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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 22, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EST

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bombs went off in damascus and homs as john kerry non-ed a tentative cease fire agreement that could begin in the next couple of days. but he acknowledged it's not finalized and all parties might not automatically comply. >> the republican candidates are campaigning in nevada today after donald trump sweeping victory in south carolina. first trump made a quick stop in atlanta to celebrate, vowing to win georgia and other southern states. second and third place finishers marco rubio and ted cruz cruz both criticized trump's stat jit. >> surrounding yourself with smart people alone is not enough. >> donald devotes all of his time and energy, all of his money to attacking me. >> trump is now also questioning whether rubio is eligible to run. and win two states trump says he is not being treated fairly by the republican national committee. as democrats prepare for the south carolina primary on saturday, hillary clinton is leading in the polls. but bernie sanders is still very much in the running and trying
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campaign trail. >> we just won nevada! >> reporter: hillary clinton is relishing her nevada win and looking ahead. >> hello, houston! is this a great night or what. >> reporter: celebrating with a late-night rally in texas. >> hold your head up high because victory is nigh. >> reporter: with the momentum back on her side, the campaign is confident, they see a clear path to the nomination. clinton held off bernie sanders' late rise to take nevada by five points. >> thank you very much. thanks for coming out. >> reporter: sanders, enjoying a strong second finish. >> you know, five weeks ago, we were 25 points behind in the polls. >> reporter: but the candidates argued over who really won the key latino vote. >> as i understand it, we actually won the latino vote yesterday, which is a big breakthrough for us. >> that's just not what our analysis shows.
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huge support from african-americans whose vote will be critical in the next big contest in south carolina. as she discussed with b.e.t. >> from a strategic standpoint, who's the african-american voter that your campaign is targeting? >> as many as possible. >> of course. >> reporter: sanders cowered those coveted votes with stops in south carolina. >> we need your help to help lead this country in a political revolution. >> reporter: joined by actor danny glover at his biggest event in the state so far. the clinton campaign is happy with the win here. but they acknowledge not every state looks or votes like this one. they fully expect sanders to win some states on tuesday. mary bruce, abc news, las vegas. >> bill cosby's wife camille must give a deposition today after a judge refused to postpone it. her lawyers tried to argue she knew nothing about the sex allegations and that only intent of the public deposition was to
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>> no wife wants to go into a deposition or a public forum and have to testify about her personal relationship with her husband. definitely not testify about his relationships with other women. >> today's deposition in massachusetts is for the lawsuit against her husband filed by several women who say he sexually assaulted them decades ago. cosby also faces a criminal case for sexual assault in pennsylvania. cosby denies any wrongdoing. now to a frightening story from miami. a young woman who found a roommate through craigslist is now in a hospital fighting for her life. 23-year-old danielle jones lived with a man named byron mitchell for a week before being brutally beaten and left for dead. she told police she was attacked by jones and acted in self-defense during the valentine's day incident. jones' mother says she is showing some signs of improvement. >> i can see that she's moving a little bit as if she's
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she starts to move her happened or sthael she will choke on the tubes. >> mitchell is now facing attempted murder charges. jones' family says the case should be as a warning that others should run background and criminal history checks before taking a step like jones did. >> so scary. another town is confronting a water contamination crisis. the water in petersburg, new york is contaminated with pfoa. the state is testing a nearby river both upstream and down stream from a plastics factory. >> we're going to move very quickly and put out there facts and science and make sure that the public is aware every step of our investigation. >> pfoa has been linked to kidney and testicular cancer as well as thyroid diseases and other serious health problems. >> get this, a new study suggests having a cup of coffee isn't just for staying awake and alert anymore.
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risk of developing alcohol-related liver damage. how much? well, one cup a day was found to reduce the risk of cirrhosis by 22%. four cups every day credited with a 65% reduction of risk and more than 36,000 americans a year die from cirrhosis. >> you know, i had intelligencia coffee a brand out west. it was very good coffee. the chicago brand i'm told in the control room. very good. >> i had a bud light. >> well, we have to hand it to one girl could you tell scout and her aunt in oregon. they certainly know how to target their audience. >> they were selling their girl scout cookies over the weekend outside a marijuana dispensary in portland. satisfy your munchies. they said the girl scouts don't condone doing it but it's not against the rules. >> an employee at the shop said it was great to the partner up and help the youngsters efforts.
