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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news action. new at six, deadly gunfire business. tonight. a touching update on a couple that outlasted war and spent a decade apart. how they're adjusting to a new bay area home and paying it forward. i'm sarina fazan. >> and i'm john sabol. a gunman fires into a crowd.
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others are in the hospital. jake peterson joins us live from the hookah bar to tell us about what led to the violence. jay. >> reporter: good evening to you. this lounge would be opening right now for a busy saturday night. the open sign is off. managers telling us they may open later tonight. right now they are closed. investigators spending most o. day here collecting -- of the day here collecting evidence. as the lounge was closing, a confrontation broke out. the suspect started shooting at the crowd. four people hit by bullets, a hispanic male dialed. two males in their 20s, and a woman in her 30s were hit and taken to the hospital. investigators telling us they are looking for a male shooter and that's all they're willing to say at this point. >> we're currently in the process of processing the crime scene as you can see behind us. we have conducted interviews
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interviewing the victims as their medical condition allows us. >> reporter: and as you can imagine, it was basically chaos out here last night, one eyewitness telling us that people were basically running for their lives. now, we do not know the name of the victim as they are still notifying family members. if you have any information on this case, you're urged to call the hillsborough county sheriff's department. we're live in hillsborough county, jake peterson, abc action news. we are learning information about another shooting in tampa. this happening at an apartment complex at town and country. >> we brought this as breaking news last night as deputies ran to cap diva apartments. she forced her into the apartment at gun point, for what appears to be a robbery. then a man inside confronted roach during a scuffle. roach was shot and killed. investigators say they believe this is not a random crime but they have not revealed a motive and the investigation
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now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. and good evening, everybody. great day. what a beautiful saturday. i sure hope you got to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. if you didn't get a chance today, maybe you were battling the cold or sniffles or stuck inside doing the weather all day, tomorrow, you're going to be able to get outside because it's going to be just like today. right now, satellite and radar is clear. nothing showing up right now on our titan doppler radar display, but we do have very mild temperatures. 75 right now in tampa. clear water at 73. 72 in sunshine. still in st. petersburg, as the sun gets ready to go down, and we've got another gorgeous day on tap just like this for tomorrow. highs back up into the 70s except maybe just along the coast where it will be a little bit cooler. but still, a wonderful weekend rolls forward. we'll have details in that
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than 15 minutes away. new video tonight showing the dramatic rescue of an elderly woman from a cruise ship in sarasota county. >> a helicopter screw hoisted the woman. the 74-year-old suffered a heart attack in the ship this morning. the medivac crew rushed to help her. in an abc action news update, we told you about the special reunion between a lost boy of sudan and his long lost love. >> they were separated for ten years, and now they are continuing their life together in pasco county. >> abc action news reporter, cara joins us now with their warm row union and how the couple -- reunion and how the couple is paying it forward. >> reporter: starting a whole new life in this country, a
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from all over the country, all over florida here are gathering to want along with new friends they have made coming to the country all in port ritchie. it took john ding ten years to get everything together and come through immigration and make it to the country, of course now starting a new life with his wife mary after they reunited in september. organizing this welcome to america celebration for her. about 50 people gathered out here tonight, celebrating with festive music, dancing and lots of traditional africa food, saw them coming from as far as texas and mt. to be a part of this. many of those here like john are part of the lost boys of sudan. that's a group of thousands of refugees who survived a second civil war in the country which ended just in 2005. john says these thrilled for the re-- he's thrilled for the reunion, and seeing family members he hasn't seen in 15 years, some of them. >> today was emotions, and i
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believe it. and god is great to make everything happen. so today i have a tear, but it's a tear of joy. >> reporter: and they plan to keep this party going all the way through midnight tonight and long after the lights go down. they hope the story of the lost boys of sudan continues on and inspires many people for many years and months to come. there's already a couple schools doing projects and documentaries after hearing of them coming to florida. and a church sending money for the families still left in sue can. report live in port -- due san, report -- in sudan, report live. abc action news. thousands gathered to say good-bye to antonin scalia. scalia died in his sleep last saturday during a visit to texas, just a month shy of his
