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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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fair weather clouds. it is time, february still going onment we are looking at the distance, temperatures are in the 60s and 70s by afternoon. . >> life from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> robbery revenge, how a craig's list victim put one suspected rob never jail and the warning police have for you -- robber in jail and the warning police have for you. >> inches from disaster caught on camera, a school bus full of students is nearly hit by a train, what the bus driver did wrong. >> look how close that is. >> that's scary. >> good morning. thank you for joining us this morning. >> we start with a crime warning this morning, police say the man you see here used a fake craig's list to pull off armed robberies. >> he was caught when he robbed
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we will explain thousand victim used -- explain how e victim used craig's list. >> he regularly buys and sales so when he saw this brand new i phone 6 he didn't want to pass it up. this guy told him to meet in this neighborhood. >> he called me, and he said can you come all the way. i was like red flags. >> despited his instinct, he anyway. he was willing to pay $60 for a phone that needed a pass word. the suspect told him never mind. he texted him back a few price. >> we went like on the same time like this. , then, i said okay, thank you. he went like -- he said all right, give me the phone. it was like what. >> he says that's when he noticed a small hand gun pointed at him. he gave up the phone and went back to his car.
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i said i don't have it. >> the suspect searched his pockets and let him go. after the robbery, fortino was surprised to see the ad still on craig's list so he contacted number. i asked him, hey, do you still have the iphone 6 for sure. >> sure enough he agreed to different neighborhood. he called detectives and they showed up instead of him. >> i could hear on the radio like the officer saying get on the ground. >> abc action news. deputies say if you decide to use craig's list to buy or sale item, always meet in a public place. >> you can use any sheriff's district office. it is always staffed and also considered a safe zone. good morning. it is friday.
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tam -- tampa at 55 and clear skys and st. pete, we will have an extra chill in the air. in morning jacket weather and we will climb into the 70s this afternoon. let's check on traffic now at 4:33 a live look at and we will update again in about 15 minute. >> >> the so-called aflewen zoo is back in -- aflewen afluenza teen. ethan and his mother were captured in mexico in december. if his case is move today adult court, he could get up to 40 years in prison if he violated probation just one time over the next decade.
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three murder suspects showing very little -- shocking video of three murder suspects showing very little remorse. they seemed more focused on the courtrooms in the camera. >> what are these cameras for. >> it is the media. >> i have a question. >> what's up, y'all. >> follow me on here. snapchat. >> pretty sickening. the victim's grandfather could only shake his head when the -- the victim was killed when he met the suspects after geting into an argument with them on social media site. >> >> 4:30, democracy 2016, the six republican candidate versus just one more date to -- candidates have just one more day to convince voters to vote for them in south carolina. each discussed pope francis
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wall along the u.s. mexican border made him not christian. >> i don't question people's christianity. i think that's a relationship they have with their lord and savior and themselves. i don't think it is appropriate to question his faith. >> i think he heard one side of the story which is probably by the mexican government. he didn't see the boarder the -- see the struggle the board sore causing us. >> we have a right to build a wall but there are too in walls between us. we need bridges if we're going to fix problems in washington. >> the question of ted cruz eligibility to become president is not going away. they will hear a lawsuit today. the man who filed that suit says if he succeeds cruz would have to drop out of the raise.
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he may be forced at that point to resign the nomination. >> cruz maintains he's a natural born citizen because he was born to an american mother. however that has never been tested in court. on the democratic side, clinton is said stoat get a major endorsement to the house of representatives and the state's congressional democrat. clinton and sanders are fighting to win over minority vote necessary south carolina and nevada. >> i have a warning for slow poke drivers on bay area interstate, prepare to move to the right lane or you may be ticketed. michael explains the new florida highway patrol initiative to keep traffic moving fast but not too fast. >> the left lane is always the
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in florida especially around winter months, when snow birds take over, it gets clogged. >> it is annoying. i don't like to speed too much but if i'm in the left lane, i like to. >> state troopers can site a driver for going ten miles per hour or lower in the left lane. >> you have to keep lane switching to get around them. >> i mean, it make everyone else more wreckless. sometimes get get to annoyed. road rage was a big concern because it makes the drive even more stressful. >> it creates some danger and they want to pass me. >> some people want slow drivers ticketed but as long as he's not the one paying the $60 fine, his road rage is at 0. >> personally y get road rage because i know some people that's just the way life is.