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the day and they made it. >> they even have like back orders right about now. >> i bet you're right. >> that's absolutely true. >> the spokesperson for the girl scouts of oregon in southwest washington said they "recommend if any minor cannot enter a premise unaccompanied she should not sell her cookies there. >> outside the premises. still smart young ladies. come up, mother nature's furrey caught on camera as a landslide cuts off an entire town. >> high school wrestlers at eight championship meet turn into heroes. what they did to help a man in sisters trouble. >> transforming a junk-filled closet into tidy and usable space. design advice advice you can use to get your home in order. after today's forecast map. 42 degrees. it is also national cherry pie tonight. >> going to bring some in
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well this landslide has all but cut off the i'd hold town of elk city from the rest of the world. the state highway is blocked. there's no power in town. officials say reopening the road is taking longer than expected because of the huge boulders and trees you see there that's on the pavement. the roads are back into elk city but they're impassable this time of year because of the snow. this is so frightening to watch. >> and even for those guys that were recording it, i'm sure. police on new york's long island plan to resume their search for a man missing after this plane crash. three other men were rescued after the plane crashed into long island sound late saturday night. the small plane had a student pilot at the controls. police heard cries from t grabbed kayaks that were tied up nearby. their only light from a licopter above w weo e tenstaoff betwe apple and
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contents of the iphone of the san bernardino shooters. >> okay, so researchers say it is possible to hack into na phone without apple's help. and now one of america's foremost experts on cybersecurity is stepping up to the plate. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> a proposal to break the steal mate between the fbi and apple over the government's demand the tech giant hack into the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. cybersecurity pioneer john mcafee offering to do it himself for free in three week >> i guantee you give me the phone, i'll give you the data. ? he defended apple saying the fbi's request to create a so-called backdoor into the phone's operating system puts hundreds of millions of iphone usersk.nvolves physically tangpart this phone and only this phoneminating anyisk to others. >> using social engineering plus the hardware and the software, we would perform our magic with
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bring home the trophy from the state tournament. athletes tell me they did important. in that phone call we had with feri.
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ained. they do have lessons available onaiweit please . t's always youbere. >> don't you worry.
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>> reporter: so this is my problem area. thers got to be more wcan d in here but it's amess. is a mess. let's take you me. >> thank you for. >> to maintain. >> francesco's first tip for redesigning a space, think outside the box. >> i think what we can do this is turn this from a laundry room into a command center. >> reporter: tip two, find inspiration. >> we're going to look for something on pinterest to handle
2:57 am
pretty stuff. tip three, shop your home. >> i gave him free reign of my apartment to find items i already owned. >> perfect. >> reporter: that could work in the space. after a little bit of heavy lifting, we checked the final tip off our list. >> tip four, add a few e clean-up. >> reporter: let the transformation begin. the final result a functional space that doubles as a chic home office and i'm ready to put it to good use. >> shera haynes command center. >> go, sarah. >> that is smart. i'm going to say that he kind of cleaned up before he got there. >> you think ? t loot tiedyer with my shoes. my closet's even bigger. >> that closet right there, only the ones devoted to your manolo blahniks. the jimmy choose have another wall. >> what about the target brands?
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>> i love target. there's nothing wronging with tar-jay. fwrsz. >> that's what she says. next! you want mustard on that or not! come on, come on. i haven't got all day here! >> that's what she says. .pay the lady! next! the chicken's fresh.
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this morning on "world news now," demanding answers in mich. >>n ur driver went on a shooting rampage, killing six people at random. why did he do it? the suspect is due in court today. compln battle. att victory fozzy donald trump and hillary clinton. the fight for votes as another critical week in politics begins. safety first on the ski slopes. the latest accidents and scares and what you can doing to stay out of harm's way during your next winter vacation. and dream come true at the daytona 500.