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his son, paul scalia delivered the mass for his father. >> god blessed dad as is well known with a love for his country. >> scalia's long time friend justice clarence thomas also spoke at the service. president obama and the first lady paid their respects after meeting privately with scalia's family. the president is reviewing possible replacements for scalia this weekend. in democracy 2016, two major tests for the presidential candidates as voters weigh in for two states. for democrats, nevada is the battle ground, leaning up to caucus. just minutes ago, hillary clinton declared the winner by a 5% margin. it's been a close race all day between the former secretary of state, and vermont senator bernie sanders. it appears clinton has come out on top. now, here is a look at the clinton rally as the candidates and supporters celebrate the
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clinton also won nevada in 2008 during her first presidential run. nevada is not the only place where the race for the white house is heating up. in south carolina, republicans are heading to the polls for the gop primary. and this marks the first southern primary of election season. polls showed donald trump with the lead, but the billionaire is battling on several fronts. just yesterday, he said it's disgraceful for pope francis to suggest that trump is not christian for wanting to build a wall. right now trump's closest competitor is ted cruz. former senator marco rubio is hoping the new endorsements from south carolina's most powerful republican will give him a boose. still ahead on action news at 6. wanted criminals getting a second chance. the offer a sheriff's office gave them to help them avoid jail time. plus this. everybody is doing it. anyone who has a cell phone. >> the mistake drivers of all ages are making and how a community is uniting against
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covering for pinellas county. >> the sheriff's office invited suspects to turn themselves in, and deputies helped them resolve their misdemeanor charges without arrest. it's called operation safe surrender, and dozens took advantage in clear water. we talked to one woman who was worried about jail time for a suspended tag on a broken down car in her backyard. she says she didn't know it was illegal, and she was happy to clear her record. >> people say, nothing's going to happen, and you're not going to jail. but i'm like, i might be going to jail. i was hoping for the best and the best happened, so i'm
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>> 43 people took part in operation safe surrender today, clearing their warrants. the sheriff's office says most of the cases are for missing court dates for everything like driving and voting violations. some groups in manatee county are coming together to save lives on the road. >> blake medical group held a safety event called wheel-o- llama. showing the impacts of driving while distracts, texting, drinking or sleeping behind the wheel. organizers say it's not just young people who are driving distracted. still to come on abc action news at six, a popular event returns giving a taste of local seafood and music. what you can check out this weekend for free. and the starting grid set for tomorrow's date 500 -- daytona 500.
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the weekend of classboro, thousands of runners took over
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they are racing in the 15k, and tomorrow they'll take part in the 8k and half marathon. there are many road closures and road blocks on davis islands and bay shore areas. don't worry we have all those areas for you on our free abc action news mobile app. and clear water has transformed into a cc central with a side of music. the annual blues festival is back. festivities kicked off on friday and fans will be taking the stage at 8:00. the concerts are free. you can show off some of the best bay area restaurants. festival is going on tomorrow at noon. >> now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. beautiful day for a run, of course hanging outside at the festival. >> that's right. and look how jolly bill is. >> pretty jolly. >> another great day on the way. did you like today? >> i loved it. >> fantastic weather is going to continue right through the
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folks, look at this. again, another great picture as the sun slowly sinks over the horizon into the gulf of mexico. that is our beautiful picture from the main sale beach on anna maria island, and no matter what you did outside, if you were at the blues festival, out running, or maybe just calling the friends up north, this was a day to brag about. absolutely gorgeous. and we've got more on the way tomorrow with warm temperatures, sunshine, and blue skies. into monday as well before we start to see changes and a chance of some rain tuesday and into wednesday. officially at the airport today, 78 degrees. just let that sink in. wallow in that for a moment. 78 degrees here on february 20 february 20th. this is why we live in florida.