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the same page or in same rush that you are. abc action new. >> >> state troopers tell us they will be closely monitoring slow drivers in the right lane because in of them are testing on their phones. if they are, they will also receive tickets. we have incredible video of a helicopter crashing in waters near the u.s.s arizona memorial in hawaii. five people on board the chapper when it crashed were hurt. witnesses jumped into the water pulling the victims to shore. >> that was scary. we are thinking we were going to see dead body. >> three people suffered serious injuries. the cause of this crash is still under investigation. dramatic new video from texas showings just how close an oncoming train came to slaming into the back of a bus of students. recorded this near miss on his cell phone last week.
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at one point has the train goes by. after the incident, they drove back to the school saying the teens were so loud the bus couldn't be driven safely. they were loud because they were trying to get the drivers attention. >> we were all screaming and telling her to move forward, and everyone was just really freaking out, and really terrified at the moment. >> school district fired that bus driver for driverring too close to the train and for failing to follow standard protocol. >> a weird noise has people perplexed right now. nobody in oregon know what is the sound is. it has been going on for weeks now. here a listen to it. [buzzing sound] >> so far they have ruled out a water valve, a gas leak, wild life, not sure what wild life would make that. even stranger though, not everybody hears it and those who have say they only hear it at night.
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>> i didn't hear a thing. >> right. let's check in on the forecast today. 50s this morn, 70 by lunchtime, 75. can we hang on to this nice weather for weekend? we will have the extended forecast coming up. more zika virus cases reported in florida. still ahead, the surprising suggestion pope francis made to keep vehicle from spreading. >> almost blew up a lead against winnipeg last night but pulled out the victory. we will have the highlights
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>> 4:43. apple will continue to break the encorruption. >> abc action news reporter, shows thank you order could affect security on your phone and phones around the world. >> of course i totally understand the fbi needs to do their home work and their investigation and find the bad guy. but, you have to look at the unintended consequences of something like. >> encorruption and cyber security is his business. he says apples refusal to hack into farook's cell phone is a tough decision but the right one. >> they would really -- i would really like to be able to send a subpoena and hack the phone any time for anything.
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twice before we say yes to that. >> apple statement's ceo tim cook wrote complying would require building a back door to the iphone, a back door that would expose personal information like your bank accounts, and provide investigators with gps data, a point by point map of every location you visit. >> i think it is easy to do it now because of the case and because it is high profile but it does get that term which i hate so much, a slippery slope and how far does it slide. >> they called a federal judge that apple comply a chilling precedent. the ceo of twitter and google voiced similar support. >> apple has to some degree made a business decision to say no because they're protecting hundreds of millions of customers. for abc action news. if you are near mcdill air force base, don't be concerned if you see fighter jets they're the u.s. air force thunder
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for inflight refueling demonstrations, as part of the tankers. the thunder birds are in florida to fly over before the daytona 500 will return to tampa next month. >> we will check your forecast. >> good morning. >> it looks good for daytona 500 heading into sunday. good times rolling in from the atlantic and otherwise looks dry. most of us checking into the 50s. as we enter the afternoon, there's your high, 75 with mostly sunny skies. it will feel nice. it is one of those patterns we wake up with cool temperatures and wake waive and give up the mild afternoons. look at this expansive area of high pressure a lot of sinking air in atmosphere, not much in the way of rising motion. you don't get the clouds. you get this sandy color there on purpose because it is depicting dry conditions and it will shut anything off from
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really the only thing that would trigger any rain fall would be the east flow that's coming in. even though it will be weak and that's just along the coast, perhaps a couple of quick sprinkles and otherwise it is just cloud cover. for us partly cloudy skies opposed to the full sunshine we've had the last couple of days. >> that's all we have to track for now. we do get a system early next week. we will talk about that. temperatures are low 70s for this afternoon. 75 right at the airport and i think it will feel warmer than that just if you are out in the direct sunlight, you know, with less wind out there. feeling very comfortable, northeast winds for boaters if you are heading out across the waterways, good for you on a friday, right. if you are heading out on a boat it is a good day. >> 7:05 for your sun rise and sun set getting darker lateer and later now, 75, 76 for saturday and sunday. again, both weekend days look good. if you are heading to daytona,
