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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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students become
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live from the station take action for you, this is abc action news. >> and the reality is, these picture floating out there now, they will never be retrieved back. it started with middle school students trending nude photos. now the photos and scandal out of control. >> principal calling parents for an emergency meeting. i'm jamison uhler. >> and ill'm wendy ryan. >> a special victim's unit now investigate the middle
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>> the sheriff says the selfies people were taking about sexting here are pretty common but says in this instance it rose to another level and that's why they're investigating. >> we're talking aging between 12 and 14 involved. >> reporter: susan benton says one of their student resource officers was given a phone with naked student pictures on it. >> we have nine telephones from different students being evaluateed. >> reporter: if the images were not disturbing enough, benton says they came across a video after a middle schooler per fominaing a sex act on themself. >> particularly the nudity and the nature of stop pictures and this video. >> the video could lead investigators toward felony
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charges of child porn and sexual exploitation of a minor. benton says she cannot stress enough of how important it is for the parents to take an active role in the students' lives. parents need to check the phones on a regular base si. are the school pince pal will hold an emergency meeting with pair resnik next monday. benton says the number of students involved could be well over the current number of nine. >> 's wild fire. >> remade numerous attempts to talk to the district but we did not hear back from them. >> right now a former tennessee volunteer football player facing serious charges. 23-year-old matt crowder sent sexual messages and explicit
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14-year-old girl. they arrested crowder when he showed up to meet what he thought was that girl a.tennessee spokesperson said crowder was in tampa because he stade after the outback bowl to work out. >> one mom is using social media to warn parents.. >> reporter: the mother wanted to remain anonymous but says she's made changes inside her own home. almost a week ago near this intersection fbi. fbi bradenton amother says something bad almost happened to her daughter. she didn't want us to use her name or show her face. they grabbed by daughter and proceeded to pull her that way, that direction. >> are her 1-year-old daughter was walking with her friend before 6:15 p.m.
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>> she got loose and ran to her friend and the friend had already began to run. they called 911. >> reporter: bradenton detectives searched the neighborhood. i know the guy is still throughout. >> reporter: detectives say there was a drunk man in the area approaching kids but no attempted abduction. >> i don't see why she'd be so upset if nothing happened. keep your kids close. you can't trust anybody or any area. it doesn't matter the part of town you live in or who you are. it doesn't matter. these people are anywhere and everywhere. >> reporter: detectives ruled this suspicious . if you have information about the case call the bradenton police department. thank you. now to breaking news. sarasota police are investigating a double shooting
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the leg and rushed to the hospital the investigators securing crime scene. air forces are sage neither victim was seriously hurt. >> good evening everybody. temperature have cool into the upper 40s across the northern counties. there is some dryer air rolling in but vizcaino bills in a few spots are limited, down about a mile up in brooksville. by overnight hours the dryer air from north to south will increase the vizcaino builts. central and southern counties may still see a bit of fog. that burns off and leads to a nice and warmer day. by the time we're heading into the weekend, anybody ready for 80? it may happen. >> now to breaking news in los angeles. one person dead and firefighters are racing to free
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their a large transformer fell on vehicle there is. we now know how a gun like this one here ended up on the campus of an elementary school today security cameras showed the gun falling out of a parents' pocket as he dropped off a child another parent saw the gun and gave it to the custodian. the parent has a consent weapons permit. >> pope francis is in mexico tonight, praying on the banks of the rio grande near a cross dedicated to immigrants trying to reach the united states. americans including undocumented immigrants also praying. the pope announcing what he
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forces people to risk everything, including death, just trying to cross the border. >> a newport richie man is working to create a brighter future for students by repairing older computers and giving them away. >> this child does not know he's getting this computer. >> reporter: at first glance, gregory is an intimidateing fig orbited doesn't take long to see that he's big soft one. he has nearly one thousand donated computers later. each student is selected through an application process filled out online and each must come with a recommendation from
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today we find him at ridge wood high. the student is very deserveing. >> are delivering a surprise to a student named joshua quinonas. >> i want to tell you something. i'll greg, that's your new computer. what do you think of that? no pin income the eye, what? come on? i think he's achieved so much already and this is going to help him. >> reporter: for greg and his crew of biker, it's days like this that make them feel truly blessed. >> we have another deserveing system. it's going viral, seen by more than a million people. why facebook is refusing a school principal's request to take it off line. >> when there is a shooting
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when a cop pulls the trigger the rules are different. coming up, an exclusive investigation into why they can remain silent. a woman get as big surprise after surgery. coming up, what was gone from her stomach and why she claims
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welcome back. we're just getting look at a school yard fight that's going viral. you see it behind me. the video has been seen by more than 11 million people. the video showing a young girl kneeing a boy in the face. the principal telling reporters that the feud started over something said on social media. they asked facebook to remove the video but they refused. >> on the streets of every american city, when someone
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if it's a police officer pull the trigger we found the rules are different. ross jones looks at police across the nation who have the right to remain silent. >> reporter: for most of his life, mental illness was biggest terror bobby bennett ever fought. on a day in october, 20 sat the end of a quiet dallas street he faced terror of a different kind. he was screaming, armed with a small knife. when police arrived police found him outside. minutes later police say he attacked, raise the knife and lungeing towards the officers. one officer opened fire hitting bennett tcu stomach. ewas rushed to the hospital charged with assaulting an officer. he would stay in custody for
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showed that wasn't the case. he stood still, arms at his side. the officer who pulled the trigger was criminally charged and his partner works gave a false statement was suspended. you think they'd want to train properly. are it's saying officers should be afforded three days before having to answer a question and give them a chance to watch the video, any video, before making a statement. 19 of the largest police departments call for some kind criminal investigation or an internal probe looking to see
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that's the rule in alburquerque where 19 officers surrounded and kill add homeless man holding a knife. the officers were not interviewed until two days later n.other departments it can be longer n.baltimore where 25-year-old freddy gray dieed in custody, officers there and through out the state of maryland are afforded ten days. none of the waiting periods apply to civilians. they site studies showing memories can improve after a night's rest. fred fake frazier is vice president of the association in dallas. >> there are good signs other people coming along and using it badly. >> dr. darren strange is an associate professor at the
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>> when you near the middle of an investigation, we know, as far as memory is concerned, it's to get the details as soon as possible. it's been more than two years since bobby bennett was shot. he setted his case for $1.6 million. his attorney says the community would be better serve fundamental the police were treated like everyone else. >> it serves the purpose of the police. it does not serve the purpose of justice. >> are last month a special committee in maryland voted to cut the ten day waiting period down to five. for scripps news in washington, i'm ross jones. >> to learn more on how the officers are defend the practice and see if officeers in your area are affording a
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>> the sonogram of a dying twin is capture the heart of so many. twins are holding hands in the sonogram a.kansas couple recently finding out that one of the babies has hold neil his heart and the brain is not growing as it should. it also seems as if one is protect the other. >> i stood in the mirror and noticed, where is my belly button. that was houston woman threatening to sue her doctor saying she had surgery to have her baby belly removeed and woke up without a belly button. the doctor said had told patient he'd rebuild after the initial surgery. >> one took his girlfriend out for lunch apolice officer, and called for back-up.
