter: his list of grievances varied, from taxation issues to this -- >> all i needed was marijuana. you guys wouldn't even let me have my marijuana. >> reporter: but little by little, activist krisanne hall got through to him. >> if everybody says hallelujah, i'll come out. i'm walking towards them right now. >> can i just cry now, gavin? >> reporter: tonight, those final four are now part of a group of 16 people now under federal indictment after 41 days that wreaked havoc out here. david? >> neal karlinsky on the scene
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now, to a breaking headline tonight from georgia. a major prison scandal. officers raiding this prison, more than 40 current and former guards under arrest at this hour. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas on what they are accused of doing while in uniform to avoid getting caught. >> reporter: georgia state prison guards are the ones wearing handcuffs today, busted in an fbi sting, accused of taking bribes from inmates and drug dealers. they allegedly helped prisoners get drugs into the prison. >> allegations range from smuggling in contraband, but also using their official capacity as officers to protect what they believe to be drug transactions and drug shipments. >> don't overlook anything! >> reporter: raids like this coming as the fbi and state officials vow to clean out compromised guards and illegal activity inside prison walls. the arrests, the latest example of apparently widescale corruption within georgia
6:41 pm
more than 130 inmates, guards and outsiders charged just since september. >> and pierre thomas with us live tonight, as well. pierre, so, these officers are accused of staying in uniform to go undetected and the inmates had cell phones to run their deals? >> reporter: david, it's stunning. 19 georgia corrections officers have been charged with protects inmates who were using cell phones for outrageous scams. including posing as law enforcement officials and demanding victims pay fines. >> pierre thomas again tonight. thank you. now, to a case we've been reporting on right here. a massive and deadly gas explosion that brought down three buildings here in new york city. it caused a seven-alarm fire. rubble. two people were killed. well, tonight, four people are now charged with manslaughter, and prosecutors say it was all because of greed. abc's ron claiborne from the scene tonight. >> reporter: it began with a fiery explosion. flames engulching three apartment buildings. and in just a few hours, all of
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displaced. today, the building's owner, her son and two contractors were arrested and charged with manslaughter. accused of tampering with gas lines in their rush to rent apartments for up to $6,000 a month each. >> when greed guides the decisions and the respect for human life doesn't, this is the result. >> reporter: nearly one year later, the two people who died are still remembered here at the site. prosecutors say the contractors illegally jerry rigged the gas lines twice. first, with dangerous flexible hoses, shown in this photo, to supply gas to the apartments above. later, by allegedly tapping into the gas lines of the neighboring building, and hiding it all from inspectors. they say the day of the deadly fire, the owner's son and the lead contractor went to investigate the odor of gas in the basement. >> they smelled the gas and then they sprinted out of the building, without alerting people in the restaurant. >> reporter: minutes later, the gas ignited. and prosecutors say the building, which had been here,
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inspection, and the owners wanted to get those renters in as soon as possible, and not wait for the next inspection. david, those four suspects accused of manslaughter, they pleaded not guilty today. >> ron claiborne live right here in new york tonight. ron, thank you. this evening, the u.s. coast guard is now inspecting that royal caribbean cruise ship, back at port after safl iling straight through hurricane-force ones. tonight, the passengers now describing the horror. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: for passengers onboard this rough and tumble cruise that had some fearing for their lives -- >> this is crazy. tonight to the saying their ship >> i'm alive. i'm alive. this is insane. >> reporter: finally on dry land, passenger peter aloupis told our robin roberts, anthem of the seas in that storm sunday night felt like being inside a washing machine. like, robin. it was absolutely terrifying.
6:44 pm
an ocean view and we literally saw the ocean with dory swimming by. captain thought it would be safe to sail with those warnings in the forecast, royal caribbean could only apologize, saying, "what happened this week showed that we need to do better." what exactly happened and make sure doesn't happen again. >> reporter: while the coast guard has yet to come meant on its inspection of the ship, in a tweet today, royal caribbean called the damage minor and confirmed anthem of the seas will set sail again on saturday. david? >> linsey davis, thank you. now, to the economy tonight, and a wild day on wall street. yet again. at one point, plummeting more than 400 points. then, leveling out somewhat, closing down 254 points. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis tonight on the market rocked by lower oil prices, while at the same time, it's leading to 99 cents a gallon in parts of this country. rebecca? >> reporter: david, there are gas stations selling below $2 a
6:45 pm
continue to fall from here. and take a look at this. it's a station in kansas, now gallon. experts predict there is more where that came from, especially in the midwest, where prices could fall in coming weeks below $1 a gallon. now, this is great news for consumer consumers, now paying the lowest amount for gas in more than a decade, but it's been a big problem for energy companies, and energy jobs and we have seen david? >> rebecca jarvis with us tonight. rebecca, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the investigation tonight you're about to see the irs agent caught up in an fbi sting. authorities saying this video bribes. the moment, and what he said, leading to his arrest. we also have breaking news this evening on bill cosby's wife. and you're about to see a rescue unfold. firefighters battling their way what's inside.
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next tonight, authorities say the irs agent caught up in an fbi sting, all of it was caught on tape. abc's clayton sandell with more. >> morning. >> what's going on? >> reporter: this is the moment prosecutors say an irs agent accepts is $15,000 in bribe money, captured by an fbi hidden camera. that is now former irs agent paul hurley, meeting last year with the owner of this seattle medical marijuana shop being audited. hurley allegedly told the owner his leniency during the audit saved him more than $1 million. >> the way i wrote it up was, there's no money here, we're never going to see the money. >> reporter: in exchange, hurley allegedly wanted dispensary owner ryan kunkel to pay $20,000. but kunkel goes to the fbi. a sting secretly records the first meeting at a coffee shop. >> you think we're going to be
6:49 pm
>> i'm 99.99% sure we're good. >> reporter: hurley's attorneys claim the 20 grand wasn't a bribe but was for "a job to perform accounting services." right after this meeting, hurley is busted. he's pleaded not guilty. a jury is now deciding hurley's fight. if he's convicted of bribery, he could go to prison for 15 years. david? >> clayton, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the major scientific break through. it turns out albert einstein was right. and the breaking headline about bill cosby's wife. the judge's decision i in tonight. (toilet flush) if you need an opioid to manage your chronic pain, you may be sooo constipated it feels like everyone can go ...except you. tried many things? still struggling to find relief? you may have opioid-induced constipation, oic. it's different and may need
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6:53 pm
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finally, we will never forget the horror of newtown, and one little girl, among the many lost, her beautiful voice, not forgotten. >> ready and go. >> reporter: perhaps you remember the voice of anna marquez green. just 6 years old when she was killed in her classroom at sandy hook elementary in newtown. anna was the daughter of jazz saxophonist jimmy green. >> anna loved to live. chef was a beautiful little girl. above all, she was a very generous and loving child. >> reporter: jimmy turned to his music to deal with his grief. >> music is a language in and of itself. and it's a language, for me, that kind of picks up where words leave off.
6:58 pm
called "anna's way." anna had a way about her >> reporter: eventually recording an album, "beautiful life" to honor anna's life. with help from more than 40 musicians and technicians who volunteered their time. >> they said, you know, we want to donate 100% donate the production of a recording, at whatever time you feel that you're able to do it. >> reporter: tonight, that album now nominated for two grammys. >> if anna's life had been longer, she would have found herself on records, because she had a beautiful voice, she loved to perform. she loved who she was. she was a very proud little girl. >> reporter: now hoping she'd be proud of dad. amen
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