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a few more clouds in daytona but we look good up. upper 70s that's tuesday and wednesday, looks less potent right now. i have to tell you, looks like showers here rolling through tuesday and wednesday and some cooler temperatures behind that front on thursday. let's check on the roads here. thank you, ivan. here is a look at i-275 in st. pete not a lot of traffic out there. that's the good news buttock bad news is the later it gets, the more traffic you will see. here is a look at other bay area roads and what to expect in ten minors so. we have a sad update from portland where dive teams say one person died after the car they were in diveed into the columbia river. it was submerged. a good samaritan tried to driver in and -- try today dive in and make a rescue but was
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>> a driver slams his suv into say dallas-area convenience store injuring two women and pinned one of them under that suv. here a look at the damage it left behind. it is just incredible. the owner said it look like a were zone inside. crews pulled it woman out from under the suv she was flown to a hospital in critical condition. the other woman is expect today be okay. you can see the car right there through the business. witnesses say the driver appear today be disoriented. police arrested him, suspected him of driving drunk. 4:49. 11 till 5:00, the rays sign a pitcher while lightning get an important win. sports director tom has more now on your morning sports update. good morning, everybody. all i can say is thank goodness they didn't -- they score three times in final four minutes and 22 seconds in the first period. steven finishing the hatrack 20 seconds left to go to make it 3-
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by too time they hit the 7 minute mark, it was a new game, andrew scores, off to stick -- after the save. it was 4-4. winnipeg would take the lead but they come right back. a score right here sends this game into an event shoot out. then, it is stephen clinching the win as the lightning win this one 6-5 in the shoot out. they move into the final wild card spot with a big game against pittsburgh saturday afternoon. while while, jimmie johnson had a nice run in the 500 practice sessions. the last night in the dual qualifier. he got new help from anybody and was hung inside to dry. son would finish 13th after he spun out on the final lap. his projected starting position, the outside of row 13.
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the first race. kyle bush the second. down to port charlotte. they announced the signer of ryan web who most recently pitched for the indians. he's from clear water. so he joins fellow tampa bay area steve pierce from lake land on the roster. >> 4a girls state title game last night, looks losing to lakeland highland prep. 72-30. that's highland prep. >> have ourself a great day. 4:51. fire in sky, coming up at 5:00, more on this amazing video of a fire tornado. hundreds go celebrity siting the vip party that brought these famous brothers
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>> we are back here with a nice morning shaping up here, temperatures not too cold, a light jacket that would be it. i will get out of the way so you can plan your forecast there with full sunshine, a few fair weather clouds, but nothing that would rain on us here and look at the temperatures in low to mid 70s. great kick you have to the weekend. we will have the extended forecast for that and into next week next hour. one of the most popular bands to tour will be coming back this summer. the dave matthews band
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anniversary and they will be playing the credit union amphitheater on july 27th. if you didn't win tickets you can buy them starting today at noon. prices start at $31.50. >> central florida might be the home of one well known mouse. >> yeah, but that didn't stop hundredsover people from hitting the streets in downtown last night. they were trying to catch a glimpse of famous stars. actor mark wallburg and his brother paul were in town last night for a vip party celebrating the grand opening of the new restaurant. >> unfortunately, their other brother couldn't make it to the event the orlando location is the brother's first in the southeast. coming up, ambushed at mcdonald's the possible racial reason behind this violent attack on a decorated marine. and a history-making trip, a serious conversation president obama plans to have
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he thought he was in a safe place to make his craig's list purchase and realized he wasn't when a gun was pointed at him. how he got respring the suspect caught red handed. 26 years ago, glenn chambers escaped from prison and to this day he has not been seen and they have not given up hope of catching the convicted killer. coming up next the latest on the investigation and where he was spotted last. >> also today a huge hiring event starts today, hundreds of teachers and staff are wanted right now in pasco county, we are laying out what you need to do to get hired. >> good morning. thank you for starting your day with us. >> it is a friday. >> it is a friday. exciting. >> we have been here to kick it off and a big race in daytona. >> there's a big race in daytona. >> we have the foot race everybody is running apartly. >> we are too after 10:00. >> let's check in on the


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