3:01 am
the moment he's been waiting for since childhood. it's monday, february 22nd. nnncer: from abc news, s i'm kend gibson. >> and i'm reena nin. our top sry is the shootg prein kalamazoo, michigan. >> sixeoplardead this moing and two wounded by an aegedly who continued to take fares in between the apparent random shootings. >> jason dalton will be arraign this had morning on murder charges. ght now investitors are looking for a motive with more here's abc's elizabeth hur. amazing grace >> reporter: a community in mourning offering prayers not only for the victims, but als now in jail. >> vy relieved that we have someone in custod >> shots fired. >> reporter: thepr sta
3:02 am
evening, theirst a parking lot where a woman walking to her car was shotevertimes. thco, hrs later car dealership. a father and son were killed here. the third minut later outside a crackerarl restaurant erso b there was more pers iold in any incidents. >> repte specton dalton an uber driver was taken into custody hours after t
3:03 am
-year-old suspectasdir ckgrnd check. police cfirm he has no criminal sty. investigatio keis a >> tsozabe there. wh a horetory out o michigan there's her t of tate ochie in wn of fenfpect carbon monoxideoisoning. the sheriff there says ratoelie he fumwer outag friday gh theye fou inheir matter how loo matter how
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oun a tiiliput is just a develop very sad thing. of detroit. among the victims four children ranging in age from 2 to 9 years old. a very close call for a new home sales man in suburban oklahoma city. he smefled gas at this model home and was about to call 911 when it exploded and sent him flying. he was not hurt nor were the people inside. five other nearby homes that were damaged, as well. authorities believe they filled with natural gas after someone stole the gas stove from are the kitchen. well, in syria, more than 100 people have died after two bombings. isis has claimed responsibility for the blast in the cities of damascus and homs. jennifer he can ek ckel cleston has more. >> reporter: terror struck in quick succession in the syrian capital. multiple explosions ripped through a market at the height of rush hour. isis said its fighters, with
3:05 am
were responsible. for the blood shed. targeting a neighborhood of damascus, home to one of shia's islam's holiest shrine. hours before in the city of homs black smock envelopes to the point where a pair of car bombs shattered lives. here, too, a neighborhood dominated by minorities within islam. the aloe whites and the shia. those reviled by the sunni radicals within the islamic state. here, too, isis took credit. as the violence rages, news of a possible cease fire between rebel forces and government fight ears but not isis. secretary of state john kerry called it a provisional agreement. jennifer eccleston, abc news, london. >> overseas powerful language from pope francis as he calls for a worldwide ban on the death penalty. in his strongest words ever on the subject, he urged catholic political leaders to not carry
3:06 am
he said the commandment do not kill holds absolute value and applies to both the innocent and the guilty. the pope called not only for the abolition of capital punishment but also the improvement in prison conditions. >> john kasich has stripped government money from planned parenthood in his state. republican presidential candidate signed the bill yesterday after a weak performance in the south carolina primary. state and federal law also prohibit taxpayer funds to pay for abortions. the legislation targets 1.3 million dollars planned pattern heed receives mostly for hiv testing and cancer screenings. >> the other republican candidates are campaigning in nevada today. ahead of tomorrow's gop caucuses there. as for the democrats, hillary clinton celebrating her victory while bernie sanders is still proving to be a major threat. it's your voice, your vote. abc's mary bruce with the latest from the campaign trail. >> from victory rally. >> when you win, it's beautiful.
3:07 am
>> are we going to win georgia? yeah. >> reporter: donald trump back on the trail and flying high after hisig win i sou carolina. >> you think you have this nomination inhand.
3:08 am
gece.te sanders also touted his support among latinos in nevada. but clinton won withe es marybruce, > otherhe iphone. on a legal issue site, james comey says the federal lawsuit against apple isn't about setting a precedent, just extracting information in this one narrow case with you a form
3:09 am
chief says he supports apple on had issue. however michael hayden says must showhat cooperating in this case would not compromisephone security in general. major dopments in the se aault lawsuit against bill cosby. his wife camille must give a deposition in thease later today. her lawyers had argued that mrs. cosby kne nothing about the sex aatio and that th itf plic deti was to embarrass and harassher. the suit alleges bill cosby sexually aaulted seval women decades o. >> police in dallas could wrap up their investigation of johnny manziel this week. police now have video surveillance of the incident in which manzex-girlfrien in a car late last month. he hasn't been interviewed yet by the authorities there and has not been charged with a crime. and aaron endrews will be in nashville today where a civil
3:10 am
marriott hotel is getting under way. an$75 he cm anthat took place eight years ago. she accuses the hotel of an you loing a man to book a room next to hearse and claims he rd epholes dild hes. the trials expted to takin blike to ive in th500 my race whe inches. >> that's basically wha went down yesterday at theayna 500. four inches. >> that made the difference. okay. so pick it up onto the final lap. shall we me. >> denney hamlin in thees his move. and wins a drag race to the live -- look at those guys, the photo finish. oh, boy. >> edging out martin truex junior by just those inches as yo an incredible.