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the overnight low or early morning low, about 56. dead onto where we're supposed to be. a few clouds on the east coast, not bringing any rain anywhere across central florida. we'll take a look at current temperatures. right now at 75 in tampa. a little bit cooler along the water. 62 in hudson. 62 in clear water. sarina saw sew that at -- sarasota at 69. 71 in tallahassee and gainesville. 68 in daytona beach where they are racing right now, and absolutely thankful for great track conditions, and look across the southeast, warmth into st. louis where they hit a high of 77. they're at 73 right now. we've got this area of high pressure, kind of sinking a little bit further off to the east. this front won't get here. we're going to get winds coming in out of the southeast tomorrow and then maybe a sea
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but we shouldn't see any rain, not until late monday with a scattered shower or two. overnight or sunday morning, we're going to be looking for temperatures once again back into the middle 50s. around 60 in the water. 53 for hernando, and probably 54 or 55 degrees for wauchula to avon park. going to be a nice start, and things overnight are going to be absolutely brilliant, going through the 70s down into the 60s and then that sunrise temperature, right around 7:00. 7:03 of 56 degrees. in st. petersburg. near the water, just a little bit cooler. it's going to be awesome again, winds out of the east southeast at 6. into tampa, we'll look for a high of at least 76 degrees, and it's going to be great for the 500. another one of those picture perfect days from daytona, looking for a high of about 74. sun and clouds with a fast track out there along the daytona beach.
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that's your gulf water temperature. winds out of the east and shifting northwest later on at 5 knots, so calm sea. should be a great day for boating with a light chop on the bay and waterway. sun's up, as i mentioned, just after 7:00 tomorrow and that beautiful stretch of weather continues right into the workweek. oh, my, it's looking really good. even warm on tuesday and wednesday, as a front pulls through. but once that front gets out of here, we clear out the rain. things will get cooler, at the end of the workweek, and into next weekend. >> enjoy the rest of this weekend. despite meeting winnipeg on thursday night, the lightning held a players only meeting after the game. why a meeting after the win, because the bulls blew a 4-1 lead, still won, but the message was clear. they have to stay focused and play better if they want to make it to the post season. matinee hockey up in pittsburgh. lightning leading 1-0, all
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alex gordon fires off the post, steven stamcoast is there for the rebound. that's goal 300 for the lightning captain. more on that in a moment. 2-0 good guys. mad carl fires from the blue line, and the puck trickles in through the 5 hole. and penguins goalie, 3-0 lightning. 3-1 now. watch this pass from lightning jonathan, to tyler johnson. perfectly tied for the the of the queer. lightning win 4-2 over pittsburgh. a much needed win almost after losing on thursday night. >> one thing you have to look at is we did actually win that game, even though we were maybe a little disappointed in giving up the lead but we did come back and win the game, and did a little soul searching before the game about how we have to play, and the right way to
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how about that career goal. he becomes the youngest to reach 300 goals, and becomes 3- point. to the track now, we haven't seen a driver win the daytona 500 in back-to-back years. and joey logano was 4 and 5 years old. final day of practice, logano will start in the 5 position, dale earnhardt jr. had the fastest practice round at a little over 197 miles per hour. he'll start in third. tampa native, eric amarillo will begin in 34th. here's your positions 1 through 5. the youngest ever hold the pole. chase elliot will lead the pack. elliot will become the first driver to win the pole and the daytona 500: let's talk college hoops. usf entering the day without a conference win. the bulls hadn't won a conference win at home in
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could they do it today against memphis. bulls conference home win, against ucf. what a season, jamal mcmurray has had. two of his 17 points. bulls by 4. and gives this the fall. bulls up 5 with 5 minstrel, and mcmurray addings add -- adds the exclamation point. 80-71 winning the first conference game at home in nearly a year. we'll have much more on that game plus this game. florida, south carolina going down to the wire complete highlights later at eleven. stay tuned, we're back after
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bill says a repeat of tomorrow's weather. we'll take it. we love it had. thank you so much for joining -- we loved it. thank you so much for joining us. >> we'll see you back here
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welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." breaking news on this showdown saturday. election battles on two fronts. hillary clinton with a much-needed win over bernie sanders in nevada after a tense neck-and-neck fight. but sanders trouncing her on the issue of trust. tonight, the long lines and the celebrations. showdown in south carolina. donald trump firing away until the very end. >> so, it's crunch time, folks. it's crunch time. >> ted cruz and marco rubio with their last-minute push. can they still catch trump? >> it's in god's hands and in the voters' hands.


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