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lunch and he sees a fence full of graffiti. he pulse over, calls for become- up and asked for his fee say to step out of the car. the mural reads will you marry me. ashley said yes and painted her answer on the mural. >> pretty cool. >> now, the most accurate weather theme florida, abc action weather. can you imagine if she painted no? >> that would be bad. >> we love happy endings. >> a little bit of fog across the northern count tis tomorrow morning and that sets us up for a nice stretch of weather. temperatures from the upper 40 toshiba low 50s, there is fog, dryer air coming in, due point will lower and when it does
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this is a look at visibility right now. about a nile brooksville, two miles around newport ritchie. over the next several hours some of the moisture na sense, is going to move down to the south being replaceed by dryer air. while visibility goes down, polling, eastern pasco, harding northern counties. most of the area will wake up to mostly clear skies yet down south still limited visibility. that's by 6@. by 0 clock it's all gone. you'll wake-up to mostly sunny skies and they'll stay sunny. clear skyies from tampa to clear watt tore st. pete.
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we should be around 73 and 55. last year we were 72 in the afternoon. that's. satellite picture to day, temperatures warming back up. the closer you are to the water it's going to be cooler. here is a lock at the water vapor. that's dry air coming in. remember, in florida, even though this is air up top, when we get low level winds out of the east or the west, we can get cloud cover. that's what happens when you're surrounded by the water on a peninsula. when winds are out of the north and northeast we have nothing to worry about. maybe some difficult cloud, unexpecked clouds sometimes.
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a shift in a different direction. while that will not be an issue on thursday you can see it. the wipeds go northeast and east and when that happens clouds develop on the east coast and go around the state. the stronger the wind the more clouds move inland. we don't see any clouds across most of the viewing area. maybe a few clouds out of it late tomorrow and into friday. otherwise we're going to see a lot of this, a warming trend. tomorrow, still cool along the beach. interior counties will be fbi. fbi the low to mid 7 0s. there is a storm system out west this. is something we're going to be tracking. some of this energy could bring rain chance back to a high level maybe next tuesday or wednesday. temperatures are chilly up north. we're going to have nice my pressure signature on top of
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that warms us up and clears us out for the weekend. if you're going to daytona you're good to go. here is a look at florida's most accurate seven day. we're headed in the right direction. 74 friday, sunday and monday, flirting with 80 degrees and no rain in the forecast until tuesday or wednesday. >> the rays are hoping for more this spring training as in matt moore. tk explaining next. >> cheer a glimpse of what we accomplished because we put our heads to getz ever. we have a decent love line >> really?
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folk, spring training underway. rays pitchers and catchers
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can they compete in the east? this year, yes. to make run they need more pitching as in matt moore. >> what a difference a year makes. >> this time last year getting ready for camp was different feeling. i know i'm going to spring training but i'm not going to do much. moore can actually throw off of a mound during spring training without wore rig after finally recovering from tommy john surgery. >> it seems my elbow is in place. >> he went turned knife in april 2014 to repair torn ligament in his left elbow. he returned last july but struggled in his starts before being sent down. when he return independence september his stats got better.
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get better and it's carried over into the off season. with elbow rehab behind, he's focused on building consistency and without set backs will be his first season in the big leagues in three years. >> i'm not going in with something to prove but i know who i am and what i'm capable of. reporting with the race, john able,. >> now lightning. first the flu bug alive and well. the boys know what they put on the nice the last week. what they put on the ice defensively against the sharks on tuesday stunk. they need two points tomorrow night against winnipeg folks, no ifs, ands or buts. >> when you keep losing you're not climbing in the stats.
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this group. you're going to go through bumps in the road but we only have one home game left before six or seven on the road and we just need to have an inspired effort against winnipeg. big night tomorrow night as the daytona 500 qualifier continues. brad kaslowski. >> that's part of how motor sports is. if you keep your sell enough that position long enough for the right of races, the breaks will fall your way. you have to have speed to win the races, have a fast car and you have to execute. the backbone is to have a fast car and we have it this week so i'm looking forward to the rest of the week.
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change. >> closed captioning is brought
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if we gave in morning an a plus you have to give tomorrow an a plus. it's going to be perfect. continuing coverage on
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