3:11 am
sure. you know, i haven't got a championship yet. and so biggest win for myself. >> yeah. wow. that was incredible be. >> okay. so by the way, this was the closest finish in daytona history and hamlin's first daytona 500 victory in ten attempts. it also ended a 23-year wait for team owner and good guy joe gibbs whose last daytona win was back in 1993. >> gentlemen, start your engines. huh? >> and dreams do come true. the coolest part about this is mom tweeting late this sunday afternoon that this had been his dream since he was in elementary school. he wrote a letter when he was in elementary schl saying, my wish is to win the daytona 500 and he says the reason for all of this is becau love racing. >> that's great. see, dreams come tr to belie in it and do it. coming upthmihe
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rescue by the coast guard caught on camera in washington state. the helicopter arrived just in time to save three people in the water. two surfers and someone who had tried to help them. the heavy waves knocked around the coast guard crew. no one, not the man and the two women nor the crew were injured. one person is dead and more than a dozen others injured after two avalanches this weekend. this is in british columbia. the fatality was a snowmobiler. another man is in critical condition after sunday's avalanche. both accidents happened near golden, british columbia. province. about 150 miles west of calgary. the avalanche canada service has over there. it's not just the snow that can be a danger while you're slushing down on the slopes. get up to the top as it risks that you take. >> there are many. and we had those twos recent chair lift accidents that are raising red flags with many
3:17 am
here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: for more than six minutes, this 11-year-old boy dangles from a chair lift. with the safety bar up, he had dropped au ski pole and slid out trying to catch it. and then dramatic moment. volunteer rescuers holding out a tarp and urging him to let go. he was not hurt. there are roughly 3,500 ski lifts in the united states. although chair lift accidents are rare, ski resorts are reminding people this season how to stay safe. >> you think you're going to drop something like a pole or glove, it's best just to let it drop. and then somebody can go back around and pick it up for you. >> reporter: but sometimes there are mechanical failures, like . west virginia. 25 people fell when the lift derailed, dropping 30 feet. 100 skiers left stranded. rescuers using harnesses to get them down. >> when it hit the ground, everybody that didn't have their safety bar down got ejected out.
3:18 am
the timberline four seasons resort saying in a statement all lifts undergo thorough and rigorous inspection and are in compliance with safety standards. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> they're saying make sure you don't have any loose clothing when you get off. that can get caught and you don't think about it. >> these are all things you're taught when you go for your ski lessons. they tell you how to get on and get off many of those lifts. even as somebody who snow board ofs quite a bit, it's always frightening when you're up there and you're worried about can these cables snap. >> i'm always worried. i never go on them. i can't get my butt up fast enough to get on the thing. >> that's part of the thrill of it. it makes it a game. >> not quick enough to get off chair. >> looking at those who can't do it properly. >> that would be me. don't make fun of them. that's me. >> just sit in the shack. have your dach can i remember. >> coming up, the wild swings in
3:19 am
a bummer crop of pot holes. drivers spend billions a year fixing damages from potholes. this morning, how you can get help paying for your next repair. >> but first, they come from opposite ends of the political spectrum but donald trump and bernie sanders do have one thing in common. can you guess what it is? >> no the hair?
3:20 am
well, with all the talk on the campaign trail about new york values, there's another very audible trait shared by two of >> and donald trump and bernie sanders both hail from new york city but it's when they talk the talk that you can really hear it. here's abc's ron claiborne. >> we're going to start winning again. >> reporter: if you're not from new york, you've probably
3:21 am
>> because of a huge voter turnout. >> reporter: trump was born and raised in queens and wears it proudly and loudly. >> this is a huge room. but downstairs, they're filling up another one. >> reporter: the senator from vermont is a native of brooklyn. his accent lampooned by comedian larry david on "saturday night live." >> we're doomed. we need a revolution. >> americans are seeing that through the new york accent that these people really say what they mean. >> reporter: they both have the classic new york dialect that's a samal of pop culture also made famous by mike myers on "snl." >> welcome to coffee talk. >> reporter: and in film. >> hey, i'm walking here. >> reporter: sanders and trump are walking and talking to vote others. and a whole lot of them are listening. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> so matt in our control room says according to anthropologists, the accent could possibly die out in two generations.
