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tv   ABC World News  ABC  February 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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take a look at the future cast. we see mostly clear skies and into monday but tuesday, yes, maybe a better chance of raindrops and wednesday as well. changes midweek will cool us off but until then enjoy the feeling like springtime. >> it has been gorgeous. we will take it definitely. thank you for choosing abc action news. we will see you back here
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11. >> stay safe everyone.
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welcome to world news. a big victory and big name calling it quits. donald trump take over and the billionaire businessman winning in south carolina. his second primary in a row. >> when you win it is beautiful. >> can he be stopped? the heated battle for second place. cooling the burn. hillary clinton taking the momentum back from bernie sanders. what? >> sanders vowing to go on. >> the great political upsets in the history of the united states. shooting spree, the deadly
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uber driver under arrest tonight. the hunt for a motive. and mountain emergencies. skiers plunging to the ground when the lift cable snaps. dozens of others trapped there for hours. the little boy who slipped off of the chair and hung there. the hidden danger even before you hit the slopes. this is abc world news tonight. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. the race for the white house. donald trump victorious in the south carolina party. his whole family to celebrate with him. that win by double digits but the fight came down to over 1,000 votes. senator marco rubio edging out senator cruz and any hope of a bush presidency over. jeb bowing out. jonathan carl in washington tonight. >> we had such an amazing
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>> reporter: donald trump is now unmistakably on top. >> tall and short and skinny and fat people. just one. >> reporter: on a high after winning in south carolina, he briefly turned over the mike to his camera shy wife. >> he would be the best president. >> reporter: and his very pregnant daughter ivanna. >> the momentum has been unbelievable. >> reporter: trump's victory was clean and came out on top with evangelical voters. >> i didn't know we were going to win by that much. it was recording setting stuff. >> reporter: jeb bush calling it quits. the truth alternative pitched the two senators against each other. marco rubio narrowly edged out ted cruz and beaten badly by trump marco rubio sees reason for hope.
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we are not voting for donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump continues to say ted cruz is ineligible to be president because he was born in canada and he was pressed on something that marco rubio is not eligible. >> you are not sure. >> i have never looked at it. somebody he said and i retweeted it and we started dialogue. >> reporter: marco rubio laughed it off. >> we heard donald trump say he is not sure you are eligible to run for president. your response. >> well, this is a pattern. this is a game he plays. i'm going to spend zero time on his interpretation of the constitution with regards to eligibility. >> donald trump will have a chance on february with the
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polls show trump with a big lead. >> on that point let's bring in matt dowd. with super tuesday after nevada, does he have a game plan. >> he has had a better political insight. donald trump needs to keep winning and momentum is more important than anything else. if i were donald trump i would start using language that consolidates the party and stop with the insults and work on this next debate coming up. if he does well with the next debate he will probably sweep the states. thanks so much. an important win for hillary clinton. moving on to a big super tuesday state and celebrating
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her margin of victory was slim and what many african-american voters. >> we just won new hampshire! >> reporter: hillary clinton is relishing her nevada win and looking ahead. >> hello houston. is this a great night or what? >> reporter: celebrating with a late night rally in texas. >> hold your head up high because victory is now. >> reporter: with the momentum on her side, her campaign is confident and they see a clear path to the nomination. clinton held off bernie sanders rise to take nevada for five points. >> thanks very much. >> reporter: sanders enjoying a strong 2nd finish. >> five weeks ago we were 25 points behind in the polls. >> reporter: but the candidates today argued over who won the key latino vote. >> as i understand it, we won
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is a break through for us. >> that's just not what our analysis shows. >> reporter: clinton urged big african-american votes as she discussed. >> from a strategic standpoint who is the african-american population your campaign is focus. >> as many as possible. >> reporter: and she had stops today in south carolina. >> help me with this country in a political revolution. >> reporter: joined by actor danny glover. the clinton campaign is happy with the win but they acknowledge that not every state looks or votes like this and they expect sanders to win some states on super tuesday. tom. mary, thank you. we do move on to a shooting spree in michigan. apparently random 6 people shot and killed. police connecting the dots
