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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 12, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning -- candidates clash. bernie sanders and hillary clinton go ted ho ted on stage. criticizing each other's records. we're live with the details. plus, the the republicans also turning up the heat on each other. frozen over. pro prolonged brast of arctic air. bringing dangerous wind chiles to more than 20 states. the weekend forecast ahead. a remarkable rescue on police dash cam. the officer pulling the victim of a terrible high-speed crash away from the flaming wreckage. and going west. the massive event. the buzz overnight surrounding
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his fashion line, and lots of other surprises. good morning, everyone. we begin with the latest democratic showdown. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing in debate number six. >> the two candidates faced off in milwaukee last night, tangling over health care, immigration, and big money donors. they each made an assertive pitch for the crucial minority vote. it was the first time they scared off since clinton's bruising defeat in new hampshire. >> sanders restated his call for a political revolution. as clinton aligned herself with president obama. >> i do have a disagreement here. >> reporter: the differences were substantive but subtle. >> we agree that wall street should never be allowed to wreck main street again. but here's the point i want to make tonight.
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i do not believe we live in a single issue country. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to reset after being walloped in new hampshire. the demographics now changing, voters more than 90% white in iowa and new hampshire. was in south carolina, more than half of democratic voters could be african-americans. >> when we have more people in jail disproe prorgs natalie african-american and latino and that china does, he's my promise. at the end of my first term as president, we will not have more people in jail an any other country. >> reporter: the fire works really coming at the end, with this con ten tentious moment. >> the kind of criticism that we heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republicans, i do not expect from someone who is running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is -- madame secretary,
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obama. i was not that candidate. >> reporter: she was asked about her defeat in new hampshire. she said she spent her entire career working to empower women to make their own choices, even if that choice was not to vote for her. the controversial e-mails from hillary clinton's private server are being released at a politically sensitive time 37 that ps a after a federal judge released ed ordered all of them released in four installments. one of them a day before the nevada caucus. more due a day before the south carolina primary. the final batch due out just before super tuesday. meanwhile, republican attacks on donald trump, hoping victory. he's still leading the the polls in south carolina opinion his confidence level so high his ca run only
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he took a quick trip to louisiana, which doesn't vote until march 5th. he's also looking far into the future. >> i'm going to be there. i'm going do great job. hopefully, i get an extra four n embracing t forr president campaign f him in south carina nt u.s. officials say the military sex appending the number of air s isis. sources claim theave been about 20 american strikes against militantern afghanistan in jt the past three weeks. those strikes took place after president obama authorized the pentagon to attack isis in afghanistan, where its numbers are gring. secretary of state john ker i have in euro, hoping to stop syris civi war. th morning, they've aged on a temporary truce that willt week.
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whethe the mity or t rebelsillmplement the tre. kerry is hoping i will set the stage for >>inorthn meco ot tns killing at least9 people. it started asrawletween druggangs. prison is . anxious relatives waite outside as theames of the inmated killedere released. that riot taking place on the eve o themeco he visits ca todayor an historicti withhe lder rusan ortch. theeti aempt to
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. hes thefb years. clckmation asised. abou 25 million riderspassif e-mail if they're eligible for a re congressman from california lit up an e-cigarette on capitol hill. a panel was discussing a ban to deny vaping on flights. he says e-cigarettes helped him quit smoking. his stunt didn't work. they voted in favor to ban cigarettes on planes. the first week since september without the nfl. >> the good news is there's sthil basketball. we get the highlights from espn. a touch night in oklahoma city. >> before the thunder and pelicans played there, there was a moment of silence to honor
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the wife of oklahoma city assistant coach monty william. she was killed in a car crash. she died wednesday after the car crash on tuesday night. so -- a tough night for both these teams. williams used to coach the pelican. he was the head coach in new orleans before joining billy donovan's staff in oklahoma city. as for the game itself, kevin durant, 23 points. thunder up four after one. second quarter rkts thunder up two. russell westbrook. he's going to get there. all the way to the bucket and finish. >> wow. >> put oklahoma city back up four. it was those two the entire game. third quarter, thunder up 15. westbrook, splitted the double team. and throws it down again. another look at it. 23 points, 10 assist, 9 rebounds. a tough night for oklahoma city. the thunder win the game. 121-95. there were three hat tricks in the nhl on thursday. at least three we know about, okay.
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were not told about. no, there were three. we know everything. alexander ovechkin is 1 of the 3. that's one. here comes two. take another look. i mean, they -- you know, he just has a nose for the puck. and of course, then you have to know what to do with it after it hits you in the nose. he knows to light the lamp with it. so -- ovechkin gets hat trick. washington, i'm telling you, man. they're the warriors of the nhl right now. >> yeah. >> that's what tony told me. nba all-star weekend. coming up this weekend in toronto. celebrity game on espn, friday night. that's it from here. back to you. >> all right. go caps. coming up, kanye's big night unveiling his latest tunes and threads and reignite ing an old feud with taylor swift. "the pulse" up next. nner and a movie with.
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time for "the pulse" starting with kanye west's big night last night. touching upon all things kanye. >> he was the star at new york's madison square garden. thousands paying to hear his new album, "the life of pablo." one song on there taking a swipe at taylor swift. >> while the new music played, his new fashion line was unveiled. >> one of the the biggest surprises was an appearance of lamar odom. it was his first public outing since his brush with death at a brothel in nevada last october. >> he flew to new york with his estranged wife. rumors swirl about a possible reunion. >> good to see he's doing better.
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>> for their new song, "upside down & inside out." shot in a plane in zero gravity. no special effects here. band members had to train for three weeks with russian cosmonauts to perfect the stunts. >> the band released the video on facebook yesterday. it's already hit 21 million views. >> very cool stuff. perhaps let this serve as a reminder, sunday is valentine's day. >> reminding yourself? >> yes. >> clearly someone is thinking about. estimates are that americans will spend nearly $20 billion on valentines gifts. we couldn't ignore this map from stately. >> yeah, showing each state's most frequently googled valentine's gifts. some of our favorites. plus-sized lingerie in texas, where everything is bigger, of course. they're frisky in new mexico, searching for help with hickeys. and landlocked, our friends in great falls, montana, living it
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>> i love that pandora jewelry is in my home state of florida. nothing says love like jewelry in florida. the sunshine state. bling, bling, bling. >> so that's what you're getting. >> more news after this, folks. is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things. and there's one place that has it all. office depot officemax.
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a neighbor told us that pickup truck slamd in another
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