3:22 am
it to get out of a family? >> because there's so many new ethnicities in new york, it's going away. middle working class accent. >> i can definitely hear it obviously in bernie sanders. i don't hear it as much as donald trump. >> he's not middle class. that could be why. >> that's it. good point. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive your information, call this number now. your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. stand by to learn more. >> i alex trebek, here to tell you about a popular life insurance plan with a rate lock that locks in your rate
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ife. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. and now it's time for "the mix." turning 100 is a big deal. turning 106 is even bigger. >> huge. >> right? >> huge. >> a woman turns 106 and all she wants to do is meet president and mrs. obama. isn't that incredible? you got to take a look at her. she is just a hoot. 106-year-old virginia mclorn. this was her dream to visit the white house and to meet president obama during black history month. listen to this gal. >> i thought i would never live
3:26 am
>> and i tell you, i am so happy. >> we are happy to have you. >> a black president. >> look at him. right there. >> a black wife. >> that's me, yes. >> and i'm here to celebrate black history. >> that's exactly right. >> yeah, that's what i'm here for. >> i do not believe she's 106. there's no way. there was a petition online that got her to get her to the white house. >> which is great. by the way, we should point out. when sleeves born, president taft was in office. >> oh, my. >> that's how long ago she's been. >> if we all could be as sprightly as she is. >> lots of energy there. beautiful there. >> and some dance movers. >> that's great. i could look at her all day. we'll get to video of a different sort. i'm going to brazil in a couple of months. we have a preview what i'll look like down there. this video of a drunk monkey. i won't necessarily be with
3:27 am
a rum drinking primate seen there in brazil. >> with a knife. >> yes, it's on top of the roof on a bar. apparently he got hold of some of the rum in the bar, got drunk and this is what happens when you get drunk there. >> you know what, it's his own fault. he should have gotten the upper shelf. >> he should have gotten top shelf. >> exactly. all right. >> apparently there are wrestling matches that are intergender. >> who. >> you >> a girlfriend and boyfriend ended up wrestling. look what happens. she goes to collect on the ref. but she kicks him to the head. right? and then goes to check on the poor ref. this is all a facade. you know why? because joey ryan, the guy on the ground, somehow from somewhere manages to do this. >> let's hear. >> talking about there so much, that i feel like this was the only way to surprise you. laura claire james, i love with you all my heart.
3:28 am
>> so he proposes to her. we're not sure exactly how he hid the ring but he proposes. >> but so much wrestling is fake. is this part real? >> i think this was the real part.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," political battle. donald trump riding high from his south carolina victory. attacks his rivals while the democrats take their fight for votes into a new direction. >> legal drama. bill cosby's wife fights an order to tell attorneys what she knows about serious sex allegations, but she loses. the testimony expected today. >> and new this half hour, it looked like a disaster on the side of a road. >> the frightening scene for passengers after two explosions on a megabus. what the driver did to make sure everyone was safe. >> and later in "the skinny,"" celebrating 30 years since "ferris bueller's day off."