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criminal record but who is an uber driver. alex perez is in kalamazoo michigan. >> reporter: on the hunt for answers after a deadly rampage leaves 6 dead. the suspect jason dalton now behind bars. >> shots fired. >> reporter: the chaos beginning at 542. a woman shot several times in the parking lot of this residential complex and survives. and four hours later in this car dealership parking lot a father and his 17-year-old son shot and killed. within minutes the gunman opens fire outside a cracker barrel restaurant killing four. including former teacher marry joe fly and critically wounding a 14-year-old girl. >> the suspect and shooting were at the cracker barrel. >> reporter: after midnight
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the victims selected at random. >> how do you you go and tell the families of these victims. >> reporter: 45-year-old dalton had no criminal record and worked as an uber driver. his neighbors in disbelief. >> that is scary. it could have been us or my daughter that got killed. >> reporter: authorities investigating it. matthew rode with dalton 70 minutes before the first shooting and a ride he won't forget. >> finally when he came to a stop, i jump out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: he even called police. tonight uber in a statement saying we are horrified and heart broken at this senseless violence. we have reached out to the police to help with the investigation and in any way that we can. investigators recovered a gun
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he is expected in court tomorrow afternoon. tom. >> alex, thank you. now, overseas to the south pacific in one of the most powerful storms to hit there. at least 6 people are dead in fiji after cyclone winston had winds up to 160 miles per hour and leaving people without power and communication. residents said to stay inside. when a day at the slopes turned dangerous. a little boy dangling from a lift. what you need to know. the nasa moon secret revealed. we will play for you the mysterious sound astronauts heard as they circled the moon.
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like any thrilling sport skiing can take a dangerous turn at any moment. scary moments before the skiers hit the slopes. here is a way to stay safe. >> reporter: this 11-year-old boy dangles from a tree lift with a safety bar up, he had dropped a ski pole and then fell out and rescuers holding a tarp and urging him to let go. although these accidents are rare ski resorts are reminding people how to stay safe. >> you think you will drop a pole or gloves, just let it drop.
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there are mechanical failures like in west virginia. >> everybody without a safety bar got ejected out. >> two needed attention for minor injuries. the timberline resort saying in a statement all lifts undergo inspections and in compliance with safety standards. 3500 ski lifts in the united states and accidents are rare. most are caused by riders not following the rules rather than mechanical failure. clayton sandell denver. when we come back, the pope's plea to world leaders. what he is urging them to do. deep trouble at sea. why this surfer could no longer hold onto his board.
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off this historic upset.
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a plea to the world leaders. pope francis urging all leaders to suspend the death penalty for a year. the commandment you shall not kill is valid for the guilty as innocent. a close call in oklahoma. an inspector reporting a gas leak. the house suddenly exploded. the home was under construction. no one was hurt. police believe a stolen stove may a very been causing the home to fill with gas. a dramatic rescue. a coast guard helicopter arriving in time to save surfers off the coast of washington state. look at the heavy waves knocking that guy around. the surfer as they tried to hoist him to safety. they got to this woman before a huge wave send the surfboard flying.
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the apollo 10 crew claiming in 1969 when they were out of range terrestial broadcast they heard bizarre whistling. take a listen. >> after 40 years the big reveal coming on the science station. the crew debated telling nasa what they heard. back on earth. a historic finish at the daytona 500. check out this photo finish. denny hamlin in 4th place beating martin truex by the closers finish in history. this man thought he was on his last breath and strangers
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out wasn't a stranger at all.
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finally tonight, a grocery store aisle where one man's heart started to give out, that's when complete strangers jumped into action. as it turns out, they weren't all strangers. here is abc john donvon. >> michael kitty knows he almost died. the 60-year-old collapsed in a supermarket when he was stocking shelves and his heart stopped. >> i need an ambulance. >> this high schooler, john crossno studying to an emt was in the store and rushed over
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>> i checked his respirations and pulse and we didn't have anything. >> two nurses jumped into the rescue pushing on the chest of the man on the floor that looked lifeless. >> he was on the floor purple and we checked. >> he didn't have no pulse. >> no pulse. >> and the emt crew at the fire department, they got the call. including this man who didn't realize at first but the life that they were trying to save was his dad's. in the rush, he didn't get a good look at the face under the oxygen mask. >> it is a different experience when you realize it is a family member. >> reporter: you know how it ends because you have met michael kitty back out of the
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that had a part in saving him. john vondon. we thank you for that story john. i'm tom llamas.
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