3:31 am
could last for days? it's monday, february 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." hi, everybody. good morning on this monday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin with donald trump taking a quick victory lap following his double digit win in south carolina. >> trump addressing thousands of supporters in atlanta last night, predicting that he will win again across the south on super tuesday, but first, trump and his rivals are heading to nevada where republicans will cast their ballots tomorrow. more now from abc's jonathan karl. >> whee such an amazing it victory yesterday, incredible. >> reporter: donald trump is now unmistakably on top. >> tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people just won. >> reporter: he was on such a
3:32 am
carolina, he briefly turned over the mike to his camera shy wife melania. >> he will be the best president. >> reporter: and his very pregnant daughter ivanka. >> the momentum since the beginning of this campaign has been unbelievable. >> reporter: trump's south carolina victory was a clean sweep. scoring all 50 of the state's delegates. he even came out on top with evangelical voters. >> you know, i didn't know that i was going to win by that much. and we won by a lot. it was record-setting stuff. >> reporter: with jeb bush calling it quits, the battle to become the trump alternative pits the two cuban-american freshmen senators against each other. marco rubio narrowly edged out ted cruz for second place in south carolina. and while both were beaten badly by trump, rubio sees reason for hope. >> we need to remember here, over 70% of republicans nationally have beak said, we're not voting for donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump continues to say cruz is ineligible to be president because he was born in canada. and on "this week" george
3:33 am
who was born in the usa is also ineligible. >> you're really not sure that marco rubio is eligible to run for president? you're really not sure? >> i don't know. i've never looked at it. honestly, i've never looked at it. somebody said he's not, we -- i retweeted it. we start dialoguen an it's very interesting. >> reporter: rubio laughed it off. >> this is a pattern, this is game he plays. i'm going to spend zero time on his interpretation of the constitution with regards to eligibility. >> reporter: trump will have a chance to show even more momentum. on tuesday, republicans vote in in the nevada cautions. caucuses. the latest polls there show trump with a big lead. jonathan karl, abc news. >> so possibly a big day there. the democrats are looking ahead to saturday's primary in south carolina after a strong second place showing behind hillary clinton in nevada, bernie sanders got a little help from actor danny glover who introduced him at a campaign event. as they scramble for support from minorities, both candidates
3:34 am
clinched the latino vote. >> as i understand it, we actually won the latino vote yesterday which is a big breakthrough for us. >> you know, that's just not what our analysis shows. >> thank you so much. >> clinton clearly won with african-american voters whose support will be critical in south carolina but her campaign fully expects sanders to win some states on super tuesday. >> a man accused of killing six people in kalamazoo, michigan, on saturday will be arraigned on murder charges this morning. jason dalton appeared to choose victims at random in three separate attacks saturday. authorities don't know why. the 45-year-old uber driver had no criminal record and continued to take fares between the attacks. one of those passengers was so flightened, he called 911. >> we were kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along and then finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> none of those shot were his passengers.
3:35 am
one gravely injured. the victims range in age from 14 to 74. >> a high profile hearing gets under way later today in a connecticut courtroom. at issue is weather some families who lost loved ones in the sandy hook shooting can sue companies that manufacture and sell the ar-15 rival used in the massacre. firearms makers are generally protected from liability by a law passed in 2005. but this particular suit alleges the makers of the ar-15 knew it wasn't suitable for civilian use. >> a major legal setback for bill cosby and his wife camille in the sexual assault case. a judge ruled last night mrs. cosby must testify about those very muchgations. her attorneys had asked for a postponement. abc's linsey davis reports on the legal battle. >> reporter: cosby's wife of 52 years has been hoping to avoid answering any questions about her husband, citing marital privilege.
3:36 am
cosby's alleged victims who filed a defamation suit against the comeedia says mrs. cosby would have relevant information because she served as his business manager for years. but mrs. cosby says her public testimony would create an unnecessary media circus that serves no purpose other than to harass and embarrass her. >> no wife wants to go into a deposition or public forum and have to testify about her personal relationship with her husband. definitely not testify about his relationships with other women. >> reporter: more than 50 women have come forward claiming cosby sexually assaulted, drugged, or raped them, claims he has consistently denied. through it all, camille cosby is standing by his side. >> any comment, mr. cosby? >> reporter: only once making a public statement defending her husband, saying he is the man you thought you knew.
3:37 am
to claim marital privilege and not answer questions about private conversations with her husband. linsey davis, abc news, new york. one investigation is under way looking into what caused a packed megabus to burn on its way from chicago to minneapolis. a driver and 40 passengers were on board when the bus caught fire. everyone got off safely with no injuries. passengers said it was a horrible scene and they fled toward safety. >> as i got off to catch my breath, i started walking down the highway, the bus blew up again and fire came from everywhere. >> terrifying. everyone exited the bus so quickly, most of their belongings were left behind. all the baggage under the bus was lost. passengers credited the driver with getting some luggage off before the smoke got to be too much. look at the final wreckage of that. incredible. >> it's absolutely an inferno there. >> a couple in massachusetts is just starting their married life together and already have quite a tale to tell. darrell and annie strother were driving to their wedding ceremony saturday when their car burst into flames.
3:38 am
there. both of them jumped out but left their rings in the vehicle. they were recovered by firefighters and then police escorted them to the church so they were on time for their wedding. congratulations to them. they have already made it through thicker. i think. it's only thin from here on out. >> you're supposed to not see each other the day of the wedding. riding in the same car together? >> you know, they have their different rituals. >> it's 2016. i get it. another wedding that took place over the weekend was kind of different. this one took place at an aquarium in atlanta. >> that was where justin and crystal reynolds said their i dos. while in the aquarium's tank, some expert divers as well as their wedding party were down there with them. >> they were surrounded by hundreds of fish which is ironic because they met through the online dating site plenty of fish.
3:39 am
>> you like that? >> i love we have the underwater version of "going to the chapel" and going to get married. >> i would have played "under the sea," right? >> true. it doesn't have a wedding theme. >> but it makes me happy every time i hear it. >> by the way, they got engaged in 2015 shortly after visiting the aquarium. >> i actually prefer this version of that. >> this version is fantastic. >> pretty good. >> okay, coming up, i got caught up in that. in "the skinny," taylor swift trades in her concert costumes for a maid of honor's dress. did she upstage the bride though? >> this season's bummer crop of potholes and the costly repairs for drivers. why it's such a rough ride this year. and later the 60-year-old stock clerk who collapsed at work at his supermarket. the long list of heroes rushing to his side after today's forecast map. it is national margarita day. >> of course you would know that. >> of course. ou would know
3:40 am
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. at least 21 people are dead in fiji after a monster cyclone this weekend. winds from the storm were clocked as high as 200 miles an hour. the strongest storm in the southern hemisphere on record. thousands are in shelters after their homes were destroyed. more than 100 inhabited islands. distributing emergency supplies is a problem. and back in the states, strong winds and frigid temperatures on lake superior created this surreal sight. the stacking of sheets of ice
3:44 am
the wind pulls the ice out from the shore. the waves bring it back in. the photographer says this video was not sped up. the sheets of ice are anywhere from a quarter inch to three inches thick. very cool. >> the winter's wild weather is creating a dangerous display across america's highways. these are pot holes. >> the wild swings innings temperature had been creating extreme freeze/thaw cycles costing drivers billions of dollars in repairs. we get more now from you abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: they are the craters on your commute, causing serious damage. cities and towns across the country are scrambling to fix the seemingly endless pot hole epidemic. >> i hit a big one. i was scared that maybe i got a flat tire. >> reporter: roller-coaster temperatures in part to blame. that freeze/thaw effect causing ruptures, especially in older roads.
3:45 am
the last five years, 16 million drivers have suffered pot hole damage, on average paying $300 to fix the damage. >> this will likely be out of pocket, yes. >> reporter: cars coming in for alignment repairs, bent rims, even axle damage. in washington, d.c., we took a bumpy ride with one road manager who called it an ongoing battle. >> even in this big truck, you can feel the road, the potholes underneath. >> yes, you can. >> reporter: his crews working seven days a week. >> we fill them and sometimes they come right back. >> reporter: you can't fill them fast enough. >> can not. >> reporter: if you do hit a pothole, you may be able to be reimbursed. experts say, find out if you were on a local or state road. reach out to you that jurisdiction and document everything. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> good tips from gloria. i had no idea they would reimburse you. >> whoa. ow. oh. look at that scared look on reena's eyes. >> because look who is in the
3:46 am
>> exactly. apparently you slow down to help improve your reaction time when it comes to all of that. >> that's the problem. i always speed up. >> once you hit the pot holes? nice little roller coaster ride for many of your kids. they also say stop tailgating. that's me. and dry weather, you should be observing the two-second rule apparently, as well. it's tough for many of these municipalities. i was in quebec over the weekend which has had some wild temperature swings and it was like being on a roller coaster ride on their highways. anyway. >> when we come back, why chicago is planning a major hooky festival in honor of ferris bueller. >> and what comedian tom arnold is especially thankful for this morning. "the skinny" is next. n tom arnold
3:47 am
tt0w!ti"hz! %4@-4=l tt0w!ti"hz! el@->: tt0w!ti"hz! ed@-88d
3:48 am
tt0w!ti"hz% kzh-e)d tt0w!ti"hz% n-h-0@h tt0w!ti"hz% 0ph-.'p tt0w!ti"hz% s"h->u0 tt0w!ti"hz% ueh-=7@ tt0w!ti"hz% 7hh-!54 skinny, so skinny hey, time now for "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning, wishing happy birthday to one of america's most iconic coming of age movies. >> in just under four months, of course, it will be 30 years since ferris sloan and cameron took the senior skip day that became a siren call for a generation. >> buehler?
3:49 am
buehler? >> he's sick. >> oh. well, now the city of chicago where the movie took place is set to host ferris fest, a three-day 30th anniversary leisure weekend in may featuring a variety of activities around the windy city including a screening and the film and the reunion of some cast members. so mark your calendars and take off of school that day. >> we were doing the easy math and ferris would have been 48 years old this year. >> wow. >> so he would have already have gone through his mid life crisis you know, probably on his second starter wife by now. >> there you go. how many times have you seen this movie? >> i guess once. and we were betting whether or not you had seen it at all. i was shocked to learn that you are a pro at it. >> this is a classic. an american classic. this and "dirty dancing" if you have not seen -- >> there you go. all right. some scenes from chicago today. next up, the most special
3:50 am
of course, the wedding day. >> it was on saturday in redding, pennsylvania for britt maack who just happens to be the best childhood friend of taylor swift who acted as her maid of honor. as you can see right here t. swift doesn't do dumpy bridesmaid dresses. >> both women looked fantastic there in dresses by one of swift's favorite designers reem acra. the bride wore a white capped sleeve lace a line wedding gown with cathedral length veil, i wrote this, while the singer sported a blush gown with a sparkling embellished bodice. >> i've got to say that they look beautiful. the bride is just gorgeous. it's hard to stand next to taylor swift. she looks gorgeous in like a trash bag, right? >> but they look stunning. that's kind of cool it's her childhood friend. >> congratulations to the happy couple. britt maack and benjamin lamanna. >> and next up congratulationses in order for a certain hollywood
3:51 am
of joy. >> the young man 57-year-old tom arnold and his 40-year-old wife ashley grossman have take it on social media to announce the birth of their newborn daughter quin sophie born on december 18th. >> it was a particular surprise for the couple since the birth of his son jack followed 22 rounds of failed in vitro fertilization with three different women. >> grossman says their daughter's birth came when they attempted one last round of ivf with their final frozen embryo. so yeah, congratulations are deserved here. >> finally, if you've been waiting to spend the night inside of a famous haunted house, well, you're lucky, now is your chance. >> it's not haunted in real life. the fans of "american horror story" will recognize the murder house now available on airbnb. guess the price tag? $1450 actually a night.
3:52 am
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a hero could save us, i'm not going to stand here and wait >> i was hoping for a little enrique iglesias hero. nickelback with that. heroes come in all shapes and forms but one grocery store clerk in north carolina was lucky enough to have several heroes just when he needed them most. >> and one of them was one of the last he would likely ever expect. here's abc's john donvan. >> i was really, really gone. and here i sit. >> reporter: michael kitty knows he very nearly died that day. the 60-year-old collapsed here a supermarket in valdez, north carolina where he was stocking shelves when his heart stopped. >> i need an ambulance. he's not breathing. i have a young man here he's trying to help us. >> reporter: this high school student james who was studying to be an emt was in the store and rushed over. he started administering cpr. >> i checked his respirations and his pulse. we didn't have anything. >> reporter: two nurses happened to be grocery shopping, too. they jumped into the rescue
3:57 am
on the floor who now looked lifeless. >> he was laid on the floor, purple. and he didn't have no pulse. >> no pulse, no respirations. >> he was dead. >> then the emt crew at the fire department, they got the call. >> cpr in progress. cardiac arrest. >> reporter: including this man, who didn't realize at first, that the life they were trying to save was his dad's. in the rush, he didn't get a good look at the face under the oxygen mask. >> it's a different experience once you realize it is a family member. >> reporter: well, you know how it ends because you've met michael kitty who is back out of the hospital now and thanking everyone who had a part in saving him. those that did their job, and those that just happened by and jumped in to help. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> i couldn't imagine. >> what an amazing story. >> i couldn't imagine. and the medical profession, i don't know where you would find the strength. i would be very emotional. >> first of all, i think more people need to learn how to perform cpr which is fantastic that they all did.
3:58 am
incredible. don't miss our updates on
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